PlayStation 5 Development Underway, Xbox Two Expected Sooner

PlayStation 5 Development Underway, Xbox Two Expected Sooner
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Despite both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video games consoles still going strong for Sony and Microsoft respectively, the next generation systems are already in the pipeline. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two are both anticipated before the end of the decade, and many video games analysts believe that the two new machines will arrive sooner than previous generations of the console series.

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Shorter Timeframe

Previous PlayStation and Xbox consoles have existed in the mainstream for around seven years, with the overall cycle of a machine roughly lasting for a decade. But it is believed that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two could go on sale sooner than anticipated for several reasons. Above all else, both consoles will look out of date in technology terms by 2020, and both Sony and Microsoft are expected to announce concrete plans about their replacements before then.

And the latest news on these two flagship Systems is that AMD is apparently already planning to offer a huge performance boost for both consoles. This will be considered essential for both systems as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two both attempt to embrace 4K gaming. By the time that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two hit the stores, 4K resolution products will be considered mainstream. Indeed, Sony itself recently released the world’s first 4K smartphone; an indication that the Japanese corporation recognizes the prominence of this technology.

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But neither the PlayStation 4 nor Xbox One have the capabilities to deal with this resolution. Although both consoles are theoretically optimized to provide 4K, in reality they simply don’t possess the processing power to do so. This has led to suggestions in the media that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two could be revealed as early as 2018. This is an interesting proposition, as major titles have yet to appear on the Sony machine, with Gran Turismo still not having made its debut on the PlayStation 4, and the sixth instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series expected around 2018 as well.

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Nonetheless, it seems that both Sony and Microsoft will turn to AMD in order to provide their chipsets. Both the PS4 and Xbox One use custom AMD APUs, which are based on the Jaguar microarchitecture. The general feeling is that AMD has offered a platform which has enabled the cross-platform development of games to be carried out smoothly. And this makes it likely that the company will remain part of the manufacturing processes related to both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two.

Current estimates suggest that AMD will produce a processing unit with five-times the performance of existing consoles when the next generation comes to fruition. And central to the ethos of the production of the chipsets for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two will be a focus on virtual reality. This naturally requires considerably more performance to be available to consoles than a non-virtual reality game running on an existing television set. This is doubly true if both consoles intend to offer 4K virtual reality. This may seem like a pipe dream at the moment, but it could be a reality in the not too distant future.

AMD to offer backwards compatibility

Another interesting aspect of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two is that backward compatibility could be feasible from day one. This has been a criticism of recent consoles, with compatibility with previous generation games considered a significant weakness with both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But with consoles moving to x86 architecture, and likely to stick with this for the next generation, this will ensure that PS4 an Xbox One games will continue to work on the new hardware.

If video games fans doubt the fact that Sony is currently working on the PlayStation 5, then the fact that the Japanese corporation has already posted job listings that hint at this reality suggests otherwise. Sony has mentioned that there are exciting job opportunities available at Sony Computer Entertainment of America in an ad, and it is widely expected that this is related to the development of the PlayStation 5.

In particular, it is suggested that Sony is seeking a senior game programmer in order to lead the research and development process associated with its next generation console. Although there is nothing concrete coming out of Japan on the subject as of yet, this has nonetheless led to feverish speculation that the PlayStation 5 is indeed already in development.

PlayStation 5 Development Underway, Xbox Two Expected Sooner

Streaming future

As the video games marketplace continues to develop, streaming services have become increasingly important, and this will only accelerate when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two are released. With this in mind, Ben Wilson, editor of the official PlayStation Magazine, has suggested that the PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a new streaming service, and that this will revolutionize the way that the Sony machine operates.

However, his expectation is that both Sony and Microsoft will retain physical media, at least for the early days of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two. Although demand for the disc drive has diminished with regard to PCs, thanks to the popularity of Steam, console game owners are still notoriously attached to the concept of the physical disc. Considering the other innovations that Sony and Microsoft will instigate in the next generation consoles, this means that it is too much to expect for a transition to downloadable media-only gaming.

But other major players have a different opinion on the subject. Emmett Shear, an executive from the massively popular Twitch streaming service, believes that the future of next generation gaming platforms is in fact extremely delicately balanced. In an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian, Shear suggested that it would be a sensible move for both Sony and Microsoft to convert their next generation hardware into set-top boxes.

Because of the considerably shorter lifespan of gaining consoles today, the practicality of manufacturing a conventional PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two could be limited. Indeed, we’re already seeing with the present generation consoles that numerous issues are emerging. While most analysts still believe that a conventional PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two are likely, it is not impossible that they could be based around a similar streaming ethos to the Steam Box.

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  1. well, then play on a 55″ 4k OLED display from your Tempurpedic, like I do. Microsoft adapter and Xbone controller + gtx 980ti = superconsole

  2. smart man. i have gotten used to 4k@60 at this point(2 years in). It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but really I’m used to it and miss fast refresh so much i still use QHD 144 at times in certain games. If we had 4k@120, or widescreen 4k@100….. umm, yes please.

  3. The PS4 supports 4k video no one said it could support 4k gaming. It has the capability to render videos and pictures in 4k

  4. almost all of this is false.ps4.5 /neo is said to come out next year games released after that will have 2 versions one for neo and for the normal one while microsoft will release xbox one slim next year and a more powerfull version of it after that but the new xbox will be able to play all games with backwards compatibility because of direct x .even then a gaming pc is much better consoles

  5. Too soon . . . . too soon. If this is true then its time we as console gamer’s left these under powered PC’s behind. Modding, console emulation and of course graphics (one of the most praised benefits of PC gaming) outweigh triple A exclusives any day (or lack there off since Sony and Microsoft love remastering old titles these days).

  6. Too soon . . . . too soon. If this is true then its time we as console gamer’s left these under powered PC’s behind. Modding, console emulators and of course graphics (one of the most praised benefits of PC gaming) outweigh triple A exclusives any day.

  7. I think they must have physical copies there are simply too many people without internet or that have internet restrictions such as data caps to make the systems truly successful to their full potential. With the addition of 4K and the existing size ranging upwards to 50GB anyone with a subpar internet connection would be left behind and limited to existing systems only, which I know that isn’t good for business however if they allow disc based installs for those without decent speeds and a data cap then everyone can play maximizing sales and users. So physical disc are needed more than some realize.

  8. Your comment is just out of place, as well, many games came to PC and NEVER released for console, and are awesome games, very awesome games, as well, if there are games that came first on console, it was just a few months of difference the maximum, NEVER years. and they were released for PC with bunch of new and better things, including graphics, better controls, and even patches and dlc’s you never saw on console. so stick that up your ass :v

  9. Well yes if I had a 4k monitor my desk top would be 4k but in games if i pushed 4k it would be somewhere in the 10 fps scale of things

  10. You’re completely off the mark, the average consumer could give a fuck less about what it is you’re talking about and instead considers the convenience factor of just having to press a button on a console, to the arduous task of maintaining and upgrading a PC for a first time learner.

  11. Lol the 360’s dev blogs never said the goal of that console was to end quick generations. The One dev blogs distinctly did. You are not informed on what I’m talking about you’re just a troll judging from your other Disqus comments.

  12. He’s specifically stating that his *current* PC will beat whatever hardware is eventually in the PS5 and probably PS6. That’s a ridiculous statement.

  13. Once again, the 360 had firmware update to prolong its life. That in no way indicates that they are not planning their next machine….

  14. What MS are saying is basically “we will keep Xbone alive as long as possible as it is a good cash cow”. This is the only reason they’re keeping the Xbox 360 going.

    Development is proprietary & employees are bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements. If they blab about it they can be fired for gross misconduct, hence why you only see speculation (ie: this article). Chances are they are in development/planning stages of new consoles.

    Just like military hardware, you always want to keep ahead of the opposition/competition. Planning and anticipating the future puts you in better stead than if you just stood by and did nothing, otherwise you’d effectively be saying it is pointless to plan. I’ll stop here before I straw-man you.

  15. Also, in my opinion, the sales figures are not a good reflection of which console is better. Most people just bought a PS4 either because they didn’t know about Microsoft reversing basically everything they said before release, DRM, Digital only games, etc. They didn’t understand it, or they jumped on the bandwagon of “better specs” ex. DDR5 RAM (which developers said from day one would make no difference in performance or visuals). Xbox One now has backwards conpatibility, we’re getting Cortana soon, in my opinion much better exclusives, and as already mentioned the controller… while I admit the DS4 is MUCH better than previous versions, it does not compare to the 360 or the Xbox One controller. PSN isIT. You can’t change your ID, they suffer from hacks far more often, they can’t even transfer content you’ve purchased on a separate PSN ID, or in my case, a DC Universe account… and although i havebt tested this on my PS4, i know that with my PS3, i couldnt have multiple profiles signed in at once for muktiplayer games. there’s just SOOO many things that make Xbox the better console.

  16. xbox one has LIMITED backwards compatibility. Its only backwards compatable to the 360 and then only games that MS chooses. Super Nintendo and N64 were developed before internet gaming was a thing and before digital discs were a thing. When the Playstation 2 came out is when gaming turned to be more dependent on the software capabilities of the machine and the machines could be modded to play different discs. So your reply is pointless.

  17. The firmware updates were said to be able to sustain them for a longer lifetimes without having hardware checks. I’ll take what Microsoft says over some fool on here any day.

  18. Well, to be fair many console to pc ports work horribly, such as Dark Souls, yet those are few and far apart compared to the games that get release on PC consistently and with high quality. If anything, having to dumb games down to console standards hurts games on PC more than anything.

  19. That apply to very few games, most of them being AAA. So many more amazing games come out on PC that won’t ever reach console (due to the inability of a simple controller to meld to the users wishes), while consoles can sit back and pretend they are great for having games like GTA V out first. Your wording is assuming “nose deep in a monitor trying to play a game”. First off, trying to play a game? Are you trying to imply that PC games just outright don’t work – millions of people just ‘Try’ to PC game? Your wording suggests you defer to the X-Bone because PC gamers are obviously all nerds – hunching over a desk nose deep in a monitor. Amusing. I’d much prefer to sit down at a desk – and lord forbid I have good posture in doing so – and play a game that requires overarching strategy and story rather than lounge on a couch playing Black Ops 3.(See, i can stereotype too). Speaking of things coming out years prior, how are you handling your console graphics? A bit pathetic, seeing as those came out years prior in PC tech.

  20. I am sorry but this is the second time you have posted saying pc gets games years later… You are a complete idiot. The only mainstream game that has happened with as of late is GTA5 and that is because it was a complete rebuild specifically for pc. Your argument is completely idiotic and false.

  21. Which is the reason we all get the games years before PC. They brag about their 60fps on games we sold to gamestop years ago lol

  22. Lol, someone hasn’t look up those sale figures have there? Sony is beating Microsoft and Nintendo combined. A simple google search will solve your dilimea.

  23. No thanks. I prefer not hunching over a desk, nose deep in a monitor trying to play a game that came out years prior on a console.

  24. Well in all fairness Microsoft better get the Xbox out first if they want a chance to get a head start on those sales figures before Sony mops them up again.

  25. I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a smug remark, or not, but it is true…it could have very well been bullshit. I’m not going to rule that out. But if you look at it from a technological point of view, it makes sense. If these things even attempted to live another 3 years, they’d be out-powered by even mobile technology. Not just PC, which is obvious. Again, look at the new Tegra X1 mobile chip that was unveiled this year. Xbox One-like performance, in a small portable device, such as an Nvidia Shield/ tablet or even phone. Back in 2013, there was already a Razor tablet pushing Crysis 3, which is not an easy game to run.

  26. By 2018 the lowest end nvidia GTX card will be able to play games at 4K 60FPS with only one single gpu, 2018 is when volta comes out, 4K VR will happen next year and 8K soon after that with the fast changing phone display technology, the Samsung S7 will most likely support a 4k resolution and with a dual display with that spec will be a native 4K and a panoramic 8K. Like you guys all said, the ps4/xbone cant even play all games at 1080p 60fps, theres no way VR will be any worth playing on console if its just 720p as vr requires twice as much horsepower to run those games in VR. 8K VR and 8K TV’s are probably coming out in 2018, atleast give us 4k 90FPS or 4k 120FPS Microsoft, Sony !!

  27. Peasants, just get a PC. You will already have all of the above and a lot more. We also have 8k resolution, better controls, better FPS, a s ton of storage, mods and steam sales. Being a console gamer is just stupid financially and logically.

  28. Lol you must be the idiot here, in all the Xbox One dev streams and blogs pre-release they said they plan on upgrading the Xbox One slowly over 10 years using patch firmware, the first being backwards compatibility in year 2. Here we are.

  29. Thats why the xbox 360 controller is still miles better than the ds4 and the ps4 only has one game in two years worth playing lmao come on dude wake up the xbox is wiping the floor with the ps4 this gen and last gen

  30. If this is indeed true, then lights out on X-Box products because I’ve been a PlayStation ™ (cr) gamer for many years, and personally speaking and based on experience with the PlayStation products, it gets better all the time, and PlayStation has been around a lot longer than X-Box products. It’s dominance of gaming has captivated many people, although X-Box products are becoming more famous and mainstream, I have a feeling that PlayStation will be like that of Madden NFL games solely licensed by EA Sports took all competitors out of the equation, shutdown the 2K series except for the other major sports where 2K owns the field in NBA, although EA Sports has it’s NBA Live series afloat, we all know that the 2K series of NBA is way better. And the fact that 2K owns the landscape of WWE games. What I’m trying to say is that the PlayStation products are not only dominant but also the longevity of the product is by all means incomparable to any other systems as of late, unless Nintendo decides to come out with a system that can compete with the PlayStation 5 and X-Box 2 systems, Nintendo will eventually be like the Sega Genesis, obsolete. Hands down the PlayStation products are the MVP of video games.

  31. I guess we’ll see at the end of the life cycle when they either do or don’t push the current gen systems. The PS4 does have SDK. I don’t know much about it, but if (as you say) its not the PS3, then how will there not be learning curve? I’ve switched between applications with the same applications that have the same purpose. There’s always a learning curve with a new SDK, and there will always be a new SDK for each new system. Of course the PS3 was renowned for its difficulty to develop games for, and they’ve improved upon that. But there will always be a learning curve. Always.

    Also the PS3 OS is believed to be based upon FreeBSD, which is the same basis for the PS4 OS.

  32. Yeah, if I ask you, which I’m not, because your opinion is irrelevant. Naughty Dog games are revered on a technical level. That is just a fact. Why are you finding this hard to accept?

    And if the games are forgotten about so easily then why have they sold more as the series continues?

  33. What exactly about the XBOX One’s features flopped? XB1 games can now stream to other Windows 10 devices, and before long, PC games will be streaming to XB1. How exactly will Sony compete with Microsoft once a large chunk of console gamers and PC master race nerds come together?

  34. All of you missed the point. The XB1 is not the 360, and the PS4 is not the PS3, where devs had to adapt to tools. Current-gen consoles are built very much like PC’s. There is no “learning curve.” If you’re gonna sit here and wait for some huge performance leap, don’t hold your breath.

  35. Yup. Something people clearly seem to not be understanding, even with the latest W10 update. Not sure what this will all mean for Sony, but Microsoft sure is playing it very smart at the moment.

  36. That’s not true at all. I can’t speak for Playstation, as the last one I owned was a PS1, but XBOX 360 has always been backwards compatible. The compatibility issue, at least on Microsoft’s side, didn’t arise until the XB1 was released, and as of this month, is no longer an issue. I just finished replaying my 360 copy of Mass Effect on my XB1 without a hitch, and it even ran smoother. Old PC games, on the other hand, like the above mentioned KotOR, have always been a pain in the culo to get working properly on newer machines/OS systems. Though services, like Steam, are helping to correct this, older games still bug out on PC.

    If you’re going to act like compatibility is some huge issue, then you have to acknowledge that it is an issue across all platforms, PC included.

  37. Make game to multiplayer like ps3 we use to play nba2k ….7 people at a time in Madden 6 change it back or its a waste of money

  38. That’s not true at all. I can’t speak for Playstation, as the last one I owned was a PS1, but XBOX 360 has always been backwards compatible. The compatibility issue, at least on Microsoft’s side, didn’t arise until the XB1 was released, and as of this month, is no longer an issue. I just finished replaying my 360 copy of Mass Effect on my XB1. Old PC games, on the other hand, like the above mentioned KotOR, have always been a pain in the ass to get working properly on newer machines/OS systems. Though services, like Steam, are helping to correct this, older games still bug out on PC.

    If you’re going to act like compatibility is some huge issue, then you have to acknowledge that it is an issue across all platforms, PC included.

  39. Yes, I realize the games we see on Steam are published for western audiences, and I never said they represent the majority of japanese games. However, now there’s something of a population of (west-targeted) japanese games to talk about on Steam, which wasn’t the case a number of years ago… I see a pattern.

    At the very least, japanese companies have begun to realize that Steam is a valid platform for international releases, which is also progress.

  40. You talking about the WEST !! Your whole perception is about steam in west having Japanese games.
    This perception is very wrong. These games are published here for western audience .
    Steam presence is Japan is miniscule .nobody knows aboit it nobody is using except tiny minority .
    It has no relevance.
    Just because you seen few popular games here being ported to the western steam market it doesn’t mean they are majority or plethora of games us being made for steam .
    Steam is,dead in japan.
    I’m telling you cause I live there.
    Gee .you are so narrow minded .

  41. I would fully expect backwards compatibility, as stated in the article, current consoles are x86, and I don’t imagine either company moving away from x86/x64 any time in the foreseeable future.
    As for trading in….I doubt it, maybe most gamers will just buy every other generation??

  42. No they didn’t actually PS3 outsold Xbox at the end lol nice try but fail Xbox is just a bad console simple as that only selling well in the us anyways getting destroyed everywhere else

  43. Just make it backwards compatible w/ the older consoles too. There are still old PS2 games that I’d LOVE to be able to play again.

  44. I agree that PC gaming needs to get more user friendly, I had to learn a bunch and research to feel comfortable and get the system I wanted, but these things you said are just misleading and the last one is probably not true, however don’t read me angry or screaming cause I’m not. lol

    “he just got tired of keeping up with PC hardware, trends and mods”;

    There isn’t keeping up with PC hardware, trends and mods… unless you have some type of obsession.
    When new technology comes up my system won’t downgrade, my games won’t stop running, and no, I won’t need to upgrade to be able to play the latest games.

    “sits back and bangs out some Witcher 3, or whatever and goes to bed”;
    Yeah.. you played on PC for a long time apparently, I know I don’t need to tell that both console gamers and PC gamers do that…

    ” when I PC gamed, I spent most of the time tweaking out and bench marking my system and games, and less time actually playing to beat said title”
    I think you didn’t think before you wrote that, or you’re just exagerating although it doesn’t look that way.
    Let’s say you’ve put 100 hours into a game. That means you spent more than 50 hours tweaking and benchmarking… hell :] let’s say you spent 10 hours gaming, you didn’t spend 11h benchmarking hahaha

    It seems like you’re saying “I feel like PC gaming is not what it once was, therefore consoles”

  45. Yeah, desktop is powerful and because of that it consumes nearly 3 times power compared with consoles, and also what console being doing is quick play on and off, took less than 30 seconds to bootup my console and load the game compared with my pc

  46. Funny I watched almost every dev stream and read most blogs and they were about EXTENDING the lifespan of this council to a projected 8-10 years. So the article you recall reading is bullshit too.

  47. You can play your Steam games in offline mode. Sure, you do need internet to download them but that is not an unmanageable thing. Bring your PC top a friends house with internet and download all of your games. I used to think like you about the physical discs but with over 300 games in my Steam que, I am SO glad I don’t have to deal with the clutter. Besides after over 10 years on Steam, I have never needed a disc, so why bother. Move forward. I hope the internets come to your area, soon.

  48. I would like to agree that by 2018 4k would be standard but here we are in 2015 where 1080 isn’t even achieved by the X1 or some titles on ps4. If we do get it, I would be happy.

  49. We have the technology for it and yes it would def be too expensive for a console. They are using an AMD Apu. Thry aren’t that great. Imagine if they dropped an intel cpu and a discreet gpu they would have the perfect console that could run 1080 without a hitch. 4K would be nice even 1440 would be attainable. But the choice in going APU will always be the drawback cos its cheap. They just don’t cut it for todays games. Todays consoles can’t even run 1080 games cos of it.

  50. I agree 4k Gaming is F ing Amazing isn’t it. Way less jaggies. But still 4k is really demanding But luckily my 670 handles most games at 4k like a pro. But now i moved on to 21:9 Resolution. I created a 4k ish 21:9 Resolution Via NVIDIA control panel. 3840×1773 or 3840×1853. It’s 90 percent of 4k but with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Can’t wait to see what 8K Looks like OMG. I can totally see us all playing GTA San andreas with EMB mods at 8K OMG

  51. This is the reason why i don’t buy game consoles anymore and just stick to pc. At least on the pc almost all games are compatible except console exclusives. On the consoles you can’t play games from the previous generation which is a buzz kill. But now consoles are getting backwards compatible but you still can’t play the old games you psychically own. You have to download them from some damn cloud and purchase them all again

  52. You are a dying breed bro lol. You are one of the gamers who doesn’t care about resolution just cares about the games themselves. I understand completely. I was once that way too but now days jaggies drive me insane. So with better resolution i’m more concentrated on the game and not the resolution. It all started with me back in 2008 when GTA IV came out. I couldn’t stand the way it looked on the consoles. All them damn jaggies drove me insane. That is when i found pc gaming to be the platform for me. Back then we didn’t have a lot of open world games, we were mostly locked down to corridor games that looked excellent with only a few jaggies present. But then GTA IV came out with a huge ass world that looked horrible because of the jagged edges.

  53. 1080p looks bad compared 4k now days lol. I still remember the good ol 1280x720P Days it was all the rave until 1920x1080P was acknowledged. The consoles still can’t handle 1080P Properly let alone 4k. Console makers have a lot of work to do to get their consoles to 4k and higher. While the PC market has had 4k and 8k for years. Just didn’t have the monitors or tv’s to support such resolutions. Until downsampling became a thing. Now if we have a 4k tv we can downsample to 8k via DSR

  54. You’re absolutely right and I just phrased that terribly. Personally I’m fine with 720p. I get that a lot of people care about resolution and we’re different people that enjoy different things and that’s fine. Anything above 1080p to me I don’t really care about. I don’t have any complaints about where any games I play are at. If the resolution increases, cool. If not, I’m not bothered at all.

  55. above 1080p? Getting a bit ahead of yourself bud. Strive for 900p across the board first, then we’ll talk. You know, that made up resolution that wasn’t a thing until this generation of consoles.

  56. x86 architecture. Basically, I can play a 10 year old Pc game on a brand new Pc because it’s all based off the basic x86 architecture. Since the new consoles are basically underpowered Pc’s, and the next ones will be similar, backwards compatibility is easy.

  57. Neither Sony or Microsoft are worried about Nintendo’s NX at this time. The reason being is we don’t have the technology for 4k resolution home consoles without making them prohibitively expensive. We are at the point where we can do it reliably on a PC, but it’s quite an investment.

    They know the market will shift towards 4k gaming, and neither of the current consoles can do that right now. So, plans are being made for a true 4k gaming console, which might be possible in a couple of years on a home console for under 500 dollars.

  58. Only problem with Steam is that you need internet. I myself don’t have it. What could is a gaming PC if I can’t download any games? I’m using my phone to post this. No WiFi options to use. Plus I like having a physical disc.

  59. Hence the parantheses around the “10”, even though Microsoft has annouced they will new iterations will still use the Windows 10 name.

  60. PC gaming has a higher initial buy in but I quickly built an impressive library of high quality games. for the cost it took me to get 20 console games I got 80+ games in my steam library. Consoles are cheap but with the advent of steam machines and falling component prices your looking at the inevitable fall of the console market as PC gaming just becomes more and more available.

  61. Okay, a few things. First, gaming PCs are not that expensive. You are already paying 4-500 for a console, and 60 dollars each game, and 60 dollars for any additional controller. Also about 40-60 dollars a year just to be allowed to play online. You can get a PC that blows away any console for 800 dollars. This will last you longer than a console as well, unless you want to upgrade later. Then there comes the price of games. Games on the consoles are expensive. You can regularly buy new games on PC for 25-50% off retail price. So its not that much more expensive, and frankly there are no conceivable advantages to playing on a console, unless that’s just what all of your friends have. And I’m not some PC master race douchebag, I have a PS4 as well, which I use often. But I’m not so blind as to think its better than the PC.

  62. Nintendo maybe, but with the stranglehold that Sony has on the market, with the possibility to get something similar to PS2 in sheer numbers sold, I cannot see Sony giving up on the PS4 prior to 2018 at the earliest.

  63. Consoles should be like cell phones except be on a 3 year upgrade cycle. If I could trade my X1 in for a new model that is 100% backwards compatible with games / apps and get more GPU / CPU / HDD space I would.

    I do wonder if the Nintendo NX, which is rumored to be announced next year, is influencing Sony and MS.

  64. I’m completely with Louis on this one. Notice the games that come out at the beginning to a system’s life-cycle, and then look at the games at the end of the system’s life-cycle. The games at the end are always more advanced. It takes developers time to figure out how to squeeze out every last drop of power from the console.

  65. You obviously have not seen steam and sales if you believe that, it’s the greed of publishers and the console manufacturers that digital offerings on console stay pricey, they have console users on a hook i tell you. Disc is a horrible medium, there cheap to produce but extremely slow to access and shows(Compare any cart or sd cart based games load times with disc), we need to try our best to move passed them. Also, there are systems that could be implemented to have resale value on digital games.
    Now before someone goes nuts and screams pc fan boy, I’ll just go out and say I’ve been gaming on nintendo, sega, sony and pc platforms since the 90’s, I’m no bias weirdo.

  66. @louis clegg: sorry I should have been more specific, by minimum i meant that games would be locked at 60 fps but with further optimization games can even be locked at 90 fps or maybe even 120fps for the next gen of consoles (PS5, Xbox 2)

    and yes I know if you compare the ps3 x360 with the ps4 and x1 its a huge leap forward and maybe youre right, with some time with thw new units they might be able to squeeze out even more out of the current gen consoles, heres hoping that they do… otherwise ill be eagerly waiting for the next gen specs and hoping the devs wont be roo complacent with the extra power and just forgo all optimization just cause they can power through it with raw power

  67. While I’m sure there’s a large potion of games that don’t leave Japan, it’s a fact that there are now many japanese games on Steam. I wouldn’t have believed you if you had told me, say, 8 years ago, that there would be Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya and Naruto games on Steam, for example.

    Shmups such as Danmaku Unlimited 2 and Mushihimesama are very “japanese” games too, nowadays available on Steam.

    Check out the games tagged as “anime” on Steam.

    Granted, there’s usually a company who went through the trouble of translating or localizing the game.

    And thanks for being heartwarming.

  68. With all settings maxed while maintaining a minimum of 60 frames per second even during the more graphics-intensive parts? Sorry, I can’t believe this. I’ve seen benchmarks and I own a GTX 980 too.

  69. The reason we’re stuck on physical copies is because it’s a better deal for us. Game developpers, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo refuse to change that. I can buy a used game much cheaper then I can a digital code. I have resale value with a physical game. PC gaming is such a different market. Much more consumer friendly. For the record I’m a console gamer. While resolution improvements would be nice. I just don’t care that much. FPS, better online gameplay (servers), and less server issues. I full expect there to be server issues. Those 3 things are like wanted list 1-1,000,000,000 and then 1,000,000,001 would be resolution. Anything above 1080p is kind of eh to me anyways.

  70. Hm, makes me wonder why they are putting these consoles out so fast. Perhaps little old Nintendo has them scared with the NX coming out? I see no other reason, besides the fact that the PS4 may as well have just been a money grab in terms of an “upgrade”, anyway (more like PS3.5, amirite?).

    Whatever Nintendo is offering, I think it has the “big graphics” companies a little worried.

  71. If you’re buying day 1 yeah, but give it a week or so and the price in gamestop drops far far faster than psn, as a matter of fact if I felt like it I could easily name 10 games where the psn price for a new copy is $10+ higher than the gamestop version

  72. There’s also the fact that more than a few folks grew up with consoles and thus feel far more immersed with a controller in hand than they ever would with a mouse and keyboard

  73. Yet not all of us have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on a gaming pc. Not all of us have the luxury of getting a bad game or getting tired of one and just buying a new one. PC gaming may be higher grade in terms of performance but it’s also SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive in the long run than a console. No one no matter WHAT platform they use (looking at you pc gamers) is superior as each and every one has its advantages and disadvantages.

  74. I like the part about PC being on top. That was funny. You should have seen PC gaming back in the late 90’s, till about 2008. It was beautiful…anymore, it feels like a niche thing. A novel thing. There was just an article posted this morning, talking about how Sony’s Battlefront player base outnumbers Xbox One and PC, combined. Face it…people have gotten lazier and just want a small box that does it all with as little effort as possible. PC’s were from a day when people enjoyed building their own machines, tweaking their software and hardware and modding their games…and it seems now that, is fading…with less games even supporting, or allowing mods. There will always be a niche market for PC’s, though. Just like how there are those niche folk who love to buy and restore Commodore 64’s and i486’s…but we’ll be primarily using Linux and/ or older Windows OS’s. My buddy, a former hardcore PC guy, who PC gamed with me all through the late 90’s and who kept it going until about 2013, used to diss the idea of consoles…especially, the Xbox brand. Now he has both consoles and no longer PC games…why is it that even the most PC-hardcore can move to a console and go back on their word? From what I gather and have heard from him, he just got tired of keeping up with PC hardware, trends and mods and he got burned out of MMO’s. Now he just gets off work, presses his PS4 button, sits back and bangs out some Witcher 3, or whatever and goes to bed. I think that there is the sum of the console crowd. Perhaps there is a such thing as too many choices. I know for one that when I PC gamed, I spent most of the time tweaking out and bench marking my system and games, and less time actually playing to beat said title.

  75. Yep…via cloud powered stream boxes. Once you no longer own your OS or games, physically, and stream them from a subscription based service, it won’t matter what box you play it on…even your phone would be acceptable, likely.

  76. I started on the PC back in 2002 on gaming I have not looked back to the Dirty Console Peasants group. People who pay $60 for optical media discs are nuts paying that much. One scratch or missing disc will mean to pay for another copy. Where on the PC if you use Steam you can get the same game cheaper and with modifications support and better textures. No more missing or damaged discs. People also spend $120 for a 250GB hard drive for their Xbox’s that can’t hold worth of crap these days. You can get a 2TB for the pc at $50 to $60. There is too many perks owning a PC over a console. Your not punished for fixing your own pc like you do on a console. Then you got people who complain the cost of buying a PC and building it is hard which is really not.

    Also may your frame rates be mighty and your draw distance far!

  77. you guys are saying that the Playstation 5 will play Playstation 4 games? i want to know this because i already have a Playstation 4 and if you guys are making a Playstation 5, it would be great for the people, not only me to know if the Playstation 5 can play all Playing 4 games and if the Xbox Two can play all Xbox One games. i really am a gamer, not a professional but i am good and from what i know, the Playstion 3 had a 10 year life span and from what i also know is that if you guys are making a Playstation 5 and a Xbox Two you guys always should put if there is going to be any backwards compatibility because people like me don’t want to get ride of previous consoles if the newer ones don’t have backwards compatibility.

  78. The refresh is needed because this generation of consoles are, under-powered failures. What is sad about the whole thing is how the public has rewarded them with such success. These junk consoles struggle to output 1080p. Glad I stuck with my PC, gaming in 4k is incredible!

  79. If only I cared about either. Both Microsoft and Sony have provided a negative influence in the quality of gaming. They’ve provided a means for selling spiritually-empty “blockbuster” games in the same way that Michael Bay has sucked the life out of Transformers and the TMNT.

  80. It’s actually not fake. I recall reading an article, around Xbox One launch, talking about how Microsoft plans a much shorter lifecycle this gen. Something to do with the fact that the Xbox One was designed to integrate in with the other Microsoft software and hardware products and that their console will have to undergo similar lifecycle updates as their other markets. But also because of increasingly competitive silicon markets, particularly in the mobile sector. Technology is a lot more competitive than it was in generations past, so this allowed any one console to last 7-10 years or more.
    Heck, as of 2013 there’s already a gaming tablet that runs Crysis 3, for instance and Nvidia just unveiled their Tegra X1 APU at the beginning of the year. The Tegra X1 brings Xbox One and PS4 comparable gaming at 90% less power consumption. The Tegra X1 only consumes 10 watts. That’s like saying an Nvidia Shield is now directly in the same league as these consoles…and it’s just a tiny handheld tablet. If consoles want to remain competitive and not so quickly inferior then they have to undergo more regular cycles…something close to a phone, tablet or a PC. This doesn’t spell doom for owners of prior hardware. There will still always be backward compatibility and software would still likely be developed for the older console for a period of 10 or so years, in addition to the newer model.

  81. I hate these fake stories……look at the fake stories about the iphone 5 on youtube or new flying cars in the future or cities on the moon.

  82. gonna disagree, with 4k coming into the market, and the price of it dropping faster then a lead balloon and the first 8k TV’s being produced these consoles are almost just a stop gap, kind of like the WiiU was for Nintendo.

  83. Someone still hasn’t figure out the One in Xbox One is not a version number? Do you think the next OneDrive is going to be TwoDrive? Microsoft seems to be headed toward merging PC and Console gaming anyway.

  84. I’m a console gamer, but I see that there is going to be another video game crash. PC gaming will come out on top and consoles will be dead, sad to say. Then Nintendo will save it, just to be overtaken by other consoles. It’s a vicious cycle.

  85. Well to be fair it’s cheaper to buy a new game from PSN store then it is your game store because one simple thing. No tax.

  86. You’re talking about hardware, not software. Have you ever touched games software at all? You are aware the PS3 does not run on Windows? That it runs on its own OS (for lack of a better known name)? And that the PS3’s OS will be different to that of the PS4?

    As with the PS4 and PS3 before it, games specific to that system will continue to improve over its lifetime despite the system specs remaining the same. Or perhaps you can explain why that is not true? Despite having witnessed it with my own eyes (and having provided examples).

    To be clear, in case you are confused. I’m saying upon announcing the PS4/Xbox One, Sony and Microsoft would have put out the software relevant to developing for those systems, this is irrelevant to x86, it is specific to the system architecture as a whole, that architecture on a PS4 is new, as it would be on the PS5. Those developers will now have to utilize that software out of the gate with no experience, and after a few years tinkering with those settings (as you said yourself!!!) they will end up with the best rendering capabilities for that system using the desired engine, and those advances will be evident in any IP’s that have multiple releases during the systems life. Please, do explain why this is incorrect.

  87. Do you think you’re fooling anyone? And no, they’re one of the best developers in the world. Like, it’s not an opinion. On a technical level their set pieces, and animation within said set pieces is beyond measure. But thanks for proving to everyone your ignorance.

  88. Nothing to do with hardware. Or at least, it shouldn’t be and if it is, it will be in a minor way. If games aren’t achieving 30fps it will be the developer’s fault.

  89. I never claimed the opposite, so I’m unsure where you gathered what I said was untrue.
    We’re talking about a mainstream vs niche market here. The majority of big budget titles come to all platforms or end up being console exclusives. I’m sure there are a few big budget PC exclusives, but hardly as many as consoles because the console user base is simply larger.
    The successful PC titles you’re talking about, will measure their success different to how Activision might measure their success with CoD. The PC market is smaller. That is a fact. But its also home to more specific tastes than the average gamer, and that demand is being fulfilled no doubt. But again, your comparing apples to oranges, whereas I was looking to discuss pears.
    I’m a PC gamer, and I develop 3D content using my PC. I’m well aware of the mod community (which isn’t at all relevant here… at all) as well as the PC crowd improving upon release. To me it just seems like you want to defend PC gaming from someone who really has no issue with it in the first place.

  90. Not all together true, how many exclusives do PC gamers get that console gamers don’t get a whiff of? Last year alone there were a bazillion excellent PC only games that were amazing and didn’t rely on the development cycle of a console game then a port to PC. Also how many mods are released or written by console gamers for consoles? None? Even if a game isn’t well optimized the PC crowd can add to and “fix” the issues to the game and usually make it better than it was.

  91. The thought they can’t optimize a game on new hardware that is static right out of the gate is ridiculous. X86 has been around forever and the greater majority of devs how to wring every last cycle out of hardware using it. When they develop a game they tinker with settings endlessly until they get a product that is take full use of the hardware. Of course they can make it optimal right away, the specs never change with a console.

  92. Oh I love that response. I too like the abilities that it now has regarding such. BBC iplayer for example. Youtube and the mentioned netflix are all used on my xbox.

  93. What’s your point, Kelvin? I’m not suggesting optimal isn’t here. I’m simply pointing out working on new architecture means the developers have to essentially learn the new tools provided by Sony or Microsoft. I’m not really buying this article anyway. But all I’m saying is if we do end up with some more advanced hardware, developers of the PS4 or XboxTwo still wont be able to make optimal use of it straight away. So Matsato’s desire for a huge performance leap might not be fulfilled until perhaps a few years after the system ships and developers have made optimal use of it. Again as we’ve seen with Oblivion/Skyrim or GTAIV/GTAV.
    Is this clear to you now, Kelvin?

    And did you really just say “sigh”?

  94. Just save up and buy it. ~1000 dollars is not that much money. And that will get you something better than any console on the market, and you only have to upgrade it from there if you want.

  95. A gaming desktop can do things consoles just can’t. So yeah, you may enjoy playing on the couch or whatever (which you can do with a desktop), but trying to suggest that consoles play games better than desktops is a bit uninformed.

  96. “this wasn’t even a thing [lack of backwards compatibility] until PlayStation 2.”
    It sounded like he was saying until the PS2 came out nobody thought about the possibility of not having backwards compatibility. So what he should have said is it wasn’t a thing until the PS3 was released, when we all found it to lack backwards compatibly. But I’m fairly certain that’s what he meant anyway, which is why I wrote it as a question.

  97. I wasn’t aware all PS3’s played PS1 games. I had the 60gb on release and sold it for a newer model, only to find I could no longer play any old games. Seems I stopped using the system when the PS1 patch came out. Thanks for clarifying that.

  98. Did you seriously just accuse me of islamophobia beliefs, and then go on to display those exact traits not a few moments later? This is priceless.

  99. I actually make game content on the same system I play games. I never claimed developers play exclusively on PC. But its hard to argue they would prefer to go out and buy a PS4 for £350 when they can already play beyond those standards on a system that requires the highest processing, RAM and GPU money can buy.

    I never made any such anology but since you brought it up I support many of my Muslim neighbours against Islamophobia brought on by Daesh.

    Nice try, mate.

  100. 4K gaming.. yea maybe 3 generations from now that will be a thing on consoles..
    it’s not even a common thing on PC yet..

    why? because its expensive as hell, unpractical and requires a monster of a PC to do it

  101. The idea that they will rush out a new ‘next-gen’ just because things will look-dated and tech will move forward a bit is kinda farcical at best.

    We’ve already seen in the previous gen on consoles that you get re-release and ‘mini-generations’ were the hardware gets nudged forward a bit and the design gets refined for the current times. Why would this generation differ? The 360 and ps3 generation both saw about 5 generations with shifting harddrive sizes and some minor under the hood tweakings along with both having 3 different major designs – the original, slim and super slim for ps3 and the original, s and e for the 360.

    By all means they will already be working on them, its pretty much tech industry norm that the next big release goes into dev as soon as you release, but that definitely does not suggest that next big release will be in anyway truncating the life-cycle of the current gen.

    And lets not even get started on the idea that we need some magic new amd chip to save back compatibility when both are already implementing this via software updates or that the growth of streaming some how means they need to release – they both already offer heaps of streaming service apps and more can be easily added. We don’t need a new streaming centric console to deal with netflix etc, they already do that nicely.

  102. Best way I can say it is…if anyone else is like me console gaming will never die. I love to play video games. I love to game. I love to lose myself in the world’s created for me. It’s my most valued pastime. So to think I would want a machine that doesn’t put gaming at the head of the table is a joke. To think I would want a machine that is more jack of all trades master of none is absurd. Consoles will always have a place in gaming. Newspapers are still around after all the break through of technology. We still make and deliver newspapers basically the same for hundreds(s) of years. People especially writers love doomsdays scenarios. They love to make things seem bigger and sound worse then they remotely are. I not so much with the predicting. I always thought journalism was more a fact based profession. But I think integrity is needed when writing. Tell me what is real and factual. Keep all the Armageddon scenarios to yourself next time. Ha-ha!

  103. another keyboard warrior.
    I tell you what looking at your middle eastern name i wager only girl you will see and touch in real life will be the one sold to you by your parents. to marry as your social skills with m women are ZERO.

  104. Funny, last time I checked the Atari 7800 played Atari 2600 games and that was before the PS2. Last time I checked the Genesis played Master System games (you just needed the power base converter to accommodate the difference in carts) and that was before the PS2.
    So BC existed as a concept long before the PS2.

  105. Something tells me you’re a teenager with very little disposable income…. Anyway, in a “pc gaming only” future the main difference would be that developers would better optimize their games, a decent gaming pc isn’t as expensive as you seem to think it is.

  106. touche. Uninformed moron.

    Get your western dorky head out of parents basement and than maybe you get it why pcs will never be mainsteam.

    And just because few devs have showed their rigs it doesnt mean everyone is playing on pc idiot.

    I suppose the only woman you ever had a chat with was the one online. There is something called outside world , get out more snd stop bashing the bishop to naked girls on your pc.

  107. You uninformed fool. Japam doesnt know steam nor cares for it. Its market share is minuscule.

    People / developers there dont know about it dont care about it. They liked their physical games. Also what does that have to do with price of pc i just told you ?

    Pcs are very expensive there it will never be mainsteam. get your western mind out of your butt and broaden your thinking. Just because you think Steam is everywehere therefore everyone must know it and its big everywhere . Its not .

    Pc can be cutting edge technology but its cumbersome and expensive. It will never be mainstream.

  108. yeah .Just because you seen pictures of game devs showing their rigs therefore they must be all be playing on PCs.
    Just like these attacks in Paris. Just because those killers were muslim therefore all muslims are terrorists. That is your analogy.

    Good luck man with that thinking.

  109. touche. Uninformed douchebag.
    Get your western dorky head out of parents basement and than maybe you get it why pcs will never be mainsteam.
    And just because few devs have showed their rigs it doesnt mean everyone is playing on pc idiot.
    I suppose the onmly woman you ever had a chat with was the one online. There is something called outside world , get out more snd stop wanking to porn on your pc.

  110. You uninformed fool. Japam doesnt know steam nor cares for it. Its market share is minuscule.
    People / developers there dont know about it dont care about it. They liked their physical games and what does that have to do with price i just told you ?

    Pcs are very expensive there it will never be mainsteam. get your western mind out of your butt and broaden your thinking. Just because you think Steam is everywehere therefore everyone must know it and its big everywhere . Its not .

    Pc can be cutting edge technology but its cumbersome and expensive. It will never be mainstream.

  111. If Nintendo was smart it could get a head start in this area on both of them releasing their console a Year and a half earlier with support for 4K gaming VR support and free online gaming. They have financial capacity to do this but it remain a question wether they have coyonnes to make this shift to serious gaming. PS4 and XBO are both underwhelming consoles made exclusively for making money to producers of the consoles. PS3 and Xbox 360 could have last for 2 more years easily but gaming industry had other plans.

  112. It will only suck if they get greedy and dont pass on the savings to the consumer. If they were able to save on distro costs and offer games at say $45 a piece I would switch to full DRM. As it is now, there is zero reason to other than convenience at the cost of being able to trade in. To me, thats not even close to worth it.

  113. Even a GTX 980 can’t handle recent AAA games at maximum settings at 2160p (3840×2160, “4k”) while maintaining a minimum of 60 frames per second… Heck, 1440p is tough already.

  114. Sigh, this isn’t like the cell processor its x86 all devs have worked with for years. Their GPU equivalent in PC terms is around about right what performance both are getting. Optimal is here…

  115. You contradict your own opinion. “People who play PC have small dicks” “sure it’s great for those who want high end performance and have the time and money to support it”. Make up your own mind instead of jumping on the offensive because some guy wanted to go on about how awesome PC gaming is. Not everyone does that.

    And need I remind you all those game developer, who also happen to love games too, are playing on PC.

  116. The lack of a disc sux…some people can only afford to game because of places like gamestop and if we no longer have a disc that concept would be obsolete

  117. You’re not wrong, those games set the bar. But that isn’t a benefit to PC gamers.

    Now I’m not against console gaming. It’s true, PC gamers have the console (mainstream market) to thank for big budget games as that’s where most of the money comes from. But we’ve seen time and time again gamed being shipped with limitations on their rendering capabilities thanks to the set in stone console market. Not to mention the games being developed with poly and texture sizes to suit the lowest common denominator.

    So your right in everything you said. But only in the sense that the industry forces PC gamers to rely on the console industry. There’s nothing to be grateful for though. Consoles do hold back PCs. But there’s nothing we can do about that.

  118. Yeah .and making multi million dollar games which cost 100 mln plus wilould just be enough to warrant having only pc as platform which is the Least used platform.
    Pc is for those who have small duck complex imho.
    Look at me I have 2 989ti cards in sli And liquid cooling working with 32 gig of ram and I can do 120 fps !!
    It’s nonsense. Sure for crazy high end minority who have money and time for that it’s great but for the rest of us with kids and other responsibilities it’s simply not feasible .
    Also japanese games is all I play mostly . Pc gaming in Japan is very dead and very niche .what you and me would pay in Europe or USA pc wise say 1000 dollars pc in Japan would be between 5000 to 10000 dollars .
    So all those morons who sdvoate pc gaming only future it would be bleak and limited .
    Consoles brimg big revenue allow games to be Made and make profit .

    Pc is a pirate infested territory and a soon as consoles wpild disaappear big budget gaming would disappear .

  119. How can GTX 970 push for 4k when Titan Z or Fury X is barely able to. 4k is still not mainstream at the current generation. The next gen would be a better bet with a full node jump or more from 28nm to 14/16nm. However, i do not think that next gen consoles would be able to handle 4k unless it is tuned down to 30fps and reduced settings.

  120. We did get a major leap this gen, yet as with every new system the developers being new to the new systems dev kits they aren’t able to make optimal use of the hardware. If you take a look at the difference between Oblivion and Skyrim for example (though they do use different engines of course). I’d also like to point out you can’t have a minimum 60fps locked. If its minimum it can exceed 60fps but not drop below, if it’s locked at 60 it stays at 60. There’s no need to say minimum.

  121. Intel was never the consideration for console games, CPU performance is less important than the GPU when it comes to gaming as long it doesn’t bottleneck the GPU performance. Moreso, AMD was able to offer a balanced APU with good overall performance whereas Intel would not be able to compete due to its terribly weak GPU performance that even their superior CPU cannot compensate.

    Going with Intel basically require you to get a discrete GPU, the cost for that and the extra space it takes up you might as well go for a full fledge PC solution.

  122. If this is true, the new consoles are going to be a complete joke. PC Gamers had made so many satires and circlejerk over these years now. Let’s not forget AyyMD…

  123. Nothing wrong with getting a new generation of consoles, just hoping that we get a big performance leap for the next one, like a minimum of 60fps (locked)

  124. You’re talking about stocks and profits but don’t understand the first thing about them. Stocks are part of a companies equity or what the company is worth. Stock prices can rise or fall, valuing or devaluing a company. Profit, on the other hand, is the money a company generates when its income exceeds its expenses. Profit or revenue is measured on a yearly basis whereas stocks (part of a company’s equity) gets recorded on a balance sheet and is used to calculate the companies net worth. The value of stock really just represents people’s confidence in the company. High profits often mean higher stock prices but they’re not interchangeable. A steady company like GE could post poor earnings and not lose nearly as much value in its stocks as a risky startup because people still have confidence in the company. So profit is only a small part of the equation when considering a companies stock price. Also Microsoft has not been forthcoming with sales figures for their console because Sony has outperformed them by such a large margin so trying to use Microsoft’s overall net worth to make your case against the ps4 is like comparing apples to oranges, not the same at all.

  125. I love my Xbox one. However being a grown up I also enjoy the Netflix, hulu, YouTube, Android screen mirroring, game dvr, etc.

  126. Xbox one has backwards compatability. Did The Super Nintendo play Nintendo games? This wasn’t even a think until Playstation 2.

  127. Keep the physical!!! What happens when these companies upgrade their systems? Oh yeah, they tend to not allow reverse playability, especially with downloaded content. Basically, gaming is turning into money wasted for nothing, as you don’t get to keep anything anymore.

  128. God please no DRM and digital media. I am fine with having discs still and dont make it overpriced like the ps3 early on. Im all for 4k gaming but I want longer lasting controller batteries in a single charge, better use of the touchpad or wireless functions. Dont care for watching movies, mp3s or photos on a console, just focus on gaming and forget the gimmick xbox features they promised early on that flopped, its all about the games.

  129. Still, the next gen systems likely won’t be released until 2020, you make it sound like that is a short time but its not really, that is 4 more years of exclusive games. The PS3 was launched in 2006, the PS4 was launched in 2013, that was 7 years between system launches. If the PS5 comes out in 2020 that will be the same 7 years.

  130. Xbox fans are calling ps fans terrorist since Isis has been accused of using ps4 consoles to communicate so they use that against us like we are terrorist

  131. I have an Xbox idiot but using shares as payoff a console is winning is bs lol that’s sad and most of those shares are from of seems your a fanboy since u been pro Xbox also keep trying your my spare jester dance

  132. i don’t think you understand anything. lol setting the bar give me a break. the moment the next gen came out they were rendered obsolete. we the pc gamers already had 4k,2k,120hz and 144hz. good luck getting that on the next gen console hardware. also our games get 60fps plus without any sacrifices. bf4 cant even get 1080p and gta5 is at 1080p but 30fps.

  133. So what’s the point of pointing out Microsoft console networth which would just be the stock on the console. Going off what you have stated

  134. Only because microsoft’s stocks are based on EVERYTHING in their company. Sony’s stocks have dropped because of a flopped movie, tv, and camera divisions. Microsoft always has windows to fall back on along with everything else. That is why theirs is higher.

    I mean Apples stocks are TWICE the amount of microsoft’s but doesn’t mean they’re better. Stock market isn’t the best way to show a companies better because people own stocks in companies just to sell them for more money. It’s more of an investment strategy.

  135. Terrorist? What are you talking about. Again it’s all personal preference. Not that one is better than the other. That’s why this argument will never be over. Some people will just prefer xbox over playstation. Plain and simple

  136. So more people are willing to gamble on the xbox1 than PS4? Sounds to me that more people (gamers and non gamers) think the xbox1 and Microsoft is a better “bet” than Sony and the PS4. Using just console networth which you pointed out was just stock

  137. Stock prices can flucuate from profit earnings. Microsoft’s console division is high because of their release of the 360 and rode that out and they haven’t had a reason to drop since.

  138. Plain and simple, stock is a share in the ownership of a company. Stock represents a claim on the company’s assets and earnings. As you acquire more stock, your ownership stake in the company becomes greater.

    Stock is basically gambling.

  139. Sony lost me when they stopped focusing on games with great gameplay like Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal, Mark of the Cri and started making pushing overly cinematic experiences. Pretty much what Warren Spector was trying to convey. Heavy rain, the order, beyond two souls. They still don’t have a reliable party system on psn, can’t change ID, psn just a copy of xbox live, achievements came followed by trophies, ps4 just got the suspend resume feature a year and a half later, dlna support lacking, still waiting on the hard hitters like uncharted, gran turismo, ratchet and clank, not remasters. I grew up playing playstation but I can’t believe how much sh*t people let them get away with now.

  140. Who said they’re making more? Lol just cause the networth is higher? That’s stocks and has nothing to do with profit. Microsoft endorses more into games and that is why their stocks are higher.

  141. Xbox lol have u seen how desperate there getting there releasing consoles with three games and a controller lmao anyway you amuse me by making a jacksss of yourself btw that net worth is mostly from of since Microsoft made their billions from of nowhere near consoles anyway when the next terrorist does happen message me when u blame us yet again and I will grab the popcorn but thanks for amusing me slave keep dancing Xbox lost another console generation as always let me know when they catch up or win a console generation but let’s be honest it’s not gonna happen

  142. Oh so it’s unfair they released earlier? What are you getting at? Nintendo always dominates sales because they actually lower their prices as time passes.

  143. Everyone forgets how important consoles are to PC gamers… The consoles set the bar… PC’s have to continue to improve from… Many games for PC wouldn’t be made without the success of their console versions/developer projects.

  144. All games can run at 1080 60fps if devs turn down effects and etc…Every remaster reaches that mark. So you can either get last gen graphics with higher res and frame rate or something beautiful. But there is more to image quality than resolution. No need to rush out the next gen consoles if they aren’t going to be absolute beasts. I’m fine with the current ones.

  145. Lol networrh. So maybe Sony is selling more but Microsoft is making more money off xbox. Sounds like a damn good ran business to me

  146. Obviously you have no idea what networth means. You’re making it seem like “I’m worth more so I’m better HAHAH” Not how the real world works. It’s like comparing car companies. “Oh well Toyota is worth 4x the amount as Honda so they’re better” Not when Honda sales are dominating. Networth is just your stocks and value of the company. Not the value of what you release.
    You just walked into an argument you will obviously lose.

  147. Platform and experience… Oh and Intel doesn’t need to work on consoles if they did they would cost at least 3x as much aka the Intel NUC (sp)

  148. I’m a die hard xbox fan but I think both have unique things to offer. It’s all about personal preference. I stopped buying playstations since the ps2.

  149. You completely ignore the 1 year lead… Microsoft stopped divulging sales figures almost a year ago, at that time over 10 million consoles had been sold… The rate of sales is much faster than the WiiU.

  150. Dance baby dance btw they announced like 5 AAA game alone at Paris now psx I bet u can’t even name ten games coming to Xbox that aren’t shooters or coming to lmao your in denial and I’m trying to help

  151. He’s a fanboy dude that’s all he can use you can be a trillion dollar company and still lose to a multimillion dollar company still waiting for him to post some facts lmao

  152. The 780ti could barely hold up on 4k gaming for PC frame rate. It would hold up just fine for console gaming since they’re limited to 30 fps.

  153. Lol even if console division is only 27 billion that would put it 10 billion above all of sony…….

    You just lost this argument yourself

  154. Honestly networth doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t making sales when Ps4 has sold 3x the amount lol. Networth is just stock prices and has nothing to do with anything else. So you’re embarrassing yourself by stating that.

  155. Oh did you know the Xbox – 360 was less then 4 years? Did you know that 360 to xbox one was 8 years? 2013 – 2020 would be 7 years. 2018 is just an announcement date.

    You want to buy a console every 10 years? If so you have no idea how technology advances. You fu buy a new phone every year to 2 years but a console every 4-5 years is bad?!

  156. Well 2018 is just the announcement. Look more towards 2020 release. That is 7 year difference between the release date of the current gen.

  157. Ps4 triples the sales of Xbox one? Microsoft’s Console division is only worth 27 Billion also. Don’t try to group Windows division into their networth,

  158. more AAA games? like driveclub, the order, knack, infamous, killzone

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA YOU CAN KEEP THEM DUDE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ps4 doesnt even have a game to match titanfall yet lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  159. Yeah no lol all shooters look it up man we got more AAA games than u show me facts since facts to xbots are reports and rumors you amuse everyone in here gonna make u my jester now dance amuse me slave

  160. Btw how can u destroy a company in which is dominating you your in denial man I can get u help lol keep them tears coming I need your secret ingredient also thanks

  161. “New hardware comes out all the time. This doesn’t mean the practicality or viability of a console is diminished. Consoles, a set of finely-tuned, optimized pieces of hardware is beneficial to a game’s development. If developed exclusively for it, I should add.”

    The newest generation of consoles were outdated by 2 years when they were announced and even if they had been announced 2 years before they would have still been pitifully underpowered as has been pointed out by multiple people, articles, companies, game developers, etc. Sony and Microsoft cheaper out this time and people keep on apologizing for them and denying the reality that this gen of consoles are laughably underpowered and there is nothing to be done about it.

    “A game developed for PC is typically developed for mid-range gaming PC’s (basically a PS4)”

    The PS4 and XBOX One are low end, not mid range.

    “Games are not limited by their hardware unless the developer wants, quite honestly, unnecessary performance boosts such as the above.”

    You are seriously clueless.

    “PC development is a bit strenuous.”

    Wow, I’m not even going to bother refuting your insane claims and assertions anymore. It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that you are just sprinkling shit around in the hopes that it will make consoles look better while not having a clue what you’re talking about. You’re either a console apologist or you’re trying to validate your purchase. Sad.

  162. lmaoooooo shooters? looks like thats all you guys have this year dude. Star wars and black ops both miserable fails lmfaooooooooooooo

  163. halo 1 is rated higher than any sony game ever made and it is playable on xbox one LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO halo > anything sony has made.

  164. lmfao dude they won last generation you retard and theyre winning this gen with 8 playable AAA games compared to sonys 1 LMFAOOO get back to me when sony make something worth playing.

  165. Half of those games are coming to pc lmao keep trying go harass a little kid for not buying your losing console come back to me when Xbox actually wins a console generation

  166. lmao retard theyre in like 50 more countries and they sold for 100$ cheaper at launch which is when most people bought their consoles. Anyways dude youre trying to bark up the wrong tree, i ACTUALLY have a ps4 and i ACTUALLY cant find any games worth playing on it lmfaoo go ask mommy to buy you the better console, maybe then you will open your eyes and enjoy greatness without waiting :)

  167. “Your quibble that console games already “need more power” is an erroneous assumption.”

    Considering current consoles can’t even stay at a solid 30 FPS in AAA games, and even some indie games that aren’t that aren’t demanding at all, and couldn’t even at launch unlike the last generation I would say they need more power.

    Unless you like playing your games around the 10-20 FPS mark. Let me guess, it makes it more cinematic.

  168. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bloodborne? dark souls dlc and your proud? actually ori is nominated for two goty awards (not like goty awards mean anything lmfao)
    funny how you have one title to brag about after 2 years lmfaoooo

    Next year
    uncharted (done and dusted in 4 days)
    horizon (possibly the worst devs in the industry)
    tlg (ps2 indie game lmfao)
    gt sport (meh forza absolutely destroys the whole gt franchise)
    ff7 (a mobile game?)

    compared to xbox

    Quantum break
    Halo wars 2
    Sea of thieves
    Forza horizon 3
    Fable legends
    Gears 4

    come on dude xbox is going to destroy sony AGAIN for the third year in a row lol i do hope you enjoy your horrible anime and indie games though :) oh yeah, and multiplats lol because whats the ps4 without multiplats hahahaahaa

  169. I could say that for you since your being a fanboy for a losing console lol not like Xbox ever won a console generation and halo is horrible

  170. Same goes for halo and gears lol out of here Xbot quit being salty Xbox is a bad system not like they ever won a console generation or anything lol

  171. He’s a Xbot fanboy posting Xbox crap all over ignore ps4 alone had over 100 AAA exclusives coming all Xbox has are shooters and one rpg he should be busy blaming PS4 for another terrorist attack lol

  172. That they are Xbox got crap most their games are shooters ignore the xbots they have to damage control since they got no games lol the lead is strong with PlayStation lmao they can halt production for 6 months and still outsell Xbox one lmao

  173. Um yeah no Xbox is a lot worse lol they don’t even have a goty nominated title and their highest rated exclusive is an indie at least ps4 got one bloodborne and they got like 6 AAA games coming in 2016 try again Xbot

  174. Lol totally that’s why ps4 is destroying Xbox in everyway like they have been since the ps1 lol they don’t even have a goty nominated game even the wii u has one lol Xbox is crap only reason there doing all of this is because there losing so badly this isn’t even a console war it’s a full on domination

  175. What games lmao halo and forza they don’t even have a goty nominated title their highest rated game is an indie Xbox one is shit ps4 alone in 2016 will have more exclusives damn the Xbot tears are yummy

  176. All this would be true if games were developed like you said they were. Games are developed from the top down. So if a developer wants awesome looking game then they design everything with 4k or even sometimes 8k textures and then just reduce the resolution to suit the application they are targeting. If they target mid range machines they will have no capability of up scaling content later or altering it for DLC or Expansions due to lack of quality of there assets. Also, how do you think all these games look good in the Game Con(s) and then look like crap when they are released?? They run the demos on SLI based machines and the down sample the resolution for the release. The lack of quality of pc ports isn’t due to game being poorly designed it’s laziness of the developers who outsource the pc port or just rush the console version to a pc version or Microsoft/Sony making it contract stipulations that the PC version has to be the same.

  177. IF the so called ps5 can push 4k by 2018 wow because my gtx 970$350 can’t do 4k and at the same price as the ps4 and Xbox one, so if we see 4k its going to come at a BIG price$$$

  178. These current consoles were rushed out before their time – very likely that Microsoft were simply responding to the imminent sony release but either way there was nothing next gen about them. The fact that 4k tv’s are going to be default in 2016 coupled with the fact that UHD Blu-rays will release in January 2016 I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the two have something on the shelves even before 2018 …

  179. locsphere, you have clearly been sucking on sony’s FUD filled cock judging by your completely incorrect comments. Pretty much everything in the first two paragraphs are demonstrably incorrect, and the third is just asinine and misguided.

  180. Same. My PS4 just sits gathering dust, the One is used daily.
    Other than cross platform stuff, sony has no games I really want to play and their god awful controller makes it even less attractive for the cross platform ones I do want.

  181. both of these systems need to offer holographic technology simple and plain! We’ve waited long enough. The technology is there to allow the consoles themselves to project a holographic image mid air so a TV wont be required and can be played anywhere. It’s about to be 2020 and for real the PS2 – PS4 are all like the PS just with better graphics on the game and internet interactivity. The systems are becoming boring!

  182. lol no real quality games are released during that transition because there’s no point in putting resources behind a dying console. You’ll still get the yearly multiplats (cod, bf, ac) sure but you won’t get any decent exclusives.

  183. difference is, xbox one has had amazing exclusives every year since launch where as ps4 owners have to wait 3 years to play a half decent game which they will finish in 3 days

  184. PC was putting out solid 60+ fps when the 360 and ps3 were struggling to maintain 30 fps. So I have no idea what meth you’ve been smoking

  185. Xbox 360 was Xbox 360… It was the second Xbox not Xbox Two.

    Simple example my name is FoxxElite, my younger brothers name isn’t FoxxElite 2 though he came second…

  186. You guys are fu idiots who in the right mind gave you the idea to post this bs on here…. Y’all are just going off of theories instead of facts and also y’all don’t even understand what you’re talking about when it comes to Xbox because all you talk about is PlayStation I mean really learn some theories about both instead of just one and then make an article that talks about both systems instead of just one…. Stop picking favorites and learn facts not theories….
    Completely stupid if you think Sony and Xbox will start selling in 2018…..

  187. 4k gaming was never on the table 4k content was. Also releasing in 2018 won’t happen they are selling fast and quick. Games will always look dated vs PC and current cg. But the mass will always follow what people post up.

  188. Your comment is pointless. He was probably referring to the fact that his computation power in terms of his graphics and CPU will best anything inside the next generation of consoles. So you go sit in a corner.

  189. New hardware comes out all the time. This doesn’t mean the practicality or viability of a console is diminished. Consoles, a set of finely-tuned, optimized pieces of hardware is beneficial to a game’s development. If developed exclusively for it, I should add.

    A game developed for PC is typically developed for mid-range gaming PC’s (basically a PS4) and then allows for scaling or performance settings such as frame-rate, resolution or any other performance based setting. Games are not limited by their hardware unless the developer wants, quite honestly, unnecessary performance boosts such as the above. Games like AoE or Rome II would run horribly on a set of standard hardware for example. Typically exclusive games can have some-sort of technical work-around for issues like this anyway due to the fact that they know exactly what hardware their dealing with, and actual graphical quality is not being limited by consoles.

    PC development is a bit strenuous. You’re not developing for high-end gaming PC’s. When someone buys a 2k PC their really just buying into a performance machine. I mean, multi-platform games all share the same assets. So even though consoles are “outdated” the stability that comes with synonymous hardware is arguably better for a game’s development than developing for newer hardware, or rather, having newer hardware and allowing for upscaling options.

  190. See you’ve failed to persuade me. Everything I said has facts. As a fellow console and PC gamer I know that PS4 and Xbone were dated the moment they came out, I know the AMD APU’s runinning in both are very similar to each other, but the xbox ones’ is held back by an inferior GPU counterpart. Frequency, cores, ram all of these things come into play with these systems, but what’s in them just isn’t up to snuff by today’s standards. You could put together a PC from 3 years ago just as powerful as the PS4, and will perform better, IF the games are optimized properly, and you know why? PC hardware offers way more performance overhead than any console could offer.

    Consoles have fixed chipsets, and by that meaning they are the same on all units, the whole console cycle. You can never upgrade parts, and can never tweak performance, so you will never be able to squeaze more juice out of them. Which means developers have to work around those limitations, and most of the time that means they have to sacrifice some settings of a game for better performance. Look at games like Battlefront for example, Battlefront is an amazing looking game, PS4 runs 900p and Xbone 720p. In order for EA to meet the graphical standards they want to meet they have to sacrifice things, and in this case its resolution. Where as you could build an Intel Core i3 and a Radeon HD 7870 rig for about 400, and get the same performance, or better, and not to mention that particular build would have been high end a few years ago.

    That’s the whole point of what I’m trying to say is that Microsoft nor Sony came out packing on release like they did with Xbox 360 and PS3. The leap forward just wasnt as big, and in some cases is just subpar. Most games can barely hit the ideal 1080p 60FpS without sacrificing too much, and hell don’t even think about 2K or 4K because of they can’t handle 1080p, then the higher resolutions sure as hell aren’t happening. As far as what you said about me having “enormous assumptions” is bullshit. I proved I know what I’m talking about, and before you make yourself look like a condesending asshole, check your own hypocritical statement you just remarked.

  191. I did at launch… Only took two years and backwards compatibility for me to ‘love’ it. And my brother just bought one for Fallout 4.

  192. After the way Sony treated me when my TV died under warranty, back ordered parts, blind transfers to the general queue and wrong departments, giving out numbers that don’t work anymore or take calls, having to constantly call just to get information, I will never buy another Sony product again. I only have my PS3 because it’s already paid for, and to be honest, it constantly has issues, forced updates and forced log in to accounts that don’t even belong to Sony (which don’t work if the Sony network is down, so the accounts won’t work [think Netflix]).

  193. They need to be capable of 4k and major performance increases. I know everyone says you’ll never use that. But I used to have a 500gb hard drive that’s full that people said I would never use. Or Radeon 4750 X2 and was told I would never need another video card. Point being? No one ever thinks towards future proofing their devices. There are people still using the Xbox 360 and it is turning 11 years old soon. If Xbox wants to turn a profit and hope to keep their console to 10 to 12 year life cycles. Put up or shut up. People will spend 500 even 600 if its raw power and no gimmicks. Also don’t let a TOS ruin your system. Kick the losers in legal out, because they made the Xbox a junk system out of the gate. Allow for opt outs of privacy invasive policies. Stop trying to dictate to gamers what they do with your hardware. Making game videos and wanting a cut or making a policy? It means you’re hemorrhaging money due to piss poor OS and Gaming console implementation. Doesn’t mean you punish your customers. Power saver/ Netflix options. Powerful systems are nice, but need to be able to run at lower power levels.

    The Xbox One is really slow when opening apps and its snap screens especially messages. Also time to ditch the Kinect entirely as a bundle. OR just allow backwards compatibility with Kinect 2.0. Its just a gimmick that is not very useful. I don’t know how you create something like this and have no games lined up for it. The Kinect roll out was awful, but the workout stuff seemed pretty cool.

    We need something with 8 cores and higher than 3.6ghz. 8gb With a streamlined architecture. SSD M.2 is a must. USB 3.1 or if something else comes out. Must have latest and greatest. A separate riser board with a processor for preloading so there are no load times. This processors would need to be able to anticipate 7 loadable levels or options that game developers can work with.

  194. I have a feeling consoles will never be as good as pc’s in the VR space. Not unless they start designing them with upgradable video cards.

  195. Um, Naughty Dog? Even if you don’t personally like their games they are technically one of the best game developers in the world.

  196. It’s the same with every console in existence. Do you know how long games take to develop? Two years is normally when the consoles hit their stride. Looking at the 2016 line-up that certainly seems like their hitting their stride.

  197. Not just the country but the world! The physical disk will still be needed for many more years. If you gamers travel outside of your industrialized country you would instantly understand why.

  198. Liar! More Xbox Ones have been sold than Xbox 360s for the amount of time they were on the market. PS4 just so happens to be doing even better. Still, plenty of heat in the fire for both systems. You have to admit that. Oh, and great exclusives for the Xbox One! Loving it!

  199. Need it for VR. In fact, the hardcore gamers are going to jump ship and buy powerful PCs to run these new headsets. Changes are going to come so quickly that the systems need to be upgradable.

    This is a perfect time for a new competitor to jump into the market. Perhaps Apple, Google or Valve (HTC) will come out with an easy to buy, configure and upgrade PC that will make consoles obsolete.

  200. Apart from tlou everything looks meh tbh I think sony doesnt invest in aaa games anymore or if they do, they look shit. Look at tlg, gt sport, dreams, the order, driveclub, killzone, infamous, knack for example

  201. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. If you didn’t expect a new console “soon”, you don’t know the market. I agree that it sucks but it is the industry.

  202. Uncharted, Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Tomorrow Children, Gravity Rush 2, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, The Last Guardian, No Man’s Sky, Bloodbourne, and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Those all seem to be pretty good exclusives to come. (Or already here) If you don’t like them that’s personal taste. But those are all really well received or anticipated games

  203. Average console life span isn’t a decade, that was the exception for last gen since in terms of hardware capabilities Xbox 360 and PS3 were great “PC’s”, sort of speak, for a while at that time. There was no need in advancing to the next generation. Most consoles only last about 3 to 7 years for the most part. N64, PS1, Xbox, Gamecube, and even PS2 lasted around those same times. PS2 being an odd exception because the triple A games stopped around 2007, but still got a few watered down versions of games like FIFA, and smaller games. Xbox Two and PS5 coming out in the next couple years is to be expected since console games are already maxing out, and already need more power. Hopefully Microsoft and Sony don’t cheap out this time, and offer true next gen capability.

  204. I’ll take clueless replies for $200, Alex. 1. Those retailers do huge business every year and allow many people to enjoy gaming given the cost. Nevermind the fact that some so-called “can’t miss games” (IE: The Order 1812) wind up not being worth the $60 price tag. Trade ins and used games from places like GameStop and Best Buy offer protection against mediocre and bad games. 2. It makes no business sense to limit your options if not everyone can take advantage of it. There are plenty of places here in the US that don’t have access to the speeds needed to download a full game. Their only option is buying a disc. Why would Sony or any other company cut off potential revenue?

  205. How much did your setup cost? This Black Friday you can probably get a ps4 for 299. Also if the PC gamer user base far surpasses consoles, then why no commercials on tv/internet for the games? Heck why no advertising for gaming rigs? They should be swimming in money if that’s the case.

  206. “Above all else, both consoles will look out of date in technology terms by 2020, ”

    Or as anyone with a 400+ dollar pc can tell you, the consoles have been greatly outdated since they came out.

  207. It is not like they will immediately stop making games for the PS4 when the PS5 is released. There is always a transition period of a couple of years. New PS3 games are still being made even though the PS4 has been out for a while now, it will be the same when the PS5 is released.

  208. i have an i7 quad and a 3gb radeon 7970 top that eats pretty much anything i throw at it.believe me ,I’m anything but angry……

  209. It is extremely simple to game on PC. 10 year olds can install drivers on their own. If that’s too complicated for you, then you are out place in this century. That is not even just a gaming issue, anyone who owns a computer should know how to do these things.

  210. It will not be called the Xbox Two. Kinda like they thought before the XBox One had a name that it would be the Xbox 720 lol.

  211. Dont drag xbox owners down to ps4 owners level. Xbox owners actually have amazing exclusives worth playing where as the ps4 is made for multi plats lol

  212. They should worry about some good ps4 exclusives before worrying about their next console. The ps4 exclusives are the worst gamss I have played in my life and thats worrying. I couldnt care less about the ps2 looking tlg or the remake ff7 or the same old rehashed uncharted (especially now that tomb raider absolutely destroyed it) gt sport will never be on forzas level and they dont even have ONE decent fighter or multi player game where xbox has the best fighter of all time (ki)

  213. They should worry about the library before anything because as a ps4 owner, it has some of the worst exclusives of all time. Its been two years and theres only one good game on ps4 unfortunately

  214. We aren’t discussing TV at 4k we are talking gaming at 4k which all modern games will run at. Also for real gaming you want a monitor not a TV.

  215. You do understand that the user base for PC gaming far surpasses consoles combined. You can google the data. PC gaming is and always will be the number one choice for gamers, it’s a no brainer. The funny thing about it is if you had a gaming PC you would know this. Once you switch you will be mad that you have been dedicated to consoles for so long. PC games ten years ago were more complicated to run but today everything is simplified. Other than the ocassionly driver error which is usually easy to fix thanks to a great community, it’s basically just install and play. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the “toys” and see what real gamers play on. My setup by the way is 6000x1080p surround gaming(3 times the res that consoles can play at)

  216. I use my xbox 360 controller with a wireless usb dongle. I also use my ps3 controllers as well. With steam big picture mode you can turn your PC into a console for those that are difficult with the transition. Also, keyboard and mouse is superior in every way to controller. If you have never played with keyboard and mouse and only controller there will be a small learning curve but after that everything will be far better. The only games I use my controller for are side scrollers like Super Meat Boy or Trine and fighting games like Mortal Kombat. Games like Elder Scrolls or Mass Effect are meant for keyboard and mouse, especially FPS. If you try to use a controller on pc in FPS like Call of Duty you will get owned.

  217. I don’t buy components for my game console every couple years. I do for PC. Keep trying though. You’re winning whatever war is happening in your head.

  218. If new consoles are going the streaming or virtual direction you can count me out, i mean look at what the online only direction has done to the current gen of consoles, broken games, online issues rednering the consoles useless sometimes, please just leave the gimmicks alone, or i’m out, and that is not a threat or me trying to feel important, simply put, i’m out, i will find another hobby

    give me a real console that works like the Xbox, Gamecube or PS2 but obviously with the latest hardware/software

  219. i agree i have both consoles and pcs , there are some games i perfer to play on the PC , Mmo’s , and games like skyrim and fallout , gta i always perfer on my pc

  220. Nothing ridiculous about it. This is how it always works. Development begins long before it goes on sale. It has to, unless you want a complete rush job at the last minute. Did you read the article at all?

  221. No. I meant phones. Gamers use pc’s and consoles. Casual gamers use phones and tablets. You seem like you don’t even care about games, so go play your candy crush and leave the grown up chat to the real gamers :)

  222. You mean console right? And I will thanks. Oh and stick with that space hogging desktop pc. You guys are the only ones that still use them in homes.

  223. pc gaming will never rule. Far too complicated for the casual gamer. The games don’t even work on all “pcs” The computer has to have specs,drivers etc. Who the heck wants to worry about all that stuff just trying to play a game?

  224. Both of you are right, I would hate to see them give up on the ps4 quickly but by 2020 if some amazing 4k games come out I would be willing to part. But please keep the controller near the ps4. Xbox whatever they name it would need to make sure they get powerful hardware.

  225. I will just now have access to 25 MBPS DSL this week. Reality is that there are still too many parts of the country without access to affordable high speed Internet. Until that becomes the true norm, disc based games aren’t going anywhere. Oh, and did I mention retailers like GameStop & Best Buy who are sort of invested in used games. No discs hurts their business.

  226. If you ever played a game on pc you would understand why that statement is completely wrong. It’s been proven that mouse is way more accurate than a joystick. Pro gamers have competed with both and mouse users always come out on top. Arrow keys are not used for movement. “wasd” are. There’s no game out there that uses a-z keybindings. For the most part every key binding on a controller has a mirror binding on keyboard. Pc has the options to bind to every key if they want, but that’s rarely done.

  227. It is more noticeable with the current gen because they chose x86. Previous generations had some kind of beefier tech that PC hardware of that era didn’t quite match, and probably still can’t match for some cases (CellBE is far better vs. an equivalent-specced x86 crapcessor). The decision of both MS and Sony to use x86 hardware means that it is now very noticeable that consoles are just PCs frozen in time, something that wasn’t possible to pin down in previous generations.

  228. HDD swapping is only possible with the PS3/PS4. Microsoft in all its evil overlord glory only sells overpriced HDDs for their own console.

    But yes, point taken … once you have a hardware-upgreadable console, it’s pretty much a PC in console’s clothing. In fact, this “next gen” is pretty much that already, as they are now using x86.

  229. Technically, both the PS4 and the XboxOne are already branded PCs, as they’re now toting x86 under the hood (and thus taken a giant leap backwards in this sense).

  230. PS4 has been on the market for 2 years… the console cycle doesn’t start when you finally decide to join the new generation of game consoles. 2020 would be a 7 year console cycle, which is too long. The hardware is good, but it doesn’t have those kinds of legs.

  231. That concept of a PS5 is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. And the controller looks like one of those stupid cheap controls you can buy right now that are like half the price of the actual Sony ones.

  232. If the Blue-ray Disc is no longer a viable way to distribute games (on consoles), they should invent new physical media that can. Game content is only going to get larger exponentially, and ISPs are not necessarily going to hear gamers’ wishes to open up the broadband infrastructure for massive game downloads & streaming.

  233. Let us just hope that is in no way what the PS5 would look like. Just the ugliness alone would keep me from buying that. Not that I believe they have even considered a design for the case yet, but still, why show a pic of that thing?

  234. Looks like at the rate these under-par consoles are being pushed out, the console fan boys are paying more than pc users for their gaming hardware lol! Time to just give up and accept the inevitability that PC rules all gaming.

  235. It makes sense that the PS4/XBOne has 2012 tech in them, since they came to the market in 2013. So it would probably make sense that, if the next consoles come out in 2020, they’ll have 2019 tech.

  236. Your intelligence about PCs is negative. So, in your opinion you would rather spend $500 on a console, that will be replaced by a newer console two-three years later and that can only play medium graphic settings? lol. You Sir, are Stupid!

  237. I won’t be surprised. These consoles are running 2 year old hardware and these smartphones cost 2x as much as consoles these days.

  238. Microsoft will not manufacture another dedicated console. They will create a gaming platform using Windows (10). The questions is whether or not they create licenses to other companies to build their own Windows 10 based Xbox branded PC/consoles.

  239. Look no further than Fallout 4 or Battlefront to understand why the consoles are being left in the dust, for BF at least… PS4 is running 900p with basically high PC settings @ 60z, my GTX 770 SLI setup that was from 2013 can run it at Ultra at 1080p @ ~130-140hz depending on the map.

    The Xbone is 720p, with reports it stutters down to 50 sometimes with more like medium settings.

    When I hear about 4k @ 60hz on the next-gen consoles…. its hard not laugh. Also consider gaming at 60hz vs. 144hz is bigger difference than 720p vs. 4k @ 60hz, in my opinion and the primary reason for ditching consoles.

  240. Yeah, like the typical boring strategy games like Civilization or if you’re into the Sims games. I get a monthly gaming magazine that features all consoles and PC; and I don’t remember the last time I was ever interested in any new PC game that was exclusive to that platform. Deep down, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

  241. I still don’t see why they don’t just buckle down and make the console GPU a card vs. soldered to the mainboard, so it can be upgraded down the road. That way you can have Low / Med / High graphics settings on the consoles. Make them come out of box at different tiers, in addition to being able to self-upgrade down the road. No different than being able to swap in an SSD in-place of the god-awful 5400rpm drives that still ship with 2015 consoles. CPUs are not becoming obsolete that quickly, its mainly the GPUs anyway.

    But at that point, you are getting closer and closer to a PC :)

  242. Yeah, I don’t really buy the whole “I can spend $400 on a PC and have better performance than a PS4”. Sure you can upgrade an existing PC and be well above the graphics curve for $400, but not if you need to buy all new components, case, and OS…. Like last poster mentioned, its what you are willing to shell out in terms of what you get. Not everyone wants to drop north of $1k to game and are fine with 900p/720p on the consoles. I much prefer 144hz at 1080p or even 2k to 4k/60hz any day of the week. But its not in the ballpark of $400 to enjoy that luxury on PC

  243. Now I find myself second guessing if I should get a PS4 this Thanksgiving. I still have plenty of Ps3 games that I could and would like to play. So would skipping a generation be better? If PS5 is going to be backward compatible then when the 5 is released and games are low I can play all the PS4 games that I have my eye on. So skipping a generation for the very first time might make sense.

  244. You don’t have to replace anything. My PC can play games at 2k, 60+ fps on high settings. I’ll be playing games at the same resolution, settings in 5+ years, with the exact same hardware.

    You are under the assumption that consoles don’t change because they are superior. That is completely false. PC’s are constantly upgraded because we want to keep up with technology and push the limit. Consoles are equal to extremely low end budget PC’s. They can’t even reach 1080p @ 60 fps @ at least MEDIUM graphical settings. This is the base standard of PC gaming.

  245. before we can start saying what it needs, how do you know that 4TB would be enough HDD space? also, as great as 4k resolution would be from a gaming console, we need to actually improve the 4K market. the tv’s are available, sure, but the ability to actually watch 4K content is basically non-existent. The only way you can do it other than using proprietary approved content on a thumbstick in the back of the tv is if you have a 4K compatible camera (RED or Arri Alexa for example) that uses proprietary cables to connect to a 4K set. being that Sony seems to have taken the reins on 4K, they need to do way more R&D before I can call a 4K capable console a selling point.

  246. 4K is 2x the vertical, and 2x the horizantal pixel count. That is not a “fine amount”. It’s actually MORE noticeable on bigger screens since the images are being stretched.

  247. sooo sounds like a typical console life cycle. the ps3 was only out for 7 years before the ps4, so ps5 coming out before the end of the decade seems congruent with that.

  248. another fool that thinks the bigger the number the better i will give you a link because you need it for Education
    one thing i will say to you is sit down on the sand and put some in your hand to see its very fine bits now stand up and you cant see the fine bits because your too far away so sit close to a 4k not at a distance as a 20/20 vision will not see the differance.

  249. Dude, he’s referencing range, not pixel density. Yes at PC distances you’re close enough to get a lot of bang out of a 4k small monitor. At 7-10 feet and conservatively sized 46″, you’re really not going to see much of a difference since you’re reaching resolution limits of your eyesight. You may be able to see a 50um pixel at 10ft, I cannot.

  250. If it wasn’t for AMD’s s IPC performance per watt of their current CPU’s and APU’s, the Xbox One and PS4 would have no problem running games at 1080p/60fps. Now that the Zen architecture will offer way better IPC performance per watt compared to the Jaguar architecture in the Xbone and PS4, Sony and Microsoft can put a Fury X (Fiji XT) equivalent in a Zen APU since AMD’s new GPU architecture Arctic Islands will have 2x the performance per watt of Fiji XT. It’s an expensive risk MS and Sony should take since last generation of consoles was marketed for 1080p yet this generation can’t run most AAA game at 60fps at that resolution which is unacceptable.

  251. IDK why people keep thinking gaming is going to go all digital. I get tired of saying this, but other mediums such as movies, anime, and books still have physical. The best comparison is actually music, even as big of a giant and how long it has been around as digital. it could not go full on retard digital.

  252. PS4 is equal to about a GTX 750 ti, which is definitely not capable of playing anything in 4K above 2 frames per second, and on LOW graphic settings with no AA.

    PS4 is marginally above the Xbox, at best.

  253. You need to install the disc games anyway, so what the hell is the point? Lol

    A 16 TD SSD is probably a thousand dollar piece of hardware. Especially by Samsung.

  254. Right, lol. My current GPU is about 5x as powerful as a PS4 (R9 390X), and I don’t expect that to be “cutting edge” in 5 years…hell, it isn’t now.

  255. If you can’t see the difference from 4k, to 1080, you are flat out blind. 4k literally has 4 times the pixel count. You can EASILY see the difference on a 20″ monitor. I have a 34″ ultrawide 2K monitor, and it looks MUCH clearer than my 46″ 1080p LED TV.

    gaswork, stop talking about things you know absolutely nothing about. BTW, 1080p 60fps (on high settings) is the low end bar for PC gaming. Put that in perspective.

  256. Or just build a PC and replace any part you want. PC’s don’t even have “disk readers” anymore. Get with the times, console.

  257. I agree with you, just give us 60fps and 1080p then call it quits after that. Do the exact same thing with VR and 3D. 4k is almost pointless because u need a big enough TV to take advantage of it. It is like trying to run 1080p on a SD TV.

  258. Requirements for a next gen console: standard 4K & 60 FPS, a hard drive of 4 TB or larger (with the standard being 4K the memory needs to be massively increased), streaming capability of games, a physical disc (though I for one don’t care about this part), and backwards compatibility since the PS2 and Xbox. If it doesn’t have all these things, it’s not going to be a large enough step forward to stay in cycle for more than like 3-5 years.

  259. well i would be over the moon if it cud do 1080p at 60Fps, of course, the main point on seeing 4k seems to never get asked which is at 7ft away from your eyes you will need a 75 inch 4k TV to see its super fine detail at 7ft on 1080p its 50 inches now I’m looking at an OLED tv and at 70 inch its £22000 on 4k so a 55inch 1080p at £1500 is better for most people’s pockets, it sound good on paper then reality kicks in.

  260. “five-times the performance of existing consoles”

    That’s not much of a difference for 5 years, especially considering how weak the consoles were at release (comparatively to PCs).

  261. Please stop with the concept photos. It’ll only get our hopes up. We know dang well that the consoles will look nothing like those cool photos.

  262. I think it’ll come down to the market, and how much people are prepared to pay. Everyone cheered at the low cost of the new consoles, but in reality, you get what you pay for.

    1080p/60fps was actually the target last gen, never mind the fact we’re still sacrificing a lot to achieve that even now, some ten years later. Barring some miracle breakthrough, 4k VR @ 2x75hz for $400 is simply not attainable within the next ten.

    PC performance at console prices is a long running myth that simply needs to die already.

  263. I use Steam and GOG I buy digital on Pc but on console I buy physical. My net is fairly quick i get something like 10mb a second on steam.So most games are done in under 15 mins.

  264. You are right but we are also moving away from single threaded engines to multi threaded. The CELL processor was before it’s time in many ways. The way it handled graphical effects was just amazing…but it was also a bitch to deal with as you said.Sony would had been better off using the Xenon for the cpu and got Nvidia to build a Gpu on par with a 7800GTX using a 256bit memory bus and went with a 512mb GDDR3/512mb DDR3 split bus combo. It would had cost less since Ps3 uses a cut down version of a 7800,and would had ran 3rd party titles amazingly well.

  265. I agree with the last paragraph. The power of the console was hindered by its architecture, and it’s a big part of why it couldn’t outpace the 360’s PowerPC chip–developers just didn’t have the knowledge/tools/experience to properly use the horsepower. x86 was the right call.

    However, the PS3 absolutely was clustered into supercomputers. The most famous was run by the DOD, the Condor supercomputer:

    In fact, when Sony dumped the ability to put custom operating systems onto the console, the military had to keep those consoles from updating (honestly, they might have been doing that anyway, since they probably weren’t wanting the patches Sony was sending for their work).

  266. Have you ever used Steam, Michael? It’s awesome because it’s an all digital media format. Physical media doesn’t even come *close* to it’s capability in how you can handle owning games. Nothing wrong with owning the disk at all! Just remember that the digital download systems these days are mature and work very well.

  267. I’m pretty sure not. I’ve had several months going over a terabyte. If the cap’s 2 TB, I really don’t care if it’s there. My cousin moved out in May, but before that, he and I were regularly between 700-1100 GB.

  268. Not really following the logic in this article… As neither the PS4 or the XB1 can run titles releasing this year at full 1080p/60hz without turning off a ton of post-processing effects (heck, the XB1 runs some games at 720p and still struggles to maintain 60fps) and yet we are saying 4k gaming will be the target for the next console generation. People need to wake up to the fact that PC hardware has jumped way ahead of the consoles and these garbage AMD APUs will probably never be able to match higher-end PC gaming performance again, as you can barely get 4k running on $600 PC GPUs, often needing 2x cards for ~$1200 to hit 60fps @ 4k. I just don’t see 4k coming for the next cycle of consoles unless the console prices are going way up, from current levels…. and speaking of VR, when needing to render 2x screens at a min of 75hz, good luck with that on a console, even a hypothetical PS5, though any resolution/refresh is doable if you are willing to throw out texture quality.

  269. Oh you have a cap as a Comcast customer whether you think you do or not. That’s been corporate policy for a solid decade now. It’s just in the hundreds of gigs so you never come close to touching it.

    Why am i so sure? Because that’s what the people at Comcast told me when I asked them.

  270. Comments like “console game owners are still notoriously attached to the concept of the physical disc” always sound like an accusation of misty-eyed nostalgia.

    The truth is, the aversion is a reasonable position to hold. Console hard drive space is always at a premium and download speeds are beyond poor. While PC gamers can easily grab and install multiple cheap drives and have almost unlimited TB’s in their systems, console consumers are still limited in choice by the specific size of HDD required and the constraints on how many they can fit in the box (one). It’s not even about how many hard drives you can have. Samsung has just announced a 16TB SSD. I don’t think you can even go above 2tb on a PS4 unless you hook up your hard drive externally. Not to mention the fact that a game that downloads in 6 minutes on Steam will be more like 6 hours on PSN.

    If Sony and MS are serious about digital media, they have a lot to learn from Valve before they can convince people to adopt it. Let’s not pass the blame on to consumers who are simply being wise.

  271. The ps3 was not being clustered in to super computers that’s a myth. The ps3 had a technically capability that in theory one could network hundreds of them together to make a super computer because of the IBM celll proessing technology that Sony licensed from IBM as it was a computer architecture that made up Blue Gene, amongst other super computers.

    It does not mean the ps3 is actually a super computer or can do super computer things, but it borrowed technological basis from it.

    PS3 was powerful, but that hardware was exotic. They made the right choice to go to x86, cell architecture is not very efficient on the low single threading performance for the cost and the IBM-PC base technology allows for seemless cross platforming and forward compatibility in gaming.

  272. Yup I use about 450-700GB a month,data caps are bad practice. I feel that both MS and Sony should had used a 7200RPM drive.I just bought that Nyko Data bank for Ps4 and using a 3.5 desktop 2tb SSHD hard drive and have notice a huge difference in load times and streaming textures. Figured I put my two cents in.

  273. Their hardware is essentially identical in both performance and layout. The differences are minute with the ps4 having but a hair more performance. So you’re wrong, sorry. Neither console can do 4k for gaming. It may be ‘technically’ possible because both consoles have a modern hdmi revision which can handle 4k. But that does not mean the processing hardware can play games at 4k, simply not made to.

  274. ……so your response is to be as nonsensical as possible. Truly your discussion skills outweigh my own. I stand in awe of the sheer brilliance behind your comments.

  275. By the time they finish the PS5 and Xbox Two they will be old technology just like this generation of consoles. They will have 2016 technology like the PS4 and Xbox One have 2012 technology in them.

  276. PS4 supports 4k its just nothing has been made for the system that provides a 4k experience. Xbox on the other hand wont really support 4k until they get a better hardware set. i dont really care though. PC will always win PS will always be 2nd and Xbox will always be 3rd and wii wont be mentioned

  277. I just see no reason in a $600+ dollar console if you are spending that amount of money just buy a Pc.$500 is my limit on a console anymore than that is a pass for me.

  278. Such a moronic statement money grab….really? Anyways both companies wanted to build machines that didn’t cost more than what they were selling it for. Sony simply can’t afford another Ps3 disaster, now MS on the other hand could build a console that could be quite powerful if they want to take a hit to the wallet. I don’t see that happening because they also want to make profit. The way I see it is if you want the highest end of graphics spend $900+ and get a Pc. Now please just quit with the underpowered console comments.

  279. Awwwe, are we getting personal now? – are you going to start making fun of my name too? :'( I’m so offended wah wah waaaah. Liek u wud no anyting abut gramr u r a suca prix heuheuheuheu ;D

  280. Sorry but you are wrong about the graphic cards statement. In DX12 right now AMD has a advantage heck even their Cpu’s are quite good 6300/8350 6-8 cores it’s just in DX11 they are lacking.I hope Zen turns out well this could mean we can get Haswell performance and beyond for much cheaper than what Intel wants.

  281. I’m the same. I have no data cap, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that change. I’m on uncapped Comcast, but they normally are “testing” a 300-GB cap in many cities, while I’m usually in the 600-800 GB/month range. I like having discs as well, it makes gaming cheaper (Best Buy’s GCU and trading in/reselling games).

  282. Heuheuheu ;D you are mistaken I was talking about technology in actual 2015, don’t get butt hurt and start a flame war hahahaha

  283. We will still have disk drives at least Ps5 will have one, MS did say something about going all digital but who knows. I don’t have data caps so it wouldn’t be a huge issue for me but I don’t like digital I want physical media to exist.

  284. “Because of the considerably shorter lifespan of gaining consoles today,
    the practicality of manufacturing a conventional PlayStation 5 and Xbox
    Two could be limited. Indeed, we’re already seeing with the present
    generation consoles that numerous issues are emerging.”

    1. “gaming,” not “gaining.”
    2. This statement assumes a fundamental problem with gaming consoles that doesn’t exist. The issues that are allegedly emerging are not a problem with console gaming, they’re from the choice to go with lower-end hardware this generation. The 360 and PS3 were fairly high-end pieces of hardware when they launched. The Xbox One and PS4 are using graphics hardware that was a couple of years old when it launched, and they paired those GPUs with incredibly weak Jaguar-based processors. These are incredibly underpowered machines, compared to the PC offerings. At the times they launched, that wasn’t the case with the 360 and PS3. Consider that the PS3 was $600+ and had state-of-the-art Blu-Ray tech and was being clustered into supercomputers. The 360 launched in late-2005 with a graphics chip that high-end when it launched–ALSO in late-2005.

    Those consoles rivaled PCs in their power, but because of those high-end parts, they lost money for MS and Sony at launch. These consoles, the companies skimped on hardware quality, and the result was that they got consoles that don’t lose money. It wasn’t just the CPU and GPU, either. They went with the slow, 5400-RPM drives. They went with SATA II over SATA III. USB 3.0 external drives load games faster than the included drives for these consoles. The only high-end offering between the two is the PS4’s GDDR5 RAM, and it’s being spited by the rest of the system. If Sony and Microsoft go for high-end hardware at launch, this who “emerging issues” thing won’t matter because there won’t be cheap hardware to cause those issues inside.

    Oh, and streaming and no disc drive? Yeah, that’s going to make it all worse. ISPs are still capping data transfers per-month for many people. Latency still isn’t low enough for full-game streaming, especially for online multiplayer. Considering games running at 720p and 1080p now can be anywhere from 40-65 GB, imagine what 4K games could be, if they use native 4K textures and even-bigger worlds and better A.I. You’re talking 75-GB games, maybe more. On an ISP data cap of 300 GB (Comcast), or even less (AT&T), you’d be up Diarrhea Creek without a paddle.

  285. The only way this will work is if Zen turns out to be a home run in performance. Graphic wise 4k can be done but you got to have a cpu that isn’t the bottleneck.I agree with most though I don’t think the new consoles will do 4k very well.

  286. *sigh. And here comes the PCbro.
    Dude, were clearly discussing consoles. No one said they were up to the specs of gaming computers. Youre like that guy who throws Superman into any hero on hero discussion, even though he clearly wasn’t on the table to begin with.

  287. They’re idiots if the generation only lasts 5-6 years? You know that the 360 was replaced after 8, and that was considered an incredibly long generation, right?

  288. why? this console generation of gaming was the weakest since atari. more graphics less gameplay yawn. we should stick to this graphic sweet spot and focus on using any future hardware to make gameplay better like using more powerful hardware to create a gta like atmosphere where every pedestrian is a user or the like. but if its just prettier graphics count me out.

  289. Not to mention bs excuses from people like Ubisoft saying 30 fps ‘feels better’ than 60 fps in some games, worst excuse ever.

  290. Agree to a point, but AMD jaguar is x86-64 which amd created btw. AMD’s CPUs arent too amazing really when it comes to performance, but their graphics are definitely competitive to Nvidia tech. That being said, the horsepower of 8th gen consoles does make me yawn.

  291. Doubt it, Nintendo don’t do stuff like that – they’ll make a console that’s just about shy of ps4 performance which is damn low and they’ll leave it at that.

  292. Always amusing when these articles start popping up, like it’s some kind of a shock that they want to start developing new consoles. Consoles generally take around 4 years to make. If they started this year, they’d be coming out in 2019, which is about 6 years after the release of the current generation. Which is totally normal. But if they’re still just looking for people to hire, they won’t actually be starting until next year. Giving us a 2020 release date, which is 7 years, and once again, totally normal.

  293. Companies are always working on their next console, even as soon as they release the current one and I doubt they will release it too much sooner.

  294. Cash grab? Not in the least. MS and Sony didn’t take hits on this gen of systems as they did with the 360 and PS3. Both companies lost hundreds per console when the last gen was first released. This gen they both made small profits. Probably at the demands of share holders.

  295. Screw’em. Just buy a normal computer. This is the reason I’ve stopped buy games for consoles and buy the PC version. I don’t have to worry about all my games not being “backwards” compatible. . .

  296. Well the major console producers decided on a strategy that uses fewer custom components so to maintain profitability. You cannot sell a console for more than about 499.99 brand new.

  297. not really nintendo nx is coming out next holiday 2016 xbox 2 and ps5 wont be coming out till 2018-2019 wich gives nintendo a solid 2 years where they will have whats rumored to be the most powerfull console. it remains to be seen how powerfull these consoles will be if they arent significantly more powerfull than nx then you’ll have 3 consoles that are near similar but nx will have been out for 2-3 years already and enjoying a lower price point.

  298. Graphic whores are hilarious. People act like better graphics mean better gameplay. Stop worrying about how the light glistens off a character’s sweat bead and try to enjoy the gameplay.

  299. ….yes, im sure by 2020, itll be outdated, and need to be replaced. Technology, you know, tends to do that.
    However, this is a non-article, because it only discuses possibilities. This isnt news. Good work writing click bait, Chris. Now i know to run adblock on this site in the future

  300. Plus remember our standard TV size in 1990 (with scanlines) was around 30″. Now my smallest TV is 32″ 1080p and largest 61″ HD. Hook up the ol snes and of course you will see a difference, even with component cables. The thing I like are the emulators for most older systems, they give you the option for HD.

  301. Tom makes an excellent point. Game consoles rarely met the full resolution of the TV set until recent times. And nobody cared back then. The jump in graphics from the NES to the SNES was so significant that nobody gave the slightest thought of whether or not the games were running at 30 FPS or 60 FPS, or if at full 480i resolution. It’s just a modern day thing for kids to bark at each other about.

  302. I would agree, I think by 2017-2018 we would hear about the new generation consoles. Then by 2019-2020 they would come out. Which isn’t too bad, I think every 5-6 years is good enough time for a console upgrade.

  303. @Kevin you didn’t get my point. At the time of SNES and Genesis and 480i is SDTV and that is what TVs were capable of but those consoles couldn’t do that. Now even though not all games are in 1080p they are still in HDTV. If it is 720p or above it is still HD and just like before and it usually has been forever games aren’t capable of the highest TV resolution at the time.

  304. Its because at that time people never saw what HD looked like and how crisp it was. I honestly can see the difference between standard and HD on TV. Like if a channel was in standard I could immediately tell it was not in HD, it is a pretty big difference between the 2.

  305. AMD is garbage. Totally inferior to Nvidia graphics or Intel chipsets period. Consoles need to embrace the x64 architecture, not x86. 64 bit has been around for well over a decade & the PC platform has finally started to embrace the far superior x64 software architecture. 32 bit is outdated & comes packed with way too many artificial memory limits on software applications/games. Consoles need to get with the times. Both the PS4 & X-Box One were already outdated when they launched. The same will likely apply whenever the PS5/X-Box Two launch as well.

  306. Hahahaha, they want to reach 4k when games on PS4 and Xbox one can barely do 1080p without maintaining a simple 30 FPS. It would be nice if they actually promised what they originally said about this generation being able to do that and 60 FPS. I feel this generation of consoles was just a money grab, Sony and Microsoft had no intention for this to be a long term console like the previous 2 generations.

  307. False, I’ve already predicted the announcement in 2 years and it’ll be in store in 3. It’s right on track, they want to sell you 4K, VR headsets, and DRM. Granted the fact they’ll give us backwards capability, but you’ll have to sell your soul first.

  308. I guess if you think the engineers at Sony and Microsoft sitting around a table saying “Hey, what should our next console have in them”, as development being underway than, yes you would be right.

    That’s all it is right now, is talk….these new systems will have a 8-10 cycle before anything new comes out, bank on it.

  309. look, consoles can easily be as powerful as you want them to be. Why aren’t they? because honestly, who is going to pay $1000 for a console? yes some people will, in fact, lots of people will, but they are going mainstream with consoles. Which means they are catering not just gamers like yourself, but also the younger generations whom may get consoles as presents. Mom and pop is much more likely to drop $400 on a ps4 as opposed to a $1000 console.

  310. Since game consoles came out they have NEVER came out capable of the same resolutions of TVs at the time, ever until recently. Get over yourself. The Xbox 360, PS3, and the new current gen systems however are all capable of of producting 1080p output but you have to realize unlike media where it is just a signal sent and decoded and then displayed on a TV there are a lot more processes involved in a video game depending on how much things you have on the screen at the same time and AI the processor has to deal with, which is why we ALREADY HAVE SOME GAMES THAT ARE 1080P AND 60FPS ON THESE CONSOLES JUST NOT ALL GAMES. Just play your games and be happy.

  311. I am really disappointed with the power of all 3 current gen consoles and we need to see vast power improvement. 1080p, 60 fps should not be a goal on consoles, it should be the standard. Hopefully as the components become more and more like standard PC components, they will be able to cut R&D costs and offer great specs for normal console prices. I do love how they’ve turned into digital media hub though and that should remain a strong draw for me.

    I personally don’t want streaming on my console. Good luck getting 4k game quality streaming. I’m all for going fully digital though, Im over physical discs after this generation. Bluray loads too slowly.

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