Parrot Announces Bebop 2 Consumer Drone

Drone manufacturer Parrot has some good news for those of you interested in buying a consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The company announced its Bebop 2 drone at a news conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. According to Parrot the new drone is incredibly easy to use and flying it requires “no learning”.

Parrot Announces Bebop 2 Consumer Drone

Updated Bebop 2 offers double the flight time of predecessor

The Bebop 2 weighs just 500 grams and can easily be carried around in a backpack. However its small size does not impact performance and its 6-inch propellers combine with more powerful motors to allow the new drone to reach 100 meters altitude in just 18 seconds.

Another benefit of the latest version of the Bebop is increased flight time, which extends to 25 minutes compared to 11 minutes for the original Bebop. The Bebop 2 is a sturdy machine, capable of flying in winds of up to 40.28 miles per hour.

Using the onboard camera users will be able to record 180-degree 1080p images which will be stored on 8GB of internal memory. Stability is ensured by built-in gyroscopes, pressure sensors, stabilizers and GPS.

Parrot to release latest drone in time for Christmas

According to Parrot the propellers are the only moving part on the drone, which makes it more efficient. New beefed-up feet allow for safe landings on rugged terrain and a dust-proof lens is designed to extend the life of the camera.

Early tests show that the Bebop 2 offers improved video quality over its predecessor thanks to improved three-axis digital stabilization. Control the drone using a mobile device with the FreeFlight app installed or Parrot’s Android-powered Skycontroller.

Parrot announced that the drone will be released on December 14. The Bebop 2 will be priced at $550, and a package including the Skycontroller will set you back $800. The timing of the release means that the Parrot Bebop 2 will be available in time for the Christmas rush.

The consumer drone market is an increasingly competitive place, but Parrot has made some decent improvements on the Bebop 2. The company is presumably hoping to drive sales in the run-up to Christmas, although releasing the Bebop 2 earlier in December would have allowed the company more time to do so.