MyPro CEO Says Netflix, Twitter Inferior To MyPro App

MyPro CEO Says Netflix, Twitter Inferior To MyPro App

Both Netflix and Twitter have been challenged by a Michigan man who believes his app is far better than theirs and the other popular social media and audio-visual platforms, says a report from mLive. The man is Andrew McGarry, a Clio High School grad and founder and CEO of MyPro.

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What is so special about MyPro?

McGarry says that “if Instagram, Netflix, YouTube, iTunes and Amazon had a baby, it would be MyPro.” The users will be able to create audiovisual content that they can distribute on MyPro’s “intuitive and cutting-edge platform.”

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“People’s lives and content have value. There has been a very wide chasm between the haves and the have-nots in this digital age. I’ve created the vehicle to level the playing field,” McGarry said.

MyPro offers content creators with several options such as using the platform for displaying photos and short videos that can be viewed for free by their friends, families and followers. They also have the option of creating longer, more intimate content that can be purchased via a subscription or per view.

Content can be uploaded to MyPro using phones, tablets or computers. The creators are allowed to set their subscription rates, and maintain control and ownership of their content. The earning potential created with this platform differentiates it from the others. Anyone anywhere is allowed to make an account and channel to start earning revenue, McGarry said.

Netflix plans to invest in Bollywood

To keep up with the competition and expand its coverage further to eastern territories, Netflix plans of making investments in original Bollywood (the Indian version of Hollywood) and anime productions, according to Wired. Recently, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the company is very hopeful about making a great Bollywood and a great anime show.

Bollywood carries a reputation of being an ‘insiders only’ club, but there is a production committee, comprising several corporate interests, that often heads the production of anime shows.

If Netflix is able to bring even a small degree of disruption in these systems, then it will be able to unlock the creative potential of both the filmmakers and animators, and this will benefit international audiences as well.

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