Russia Deploys Missile Cruiser, Suspends Military Cooperation With Turkey

Russia Deploys Missile Cruiser, Suspends Military Cooperation With Turkey
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Tensions are already on the rise between Russia and Turkey following the downing of an Su-24 bomber by Turkish F-16s on Tuesday.

Russia sends in the “Moskva” missile cruiser

Numerous news sources are reporting that following the downing of a Russian plane today, Moscow intends to suspend all military cooperation with NATO-member Turkey indefinitely. Sergey Rudskoy, a top official with the Russian General Staff, in a strongly worded statement today called the attack on the bomber in Syrian airspace (Turkey insists it was shot down after entering Turkish airspace) “a severe violation of international law. While the plane did come down in Syria, Turkey maintains that two Russian planes violated its airspace.

In addition to the suspension of cooperation, Russia is sending its Moskva missile cruiser closer to both the Turkish and Syrian coasts.

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The Moskva began its commissioned life in 1983 as the Slava, it’s construction began in 1976 and was first put into service in 1979.

Following years of service, the Slava returned to Shipyard 445 of the 61 Kommunara Shipbuilding Plant in Nikolayev  (where it was built) for a refitting in 1990.

She was recommissioned as Moskva in April 2000, when she became the flagship of the Black Sea fleet. In late August of 2013, the Moskva was deployed to the Mediterranean Sea in response to a buildup of American warships joining the fight against ISIS. Just last week, the cruiser was given the task of assisting the French following the ISIS attacks in Paris.

Now, however, assisting the French has seemed to take a back seat to its new job, a simply worded job really, “destroy any threats to Russian planes.”

Turkey claims Russian planes were in Turkish airspace

A letter today from Turkey’s U.N. Ambassador Halit Cevik said, “two SU-24 planes, the nationality of which are unknown,” and moved into Turkish airspace in the Yayladagi-Hatay region.

The letter, obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, said the two planes were flying at 19,000 feet, disregarded warnings and violated Turkish airspace “to a depth of 1.36 miles and 1.15 miles in length for 17 seconds” just after 9:24 a.m.

“Following the violation, plane one left Turkish national airspace,” the letter said. “Plane two was fired at while in Turkish national airspace by Turkish F-16s performing air combat patrolling in that area in accordance with the rules of engagement.”

Russia continues to dispute these claims claiming that the Turkish Air Force shot the planes down in Syrian airspace.

Putin’s earlier statements about the incident

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the downing of the Russian plane would have “serious consequences for Russia’s relationship with Turkey.”

He then took it a step further saying the downing “represents a stab in the back by the terrorists’ accomplices. I can’t describe what has happened today in any other way. Our plane was downed over Syrian territory by an air-to-air missile from a Turkish F-16 jet.”

Putin then gave details refuting Turkish claims, “The plane fell on Syrian territory 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) away from the Turkish border. It was flying 1 kilometer away from the Turkish border when it was attacked. In any case, neither our pilots nor our jet posed any threat to Turkey. That is obvious. They were carrying out an operation fighting against ISIL in Northern Latakia,” continued Putin.

Obama defends Turkey’s right to defend its airspace

“Turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its airspace,” Obama said during a joint news conference with French President Francois Hollande at the White House. The two were meeting to discuss how the two countries would escalate their fight with ISIS and how best to accomplish their goals in tandem. Hollande has, since the attacks in Paris, repeatedly told France and the world that his country is at war.

Obama then went on to suggest that Russia continues to attack the rebels that oppose the regime of Syrian leader Assad rather than ISIL.

“If Russia is directing its energies towards Daesh and ISIL, some of those conflicts or potentials for mistakes or escalation are less likely to occur,” said Obama. The president continued his use of Daesh, an alternation name for ISIS and a name that ISIS clearly can’t stand. The use of the word Daesh in ISIS controlled territories is punishable by the removal of the offender’s tongue.

“Our view from the start has been that Russia is welcome to be part of this broad-based coalition that we’ve set up. … The challenge has been Russia’s focus on propping up Assad rather than focusing on ISIL,” Obama said presumably with Hollande’s permission.

NATO calls emergency meeting, issues statement

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the beginning of his statement called for  “calm and de-escalation” in today’s Turkey-Russia situation.

“I have previously expressed my concern about the implications of the military actions of the Russian Federation close to NATO’s borders,” the NATO leader said. “This highlights the importance of having and respecting arrangements to avoid such incidents in the future.

“As we have repeatedly made clear, we stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO ally, Turkey,” added the Secretary General.

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  1. When Fighter Jet from Russia poaching airspace to close air over islamic state and maybe allies countries too. NATO and the United States as well as many alliance countries are support in that area. To increase the air power to intercept their fighter jet.

    Su-24 the same as F-35 is In addition F-35 can not protect itself(not dogfight) already. And it can’t protect any infantry on the ground too.

  2. Well let’s see what Turkeys leader would say if the shoe was on the other foot…It Was just in 2012 Turkey had a plane shot down for entering Syria
    airspace. Turkeys leader had this to say. “”A short-term border
    violation can never be a pretext for an attack,” he told Parliament at
    the time.” HMMMM??????Jackass, ROTF… Better than being a DUMBASS!!!

  3. you jackass ppl sneaking into a country on foot is very diffrent than an armed military plane entering our airspace despite multiple warnings better believe that plane would meet the same fate as the one in turkey!

  4. Obama can’t spend a penny without Congress. Executive orders have nothing to do with it. He can’t allocate new funds with an executive order.

  5. Not directly, but yes. Russia’s still way more screwed and Putin is overextended. That plane that got shot down is older than me and also a fair representation of the level of Russian technology. The US would never send a dinosaur like that into a war zone. It’s shameful.

  6. Obama can’t do anything without Congress??? ROTF, Where the hell you been the last 7 years??? Get back with me when you get educated a little.

  7. Really Jerry, the 2nd most powerful nation in the world?????? I believe the article mentioned this all powerful stealth bomber going to threaten the world was built in 1976 and commissioned in 1983. If my math serves me right all powerful Russia is using a plane that is 33 years old to join this fight. Don’t think they are as powerful as they want you to believe.

  8. Obama can’t do anything without congress??? Where have you been? Get a little educated and get back to me later…. Waste of time for now.

  9. While I don’t wish death to any of our NATO pilots in the Turkish Air Force, I would like to see just how accurate the surface-to-air missiles Russian made missiles are when launched from the Moskva. It would be a real event to study, not an exercise or a drill. I’m not certain, but I think Turkey does not have nuclear weapons. That aside, I think that Putin will NOT use nuclear weapons.

  10. Too bad Obama don’t look at the US borders the same as he does Turkey and the rest of the world…. The US is the only country in the world were you are rewarded for coming across the borders legally or illegally..Why not? It’s the tax payers problem, not the idiots in Washington.

  11. Then go out on the street’s IN US & knock Barrack Husein out off the Withe House. For the first time in US history let new to next president that they cannot destroy US like teeth.

  12. Not really good option for russia. I recommend to russian fduck their ladies more to increase natality while after another nonsense war there could be too few people for the landsize they got

  13. Wat the fcuk america is doing in fcuking Medeteranian waters,, got screwed up in Vietnam , Afganisthan , Porkisthan , Libya , Iraq , Yemen , Syria etc etc american will never win outside Texas.

  14. In a civilised world NATO should have condemned Turkey for not exercising maximum restraint. But in a world made by USA – double standards. Terrorism or nuclear war, crude as it sounds might be the only answer.

  15. Screw Turkey. Screw the Middle east. the USA needs to pull out, completely close our bases, stop sending money and get out of the way of these third world religions, people and countries, let them settle it themselves, let them all kill each other, that could solve the problem. While we are at it, lets leave Nato, I’m tired of supporting them too. I don’t think there is one person in the USA who wants to go to war for Turkey, just another Muslim Country, that shares non of the values that the United States does.

  16. My heart has been pricked and saddened by the arrogant action of Turkey pretending that she is militarily powerful as she lies within the cocoon of NATO and USA, These supporter of terrorists should be taken to book. If Turkey air space is violated by Russia, why is USA and France flooding the airspace of Syria? Is this not a violation of Syrian Airspace? Who invited you to fight in Syria if you didn’t wage war on Syria. This is very unfortunate. We need love unity and freedom for all humanity not only for USA. If ISIL are the common enemy, let the world find common solution to this threatening group rather than fighting partners participating for a common goal-PEACE.

  17. This is how I see partly how Russia would respond to Turkey. Since the Russian planes are operating inside the territory of Syria with the blessing of Assad, any plane entering Syria is violating its territory including those planes by the coalition countries targeting ISIL. However, Russia will try to avoid targeting coalition planes except that of turkey. Any planes of Turkey that will bomb ISIL inside Syria is a Russian target as it violates the territory of Syria. By Doing so, accident could still happen between Russia and those involved in degrading ISIL forces through bombing. One key important observation is the fact that Russian planes seemed to be defenseless against the F16s that were used to shoot its plane. It did not seem to have the necessary defensive capability to avoid being shot by enemy planes or by ground missiles nor to counter enemy fire.

  18. 17 seconds in Turkish airspace (if you believe the Turkish side of the story). OK, lets say that is true, than Turkey didn’t have time to mobilize defensive aircraft, they were already in the air, actively pursuing the Russian planes. This tells me that Turkey had intent on shooting down any Russian plane that crossed its border even before the plane supposedly did.

    Basically, Turkey is defending some terrorists which Russia was trying to destroy in Syria.

  19. Russia will continue military operations in Syria. This will be the most effective punishment for Turkey economy. The illegal sale of oil to Turkey is over.

  20. The enemy of my enemy in most cases, is still my enemy.While Turkey is not technically our enemy,they certainly are NOT our ally. Russia(Putin) continues to put Russia in a place I can only describe as our enemy. So, let them fight and kill each other. Seems to me they do that well. And lastly, Islam is NOT A RELIGION, IT IS A CULT. No religion in our modern world says to kill those who do not believe. As far as I’m concerned, we should deport all muslims from the USA back to the middle east where they can kill each other to their hearts delight. Who ever wins, that is who we have to deal with. Ok, one more last thing, SORRY, NO REFUGEES SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO THE USA. Give them guns and ammo and let them fight the terrorists there, NOT HERE.

  21. I think you need education about your country Turkey. Basra is in the south of Iraq not in north, Second with your limited brain explain to your self how could a plane being shutdown in Turkey air space and all parts fall in 2 miles in Syria and pilots parachute in Syria with no parts inside Turkey. Get some education about stupide fascist religion fanatic government of turkey than come back and make comment.

  22. Jerry you are not only bright but you sound so foolish. Are you leaving in another planet since every body has been complaining about how this stupid man call Putin has been violating countries airspace. The idiot think he is now so powerful enough to do whatever he like and get away with it. My advise to him is that he should dear not fire a shot in retaliation unless he want Russian to become an history on world map.

  23. jerry, Baz, Turkey has been giving too much energy to ISIS, in the form of money, weapons, & fighters, All these Sunni Wahabi Muslems are terrorists, regardless of what name they call themselves, there are no moderates.

  24. jerry Richard, ,Russia doesn’t need to send ground troops, they have Iran, (which after the sanctions are ended will pour troops in), Hezbollah, the Kurds, & Iraq Shia militia, to help Assad’s army, to defeat ISIS . Let them do the job, & the U.S. should pull out & take care of America, as you said.

  25. They said the same thing about Reagan but instead of WWIII the cold war ended BECAUSE of him!
    Not to mention the American captives in Iran that had been held 444 days. The world didn’t respect Carter and they don’t respect or worry about Obama.

  26. in syria and ieaq there are more than 20 PKK terrorist camps and they killed more then 150 Turkish Police and soldier.. How many police or soldier killed your country Professor???

  27. between Turkey and Syria there is a boarder But dhere is not boarder between EU but all of their soldiers are in Syria but Turks are always guilty to defend their boarder by own force. Turkish friends at EU are more harmfull than Russia and ISIS

  28. With what will they slap:)))T urkey will drown them in syria,,,yesterday airplane 1 helicopter. with wich economy russia will war, azerbeycan kazakistan Turkey
    And Nato members will drown russia with there pie:))

  29. jerry, Tomasz, It probably is too hard for you simple Polish to understand, but the Prof. is right, because it can drag the U.S. into stupid wars, that cost lots of money, but I guess you don’t under stand that today money means more than military. If you don’t understand, just look at Germany, it has very little military, but is boss of Europe, because it has lots of money. You are living in the past.

  30. Tom are you anti-Turkist? what did you do for solidarity. Russian jets came 3500 km far from Turkish boarder and passed in to our boarder. so Turks are guilty? Cograts…what a logic…Why dont you tell us what should we respect them with flags. TOOOMMM listen to me they are not actobacy planes they are WAR JETS…. choose your side stay there are you anti Turkist Turkiye hosts 2 000.000 Syriyans how many Syryans have you seen. they are all the streets in Turkey and we give them some sends their hands and they try to live …

  31. Turkey is in active collaboration with ISIS hence it does not accept anything that interefers with this relationship. America may know this and keep a blind eye but will pay for this in future because these terrorists will still turn back to attack it. Turkey has no respect for Syria sovereignity nor the christian minorities inhabiting part of Syria and Iraq, Turkey has continued to allow their terrorist brethren to infliterate Syria in the name of religion,Turkey will surely pay dearly for its stupidity and could draw NATO into a war in which the world could come to an end sooner than latter.

  32. Brian Turkey is always at defence not attack. Turkey is try to live others try to kill Turhs like armenians. Believe me armenians killed More Turks than has been killed. But your logic is pervert what relation is armenians with Russian Jets?

  33. jerry, Jack, Diminished role is what America is learning now, & will continue to learn if it keeps relying on its military to rule the world. There will be no more world emperors, that game is over.

  34. jerry, Tudor, You are 100% correct, & anyone with any sense would see that. Plus almost 50% of the Syrian dead were Assad soldiers & backers. AS for those the U.S. killed in one way or another, in the last 10 years it would be about a million.

  35. jerry, Jack, You can’t have one without the other, you can’t defeat ISIS, without Assad, & you can’t remove Assad, without ISIS winning , That is Obama’s foolish policy “Assad must go”, it will turn out Assad will still be there & Obama will be gone.

  36. Steve what are you doing Russian fighter jets has seen in Turkish Airspace. they are not acrobat planes what should you do instead of Turkey? and what ar Russian jets doing in Turkish boarder ISIL is at basra not Hatay see the Map

  37. jerry, Prof. I think Putin will use missiles on the border area, & make it so hot, ground forces can’t cross, If Turkey flies those 5 F-16’s the U.S. just gave them across the Syrian border, Russia will use Sam’s to down them

  38. Russia came to mid east to fight Turkey not to fight with ISIL.
    Russia attacked Georgia then Ukraine and Crimea. Now Russia immediatelly came to Mid east as a rowdy. They help Esed not to fight with ISIL. NATO didnt do anything. at least Nato should support to Turkey Against Russia.

  39. jerry, joe, The have the capability, but they will not, they will use the missiles to clear out the Turkmen from Syria, & stop Turkey from sending troops & weapons across the border to ISIS.

  40. jerry, Putin isn’t going to attack Turkey (directly), & NATO is not going to attack Russia, if such a war were to start, the whole world would be destroyed, howitzers included .

  41. jerry, Koshing, It doesn’t matter what Putin was, he is now President of the 2nd. most militarily powerful nation in the world, who are you.

  42. jerry, Blain , Obama said it was Daesh 2 days before Putin did, & Russia was bombing the Sunni Moslem terrorists weeks before the Paris attacks. Where did you get the crazy idea Russia’s air force was grounded, they have been flying all over the world for the last few months, showing that they are alive & well. I don’t know what Obama knows, but what he says is foolish.

  43. O’Bummer and O’Kerry stated that the Russian plane was in the Turkish air space and that Turkey had the right to down it. Waste of time and of action as Turkey is both a NATO member which wants to be “protected” and is close friend of Daesh.

  44. mickey2000 years ago, everytime you open your piehole, nothing comes out when you move your lips, but a bunch of jibberish and everybody thought that you forgot about Dre!

  45. jerry, truth, A name you know nothing about, You & Ben will be seeing guided missiles striking Turkmen forces within Syria, along the border.

  46. Russia and USA are both friendly towards the PKK. Funny how the US is defending Turkey’s actions here… perhaps they feel a certain airbase is more important than arming the only guys on the ground who have consistently defeated ISIS…

  47. What do you think the Syrian government will look like if Assad leaves? Ever think of that? Things don’t have to get better, they could get worse. How would you an American puppet as president to sell your country for a Swiss bank account.

  48. I am surprised at the knowledge that a lot of you have on who is funding
    who and who is arming who. Let me guess, most of you get your sources
    from Faux news or most of you have friends that are friends of the Kurds
    or Turks, or is it some of you are great allies with Putin or Assad, or
    is it that you have accumalated your knowledge over the years from this
    ongoing conflict in the Middle East? Its just devastating how a lot of
    you seem to have the inside scoop on the stability of ones Military and
    infastructure. Anytime a Country has a plane shot down its cause for
    concern, but as we all have witnessed in the past couple of years,
    Russia has been violating the Airspace of different Country’s without
    any backlash. Finally someone has said enough is enough and did
    something about it. If Russia wants World War which I doubt, then they
    know what and how to get it jumping! Let’s just hope that’s not what
    Russia or the U.S or any Country wants. Yes the U.S has the most
    powerful Military in the World, but one would hope that we don’t have to
    come to terms of endearments to have to use it. Peace is always the
    best option, but as I see it, even those of you that talk peace if were
    placed in a political combat position, would not hesitate to engage your
    Country into conflicts with other Nations. God help us all, because
    the World is a better place without the Super Powers flexing their
    muscles for the world to see……..

  49. jerry, Koshing, I see you are on the side of the Sunni Moslem terrorists, that Russia is fighting against . Putin is using real military tactics to defeat these barbaric murders, who Turkey is fighting for, you are on the wrong side in this fight.

  50. The Russians will take out Turkey in less than a day! Putin has already stated that he has no qualms about going nuclear if necessary!

  51. An American calling people servile? Oh s . People who get anal cavity searches at airports… Yeah, you’re the captain of your fate, alright.

  52. The Russians are now going to just flatten everything on that entire border, with a special emphasis of taking out any Turkish aircraft that come near it!!

  53. jerry, Bright, You are not very bright, your comment indicates you are on the side of the Sunni Moslem terrorists, who Putin is fighting against. Humility has nothing to do with war, you are either on one side or the other, you are on the wrong side.

  54. Wrong! NATO did not form because of Russia. They formed because of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – EMPHASIS ON THE “S” IN REPUBLIC, which indicates plural), which is a conglomeration of many countries, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan,Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. In Eastern Europe the 6 new (or restored) countries are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova..

    Also they had some other countries in their Warsaw Pact namely, Albania,Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany),Hungary, Poland and Romania.

  55. Sink her?? LOL!!! Obama told the US Air Force to stay as far away as possible from Russian aircraft!! The only thing that Obama has been able to sink is his approval ratings!!

  56. Its always very difficult fighting guerrillas, which is the hit and run tactics used by Insurgents. When Iraq was a country, it did not take the US much to bring it to its knees. I want you to know that when fighting a state/country, it is a different ball game.

    Do you really think the countries you mentioned can match the US+UK+France+Germany+Japan+Spain+Italy+Turkey+Belgium+Holland+Sweden+Denmark+Finland and so on?

    Talking about Nuclear and Biological weapons, are you saying the United States, United Kingdom and France has just Coca Cola?

  57. jerry, The Russian jet was 4.3 Km. within the Syrian territory, & the wreckage lies on the ground more than 2 Km. within the Syrian border. The most outrageous thing was the murder by the Turkmen terrorists of the pilots of the downed plane, as they hung helpless in mid air. The Turkmen rebels have been keeping the border open, so ISIS fighters can cross easily from Turkey into Syria. Now it appears that Russia is going to use missiles instead of planes to end this cross border flow of terrorists & weapons.

  58. It obvious that ISIS is getting outside support to be able
    to continue, so how is the US connected with it? With all of the outside
    interference supporting the various terrorists within Syria, stability is not
    likely to occur until ISIS is wiped out. That would require Russia to put
    ground troops in, and to go to war against the countries supporting the
    terrorist in order to bring peace. Wait a minute; the US is also supporting
    ‘good terrorists’ as Obama says, but WHY? As a citizen of the US, are you not
    happy to realize that it strongly appears that your country is supporting thugs
    who enjoy and thrive on brutality. For Russia to bring peace to Syria, Russia
    would have to fight all of the terrorist assisting countries, including the US
    in order to be able to stop ISIS. So where does this situation in Syria look
    like it will go, the bombing alone will not stop ISIS? Who gains by this

    Now the US and the world is in a big mess, because of US seeking globalism,
    world trade that essentially has put the common man within the US out of work,
    or in low paying jobs having to have government assistance.

    Until US citizens realize and band together in the belief that it is best for
    the majority when the country just mainly concerns itself with US, doing
    everything possible within the US, that requiring basically a closed economy
    with little involvement with world politics and foreign trade.

  59. Its psychological. Do you really think the US is out-gunned? Of all countries, the US? If you want to kill a senseless person, keep praising him/her until he meets his/her doom. I maintain, Russia is over-hyped!

  60. Russia should punish Turkey which is a collaborator with ISIS and Russia will punish Turkey. We’d be lucky if Obama does not get us in to World War III before he gets hisass out of the office.

  61. Russian are notably violating airspace not only but including sea water in europe..It’s the end of their bullying tactics just like china..

  62. We need to stop “standing in solidarity with Turkey”, and simply KICK THEM OUT of NATO altogether. They’re a liability, and they are *not* worth going to war over.

  63. This is the beginning of the end of Putin.He thinks he has it all.Humiliation is the antidote for such noise-makers that thinks the world belong to him-a semi-demi syndicate.

  64. Yeah, Tomasz, he’s all over the map—it’s called Geography and Geopolitics. Way to avoid answering his question. Only an idiot bases his argument on the condemnation of an action which his own side has committed, and throws out a judgment before he realizes he’s a hypocrite, and a screaming one.

  65. What you are not a are of is that presidents don’t go to battle fields.So being a KBG agent or not,does not give Putin any advantage,it all depends on the fire power at their disposal

  66. I did ask you a question. Stop pretending being more stupid than you really
    are. I will repeat if you can’t understand from reading it once: What about
    Turkey violating Greece airspace (countless times), Syria airspace and Iraq

    That’s really nice of you pointing
    to mistakes that I make when typing rapidly in foreign language – thanks :)

  67. Looks like you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid. Hey, Russia has a real authentic man for president; you got an arrogant, glazey-eyed, zombie who puffs out his lower lip like he’s sucking on a AAA battery as he smiles and lies through his teeth. And you’re so dead inside you can’t see this.

  68. So please explain to me how does a f16 find/track lock onto any fighter jet in a space of about 1.5 miles(the area Turkey Claims the jet crossed) when it would have taken the jet less than 3 seconds at that speed to cross it if indeed it did and still the f16 being able to stay out of Syrian airspace. Also how to you warn a jet 10 times over a period on 5 minutes when they were supposedly in the Turkish airspace for 17 seconds although it would take the jet a few seconds to cross that piece of land?

  69. Russia deserved the punishment, She underestimated the resolve of the Turkish gov’t after deliberately violated the Turkish air space multiple times. Russia is playing macho trying to antagonize all NATO .
    Now, Let’s see how tough Putin is, he using his KGB style psych war approach.

  70. At least the dude has experience not backing down to Turkey.
    So many people want to inhale Putin’s balls because he talks tough, seems tough (5’4″ btw)…but he’s screwed up everything he’s involved in.

  71. The role Russia and Iran were playing in Syria are terrible,The Syria citizen asked Assad to quit with peaceful protest. Don’t forget that Assad father rule Syrian for more than 42 years , while his son Assad also continue for more than 27 years.this is not a tittle for one show family, its for citizen. this ugly ants refuse to step down backing by wicked Russia govt and Iran with money,food,weapon and foreign army killing Syrian like a rat for past 4 years, All of you here keep supporting Russia. Have you ever ask your self? if I and my family were Syrian, where would i be now?. a lot of innocent soul had been killed by Assad regime. If America with friends of Syrian supporting Syrian against Assad i don’t think its wrong because these are the people that took no arms when protest first erupt. Today we were talking about Turkey down Russia Jet. Do you think Russia can win this war if war begin right now? Turkey never acts on his own, its just a sign to wake up war here against Russia. i bet you if Russia make any silly mistake, you will forget Russia. Don’t forget this is not Ukraine east that Russia Oppressed Ukraine govt. USA+France+Germany+UK+Turkey+Israel+Canada+ South Korea+Saudi Arabia+with more than 50 countries will follow USA to war, compare to Russia+Iran+Iraq+ China+North Korea, how do you think this small ants can win the war. Russia only digging their grave little by little, if you look at Russia economy right now, the citizen were crying every day. Russia Citizen need change of govt otherwise Russia is finished.

  72. You “leave” in Russia? Sorry Vasilly, but you are not asking any questions. Insults? what insults… grasshopper is a cute pet name…

  73. Obama is a mullato Community organiser with no real experience,Putin on the other hand is a seasoned KGB agent-dont compare a turdd to a rose

  74. Tomasz, or should I call with some popular polish name? Would you please answer the question insteed of resorting to personal insults? I understand that you have different opinion but let’s try and keep it to the point of discussion. But If you prefer personal insults – I’m ok with that. (Tudor is my real name and I’m not russian but I do leave in Russia)

  75. You servile Russians have to learn to actually hit the target. perhaps then you will be of use. Until then… the more idiot Russians that get blown out of the sky the better.

  76. “Where all that crude oil was going from Siria?”

    – Yours won’t be the first country destroyed because it was populated with servile morons who believe anything their despotic tell them. And you morons won’t be the last.

    “Wasn’t it Turkey?””

    – If you say so… it sure was! Absolutely!! What will you do about it servile moron? Whine at me?? Pfffft!

    One of your planes… two of your idiot pilots mowed down like the filth they aspired to be. And I am making popcorn for the next servile Russian nazees that stray into our line of fire. Have a nice day, Horst! :-)

  77. As I have been stating since Putin declared he would join the fight against Daesh, he has his own agenda. How convenient it was, that without international verification, Putin sat on a black box and only stated it was Daesh who was responsible for the downing of the airline. It helped that Daesh took credit, but It is still too much of a coincidence, along with the Paris bombings that Putin’s supposedly grounded Air Force, due to an inadequate budget, suddenly came to life. Obama know this, he knows what Putin is capable of and what Putin would ultimately like to do. As our Commander In Chief, he will certainly back his allies before he would commit to cold bloodied killer’s involvement.,,

  78. Turkey is a member of NATO. Putin can scream and holler all he wants but any military action against Turkey will end up in the total extermination of all Russian forces in the middle east. It will take less then a day.

  79. “You are lying. It is clear and documented that Turkey is assisting ISIS.”

    – You’re free to believe that. After all, other morons believe fiction is reality too.

    “The US is supplying the rebels with weapons and intelligence.”

    – Yepper! We sure are. Absolutely. Whatever you say. How will those cargo 200 trucks get filled if we don’t act to clean up the Earth of servile Russian filth? And yes… if you’re concerned that many in the US would enjoy seeing Moscow as a radioactive rubble pile you should be. I for one am looking forward to it. :-)

    “These are rebels attempting to overthrow a legit government.”

    – Sorry… Assad hasn’t been the “legitimate” government for quite sometime. The sooner you servile morons accept that the longer your servile lives will be. Expect some more servile Russian nazees to be shot out of the sky like the disgusting filth they are. Have a nice day, Horst! :-)

  80. Than what would you say about the fact that Turkey are violating Grees airspace every day for several years? violating Sirian airspace (according to international low), violating Iraq airspace? I would guess that is OK? Are they really so stupid? Do they think that Poland is so stupid?

  81. ‘You’re delusional the United States military alone is more than twice the size of Russia’s without even including the rest of NATO. It’s also more technologically advanced. Russia cannot win a conventional war against NATO. Putin is ruining Russia causing it to be isolated even more so than the USSR was. With the first cruise missile launched by Russia against Turkey we would officially be in WWIII. Putin may be a sociopath, but he isn’t that stupid. WWIII means total destruction for Russia the U.S. most of Europe and the Middle East. China cares only about their own interests and would not waste the life of a single Chinese soldier on behalf of Putin or condemn it’s civilian population to death by getting involved in a nuclear exchange over Turkey. Russia needs to stop violating the airspace of every foreign nation in which it’s been doing so since it’s Trojan horse invasion of Ukraine last year. Putin has been asking for something like this too happen since early last year.

  82. Russia is not great at telling the truth but you think western governments like Turkey and the US are honest? They are all lying to protect their interests.

  83. Yet it’s the only country so far that is inflicting real damage to Daesh. Much more than US led coalition done in more than a year. Yes they fight all Assads enemies as well – Al Nusra (Al Caeda) Al Islam and all the rest of those cannibals. Just as a loyal ally has to do when he’s called for. If we say that Assad is an animal that killed thousands of innocent people than why don’t we count all the victims of US in last 10 years?

  84. Turkey also claims that it did not kill a million Armenians when everybody else in the world knows that they did. Turkey is a master of deceit.

  85. That makes you a state sponsor of terror… Even worse, you don’t just support terror groups who help your cause, you support those who attack your own people.

    Ya, like I said before, good luck keeping NATO together and convincing people that we should aid cannibals in their effort to fight Russia, when they have an enemy in grabbing range.

    I don’t think that will unfold in a pleasant way.

  86. NATO is a big threat to the world peace and in particular to America. Why should Americans be in some stupid alliance where we have to fight for countries like Turkey. The governments like Turkey and make these moves knowing they have others to back them up. Would you like to die for these dumb countries?

    Russia should respond by closing the Syrian airspace. Any more planes from Turkey flying into Syria get shot down.

  87. dont u get it fool,China is financing Russia.China wants to dominate the world with Russian help.U would know if u had some brains

  88. The only problem is that this burglar like you said never broke into a neighbor’s house and was shot at another neighbor’s house, the one who invited him.

  89. American wins however if Assad remains in power. Just think how much money will be stolen from the American taxpayer by our loving government if some western backed government was to form in Syria to rebuild it. There is never enough money to nation build America but there is always billions to nation build foreign countries.

  90. Putin is a master in Asymmetric warfare-expect anti Tank Missiles in PKK hands soon,hundreds of Turks will die due to Erdogan’s stupid mistake.The Tourism Industry generates 5 billion dollars from Russian tourists,thats is gone now.The Kurds will be more charged up.

  91. But what are you going to do at home, with more than half your nations seeing their leaders as ISIS supporting traitors?

    Did you forget that we are talking about nations that stabbed their own people in the back??

    Stupid, most of the nations that you think will attack Russia probably wont have their current government by this time next year.

    Who exactly do you think is going to be your personal army?

  92. Russia’s adventure in Syria…. It reminds me of a story about a piece of turd that got stuck to the ship’s backboard and yells “Let’s go! Everyone follow me!”

  93. No they can’t. First, NATO will respond. Second, Russia isn’t going to be able to stop the US and our allies from flying in Syria. Options are vey limited for Putin.

  94. The two countries are not at war, planes are ground attack, non reconnaissance plane & are for missions on ISIS. They fell 2.6 miles inside Syrian territory.
    Turkey has made the biggest mistake out of frustration due to Russian actions against its sponsored terrorist & illegal oil trade frm ISIS.

  95. When you consider that many of the ISIS fighters are Turks and Saudis, the Turkish govt. is on the wrong side of the war on terror. Just as the Afghan Taliban attacks US troops and crosses the border into Pakistan for safe haven, the ISIS fighters attack Russians and cross into Turkey for safety. Just as the US sends drones into Pakistan, the Russians will have to follow ISIS into Turkey to fight them.

  96. I love the argument that Turkey has that it is unacceptable for Russia or Syria to fly into their airspace BUT it is acceptable for Turkey to occasionally fly into Syrian airspace to attack targets. If I was Putin I would close the Syrian airspace down with SU-35 jets and S-300 and S-400 systems. I would say fine, we will keep 10 miles from the border but any planes that fly into Syria airspace without the permission of Assad may get shot down. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  97. Russia is in Syria to defend the Assad regime, not to fight the Islamic State. If Assad goes down, Russia loses its base there.

  98. Cannibal supporting criminal. I thought they arrested ISIS supporters in the west?

    Oh wait, you arm ISIS. I forgot.

    Enjoy the future.

  99. More action is coming, grab your popcorn.
    Anyways, its not about violation of airspace, Turkey is trading illegal oil frm ISIS & Alqaeda through the routes where Russian are bombing. This action is out of frustration.
    The two countries are not at war, planes are ground attack, non reconnaissance plane & are for missions on ISIS.

  100. Russians – are you really that stupid? Or do you think the rest of the world is stupid? You violate another countries’ airspace with a trunkload of bombs and expect… nothing? You think just because you’ve been getting off with a warning for you notorious violations of NATO’s airspace and maritime boundaries it was going to continue indefinitely? Time to pay the piper, Russia.

  101. Sorry, George – but NATO got caught arming ISIS groups. You are insane if you think they have anything but strife coming their way.

    Have fun trying to convince the people who run their member states that we should side with cannibals to stop Russia.

    No, really, it will be entertaining.

  102. Russia reminds me of a burglar who breaks into a neighbors house and gets his foot stuck in a mousetrap. Then he opens up his mouth as wide as he possibly can and yells out accussing the owner of violence.

  103. Check the details, you American morons –
    1 17 secs in Turkey air space as claimed by the Turks
    2. Turkey claims they issued 10 warnings and were ignored – can you morons call out 10 warnings to leave the air space and see, if it takes more than 17 seconds.
    3. The SU is a bomber, not a fighter jet – do you know why in bombing runs, fighter jets are used to escort bombers? Because bombers are bombers, not equip for air-air combat. In this case, there was no need for security escort, because ISIS do not have fighter jets (not counting Turkey supporters and now the idiotic USA
    4. ISIS gets most of its money from oil sale. Guess where it exports the oil thru? Turkey. We are talking $billions – The Turks don’t know?

  104. Erdogan cannot fathom what will happen if the Kurds were to be properly armed,the death of that pilot will lead to hundreds of dead in Turkey-fall of erdogan is near

  105. Turkey’s future is now screwed.Putin will arm PKK and PKK will in turn wreak havoc in Ankara,Istanbul etc.Stupid actions should be punished.

  106. Turkey invades Syria’s airspace daily. Now they are giving Russia every right for them to shoot Turkey’s jets down everytime they try and bomb the Kurds. Turkey has it coming.

  107. Well, Turkey’s playing big here. Maybe too big. Yes, the cheap oil from ISIS is finished but expect more fallout, like Turkey jihadists being blasted by Russian’s bombs.

  108. And all those cruise missiles and supersonic aircraft they are using from Russian bases guess what they would target in Turkey? So hundreds of cruise missiles launched off Russian ships and supersonic heavy bombers would do how much damage? How about targeting Turkish Oil refineries? Power Plants? Government headquarters in the capital? Military bases? Water treatment plants? Dams? Communications? you all think its a great deal that Turkey shot down a SU24 they are not made for aerial combat their primary role is ground attack and launching cruise missiles and dropping bombs on targets I would Imagine now all Russian bombers will be accompanied SU35, more advanced Mig fighters and probably will move air defense missiles close to the Turkish border and don’t automatically think NATO(Brussels based European organization) will defend Turkey “IF” Turkey provokes Russia into a war because Europe and Russia are buddies again after the meeting in Paris 6 weeks ago agreements were made concerning the Ukraine and Syria along with other economic and military objectives. America waning influence is in front of the world to see now the true powers (Europe and Russia) are very active militarily and economically in the region. Turkey wants the Kurds destroyed which won’t happen because Europe including Germany have supplied them with enough very advanced weapons and training for an army of 30,000 to 40,000 soldiers and also air cover(Europe is very active in Iraq and now Syria with combat jets and other military assets) the Kurds are considered allies obviously. Turkey also wants to recreate their lost empire but that obviously is not going to happen they should be satisfied with being part of the EU(Roman Empire) or that empire will lay waste to them if provoked either with direct military intervention or they will have their allies Russia or the hundreds of rebel groups influenced inside and outside of Turkey to make their day! They could also destroy their economy with the great influence they possess so Turkey and Saudi Arabia should not be backing ISIL as a proxy army for expansion that game is now drawing to a close if Turkey and Saudi Arabia want to get into some sort of contest with the Western Roman Empire and Russia that is suicide but they are welcome to try!!

  109. Russia’s forces are old and using crap technology. Anything decent they have is based on Chinese tech that was stolen from us.

  110. I don’t think China would actually get involved. In the end, they only care about money and stability. Venezuela can’t do anything and politically, they are going to be aligned with the US again soon. Iran and Iraq would probably also not do anything if they don’t want to get smashed. The Ayatollah won’t stay in power if we have to go in there and he doesn’t want that. There are alternative powers in Iran that would be willing to take his place. Powers that are more aligned to US interests.

  111. It does sound like a major bs to me. Even a professional auctioneer wouldn’t be able to warn Russian plane to leave 10 times in 17 seconds.

  112. What do you think when Russia invades our airspace and tests our patience? I know the EU doesn’t like it much. They invaded Turkey’s airspace on several different occasions before this happened. Look up all the articles previous to this event. They had it coming.

  113. Well, officially 65 countries are fighting in US led coalition vs ISIS. So according to your theory (NATO is many countries, 28 in fact) and Russia is 1. SO that NATO will win the fight With Russia.
    How strong this ISIS is that US led coalition of 65 countries (not counting Russia) cannot finish them off?

    Oh and NATO wasnt formed because of Russia, it was formed to “deter” USSR.

  114. What the hell are you talking about? It was a Su24 – ground support bomber which is uncapable to fight fighter jets. Same As A10 and similar planes – they have no defence against fighter jets. Plane was coming back from the mission with no ordnance. They were flying along Turkey border and didn’t expect Turks to show their true terrorsit supporting nature. 17 secons – that’s enough to warn someone 10 times as turks clame? I plane was shot over turkey than why it crushed 4km in Siria? Pilots ejected right away – how come they landed in Siria?
    Also – there was egreement in place between Russia and US led anti daesh coaliton (turkey is one of them) which calls for direct contact between parties flying over Siria in case dangerous sutiation happens – in order to prevent actual combat engagement. Turkey didn’t have to shoot down this plane – it wasn’t posing any threat. Themself – they are violating Creese air space up to 4 times (Greese actually said on emergency NATO meeting that today was first time in many months when Turkey didn’t enter their airspace) per day. They are violating Siria airspace constantly, violating Iraq airspace.
    It’s just that turks were extremely unhappy that Russia is not allowing them to overthrow leader of sovereign country and that cheap oil river is starting to dry out.

  115. We also buy oil from Saudi Arabia that in turn ends up in the hands of Wahhabists and other right wing Saudi terrorist supporters. Remember where the majority of the 911 bombers came from? It was Afghanistan. When this war first got kicked off, there were videos of Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia auctioning there sons off to go fight in Syria against the infidel Syrian government. Don’t pretend like we are any better.

  116. That giant only has 145 million people living in it and their military is old; Whack. It’s a country on the brink of collapse and Putin is hastening it. Too many years of cow towing to oil baron oligarchs, little to no small businesses, and flat taxes have destroyed their economy. Europe doesn’t actually need US support to get rid of Putin. Their military is way more advanced than anything Russia has.

  117. well Russia attacked Ukrine Eu and Nato was silent and this made Russia more powerfull in there politics and then they started to attack russia and they produced problems to Usa jets Usa why silent ,This made russia hand very strong The slap to russai came from Turks this can make Eu or Nato s hand more stronger at syria

  118. Just the other day, I met a Muslim on flight. I almost freaked. But then he immediately clarified that NOT all the Muslims are terrorists. Then, we both laughed so hard that his grenades fell out of his pocket..

  119. Russia+Russian Commonwealth Nations+China+Iran+Iraq+Syria+Cuba+Venezuela+??
    You really want to war with all these people or have you forget how difficult just Iraq and Afghanistan wars were? Some of the comments made are illogical especially when Russia and China both have nuclear weapons and biological weapons seems the common folks don’t get it. A hot war with Europe and America vs the Russian Block would equal total destruction of the human race! no winners!!! Game over!! Is this the goal for population reduction?

  120. They don’t need to sneak in, they can pass weapons officially because Kurds fight ISIS. And I think Kurds will enjoy that any Turkish planes that will come to bomb them will be downed by Russians.

  121. Turkey is indeed Ukraine. Turkey did what a child would do. Hit a bully, then run to his brother before the bully hits him back. And use his older brother to deter the bully from hitting him.

  122. You are lying. It is clear and documented that Turkey is assisting ISIS.
    The US is supplying the rebels with weapons and intelligence. These are rebels attempting to overthrow a legit government.

  123. I hope by the morning the camp of those rebels that shot the ejected pilots while they were in the air will resemble a parking plaza.

  124. I guess Turkey can say good bye to 5 billion dollars a year from Russian tourism. On top of that Russia should provide Kurds with some good weapons.

  125. When Fighter Jet from Russia poaching airspace to close air over islamic state and maybe allies countries too. NATO and the United States as well as many alliance countries are support in that area. To increase the air power to intercept their fighter jet.

  126. LOL Nato is how many countries? Russia is 1. And they formed because of Russia.
    That’s badass to me. And Im talking about Russia. Without theUS I still see Russia beating Nato

  127. “And those behind ISIL such as Obama, Turks ”

    – Absolutely. Sure are. And to address your greatest fears… we are ALL looking so forward to blowing up Moscow and bringing lasting regime change to a servile Russia. And perhaps we’ll give half of your filthy country to China. They know how to handle a population of servile morons.

    What will you do about it? Be specific. Truly I want to hear you servile, credulous morons whine before the balloon goes up and you force us to turn a portion of your country into smoldering ash.

  128. im guessing you all arent american, and if you are, it would be better if you became a russian citizen, because your a disgrace to America. when you get to russia, yoo’ll be bitching about wanting to be back in America. Ignorant losers!

  129. So Turkey claims that Russian plane entered their airspace for 17 seconds at which time they warn them 10 times to leave before shooting it down. How can you warn them 10 times in 17 seconds. Not to mention that plane fell 2.5 miles from the Turkish border. Something is not right here.

  130. Yes I agree. And those behind ISIL such as Obama, Turks and those Arabian countries playing double standards has to be execute if almighty God helps Russia. If Russia asks for some help from international individuals I will be the first to fight against Turky and really NATO. Let Go help Russia.

  131. If Russia shoots down any Turkish plane, Turkey should immediately retaliate. The only way to defeat a bully is to fight back. Turkey is not Ukraine

  132. With the suspension of military cooperation with Turkey, it looks like Russia will most certainly shoot down any Turkish jets that cross into Syrian airspace. The Kurds are the biggest winners since they’ve gotten themselves an air force to prevent Turkish air bombings.

  133. Russia is over-hyped and cannot face NATO or she will be destroyed. No matter how many years the war takes, Russia shall be no more…

  134. “That’s what this missile cruiser is there for.”

    – Russian ships have a terrible tendency to sink themselves. Perhaps this one will go the same way. Who knows.

    Or… maybe we’ll just sink her and laugh at you morons. What will you do? Whine on the internetz?

  135. “Why is the US supporting AL Queda and Turkey supporting ISIS?”

    – It’s quite a simple answer… they aren’t. you’re lying. Neither ISIS nor Al Nusra were anywhere near where the idiot servile Russian pilot was shot down and then used for target parctice by the people they were bombing.

  136. Why is the US supporting AL Queda and Turkey supporting ISIS? The enemy is not Russia, but the negro Muslim in the White House, and the Jewish elite that controls the money.

  137. Russia is going to take out any Turkish jets that come anywhere near Russian aircraft! Heaven forbid any Turkish plans that violate Syrian airspace now. That’s what this missile cruiser is there for.

  138. It has been crystal clear for years that ISIS creators and supporters are US, Saudi, Qatar, and Turkey.

    Saudi sends the cannibals and murderers into Syria, Qatar gives them money, US supports Saudi with money and weapons, Turkey ushers the cannibals and murders, feeds them and gives them training space and secure shelter on their land.

  139. it is now clear Turkey supports ISIS and terrorism
    the question is whether NATO – defensive pact organisation is going to defend or other way support muslim terrorist country
    i can not imagine now as a NATO member if someone says lets defend Turkey against Russia. honestly i would rather take gun and support Russia against Turkey
    I think Turkey is currently more liability then asset for NATO. they support ISIS, they buy oil from ISIS, they strike kurds, who fight against ISIS, they defend ISIS many ways in international politics … they are one of the rootcause immigrants are here in EU and they are blackmailing EU for some further money to handle the issue they partly originated
    Turkey should be expelled from NATO and never ever be accepted in EU

    My question is why Obama is defending terror. Is he terror supporting as well?

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