How To Make $3 Trillion Disappear

How To Make $3 Trillion Disappear

Despite the possibility of the Fed raising rates a couple of times in the past few years (and never actually doing it), it seems like the recent commentary and Fed watching on the heels of Yellen hinting at the possibility of raising interest rates is at a fever pitch. There’s the expected ‘what you need in your portfolio before it happens’ articles (we did one of those), and every now and then some unexpected pieces like the one below we found recently on how the Fed is trying to go about putting the QE genie back in the bottle. Technically, how they go about getting that extra $3 Trillion they created out of thin air to spur the economy, back out of the economy so it doesn’t overhear.

We happened to come across NPR’s Planet Money podcast recently, who speak with a few economists who have been part of this money printing process for years, and are now tasked with taking the $3 Trillion away… in an unprecedented way in unchartered territory. It’s worth 15 minutes. If only because you’ll be the guy or girl at the dinner party able to say you know how to print money. And/or, if you want to get sick hearing how the banks who needed the money to save the economy in 2008 will now get about $30 Billion a year to “sit” on the $3 Trillion.


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