iOS 9: How To View Two Safari Tabs Simultaneously On iPad

Apple’s iOS 9 brings Split View functionality for iPads, a move aimed at business leaders. However, it still has certain limitations. You can’t view multiple tabs of Safari browser simultaneously using Split View. Being able to split the same app in multiple tabs can boost productivity and enhance the experience, whether it is email threads, conversations, or documents.

Sidefari uses built-in Safari View Controller

A new utility app called Sidefari developed by Francisco Cantu can let you use two Safari tabs at the same time. The iPad-only app uses the new Safari View Controller to let users open a second webpage in Split View on your tablet. The app has been specifically designed as a side companion on the Safari View Controller introduced with iOS 9.

The experience on Safari View Controller within third-party apps is similar to that in a full Safari browsing session. If you are logged in to Gmail in the Safari app, you’ll also be logged in to Gmail in Safari View Controller windows. When you need to open two webpages simultaneously, you can launch the Split View mode, find and open Sidefari. Now that Safari and Sidefari sit side by side, you can use the share extensions to send a webpage from the main app to Sidefari. Users can also paste the URL into Sidefari to open the webpage.

It offers a work around an iOS 9 limitation

According to MacStories, Sidefari uses a built-in technology to work around a limitation in the iOS 9 multitasking design. Since it uses Safari View Controller, the app has several Safari features such as autofill and Reader available by default. Cnet says the app is a much better alternative to using Safari and another browser like Chrome in Split View. Using two different browsers in Split View leads to a clunky experience. Besides, third-party browsers like Chrome can’t access data and settings from Safari. The iPad-only Sidefari is available in the App Store for $0.99.

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