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Playtech – One of the Fastest Moving Tech Companies You Didn’t Know About

Perhaps you are not very fond of online gaming, or you are quite new to it, so you haven’t encountered the name Playtech, or it doesn’t mean much to you? Those that already have some experience in the world of online gaming, this question doesn’t make a lot of sense, because they surely know about Playtech. We dedicate this article to the prior category.


Playtech was founded towards the end of the last century, i.e. in 1999 in the Baltic country of Estonia. It kept growing ever since and it’s one of the companies enlisted on the FTSE 250 Index of the London Stock Exchange. Basically, Playtech deals with developing and selling software to online casino websites. The system developed by Playtech and employed by many online casino websites, allows players to enjoy a wide array of games on different PC and mobile gaming platforms, but with a single login. This is what makes them so popular worldwide, well, one of the things really.

When it comes to the particular games developed by Playtech, there are really more than few, actually more than half a thousand, to be more precise. Playtech have managed to release more than 50 games per year, each year. But it’s not just online casinos, Playtech have also developed poker and bingo platforms, as well as binary options and sports betting. And many renowned websites in these fields operate using Playtech’s platforms and programs. Playtech also offer payment services, customer and marketing services as well as business counselling.

Playtech keeps going full speed ahead. The company has just recently announced the plan to hire three hundred new employees in the course of six months. They are working on few omni-channel projects that are going to be operated on a large scale, in the UK and in other countries that have a vibrant game development industry. This comes after the company has successfully developed Playtech ONE, their current omni-channel. At the moment, the company has about 4000 employees, in their branches all over the world. With the success of Playtech ONE in mind, it is clear that they are not going to stop any time soon. After Playtech developed an omni-channel product for one of their customers, one of the most popular sports betting companies, they had a record number of more than 200,000 customers over the course of one year.

Many point that the key to Playtech’s success is the fact that their novel technology allows customers to have a single account, one wallet experience over a vast range of channels and devices. Even the CEO of Playtech, Mor Weizer, pointed this out in a recent interview. Seems like people at Playtech know what their customer companies like, which in turn is what the end user likes- a pleasant, user-friendly gaming experience without any hassle.