Local Motors Introduces 3D-Printed Car At SEMA Show

The LM3D Swim is produced using 3D printers and pre-sales are expected to begin in spring 2016.

Local Motors unveiled the vehicle at the SEMA Show, and it is expected to be delivered in early 2017. Designer Kevin Lo is responsible for the car, which he first submitted to a community challenge in July, according to Latinos Health. Lo has also designed the Local Motors Sport vehicle.

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3D-printed cars coming to the streets in early 2017

“We are using the power of DDM (direct digital manufacturing) to create new vehicles at a pace unparalleled in the auto industry, and we’re thrilled to begin taking orders on 3D-printed cars next year,” Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers told the audience during the Las Vegas SEMA event.

The LM3D Swim was reportedly designed using Siemens’ Solid Edge, while SABIC provided the necessary materials to make the bodywork. Local Motors has formed partnerships with IBM and other companies in a bid to create products and apps that will monitor and improve the driving experience, while crash tests are ongoing.

Chief Marketing Officer Elle Shelley told Slash Gear that the LM3D Swim is just as comfortable as a BMW 3 Series, while offering greater safety performance and eco-friendliness. Shelley claims that the 3D-printed construction allowed Local Motors to design a “complex roll-cage” frame, which improves safety and reduces waste.

Local Motors announces pricing and delivery details

The material is also fully recyclable and allows owners to customize their vehicle. Each car produced by the company will be unique, and the company aims to produce nearly 2,400 cars every year.

Although the exterior is customizable, the same powertrain and chassis will be used on all of the company’s vehicles. Local Motors has not confirmed where it will source these parts, although the prototype featured at SEMA featured equipment derived from the BMW i3.

According to reports the LM3D will be powered by electricity and units will be constructed at the Local Motors factory in Knoxville, which will open in 2016. Units will sell for approximately $53,000, although federal subsidies for electric vehicles may reduce the price by around $10,000.

While 3D printing may not have revolutionized manufacturing as some people predicted, it certainly helps to streamline industrial processes and improve products.