Europe Turns Away From U.S. Toward Russia

Europe Turns Away From U.S. Toward Russia
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With top U.S. Army General saying that Russia can destroy the U.S., Europe seems to slowly turn away from Washington, just like U.S. allies in the Middle East do.

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Europe and the Obama administration have had a number of differences lately, particularly on everything that has to do with Russia. But American journalists noted a sharp increase in criticism from European leaders and media toward the U.S., and particularly toward U.S. President Barack Obama.

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“For years, Europe treated Mr. Obama as virtually untouchable, an off-limits symbol of positive change in America,” American journalist John Vinocur told Sputnik News. Vinocur reminded that back in 2008, the entire Europe was enchanted by Barack Obama’s promises to change the world for the better.

Seven years and hundreds of unfulfilled promises later, the enchantment – or spell – has worn off, and the “continent is growing disenchanted with Barack Obama,” Vinocur said. Moreover, “there is a willingness in Europe to place blame on [Obama] himself.”

Today we see that European “politicians are naming him specifically in their rationalizations for cozying up to Russia. Commentators are mocking what they see as Mr. Obama’s boundless caution,” the journalist noted.

Growing pro-Russian, anti-Obama sentiment in Europe

The sharp shift in European attitude toward the U.S. took place about two weeks ago when German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s former chief of staff Ronald Pofalla criticized Obama for “antagonizing” Russia. “It wasn’t clever of Barack Obama to have downgraded Russia, in connection with the Ukraine conflict, to the level of a regional power,” the journalist quoted Pofalla as saying.

And it wasn’t just that. Last week, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that unlike the U.S. President, he has always considered Russia a “global power, not a regional one.”

“The US president is getting openly dissed,” Vinocur concluded.

And it must be noted that European media has openly been expressing its disdain with the U.S. policy toward Russia lately. In October, Berlin-based Tagesspiegel called the U.S. President a man “no longer feared in the Middle East” in an article titled ‘Indecisive and Half-Hearted’.

How desperately does Europe really need Russia?

Moreover, there has been numerous remarks from top European officials that Europe needs Russia’s help in solving various crises around the world.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that foreign policy is not about placing countries into “black-and-white” categories.

“Whatever you call it, we need Russia to solve numerous crises and conflicts across the world,” Steinmeier said in an interview to the local Neue Westfaelische newspaper, published Wednesday. The minister added that a consistent dialogue is required even if the countries have differences.

Despite Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and EU sanctions against Russia, Berlin has maintained dialogue with Moscow, Steinmeier noted. He added that the lifting of sanctions would not immediately heal up Russian economy, but Germany is still willing lift the sanctions once the Minsk peace agreement is fully adhered to.

Putin’s big game in Europe and Syria

While Russia had claimed that its intervention in the Syrian Civil War is supposed to bring down Syria’s refugee crisis, it seems like it’s the other way around. Russian airstrikes, which claims to be targeting ISIS militants, are forcing tens of thousands of civilians to flee the constant bombings.

And it’s Europe who has to suffer from the migrant crisis, not Russia, according to The Jerusalem Post. Holdouts for refugees “will not appear on the roads of Russia, mind you: Unlike Germany or France, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin will not hesitate, while terrorizing tomorrow’s refugees, to slam the door in their faces,” the article wrote.

And Putin does not seem to be secretive about his intentions in the war-torn country. According to reports in Russian media, Moscow has recently deployed the missile cruiser Moskva, as well as dozens of anti-aircraft missiles, to the port of Latakia.

But the newspaper notes that ISIS has never acquired an air force that needs to be neutralized. “Rather, the Kremlin evidently will view as a legitimate target any aircraft that might pass over territory that it comes to regard as being under its control,” the article said.

The newspaper also warned that Russia could bring down a plane flying under the flag of the U.S., U.K, France, Turkey or any other member of the U.S.-led coalition, which is why the Syrian crisis could easily spiral into a war between the world’s largest nuclear powers: Russia and the U.S.

But The Jerusalem Post also notes that Russia’s military operations in Syria, which have been largely aimed at making Russia the master of the Syrian airspace and protecting the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad regime, are not bolstering efforts to defeat ISIS.

Putin’s Party in Europe is becoming a reality

“Putin is not just a fireman who sets fires; he is an old-school imperialist,” as noted in the article. Putin’s Syrian operation is partly designed to deflect attention away from the Ukrainian crisis, the newspaper notes, adding that his “thinly veiled threats” against the Baltics, Poland, Finland and Turkey, the airspace of which has been violated by Russia MiG fighters, reveal a “strategy of aggression” that is aimed to weaken Europe.

The article urges Europeans to wake up to Putin’s ploys “before it is too late.” The newspaper refers to the example of the far-right National Front to far-left elements in France to prove the growing pro-Moscow sentiment in Europe.

“Indeed, the Kremlin has assiduously cultivated party secretariats across Europe. A web of invisible links has brought into being what could be called “Putin’s Party” in Europe,” as noted by The Jerusalem Post.

The newspaper concludes that it’s not just “the usual European populist demagogues” such as Nigel Farage in the United Kingdom to Viktor Órban in Hungary, who would be the first ones to join the “Putin’s Party,” but also leaders who have a bigger influence in Europe such as Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who is now justifying Putin’s actions.

“Europe risks frittering away the very security on which its union and, yes, its prosperity, is built,” the author of the article said.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. that’s what the elections are for and the right of ethnic groups for self-determination guaranteed by UN charter. Remember Kosovo?

  2. No “huaimeaic,what an ugly name,inside out!!!America and EUnion are beyond allies…..greetings from the EUnion offces..

  3. What you are saying is in effect that the EU/US alliance together with Turkey are really supporters of ISIS , after all the US has trained men and supplied weapons , all as a front to their endeavours to overthrow Assad . To be quite honest , you don’t know what you are talking about , if you are an example of the kind of people the EU employs at Brussels , no wonder if it is teetering on the verge of collapse .

  4. Salute to Erdogan of Turkey,for shooting down a Putin’s plane!flying over Turkish airspace!calling our volunteers it is time to destroy the Russian base in latakia…

  5. Poor lost soul this huaimek is,don’t you have a name?Oh I see you are a coward!We will destroy Russias base inside Syria!

  6. We,the EU won’t lift any sanctions.Turkey has just shot a Russian jet a few minutes ago!Good job from a Nato member..

  7. since when are you the spokesperson for the whole of the EU? every country except Germany wants and will stop the sanctions for Russia. And Holland needs Russia for sure more than Russia needs Holland. what are you doing with all your flowers and Gouda cheese? Export it to Africa, plenty of hungry kids there, give it away for free. and with a bunch of tulips on top of it.

  8. indeed so? well, you seem to know everything better about Russia. have yo u ever been here? have you lived or worked here? i live and work here since many years….

  9. Not the people of south-eastern Ukraine, and not people in China, India, central and South Asia, Africa and America -/ we are the majority, my friend and you’re learning it the hard way

  10. You’re just a troll, inventing things as you go. Half a billion dollars of US training program and all trained and armed ended up fighting for ISIS – wages Isis offers are higher, you know. US drops weapons and provided trucks to “moderate Islamist” — all that equipment went straight to ISIS. You have no clue what you’re talking about

  11. Search Victoria Nuland 6 billion on YouTube. How’s that for conspiracy theory. Better yet, watch her entire speech and also her Fck the EU phone conversation

  12. America has every right not to trade with a conquering empire something Putin is finding out the hard way. At least we are not governing Japan like Fascist Putin. You talk about people wanting America out while billions want your emperor out of the Ukraine.

  13. No American, plus Russia was helping ISIS before they brought down a plane while US backed fighters not only halted their advance but took back some territory. Maybe if you stop drinking the Vodka then you might know what is actually happening.

  14. Nice little conspiracy theory, to bad you can do anything to prove it compared to how America can prove Russia can fund a civil war and conquered part of the Ukraine.

  15. Really because Russia’s economy is failing because no one wants Russia to conquer anyone and China is isolated in it’s own region because it bullies it’s neighbors out of their territory. So are you just anti American or do you support Russia killing Innocent people so it can expand it’s boarders.

  16. You provoked Japan into war and you nuked them. You’re bulky and you’re still bullying Japan, suppressing the wishes of the people. But the people will rise and kick you out — people of Japan, of Germany, of France — it’s a matter of time now, Russia and China will dwarf US before the end of this century

  17. There was a coup – yanukovich signed transituij document, and as soon as he obided by the terms of that document and pulled forces back – coup leaders did not and took over government buildings, presidents private residence, parliament, and attempted to murder Ukraines legally elected president. That’s a coup that US paid 6 billions dollars for. Blood US State Dept money

  18. You’re polish. That’s why you’re so dumb. US is dumping weapons that end up in the hands of ISIS. US spend half a billion to train and arm “moderate” Islamist – total of 3 fighters who ended up not fighting on the side of ISIS. Not until Russia started bombing the sht out of ISIS did anyone stop them. US “bombed” them for three years with 0 results. Watch and learn, my polish friend

  19. US provoked Japan into war the same way US is provoking Russia into war now. US blocked Japan’s trade and then US nuked Japan. Typical aggressor – then and now — hundreds of thousands of occupying force around the globe and they can’t get you to leave. You’ll end up like all empires though

  20. Millions more would have died if we invaded Japan conventionally so even with nukes we save lives. America killed to stop an empire in self defense, Russia killed to get a few military bases.

  21. Wow that was a horrible rant even by rant standards. Seriously I am an American and as a result I am not dumb enough to be-leave bull sh@t like that/

  22. There never was a coup genius, Ukraine protested against their old president’s decision so he fled like the Putin Bi@ch he is and in his absence they elected a new government,

  23. At least we are not conquering and taking land like Fascist Putin. Plus I would like to know where you get these numbers form.

  24. The Japanese government and treaties gives us permission. Plus you are pure evil if you think that refusing to trade with another country is a reason for that country to kill innocent people. If the Japanese didn’t want US military bases on their land then maybe they shouldn’t have conquered foreign nations like what Russia is doing now.

  25. yes, you did occupy Japan – you still have huge military bases in Japan, despite wishes of the japanese people. You provoked Japan into war by imposing navy embargo on them, and then you killed millions of innocent japanese. you need to learn the facts and the vicious crimes of your so called “elites”

  26. people of Japan, Germany, and others have demanded you to live, but you hold corrupt politicians by their balls and you refuse to live. that’s an occupation. you’re forcing them to accept and fight your wars and manipulating their politicians

  27. US sponsored coup in Ukraine – it’s blood money that you provided b/c US wants to spread its sphere of influence upon Ukraine as well, so that it can sell more chicken there

  28. you’re arming ISIS – you know why? You silly you have no clue —– let me explain — people fighting on the ground don’t care for the principles and all that high society shlt — they want to make money and they will fight for whoever pays them more — ISIS happens to be the highest paying employer in town — and all the “moderates” are long fighting for ISIS — that’s how it became so powerful. and yes, US is providing them with both weapons and petro dollars. Good job, Yankees — way to go

  29. How about you stop deflecting and start providing proof? When you make an accusation, it generally helps your cause if you have proof, otherwise, you’re just another shill on the internet with a worthless opinion, and we all know there are plenty of those in the internet age.

  30. Blaming America for something that is clearly Iraq’s and Syria’s fault is not going to help. Besides Russia provides arms to Assad and wind up in ISIS hands and it would be worse if we did not arm the people who are fighting ISIS on the ground.

  31. We never conquered Japan first of all. Second conventionally invading Japan would have killed more people, third nuclear weapons to day can end humanity in a war Russia is starting.

  32. Oh Yang! It looks like you even do not read the news. Please go back to 2003 and read again. More than that, I cannot help…Sorry.

  33. Oh this ol’ argument again of, “The US created ISIS.” Do you have any proof or source links to back your claim? Or is it just more personal opinion and “I read it on the internet”?

  34. The only nation that ever used nuclear weapons to conquer another nation was US – US has killed millions of people only in the past decade, US is an aggressor – no doubt about it.

  35. you’re occupying Japan, Germany, other nations and people of those nations signed potions in millions to get your military out of their countries – you’re refusing to leave, occupying them.

  36. the only empire with hundreds on thousands military abroad is US – Japanese people want you out, German people want you out, everyone wants you out – but you are occupying their land. The truth will prevail eventually

  37. Yeah, US is dropping weapons and somehow those weapons end up with ISIS – US knows that and continues providing them weapons. Yep, “America never gave anything to ISIS” – you’re an ldlot

  38. And how are Russians buying the excuse used by Putin to conquer a nation? At least we gave it back Americans would never accept America conquering nations.

  39. So the EU is not concerned with Russia conquering European nations? America wants to avoid a nuclear war and doing that means confronting the nuclear armed empire.

  40. Iraq and Syria loved each other, plus America never gave anything to ISIS, most of ISIS support came when Assad gunned down peaceful protesters and started the civil war.

  41. You mean it gave oil to ISIS so that they could sell it illegally on the cheap and destroy Syria?
    As far as WMD – you need to learn a bit to yap about it – Iraq and Syria were never friends. It’s like saying US moved WMD to Russia to hide it there.

  42. US is not siding with anyone – US is forcing it’s “allies” to accept its decisions as given, b/c US has military bases in Germany and listens to their phone calls and reads their emails.

  43. Huaimek I believe it will be a fierce retaliations from Russia. Putin just simply obligated to do it,otherwise he will be a laughable clown like Obama.

  44. Ernie
    I don’t really know what to make of Trump . I think he would try to be a good leader .
    The problem in the US seems to be that Corporations , neocons , Jews , bankers , investors , are running the country into the ground behind the scenes . Victoria Nuland , Biden , McCain orchestrating a regime change in Ukraine , without any knowledge of Ukraine or how it functioned . Obama has , it seems , at least put the breaks on sending lethal weapons . I’m doubtful the president runs the country today ; even if he’s a good guy , bad guys are in control .
    You mention Hilary Clinton . Heaven help America , or the world at large if she is elected president !!! I thought G W Bush was the worst president ever , but in my estimation Obama is infinitely worse !!! Can the US elect another even worse again ?

  45. The US gave back the resource rich nations to the people. Tell me when is Putin going to give back the Ukraine? Also Russia helped start the civil war in Syria and has helped ISIS and bombs cities with unguided bombs. At least the US tries to prevent civilian casualties while Russia care more about propping up a dictatorship that started the civil war in the first place. So good luck with that Russia will fix everything vodka logic.

  46. Yah because Russia sending troops and shooting down civilian airliners is much better. Also at least the US is siding with the vast majority of the people while Russia needs to send troops to make things happen.

  47. Huaimek; do you believe Trump will be a “real” leader, because if Hillary gets elected that’s a final nail in the Nation’s coffin!

  48. Very well put and I’m sure correct . I am of the opinion that Victoria Nuland dreamed up the saving of Ukraine from Russian oppression ; but that the EU being totally aligned with Washington foreign policy , was engaged by the US to adopt Ukraine as a future EU member . I do not think the EU sought US help to take on Ukraine .

  49. No , America is not Europe’s Ally !!! The US has become ” Geopolitical World Enemy No1 ”

    Europe needs to distance itself from the US , no longer take foreign policy directions from Washington .

  50. Ernie
    You’re not the only American to have voiced that opinion . The US needs a decisive leader who knows what he is about , right or wrong . I sense that Obama is playing for time , leaving it to the Neocons and horribly mistaken state department , simply blocking the erroneous schemes they dream up , better to play golf than get entangled in a web of errors .

  51. ” particularly since its interest has typically been based on commercial (oil)
    and military interests.

    You forgot to mention American Neocon Jews protecting Israel .

  52. Yang, U.S. created ISIS. They’ve to deal with it in the first place, but they’re not capable. Russia is doing the job at least.

  53. No, it’s more likely that Poland attitude is more closely related to the «free lunch» U.S. is giving to Eastern Europeans countries like the Baltic States. This is the «hope» Ukrainians have to join the «club» too.

  54. I disagree that one can lay the problems in the middle east solely on the U.S. Yes, George Bush Junior and his cronies, and to a certain extent the Obama administration, have escalated and made matters worse. However, one only has to look at history and the ongoing conflicts in the region for centuries, and the role of the British, Russia, etc. to realize there a deep-rooted problems that have existed long before the U.S. was ever founded.

    Having lived and worked in the area, the religious and tribal conflicts are a continued source of hardship (economic as well as emotional) and blood-letting in the region. While I had many good friends in the Middle East, I found the mindset in the Middle East to be much different than other parts of the world, due to the ongoing disputes and feuds over the centuries. While I understand some of the problems, I cannot begin to fully comprehend a solution to the problems. The US government (with its revolving door of politicians who are only interested in their own well-being) cannot begin to understand or deal with the problems in the Middle East, particularly since its interest has typically been based on commercial (oil)
    and military interests.

  55. You are right , but the US government lacks intelligence and has no comprehension of the workings of other governments , especially those in the middle east .

  56. I can well understand that Americans will find this article , stupid , laughable , whatever .
    I’m British , conservative , with three children who are US citizens , in-laws and many American friends . I find it very sad that so many US citizens have no idea how badly they are governed , the R soles who hold the reins of power . US foreign policy is wrong every time , judgement of other governments and their leaders horribly mistaken . Iraq under Saddam Husein was better than the war torn mess the US has created , Egypt , Libya was better under Quadhafi and Syria is better under Assad , Ukraine under Yanukovich . My guess is that the author of this article thinks as I do , that Putin and Russia are lesser evils that the US . I don’t trust the US government as far as I can spit . It may rankle with Americans that Putin is seen as the only real world leader .

  57. And Russia and China’s hands are clean? Please… At least the U.S. tries to do something about the wrong in the world. When was the last time China did anything against ISIS?

  58. Mike arroyo. The only joke is you because you can’t even spell my name correctly so in turn I spelled yours the same way! Idiot. I research what I speak about but people like you don’t have a clue of what is actually going on it our world but you are quick to point out your real side by calling someone a name. You don’t even know me or what I do, nor my background. For you to call someone a big joke you would have to know them personally. How does it feel for someone to put it back on you for a change? Do your home work first before you judge others and you might just find out what is really going on in our world.

  59. They just did with a small piece of territory using the exact same excuse Hitler used just before conquering the rest of Europe. Tell me, how well did it go when the west ignored Hitler conquering territory the same way Putin is doing it now?

  60. The one where Russia conquered foreign territory and is bombing civilians with dumb bombs. Yes the US destroyed the middle not the raping, genocidal terrorists.

  61. Hell NO, I wouldn’t give FOX the time of day. I’m wary of ANY news channel. That’s why I RESEARCH for myself in order to verify what is being reported. You should try it.

  62. Boy, you must be paid by the line in St. Petersburg……So, you do not like/trust Fox (neither do I) but you also do not trust PBS, you only trust RT, Putin’s own propaganda channel, I presume.

  63. Really? So, Putin is NOT the ‘President’ of Russia, Russia is NOT a ‘Federation,’ Putin was NOT ‘elected,’ the President of Russia, Prime Minister, and Cabinet do NOT share power, elections are NOT held, et al. It’s all just “propaganda?” And not just any “propaganda,” but “PUTIN propaganda?”

    You must LIKE looking stupid.

    Oh, and we should watch “PBS” to find out the facts on Putin? PBS, being a regime-toadying, statist organization, just COULDN’T be wrong about Putin, or be guilty of dutifully trotting out the US regime’s line on Putin, right? There’s just no way PBS – which takes funds from the Government – could possibly be biased in its reporting, right?

    To give just ONE example of just how porous PBS’s supposed ‘un-biased’ armor is, PBS has, over the years, allowed partisan politics to color the contents of its programming. It, of course, denied this, however, its denials became less credible in 1999 when it was discovered that PBS stations had been sharing their donor lists with Democrats. In return, Democrats made their lists of donors available to PBS stations. This exchanging of donor lists had been taking place since 1981. It seems that both PBS and the Democrats sensed that they attracted supporters with similar views. And, during the Watergate hearings, PBS interrupted regular programs to present gavel-to-gavel coverage of the event. However, PBS refused to alter its regular programming for President Clinton’s impeachment proceedings as well as any of the fund raising scandals during his administration.

    So, I’m not impressed with what PBS says about Putin, and no INFORMED person would, either.

    Also, who cares how much Stalin was elected by? Those elections results were prior to him taking office when the masses were unaware of the monster they had supported. By the time he took office, it was too late to do anything about it. That is not the situation with Putin in any way, shape, or form. If you have some definitive, verifiable evidence to the contrary, then present it. So far, all you’ve done is make baseless pronouncements and reference ONE biased TV show. You’re going to have to do a lot better than that, clueless.

  64. Lots of BS Putin propaganda, nothing more.
    Watch PBS’s Frontline special on Putin and learn, if you care to learn about him and his methods.
    Stalin BTW used to be “elected” by 98% of the vote.

  65. You can continue to shamefully refer to Putin while referencing “Stalin” all you want and baselessly calling him a “dictator,” and that still won’t make Putin a “dictator” or “Stalin” any more than Putin is a “Hitler” because Hillary Clinton said so. If that’s the kind of company you like to keep, you’re welcome to it.

    Not only that, but where did you get the idea Stalin had “high approval ratings?” That assertion is nowhere to be found in history. Stalin was a ruthless and bloody leader who kept his populace in constant terror. You will not find that anywhere in Vladimir Putin’s leadership. His people verifiably approve of his leadership, which – if it says anything – speaks volumes of just how pathetic US leadership is now, and has been for decades.

    “Putin is a dictator because he wields absolute power.” This shows just how uninformed you are and why you don’t need to be commenting on things you demonstrably know nothing about. Russia is a ‘Federation’ which has a President (Putin), a Prime Minister (Lavrov), and a Cabinet. Putin is an elected official who shares power between his Prime Minister and the Cabinet. He does NOT have “absolute power,” otherwise he wouldn’t need to be ELECTED, there would be no reason to VOTE, or have a CABINET. Likewise, he DOES NOT have “control over the legislature, judiciary, media, and military.” There also is NO EVIDENCE that he has “corrupted” anything, nor that he has “murdered” anyone.

    If you’re really concerned about a president who “freely murders people with no consequences,” look no further than Bush and Obama. Both of those criminals have the blood of millions on their hands, and as far as I know Putin (unlike Obama) doesn’t have a program where he clearly – and in broad daylight – has claimed the right to murder anyone he wishes, for any reason he wishes, needs not consult with Congress, the Senate, the judiciary, or anyone else to do this, and is unaccountable for his actions.

    I don’t know where you’re getting your nonsense from, but I’d strongly advise you to switch resources because the statements you’re asserting are making you look more stupid than you have been previously.

  66. I highly doubt that Putin has a higher approval rating than Stalin had. And he was a dictator, one of the bloodiest one in human history. So, high approval rating means nothing.

    Putin is a dictator because he wields absolute power. He corrupted and has total control over the legislature, the judiciary, the media and the military. He has been freely murdering his few opponents (and also perceived opponents) with no legal consequences. As far as your baseless comment regarding D.C.: it shows that you are clueless about the US political system.

  67. Understood and agreed. You and I are on the same page. Too bad more Americans are not. I simply cringe at some of the mindless, clueless, and blood-thirsty pronouncements coming from the wayward minds of a lot of American citizens.

  68. Pete, I agree with your thinking. Yes. When I referred to U.S. being unscathed it was to make the comparison with WWII possible. Still, U.S. besides Pearl Harbour (as I mentioned) and the killings at the World Trade Center, ridiculous, I’m sorry to say that, when you compare to the several hundred thousand civilians (I stress: civilians) killed by U.S. troops, is truly unscathed. U.S. is no more the Master of the world (rubble after WWII), but a partner in a multicentered world. And this world doesn’t want war with U.S.

  69. Right you are, Jose. The only thing I disagree with is your contention the US is “getting away unscathed, again.”

    Not this time. Both domestic and foreign US policies are being manipulated by the unhinged, Fascistic Neocons and their “liberal” fellow travelers. And these policies are not only turning America into a locked-down Police State, but its growing MORE ‘Terrorism’ against us around the world, it’s making us the most hated nation on the planet, and it is threatening to light off WWIII with two of the most deadliest nuclear militaries on the planet (China and Russia). Instead of trying to get along with our planetary neighbors, we are tweaking noses begging for a fight. Instead of ‘Diplomacy’ as a first and favored option, we are acting more like a tribal war-party dancing around a fire!

    You cannot name a single ruler of ANY nation since the dawn of the nuclear weapon who didn’t understand the importance of maintaining stable relations (or as closely as events would permit) with other nuclear-tipped nations, and that even the passing thought of instigating a nuclear war was the sole property of the criminally insane.

    However, the Neocons ARE criminally insane, and their policies, doctrine, and actions prove it. Not only are their political philosophies verifiably and demonstrably Fascistic and Imperialistic, but they actually believe (and have said as much) they can “WIN” a nuclear confrontation with either China or Russia, much less win an all-out conventional war with them. And be assured that any military confrontation by the US against China or Russia will eventually draw BOTH of them (China and Russia) into an allied campaign against the US. No one in his right mind (except the Neocons) believes the US would prevail against those odds. The big loser, of course, would be the American people, and the world.

    But this suits the Neocons, just fine!

  70. Polina is a paid Russian troll….We laugh at her, here in Europe..Polina can you show us the interview with Merkel????We are not moving closer towards loser Russia.America is our beyond ALLY!

  71. And you – of course – don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Putin is NOT any “dictator.” He is the President of a Republic. In fact, Putin enjoys the highest approval rating of any first-world leader. Pretty odd thing for a “dictator,” wouldn’t you say?

    You might want to segregate your hunt for “dictators” to the ‘Good Ol’ USA where there are PLENTY of them in D.C.

  72. “The definition of ‘Imperialism’ states, “a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force.””

    Yes it does and this is exactly that you beloved hero Putin, the petty dictator of Russia, has been doing. Same for the rest of your “argument”. Go find a better paying job in St Petersburg, if you are intelligent enough to do actual work.

  73. I was being facetious with the black man comment but you must be the bigot since it is on you mind. I know the Black man was elected fair and square because I voted for him and still believe in what he has done. As for the his intervention I disagree. I don’t see how again you want to blame Obama. Again the reason for my everybody wanting to blame the black man in the White House for everything comment. You just reinforced it by your comment! The fact still remains that the EU has to step up and standup to Putin.

  74. You’re right Pete, Europe is getting the worst part being forced to receive the millions of refugees escaping the disaster U.S. created in the Middle East. And U.S. unscathed after WWII is getting away utterly unscathed again.

  75. It appears I know a great deal more than you do. The definition of ‘Imperialism’ states, “a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or
    military force.”

    That doesn’t sound familiar to you? It is, in fact, exactly what the US has been
    doing around the world, and especially in the Middle East. Whether it’s British ‘Expansion of Empire’ or US ‘Bringing Democracy,’ the methods and purpose are the same; expanding nationalistic power against the wishes of the unfortunate nation which falls under such policies.

    Also look up the term “serf,” which states, “laborer bound under the feudal system to work on his lord’s estate.” In modern terms, the ‘laborer’ is the common citizen, and the ‘Lord’ are the wealthy and powerful who control the system and dictate the rules. That, too, should sound familiar to you.

    And finally, ‘intervention,’ “the process of intervening, which states a person or party injects themselves/itself into a situation so as to prevent or alter a result or course of events.”

    The US does ALL this, and more, to the demonstrable and
    verifiable detriment to people, institutions, and nations.

    Now, if you missed all this I highly suggest you get WAY more informed as to just what is going on in the world around you before making any more comments which will make you look even more stupid than you do now.

  76. This from someone like you who obviously knows nothing and can only spout BS platitudes about “imperialists”, “serfs” and “interventionism” (which no one with 2 ounces of brain would accuse Obama with)….LOL!

  77. Yeah, Bruno? Please, enlighten me how “wrong” I am. Or, are you just some troll tossing garbage who can’t walk the walk?

  78. Jose: You are right. Drones, satellites, etc. will not get the job done. We need people on the ground that can build relationships with the locals and get them to take action. Problem is, based on my experience, a lot of the locals complain about the terrorists, but then do nothing. In my mind this makes them complicit. The other problem, it that is a tribal community over there. Sunni fights Shia, Shia fights Sunni, Sunni fights Sunni and Shia fights Shia. This has been gone on for centuries and our government’s naïve notion that democracy will prevail has resulted in the situation being worse now then before 2003.
    If the Bush Administration has left the Iraqi intelligence apparatus in place and integrated it into the new government as well as the Iraqi Army things would have been much different, since they understood the problems and knew how to deal with them. Life is brutal over there by our standards and, unfortunately, it takes brutality to control this. We simply do not understand this in this country. As it was Bush and his inept cronies fired the army and intelligence groups and created massive unemployment, which escalated the situation. General Petraeus had the right idea and was making progress in Anbar and other central provinces. He gave people jobs and made them part of the solution in dealing with the terrorists. However, Obama caved in to political pressure and Maliki’s demand that US troops be removed. I do not fault Obama for Maliki, since it was George Bush who put him in and supported him until it was too late to remove him. Maliki has festered the situation and is robbing the country of its wealth for his own personal gain. His leanings toward Iran have also aggravated the situation.
    In 2013, I stopped working in Iraq because nothing was getting done. At present there is no Iraq per se. Basically it is three separate countries (Kurdistan, Central Iraq [Sunnis], and Southern Iraq [Shia]). Corruption is rampant, because people see no future. This is a shame, since there are a lot of good Iraqi people and they are skilled and have a decent work ethic, unlike most of their Arab neighbors. Also the country has a lot of resources and prior to the 1980’s it was the regional center for culture, education, and business. Now it is basically a waste land as a result of the three wars (Iran-Iraq, 1999, and 2003), since the USD18.6 billion that was sole-sourced to KBR (tied to the Bush and Cheney families), did little or nothing to make any significant progress in the reconstruction of Iraq. Most of the money went to US companies, in the form of high overhead, corrupt Americans and Iraqis.
    Sorry, for such a long reply, but I was there in 2004-2005 as a voluntary working 120 hours a week trying to rebuild Iraq and continued to work there with local Iraqi companies to rebuild their country. As a result, I no longer have any respect for our politicians or many of our major corporations.

  79. In my other International Public forum.

    I give name to this Black Monkey call One Black American Misleading All (Obama) he is naive, stupid and is near the edge to breakup EU NATO and UN.

    Due to the Refugee crisis he created, he never take any responsibility to help the EU countries, but blame on there is National and Homeland Security not to take on too much refugee and let EU countries to take all burden of the in flood of Refugee waves in to all EU countries.

    This is also I call USA As Underwater States of Atlantic (USA) soon will also break up in 50 or so small countries.

    His new failure foreign policies to contain China by using US ducky (Navy vessel) in the so call International Law try to enforce into creating false flag confrontation with China by using Freedom of Navigation in SCS AND ESC because he is pulling out from Europe, Middle East and now want to start a major confrontation with China by using his home guard dog (Please mention All bullshit express (PM Abe) of the Just all people are naive (Japan), Vietnam, Philippine for SCS and ESC.

  80. I think that the author is not saying that Europe is switching allies.What is happening is that European countries are developing their own foreign policy after having followed blindly the US policy for decades.
    They have started to realise that the US has a policy that is not beneficial for Europe and in fact dangerous for them.
    The stupid aggression that the US has against Russia is dangerous for Europe and also is hurting their economy.
    Europeans are not scared of Russia and have not been for decades.They are so relaxed about Russia that they dont even bother to spend money on defence,and rightly so because Russia does not want to hurt Europe.
    Europe is their most important partner in business and you dont want to damage your business partner.
    On top of that Europe does not have anything that Russia need,it would be totally pointless for them to attack Europe.
    Though the regime change in Ukraine was a European idea, for economic resons, they dont like the brutal aggression of the US in the country.
    The first sign of change of winds may have been when Merkel and Hollande forced Poroshenko to stop the civil war in Ukraine. Poroshenko went home after that meeting and stopped the war against the Russian minority that very same day and Oobama has not yet managed to restore that war again.
    Hollande and Merkel must have been very harsh on Poroshenko that day.

  81. Are you censoring my messages Value Walk? Why am I waiting an hour to see my last message? This is not Russia where you can block unwanted criticism.

  82. We in the EUnion are allies with AMERICA no matter what!We are not lifting those Russian sanctions anytime..NEVER!Polina is a paid russian troll we laugh at her here in the EU offices…..there is no evidence Merkel said those stuff ..Ask Polina to show us the interview so we’ll hear!!!!!!France is not selling those MISTRALS …it was already sold to Egypt with one condition,…ït won’t sell them to Russia”….America & the EUnion Alliance is unparallel!We are not lifting any sanctions,there you are!Unless Russia returned Crimea to Ukraine….Greetings from the EUnion offices….

  83. America is still the nr.ONE economy in the world,that’s a FACT!And we in Europe are not moving closer to loser Russia…We sanctioned Russia remember?And we have FROZEN billions of Russian dough from businesses…They will not be LIFTED!Polina is a liar paid Russian troll….

  84. Finally one truth with a sharp eye in here..Polina is a butt of joke of a Russian paid writer from Putin…Thsi morning teh evidence showed isis smuggled through a handler in teh airport a small bomb!Plenty of small schrapnel marks,from a bomb! found inside the plane!!!!This is Putin denying claims from teh terrorist’s.Polina the Russian troll starts spreading nonsense..Merkel did not gave her interview,we would know at the EUnion offices..Polina is joke.We want to hear that interview…Bye Polina.

  85. She is clearly a pro Putin individual who wants to stir up the pond a bit. There is however a certain risk concerning the present build up on both sides and Putin does not seem to be hesitant when it comes to involving his nation in military conflicts. The only real asset he holds is that huge nuclear arsenal and with him in command I see a possible negative outcome for the entire world if the escalation continues.

  86. FALSE,Polina is a paid Russian troll of a wroter!We laugh at her here in the EU offices.America is our beyondALLY!We are not moving closer to Russia for crying out loud.Putin is losing rhetorics because isis has smuggled a small bomb inside the Russian plane!Polina is unleashed ….3 russian planes downed in one week….Egypt,Sudan&Crimea..

  87. Polina is a butt of Russian paid troll from Putin….She is the butt of jokes in the EU..Merkel did not gave her interviews.Ask her so we can listen..EU&America’s Alliance is ünparallel”…Greetings from the EU offices…Putin is losing rhetorics from denying isis claim bombing the Russian plane but evidence showed today!PLENTY of bomb schrapnels marks!!!!!!Bye Polina Russian paid troll…my greetings to loser Putin,with his republican supporters,all LOSERS!

  88. We in the EUnion are not moving closer to Russia for crying out loud.We are not republican or Putin losers…..America&EUnion Alliance is ünparallel!Polina is a paid Russian troll…We laugh at Russian POLINA,the butt of jokes.Isis smuggled a small bomb inside the Russian plane!&Putin is losing rhetorics,evidence shoed marks plenty of schrapnel marks from a bomb!

  89. Great stuff from a Kremlin supporter; Polina Tikhonova with this childish propaganda seeking to divide the US and EU alliance. There is no way EU is going to support KGB Putin under any circumstances so please take your ridiculous article and return to Moscow. Thanks for the substandard RT “news coverage”. We are not imbeciles you know.

  90. Finally one with a sharp eye!Polina the Russian paid troll here,in Europe.The Russian plane was bombed by isis in Egypt,eveidence showed shrapnels marks inside afew minutes ago….When Putin is losing rhetorics he unleashes Russian paid trolls…..3 Russian planes downed in one week!And what do you say about that huh Polina?We are allies beyond allies with America not moving closer to Russia,in your twisted mind!NEVER!

  91. Sure , The media loves to play the people. Folks don’t believe any of this dribble. Why Yahoo or Google even puts this BS in their sites. I am getting so tired of this crap. The Folks in Europe know the truth. Russia may have been a Allie in WW2. But they turned like snakes on the countries they liberated. Made them like slaves. It was wrong FDR allowed this to happen. I don’t understand why. One man told me it was hindsight. But I didn’t understand that. I think America & England should have went and crushed Russia for being nothing more then the evil Stalin was before WW2. He was as evil as Hitler. But the world was so tired of WW2 they let him exist. Big mistake ! One the world will probably pay a big price for.

  92. Yeah, Bruno? Care to engage me about how “wrong” I am? Or, are you just good at tossing insults but can’t walk the walk?

  93. Im deeply shocked Americans dont understand how big is today Russian influence in Europe.
    Prussia was always sympathetic to Russia.
    Merkel is nowadays the closest friend of Putin.
    Very friendly to Russia is ,except Germany,also France and Italy.
    There exist a Big Plan to eliminate US from Europe.
    The authors were Andropov and Gorbatchov.
    Its nothing new,but much was already done.
    America,awake !

  94. EUROPE should start do?ng what they set out to do when the EUwas formed ?nstead of blam?ng
    MRObama they hurr?ed Countr?es ?nto EU s membersh?p before ne?ther s?de was ready for the un?on
    But they made sure to segregate releg?ons and keep them out l?ke TURKEY wh?ch they could help prepare
    For membersh?p the rest of the World ?s outs?de EUROPE Russ?a ?s tak?ng advantage of all theese
    And ?nfact may be starts confrontat?ons del?berately to weaken Europe wh?le Amer?ca ?s busy try?ng to deal w?th the Israel?an Palest?n?an problem wh?ch ?s the ROOT of most problems ?n the World but EU
    Turns a bl?nd eye to the most dangerous problem that creates most problems ?nclud?ng the REFUGEE

  95. Why doesn’t Europe put the immigrants into camps, assist Russia to stabilize Syria, Iraq and Libya; then send the immigrants back to their own countries. Because Europe’s individual countries’ cultures, will be destroyed if they take on such large numbers of immigrants, who will insist on their own cultures and thus be problems.
    Everyone has a right to their culture; however FORCING different cultures together, is throwing gasoline on a fire.

  96. The Jerusalem post is quoted and occupying more than half of this article. The people behind it are war mongers. Crimea belonged to Russia historically and it was given to Ukraine during the Soviet Empire, however after the collapse of the empire, the Russian speaking population did not want to be part of Ukraine anymore, so they voted to be part of Russia again. Where is the aggression folks? The conflict in Eastern Ukraine with the separatists has also been labeled an aggression by Russia. So far I have not seen the Russian army fighting that war for them, so where is the Russian aggression? Yes, we have seen sporadic evidence that Russians were fighting along with the separatists but there was no overwhelming evidence that they were sent by the Kremlin, but rather volunteers or soldiers of fortune. This is no different when we see British & Spanish combatants fighting alongside Ukraine. Just because you see an article hardly substantiated but built on fallacies does not make the allegations true.

  97. “Whatever you call it, we need Russia to solve numerous crises and conflicts around the world”, said German Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank Walter-Steinmeier”.

    Mr Foreign Minister, Russia isn’t a group of mechanics, doctors, nurses and carpenters that can take their little toolboxes and medical kits and run around the world, adopting a Bob-the-Builder type-attitude or start putting Band-Aids on the boo-boos of other countries, expecting them to go away. The Russians have their own problems and have to deal with them, just like we, the U.S. do.

  98. The only liars here are russians and their lie goverment – you have choosen to beleivewhat russias says – wiht any check if this is the exact true ! russia says one thing but do the complete opposite ! you wil get a chock if you knew the thruth idiot !

  99. Naive yes – Obama has been so naive that we shake our heads here in EU – russians you can not thrust – instead of ask CIA he shoudl have asked the countries in East Europe. they hate Russians -and of a good reason…

  100. I have commented on this USA-RUSSIA issue 2 months ago.I did comment that Russia as a global Super Power should not have been under estimated by The US. Ukraine was in perfect peace when USA & her NATO partners conspired to destabilized Ukraine for EU expansion,thus overthrowing the constitutionally elected Government that was amicably close to Russia & Russia`s influence. Shall Putin just sit by to be so belittled and marginalized? The EU should not be fools to just jump in to a useless war with Russia; which shall bring about catastrophic consequences caused by a failed US international policy. Be very careful EU,the world all over know your competence in world security and handling of tensed situations,so do not let this planet earth be doomed.

  101. No russians do what they can do best- lie lie and lie to all to their own people WHO stupidly beelive the goverments bullshit Russia is highly unreliable neighb our to have say oen thing and do the complete opssite. and rude and primitive agressor ! the World woudl be a beter place with out russians

  102. Europe is invaded by undercover russians with polish, lathian, lituanian, serbian,….slavic, russian language based countries documents. this news is a prove of this russian undercover jurnalist.

  103. How come I hear nothing but anti-American rhetoric from this Russian born author? Europe turns away from the U.S. to Russia, really? Is that why NATO just had its largest military exercise and sent troops and heavy military machines to the Baltic states? Deport her back to mother Ruskie already.

  104. sorry Great Britain and Australia are already allied with China. Remember the gun salute, the Royal Dinner etc to honor Xi Jinping, while Australian navy and air force are enjoying war games with China.

  105. Well, Steve, isn’t it funny how the US is acting more like the old USSR and National Socialists these days, and Putin is the man showing restraint, cool-headedness, and real leadership qualities? He’s certainly doing well in his own nation, as he enjoys the highest approval rating of any first-world leader on the planet.

    Anything else, Steve?

  106. No, the hubristic, bumbling US of today which has made a complete disaster of the Middle East and threatened Europe’s very survival by demanding Europe be an obedient serf to the US’s crazed, interventionist, Imperialist plans and actions around the world. Get your head out of Uncle Sam’s rear and have a look around now and then. You might learn something.

  107. Well, it is hard to blame the Europeans for calling a spade a spade. They are worried, based on Obama’s history, that he will find an excuse not to defend Europe should Putin decide to attack a NATO country like Estonia or Poland. And, as bad as it sounds, they have a point, as Russia has a history of attacking both Poland and the Baltic states, both under the Czars and under the Communists. Europe today is weak militarily, they depended on the US for their defense. Given that they cannot depend on US leadership since Obama is in the WH they are cozying up with Putin, a very rational behavior.

  108. The misuse or omission of definite and indefinite articles, choice of the wrong prepositions, and overall awkward writing and communication in English are indicators that a foreign writer and speaker of English has not properly mastered the language in the capacity that a news correspondent should have.

  109. Bye…..Europe is a glorified American military base. And thats about it…..But Europe will do what Europe does best..have a problem, remembering that they are completely incapable of dealing with their own problems and then turn around and be like “HELP AMERICA, WE SUCK AND DONT KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING COME HLP US AGAIN”….Europe sucks….so bye bye, our only ally that i have naything good to say about is Japan

  110. Read more of what she writes. Quite a few of her articles are pro-Russian. And no matter what you like… some countries already so tired of the World Authority.

  111. The hubristic bumbling US that helped them to recover after WWII for the domineering dictatorship of Russia under Czar Putin, the proud successor of Stalin??

  112. That same author writes pretty much anything. Now it is about who says what. Yet this time most of what they say is logical. The whole story with the rise of ISIS is one big FUBAR and the rest of Syrian moderate terrorists are functioning and everybody guessing why. And the guess is very obvious. On top of that millions of refugees a storming in EU. How come Russia would be the source of these problems?

  113. Concur and sanctions were just unanimously renewed into March 2016 – not many Russian allies there to prevent that. Also lets list the EU countries that publicly state Russia as a threat:


    The countries that have hinted at rapprochement with Russia all have some kind of vested interest:

    Greece – Amateur socialists. Tspiras went to Moscow and knelt before Putin’s open fly but still got nothing
    Germany – Replaced all its Nuclear power plants with gas fired ones and by default increased its dependence on Russian gas. Plus, ex leaders like Gerhard Schroeder who works for a Russian Gas company and lobby’s the Germany political establishment

    Moldova wants into Europe
    Ukraine wants into Europe
    Georgia wants into Europe
    Event pro-Russia Serbia wants into Europe

    Nicolas Sarkozy was a crook anyway. He’s not in power anymore and if he is advocating for relieving sanctions on Russia that means he’s being paid to take that position.

  114. Turning towards Russia, what utter, utter nonsense.
    Hire some professional journalists ValueWalk and not syndicated Russian shills like this silly cow.

  115. maybe than the votes were counted wrong? when the majority voted not for Obama? what a nice democratic system you have over there?

  116. USA? you got your president, what more do you want/?control of the whole world? forget it. after Bush&co the world has changed…

  117. At this rate by the time Obama leaves office the US will be isolated with only a few allies maybe Great Britain and Israel and those are maybes.

  118. who puts the clowns into the oval office, the senate or house of reps? you the voters. you only get what and who you vote for. such is democracy. sometimes though is does not matter so much who votes, but who counts the voters and how they are being counted….

  119. Europe does not need DESPERATELY Russia. but it is far closer than the USA. and a bigger, always reliable partner when needed. Russia and his president do not change their opinion with the wind or how it is convenient.

  120. Russia CANT DO SHIT. Take a close look at that nation and its army. You would be lucky if it even has any nukes that can leave their positions, let alone reaching the U.S. What are you talking about?

  121. Agreed, add Ukraine and U.S. to the list. They’ve been doing it for the past 2 years. As a Ukrainian, I cannot stress enough gratitude as to how much the U.S, has helped us. If it wasn’t for you, Ukraine probably would have been annexed much further than Crimea. You guys are awesome.

  122. You Russians still keep dreaming no matter where in the world you are or work at? Your telling me right now that after decades of an alliance Europe is turning away to Russia? One more question, for what? What did they forget in Russia?

  123. Yeah they just started using guided missiles. 30 years after the US. And they blew up some cows in Iraq when they were supposed to be launched into Syria. Get real clown.

  124. Maybe when they could and WOULD actually protect themselves from their own. Like Hitler. Or Putin. Otherwise, enjoy the new lifestyle comrade.

  125. The article continuously says European leaders but does not cite any examples. Also a good example would be European leaders publicly declaring an end to Russian sanctions. I have not heard of this happening much if at all.

  126. Don’t blame just Obama, both elitist party system, including Obama, GWB, Pelosi/Boehner in the Congress, lobbyists and puppet media are to blame. I feel that by going to Syria to prevent another US generated coup and dismantling ISIS there, Putin has made America look very bad. Not to mention the wave of immigrants that are fleeing to Europe and causing crises because of the mess we’ve made in ME. Look at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands lives lost, trillions of dollars, and in return we got ISIS out of it. Our leaders in DC have completely lost it and with Hillary and GOP pack/or Trump we will get more of the same. With exception of Rand Paul, we are looking at imminent decline of America and more of the same failed gov’t policies. People are making big mistake by falling for Trump, he is just another false savior like Obama was 8 years ago, all talk, puff & smoke. Having said that, until America is still standing and Putin continues to threaten the Baltics, there is not a chance for Europe to make ties with Russia. But even Europe in desperation can only put up so much with the irresponsible and nonchalant behavior of American failed foreign policy until they get a wake up call and say enough is enough.

  127. It appeals to those who are at the bottom and trying to convince others hell is a wonderful place when the air conditioner is working..

  128. What you need to deal with in the Middle East is intelligence, I’m not talking about C.I.A., a complete failure, but real intelligence, I good mean comprehension about what is going on there.

  129. Hahahahaha! You must be kidding! Europe will change their allegiance to Russia? I think maybe you misreported this article.Go and retype it.Something is wrong in here.

  130. There’s not doubt that the Russian’s blockade has been obnoxious to Europeans, French (Mistral’s vessels) and german’s close trade with Russia.

  131. Don’t you folks think the world is laughing at us. We still think that other countries should have a government just like ours. If anything those countries should run away from any attempt to run a country like we do. ll this

  132. Yes. President Obama has been a big disappointment in many ways. I voted for him twice with the expectation that he would attempt to deal with major problems we have here in the U.S., not just the economy. At the end of the day he is just another politician telling the public what they want to hear in order to get elected. While I do not fault him for the Iraq mess, this is solely George W. Bush (and his cronies Cheney, Rumsfield, etc.) doing and responsibility, his handling of other matters in the east through Hilliary Clinton and now John Kerry have been naïve and have made matters worse. If one wants to deal with problems like the Middle East one must do so from a position of strength, and Obama does not seem to have the cajones for this. I have worked in the Middle East since 2004 and was in Iraq in 2004-2005. I have come to have a good understanding of the situation there, and one cannot talk about democracy or reason in this region. This region has been a disaster for centuries and will continue to be so for some time to come. His inaction and attempt to rationalize with the irrational has only made things. worse.

  133. Number One! The majority of Americans did NOT vote for Obama they voted for Dr. Ron Paul but apparently you don’t know anything about the vote fraud that went on during the election debates. Ron Paul had to turn people away where ever he had a rally because of over crowding the buildings and stadiums was unsafe. Obama had to bus three hundred people every where he went but Ron Paul didn’t get NO tv time but Obama did. The last thing here is that ever since the old practice of voting was done away with and went to electronic voting the new voting machines can be hacked. The old system was reliable because you could go back over the paper work and do a re-count, the new system cannot recount. The American people didn’t vote for this tyrant that is in office except the one’s that thought they were going to get something for free, like Obama promised everyone. He said he was going to take away from the rich and give it to the poor so all the younger people voted for Obama. Then there are his invisible bosses that actually tell him what to do in office because Obama is not that smart in my opinion. I try to be independent and research whom I want to vote for and Obama didn’t fit on my list.
    So before you accuse the American people for voting for someone like Obama, seek the real truth about what really went on during the elections before that tyrant Obama was put in office. He has stated on many occasions that he hated the United States. When he was running for office in the senate he told another candidate he could only run for senate because he was not an American Citizen and therefore could not run for any other office.

  134. So maybe we should pull out all our military support of Europe and let them face Russia,,We can pretty much figure the outcome with Russia dictating every aspect of European life,,skimming all of their profits and resources while turning them into nothing better than buffer zones..I actually think we should let this go down and see if Europe likes Putin and his cohorts as well as they liked the possibility and reality of living under the Nazi boot heel..If you guys think that Russia as a benevolent protector just ask the Crimeans

  135. Because Poland has a history of bad relations with the USSR , from WWII onward .
    The US controls NATO and seeks any excuse to station NATO close to Russia .
    All the troubles in the world today are caused by the US , going back to Vietnam , Iraq ,
    Afghanistan , Egypt , Libya , Syria and Ukraine .

  136. Well, it’s about damn time! I was wondering when Europe was going to wise up, stop being US vassals, and ditch the hubristic US for Russia.

  137. Europe veering away from US due to Obama is the fault of the Americans who voted for him in lieu of Clinton during the democratic nomination. On that nomination debate Obama is glaringly observed to be a liar but an eloquent speaker. A good liar for he was able to elude responding directly to the allegations of corruption asked by Clinton

  138. This is nothing about said truth, but reality where both entities are capable of each destruction.
    Some people willing to predict outcome in the case of bad scenario, but, again, folks of both countries are way less willingness to do harm each other prosperity, including entire “blue” planet, our only habitable home for now and perhaps for many decades ahead.

  139. I don’t even know how she can put out so many articles so fast. The propaganda office in Moscow must have a bunch of authors that are using her name, and they all ran them all at once. These articles are nothing but pure Russia propaganda..

  140. I don’t disagree. We need to keep our noses out of other countries business, but we must show our friends we can be trust…and we are not doing that. Obama has betrayed America’s allies, and no one trusts us anymore.

  141. Let Putin take some responsibility in Syria.Russia has been standing behind Assad and his family for generations and now helping Assad Bomb anyone that opposes his rule in Syria which includes many unarmed women and children along with unarmed men. Europe wanted a Leader in USA that turned away from the Warmongering that President Bush brought and asking Europe to help in his endeavors every step of the way.EU got what they wanted but some now think Obama went too far away from taking the responsibility to wage wars on their borders to keep countries stable near them.
    EU needs to wake up and start taking more responsibility to stabilize countries near them so they do not have refugee problems like they have now.
    USA can not do everything and bare the cost by majority worldwide every time something needs to be fixed.
    USA has backed away from wars to let the cost of keeping peace lay on the countries where the problems reside so WE in USA can take care of our own problems and rebuild our own crumbling infrastructure.USA has the most capable Military Worldwide but that does not help our local infrastructure and does not create many more jobs in USA.
    IF people in war torn countries have the ambition to stand up for themselves and their country,USA will help all it can. We in USA will not continue helping people that think we are going to do everything for them as far as security goes. If you can’t help yourself a little bit and grow stronger ,why should we have to hold your hand all of your lives and suck the life out of our country to do so ?

  142. Hold on. You’re telling me Russia could destroy the US with it’s nuclear arsenal? Wow. If only America could come up with a few of these types of weapons. Then, maybe America could fight back! Ohh wait, America and Russia have had the ability to destroy each other for right around half a century. I forgot. Perhaps the author of this child-like article did as well. Hopefully America can withstand the whole of Europe turning against them and running to Russia. After all, as the author wrote, several European politicians have been critical of the US! That’s never happened before!

  143. Just close EU borders for islam invaders ! Best , most fast way to get rid of them !If they dont want get back , shoot them all !

  144. Russia controlled eastern Europe for 47 years and if Putin’s KGB approach was used they still would have controlled it. As Putin has stated numerous times, “the worst catastrophe of the 20-th century was the dissolution of the USSR”. Putin would have done to the Polish union Solidarity, what he did in Chechnya and what Russia did in Czechoslovakia in 1967 and in Hungary 1954. Send in the tanks and troops. Russia under Tsars and the Commissars has master the use of terror, intimidation, arrest, murder, internal military action and internal exile to control the population. At one time the KGB and MVD had their own troop divisions for enforcement actions.

  145. Europe has always turned away from the United States. The American people have always had an indifferent attitude to the events in the middle east and especially during the Obama administration which promised that it would bring back every American soldier stationed there. I do not think this is news. The number one world leader is now Russia, no question about it. It is the American people who have chosen this. This is not news.

  146. You guys here are not reading this article carefully. On a surface it looks it is “pro-Russian propaganda”, as some of you mentioned.
    This article is weak and very anti-Russian, still blubbering about the Crimea, bombing of civilians in Syria, threatening of Poland, Baltic states and Finland (?!?!?!). In other words repeating all the Fox News BS, designed to turn Americans against Russia/Putin.
    Russia does not need such “help”!
    The truth will prevail no matter what. The world sooner then later will find out who is behind the creation of ISIS, gassing of Syrians in Damascus, sniper killings and downing of Malaysian plane in Ukraine, etc.!

  147. People should be able to speak their mind about any leader. I have my reservations about President Obama but I hardly think we want someone like President Bush back. All of the current Republican candidates for President will, if elected, guarantee us another war and will continue the process of bankrupting us so that they can get rid of our social safety net. The Europeans should engage with the Russians. All the better to know what Putin is like. The US portrays him as a tyrant but we can hardly call the US government, it’s journalists, or any of its politicians as disinterested bystanders. The US government wants everyone to look to it for leadership. All of our news organizations are trying to start another war for the ratings and the money they bring. The Republicans need an enemy to terrify the population so that they will be unquestioned as they waste billions on defense while claiming that cutting the taxes of the wealthy will pay for the spending. The Europeans should find out what Putin is really like and not leave negotiating with him to the US. There only problem is their inability to agree on what to do. With so many governments to get on board, it is difficult to agree on any policy quickly. Also, they have all cut their defense spending so much that unless they almost all agree, they haven’t the force to deal with Russia. Some people, like myself, might say that is a good thing. It discourages military expeditions and leaves the civilians in control. We could use a bit more of that in the US. We need a lot more intelligent people for that to happen, though.

  148. I enjoyed his foreign policy with the French when he sent John Kerry and James
    Taylor to sing “you’ve got a friend” after their citizens were killed by Muslims earlier this year. The next
    move would be James Taylor and Carly Simon sing “Mockingbird” to Putin.

  149. Yes, Russia can destroy the U.S., just like the U.S. could destroy Russia. The is mutually assure destruction. That is not a new concept.

  150. So why is the EU and USA setting up “anti-Russian propaganda” task forces? If it didn’t work well outside of Russia there would be no need to.

  151. Who can be surprised that the European countries are fed up with obama? Millions of us have been saying for seven years now that his plan was to piss off all our allies and embolden our enemies. Well, that’s one thing he has been able to accomplish. When we get to elect a real president this next time, they are going to have one hell of a job repairing all the damage and ill will obama has done, around the globe, and especially to the United States and it’s citizens. No one knows exactly why the obama’s hate America, only that they both do.

  152. Why is anyone actually surprised at this? There is a REASON Obama made the deal with Iran and it wasn’t because sanctions were working and we were in a position of strength. He knew that Europe was already hedging on those and if he didn’t act soon he would have NO position to negotiate from. the same is happening with the sanctions over Russia’s actions in the Ukraine. Europe went along initially but have steadily been looking for ways around them or to even get rid of them entirely. It’s just a matter of time before they go away and Obama can only hope they do so quietly.
    The evidence of his lack of foreign policy in all areas just keeps piling up.

  153. What a moronic article this is. There can be no doubt that Thikhonova is one of the propaganda trolls on Putin’s payroll. She completely scraped the bottom of the barrel to come up with little out of context and overhyped excuses to serve a rationalizations for a propaganda piece that has zero connection to reality. Russian disinformation trolls are the cancer of the Internet.

  154. Polinais is a Trol…….no one sense will write this kind of article……You know propaganda has it limits …. lady if you will continue as that you will have and do more supporters to Putine in USA then in Russia!!!!!

  155. This is perhaps the most idiotic article I have ever read, but of course there will be many who react to this nonsense with fear and anger, somehow managing to give credence to what is an extremely flawed and inaccurate article. Here come the comments from the easily scared throngs to whom facts mean far less than empty words, especially if those words are in print. Ahhh!

  156. Polina, Polina,
    basically relationship which USA has with their ” Friends” country is simple. Everything is based on slavery. USA is master other is the slaves…If USA tell you orders you MUST close your mouth and do what USA tell you. Or if you will not do it USA will bombing you, They will destroy your economies and they will ask USA justice system to destroy you your family, your country they will send people to kill presidents, they will give money to terrorist group to kill you and destroy your country…? That is way how USA deal with their friend…..and USA at same time they funding Islamic Terrorist ? Hahahahha From there .you are really surprise why almost everybody except Ukrainians fascist, Albanians / Kosovo Drug dealers, and Islamic Terrorist , try to escape from this Friendly relation sheep with USA ? Hahahahah

  157. @Andrew, Your English is horrible…Just like your sense of humor. What you need to do is shut your cocksmoker, go find the tallest bridge in your city and take the fastest way down. The world would be a better place without you. Peace

  158. Sorry buddy I am from St. Louis, MO. I am Ukrainian American. Definitely not a redneck. I sit in my office all day unfortunately. I was in Ukraine in July. The people do just fine and are very happy hard working honest good people. Thank you for your intelligent post Andrew (Guest)–why don’t you have real account? Are you a typical Russian troll?

  159. Well democraps you got what you wanted in electing the first Black idiot to office, Our former friends across the pond, middle east turning toward Russia, Nice going America nice going, quick now lets elect Hillary another know nothing self absorbed Idiot woman, LOL America you get what you elect, Very foolish.

  160. hey, whats up ukrainian redneck! How is it? Are you in EU already? )) How you can survive with 100$ average salary per month? Go to Zimbabve, there more money!!))

  161. LOLOL……have you seen the homeless in San Francisco, New York City and other cities? In a report by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, many cities said they’ve seen a rise in hunger and homelessness. One in 30 US children are homeless. Homeless meaning they don’t have a home and and the clothing, phones, homes, that you speak of…they are homeless! You can’t make Russia any worse than the USA as the US is steadily in decline. Russia will now prosper and the world is seeing who the real bully is. Russians have never done anything to you. They are people just like those in the US who want to take care of their families and do their best. If you want to call Russia’s leadership sick….the US is no better!

  162. your argument is weak, and it jut reinforces just how far behind russia is from the rest of the modern world. everyone here is laughing at you.

  163. the definition of poor in the US is far different than russia. in the US, our poor have food, clothing, phones, homes etc. in russia they have nothing but drug addictions. kremlin troll, pushing putins propaganda for him. modern day kgb

  164. She has some klue, of course not entire Europe will be turn to the Russia, but many countries will, espacially Balcans and some south european countries. Putin has a huge influence and its true!

  165. While few will bother to investigate why on their own, in my opinion the USA would be far better off distancing ourselves from the EU dictatorship and the UN all together. Russia is NOT the enemy, nor is any other country. The real enemy of the USA is the USA government and all the controlling alphabet agencies who truly pull the strings. The POTUS has very little to do with the real issues that are adversely affecting the citizens of the USA, congress and the pentagon are where the real criminals reside. While the citizens have turned their attention to entertainment and the hording of material things to keep them all warm and fuzzy,(another cause for concern), the very element that we left in “order to form a more perfect union”, has been allowed back in and to a much more devastating degree than ever. When the citizens of any country allow themselves to be persuaded into “believing” that trading freedoms for security against a threat the very people who try to “protect” us are orchestrating, their oppression to a greater degree will always follow. Those of us who are able to recognize that which lies squarely in front of our noses are not caught off guard, but the rest of the country is blindly playing “follow the nefarious leadership” right over the cliff. The desires of the few must never outweigh the needs of the many, I know what this sounds like, but sometimes cliches are worthy of consideration.

  166. LOLOL… get censored on all sites. There are some sites that censor you if you type Obama’s name. This one doesn’t…

  167. Keep making the Russian oligarchs richer and richer, all while the russians get poorer. its so sad, watching people in russia fight for their own oppression. tjese trolls are the modern day kgb, serving the dictators needs

  168. LOLOLOLOL……the US is trillions in debt not Russia. Americans can’t even say anything anymore or you lose your jobs and shamed because the homosexuals have more rights the the rest of the population. At least Putin knows the difference between a man and a woman and he out lawed homosexulaity propaganda to children. Obama lit up the white house in the homosexual’s rainbow flag!..LOLOLOLOL….and by the way, how’s that over 40 million on food stamps doing? Oh, I have to check the news for the latest shooting in America….the uncivilized 1st world, 2nd world, 3rd world nation!!! Let’s see, America comes 50th worldwide in education….LOL…by the way I’m not Russian, if I were I would say it and be proud of it!

  169. its far more than a lie. if i type the authors first name, it moderates me. hows that for russian sensorship. putin lies and his ppl suffer, all to feed the hungry oligarchs

  170. US spent $5billions in Ukraine bc it wanted “democracy” to flourish there…. Yeah right! More like it used that money to buy out corrupt politicians, mafia nationalists, and dumb youth so that it could destroy Ukraine just to hurt Russia. If you think US cares about Ukraine – I’d hate to disappoint you – US gives zero funks about Ukraine or its people

  171. says the woman with a dictator for a leader. a dictator who only serves the oligarchs needs and becomes rich at the expense of its people. the average russian is as poor as somalian

  172. But Ukraine is nothing but a money pit who begs Russia for gas. Russia allowed Ukraine for years to have gas on credit, and Ukraine owed Russia billions, which now Ukraine is begging the EU to pay. Ukraine foolishly turned against Russia after the US installed their foolish Ukraine puppet who is an idiot of the worse kind! If Russia really wanted Ukraine, it could have the country in a week! Who wants that money pit? Russia got what they wanted, the Crimea, without shooting a bullet! Ukraine is nothing, all is ruined and the country was used as a proxy but it’s all failing…….LOLOLOLOLOL

  173. More BS from this so called author. If you type in her name it sensors you. I have written a million times how ridiculous this russian writer is. somebody head butt her please. she wont dare mention putins artocities or criticize him, ever.

  174. This lady is dreaming. The west has its differences, but they all understand the Russian threat. It is the same as the threat all dictatorial regimes present to their neighbors. And, downplaying Russia was a great idea, because it is true. It is no longer the USSR, it is a single state barely able to feed its own people and functioning on a single source of income. That is the definition of a regional power rather than an international one. Even regional powers, however, can have nuclear weapons. It does not make them matter any more or less.

  175. LOLOLOLOLOL…. Putin is a warmonger when it’s the US going around invading countries with hundreds of bases around the world in countries that don’t want them there. US has destroyed the Middle East and now Russia has to repair it!…..What other world are you from?

  176. Exactly….in addition, they want access to the Chinese market which is larger than the EU 500 million people. China has billions of people and they all want a piece of the pie. Western consumers have run their course so they want new consumers for their products.

  177. bull shit. Do you even know what the federal reserve is? I doubt it. The war in Iraq was probably a mistake. One that tyhe democratic controlled congress authorized. Yep, old Hillary voted to go to war as a senator. Something you lying liberals forget. The attack on the twin towers was planned during Bill Clintons term in office. Yep, the hijackers attended flight school while Clinton was president. Bush inherited a six TRILLION dollar debt from Clinton. He added 4 TRILLION to it. Obama has added 8 TRILLION to it and they just raised the debt ceiling again. . Obama inherited a 10 TRILLION dollar debt. It is now 18 TRILLION. Sure was nice of Obama giving wall street millionaires BILLIONS of tax payer dollars, wasn’t it? Had Bush done that, you would be screaming corporate welfare. But, since Obama did it, you say he saved the economy. And, what was it that caused the economy to crash? The housing crisis caused by the affordable housing act. Written by DEMOCRAT Barney Frank and passed by the DEMOCRAT controlled congress. It was supposed to help poor people buy a house. All it did was create a false housing boom and then bust when most of those buyers defaulted and their houses were foreclosed on. Funny isn’t it that MORE people are on government assistance now than at ANY time in history. Yep, more “poor” people now than when Bush was president. But, I guess it’s ok to be poor as long as you don’t have to work. Just collect your government money every month.

  178. Exactly…..remember, these people don’t think for themselves. They are drunk with western propaganda. It’s a shame really…..

  179. They have to be lifted, EU is losing too much money. In fact, Russia and EU were fine until the US got involved. What has Russia done to you? Don’t let the western propaganda take over your mind. THINK FOR YOURSELF….!!!!!

  180. But is the article a lie? Isn’t Europe getting tired of the USA? They’ve lost billions with the sanctions on Russia, they’re idiots for doing the sanctions in the first place! Europe had everything to lose, the USA had nothing to lose.

  181. Carol, remember that China has a long term view, their actions of today will reflect in the 3-5 year plan.
    Europe and USA have a Wall Street mentality, their horizon is only a 12 month period.
    This means that today you may not but Chinese products because of a temporary boycott bur remember that Merkel and the French President went to peddle Europe’s goods and services only last week, so where do you put the boycott?

  182. EU may be turning away from Obama but certainly not towards Putin. It is amazing that yahoo keeps republishing this Kremlin-troll. Putin does not allow one line of anti-Kremlin PR in Russia.

  183. Both. A lot of it is ignorance. They don’t have any desire to follow what is going on. They depend on the liberal media to tell them what to think. And, as long as they get their government freebies every month, they are satisfied. If you asked many of them to name who their congressman or senator is, they couldn’t do it. I remember a few years ago Jay Leno asked people how many senators their state had. Most of them didn’t know. And, of course, they are hypocrites. If Bush had done what Obama has done, they would criticize him. But, they praise Obama. For example, had Bush given BILLIONS of dollars to bail out wall street, they would be screaming corporate welfare. But, since Obama did it, they say he saved the economy. Same thing, different opinion.

  184. I’m reposting b/c my other post appears not to have gone through.
    I did read the quotes, and I also read the quotes you used. Nothing you posted was from a foreign leader. This is exactly Russell’s point. The author uses quotes from journalists to try and prove a point. You’re doing the exact same thing by reposting them. Journalists are not foreign leaders…

  185. Yes, I did read the quotes. I also read yours and it didn’t contain one single quote from a foreign leader. This is exactly Russell’s point. She is making claims based on what other journalists are saying…which is precisely what you’re doing (by again using the journalist’s quotes). Journalists are not foreign leaders…

  186. it’s all over the place (propaganda from Russia). Our Russian beauty claims ” Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers,
    magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe” All financed by PUTIN and his fellow thieves.

  187. Russkie trash written by Russkie trash. This must be where all the Russian Trolls gather to reassure one another that their country is still relevant…..

  188. just part of obama’s plan to destroy the US that he hates so much. He and michelle “all this for a damn flag..look it up on youtube” hate whitey, europe, and everyone, including themselves…at least that is what it looks like from the way they behave and from their actions.

    Oh well. This too shall pass.

  189. Polina the paid russian writer attacking Pres.Obama on LIES..In her twisted mind..Polina you are BUSTED!How about writing about the sanctions and freezing of Russian money courtesy of us here in Europe?How about the 3 Russian plane this week crashing!!!!!(Egypt,Sudan&Crimea)…Polina is a fantastic paid liar of a writer…EU&America are beyond ALLIES!

  190. It looks like another troll from St Petersburg trying to spread some propaganda. Russia is a nation which as a whole needs a good psychologist to deal with their distorted view of their surrounding. Nothing positive is coming out of this country , nothing. I hope this country will be wipe out from the map in the future

  191. Polina, the Putin’s writer of all time……We know Polina the fantast Russian writer trying to spread LIES all the time…Have you heard Polina’s writing about the 3 Russian plane this November crashing?Egypt,Sudan&Crimea?)When Russia & Putin are losing they unleash POLINA the paid writer of nonsense…

  192. We in Europe are boycotting Chinas goods…after trying to steal an entire sea..China with less orders will go down….Look China’s economy is SLOW…Europe&America are the global economic oligarch!

  193. It can’t conquer us… it’s twisted mind.Polina the Russian writer is a fantast!We know her from Europe she is a paid Russian writer….so she spreads like quitter Palin’s does…

  194. LIES,… from this paid Russian Polina the writer,that’s all what she wanted you to believe!We in the EUnion are still beyond allies with America….we are not moving closer to Russia.In your dreams Polina.

  195. Polina has been a Russian paid fantast of a writer…We do not believe her writings from the EUnion…EU&America are beyond allies…We are not moving closer to theif annexing Russia..

  196. Europe respect&admire President Obama….Polina is a fantastic Russian liar writer…EU&America are ONE!Russia is our enemy,we have encircled Russia from the Baltics to the Red sea,greetings from NATO…

  197. Polina is a paid Russian writer….we think of her at the EUnion offices as a pro Russian thinker!paid by Putin’s men to write some stuff like this one…Polina is a fantastic LIAR!We in the EUnion are not moving closer to thief annexing Russia…America&EU’s Alliance is beyond family friends….Sanctions against Russia won’t be LIFTED!same as the billions of euros we have FROZEN after stealing Crimea…Polina you are busted!Greetings from the EUnio offices here in Brussels…

  198. Surely you read the quotes.
    “continent is growing disenchanted with Barack Obama,” Vinocur said.
    Moreover, “there is a willingness in Europe to place blame on [Obama] himself.”

    Today we see that European “politicians are naming him specifically
    in their rationalizations for cozying up to Russia. Commentators are
    mocking what they see as Mr. Obama’s boundless caution,” the journalist noted.

    In October, Berlin-based Tagesspiegel called the U.S. President a man “no longer feared in the Middle East” in an article titled ‘Indecisive and Half-Hearted’.

    Not exactly “crapping on the USA”, but I didn’t use that phrase, the OP did. I simply refuted the OP’s comment that the author was down on the USA, when in fact it is the other world leaders that are recognizing the lack of leadership from this president.

  199. Well said,We in the EUnion are not moving closer to thief annexing Russia!!!America& the EUnion Alliance is beyond friends….Polina is a paid Russian writer…..

  200. We have frozen billions of Russian dough&sanctioned them…That’s how powerful we are!Polina is a pro-Russian writer being paid by stirr some nonsense!Russia can not conquer the EUnion for crying out loud.Polina the Russian writer is doing this to let you know that we in the EUnion are moving closer to thief annexing is a beyond fantasy!The EU and America’s Alliance is unparallel!We are beyond allies…Greetings from the EUnion offices…

  201. Impossible…America and the EUnion are the global economic oligarch,alliance is beyond friends….Polina the Russian writer is a paid Putin snake writer…

  202. We adore,admire&respect President Obama in the EUnion…This is Polina writing Russian!the sanctions against Russia won’t be lifted!This Polina writer ,always spreads like Fox’s…does…Attacking Pres.Obama & trying to spread that EU is moving closer to thief annexing Russia.This is beyond LIES!Greetings from the EUnion offices here in Brussels…EU& America’s Alliance is beyond family……that’s the bottom line…we are both the global economic oligarch..FY Russian Polina!You are a paid writer of Putin!

  203. The earth is becoming overpopulated. ISLAM IS GROWING LIKE A PARASITIC MUSHROOM. We are in the age of stealth secret wars. ISLAMIC FASCISM and TERRORISM. Every western country with muslims in it will see terrorism for years to come.

  204. President Obama is the best thing that ever happened to America,still the nr.ONE ecoomy in the world,with the world currency the American dollar!eat your heart baby!….If he wasn’t the President,America would have been waging 3 wars right now!Russia is just the same as thief annexing China,trying to steal blindly the entire sea!Putin talking great?while 3 Russian planes crashed!Egypt,Sudan&Crimea…All 3 in the month November!

  205. For crying out loud,we in the Eunion are not getting closer with thief annexing Putin!The sanctions against Russia won’t be LIFTED!Never..

  206. Polina,again your views are pro-russian.EUnion is not lifting any sanctions.Russian dough that we have FROZEN remains FROZEN!USA and EUnion are beyond allies….Russia is just a small annexing thief…Write what you want to believe,but Russian planes are being downed,right now,one in Egypt,one in Sudan& one in Crimea….We in Europe would rather stay close with America than barbaric annexing Russia…

  207. Well, the point is that, despite assurances, the US going alone hasn’t create a functional world order. Other nations can no longer follow along hoping that it will. This isn’t about Europe getting closer to Russia. Other countries have been forced to reject a world governed by one country.

  208. It is sad for me to think of how many Americans still think that President Obama has been good for this country. Is it ignorance or denial?


    I saw a lot of hypocritical people towards President Obama.

    The reality was Obama, saved thousands of American military lives, million of Arabs, trillions $$, US economy.

    George Bush took us to unjustified war, killed thousands of Americans, millions of Arabs, lost the 2 trade center towers with thousands civilians, bankrupted the gov and US economy, emptied the treasury, federal reserve and wasted billions of $$$urplus and indebted the country of trillions $$$, but nobody say a word.

  210. Lol, he stole it 2 times in a row or did the joker of candidates the GOP put forth twice lost to him quite handily? It wasn’t even close in either election….smh!

  211. Na, you must not have been around in late ’08 when that idiot Bush was existing the stage left eh? His approval ratings were in the single digits and this country was in economic turmoil which means not only did Dems dislike him but a majority of Republicans did as well. Whether you like it or not the last I saw Obama’s approval ratings were in the 40 %-50% range. Hell, the GOP knew he was so awful to their party that they didn’t even allow Bush to show his face at either of the last 2 National Republican conventions and we all know why. Also, I don’t see any skyscrapers falling in the United States streets killing 3000+ innocent civilians because some moron ignored repeated warnings from multiple US intelligence agencies and sat on his hands in a class room after the 1st plane hit the WTC. Lastly, Obama found and killed Bin Laden in 1 and 1/2 years into his presidency while Georgie boy couldn’t find him in 7 and 1/2. My president is doing just fine thank you very much. SMH!

  212. Better than the Communist Traitor Obama…read Obama’s books, see the background of his Cabinet Appointees…. before you call anyone moronic.

    Get your head out of your ass…and do some research, stop being a Sheep.

  213. Exactly which quotes from foreign leaders were crapping on the USA? Merkel, Sarkozy, etc. said nothing to indicate that. Please enlighten me.

  214. Although I view Putin as an enemy of America, I do admire and respect his devotion to his Country. I only with we had someone only 1/2 as concerned about America as Putin is for Russia. There is no doubt Putin has Russia’s best interest always at heart. There is no doubt, by his actions and behavior Obama does not feel the same way about his country.

    Putin loves Russia, he serves Russia. Obama hates America, and wants it changed. I’ve read his books. I’ve followed his behavior for 7 years and watched how he masterfully LOST two wars and America’s standing and respect in the World.

    One is a Patriot the other a Traitor.

  215. In WWI America came to take the lion’s share of the Victory cake. In WWII to stop Russians arrival on Atlantic Ocean. Read the cause not the outcome.

  216. Putin is out of control because of Obama…remember the open mic where Obama told the Russian to tell Putin “I’ll be more receptive after my re-election” that was caught and taped. It was played to the American people…no one cared.

    Putin cared…he knew he had nothing to fear from Obama. He was a spineless punk who’d do nothing no matter what Russia did…and he was 100% right.

    Russia is a problem because we have a pitifully weak and treasonous President.

  217. The damage done to this country by Obama will be felt for decades after he’s gone. Unlike most who blindly support him, I’ve read his books. I know who he is. America has never had such a traitor in all its history. He may have already destroyed us, and we just don’t know it yet.

    His Administration is the most Corrupt, Communist and Muslim filled in our Nations History. Obama has authorized the immigration of almost a million Muslims from the Middle East, most adult males with few women and even less children.

    Without a doubt no President has ever exhibited such hostile and anti-America behavior, and still be embraced by such a large percentage of American society. The man refuses to salute the American Flag during the National Anthem…because… “he doesn’t like the words”.

    He takes $63 million dollars in illegal Campaign Contributions from Foreign terrorist groups, admits it…but never returns the money. And is never called on it.

    Obama is against every principal that set this Nation apart and made it great. Under his Presidency we have seen our standings in the World drop to the lowest in US History. Russia views him with disgust and contempt, he is respected by not one World Leader.

    Soon Americans will throw their support behind an ever bigger, proven, liar, traitor and criminal Comrade Hillary (the beast) Clinton.

    We allowed the Left and their lies to run GOD out of town…and we wonder why our Country is turning to chaos and moral decay. The government is growing far beyond its US Constitutional Boundaries and our elected leaders are too timid or too corrupt to stand up for America. Were on our own here.

    This next election will decide the fate of America, and if there is really going to even be an America other than in name only. Obama betrayed the Iraqi people, and thousands who trusted us are being slaughtered now. He won’t be held accountable…we will. When they seek revenge it will be upon you & I, not Obama as he’ll be safe and protected.

    Your children will not see the America we grew up honoring and loving. Their going to see a hateful America run by a corrupt government that is becoming stronger and more controlling everyday.

    Hillary will put on the finishing touches to the end of America.

  218. Ouch, now we start with the insults. That usually means the person has run out of arguments. You accused her of getting her “propaganda lines” from the Kremlin. I called bs (noting that the quotes she used were not her own) and your response is insults. Perfect!

  219. RussPA
    Do you know how to read? I am referring to her, the writer, not the ones she quoted and used in her article. Obviously! Idiot

  220. Terry
    Why do you live in the past? SOVIET IS LONG GONE! USSR HAS FALLEN. Ex-Soviet states are now their own sovereignty MAGGOT BRAIN! You can try twist things around but so far US is still the better ally than Putin’s greedy landgrabbing escapade! Ow, and ye, GRAB PUTIN’S NUTS AND SHOVE IT OFF YOUR FACE, PUTIN NUTHUGGER! Russia took on Ossetia and now Crimea, and you say US has been a bad partner? What the Fu is wrong with you? US Presidents are elected every 4 years! Putin’s been in office for more than a decade! MAGGOT BRAIN!

  221. Slacker
    And? I don’t like both of them. That’s my point.

    The trouble with Obama is, he’s got no clue on how to handle the worlds most powerful armed forces with proper and functioning foreign policy, yet through out his this time he’s been apologizing of US cowboy attitude policing the world. Yet when the time comes for him to step up on the international podium to lead he’s but a worthless crook! China and Russia are simply shoving him aside, even Saudi and its partners fighting Yemeni rebels didn’t even cared to get him on-board to lead, ignored his call in the Oval Office!

    Not that I like Putin more than Obama, this two egotistical lunatics are the worse of our time. But Obama must go to save America!

  222. Many of these other countries cannot or will not defend themselves against the likes of Iran or ISIS. So you are suggesting we just let those countries fall to Iran or ISIS or Russia? Then not only will we not have allies, we’ll have even more avowed enemies to deal with. Great plan, Slacker!

  223. Europe and the Middle East are turning away from the african, NOT the US. The world laughs at Obama, and he doesn`t know it. What a disgrace this POS is.

  224. For what percentage of the past 150 years were Georgia and Ukraine part of Russia (Soviet Union)? When the southern states in the US left and formed their own nation, how did the US Federal Govt. respond?

    If the europeans are stupid enough to trust Russia, they will reap what they sow. But who can objectively look at the history of US diplomacy and conclude that the US is a trustworthy partner?

    And as for your suggestion related to Putins nuts…. GO Fuck Yourself.

  225. Yah stand against a man who sighed an agreement with an enemy and spied on people who spy on the US while Putin is creating a war that brought on crippling sanctions,

  226. I think Europe is cleverly playing the middle man between Russia and the USA, in other words it is the politics of accommodation. China will be the other pole of attraction and is fast becoming a key world player regardless of its shortcomings. If by chance, the Chinese would corner the oil market, by making secret arrangements with the Arab nations, how will the other three players rearrange their respective world politics.

  227. to react as a bigot and with absolute ignorance, does not rendered the rest of your comments as valued as if you would refrain from idiotic language, The “Black Man”was elected fair and square by his nation, that may be a concept you are not familiar with. don’t drown in statistical analysis, as you never understand the back office e=reasons and so forth, as for the Middle East,,, you would be really correct if not for your initial opening line. the Middle East would have been 100 times better off, without Obama’s intervention and without his support and fanning the fire of the so called Ärab Spring”which became a full time winter.

  228. we have the most pathetic president America has ever had.i believe our allies have no faith in him.we Americans have no faith in him. he has no idea what hes doing in office. our congress should of already impeached him. hes an embarrassment to America and the rest of the world. looking forward to a new election to get rid of that piece of trash

  229. Just because Obama is a failure doesn’t mean Russia is a better companion! Lol Try be a friend of Putin and soon he will rip your borders in pieces to add them to Russia. lol Good luck with that!

    Anyway, our miss writer is a typical Russian troll, you know where she’s getting her propaganda lines from. Kremlin!

  230. If its Obama you worry, don’t drag the rest of us with him! He is a failed leader who intends to destroy America from within. Spied on his NATO allies, then caters Iran’s nuclear agreement, this guy is anti-American! No doubt about it, too bad many Americans voted him twice!

  231. it’s been along time coming,, I have supported Mr. Putin for years now, only for his resolute and clear direction, not for his goals or his ambitions. it took a person who came from a tough and uncompromising background to put away the political correctness, stand by his ways through tough and rough times of low support and dissent by friends and foes in order to master the not so orderly execution of the desired and intended long term plan and objectives, I was a descending voice on these pages of the past 4 years and though I do not necessarily support Putin’s expansion ways and his style of governance, I accept that fact that different societies require different style management and control and for that, Putin has been a master

    Goos job for long term Russian future, not so for the USA, as unfortunately for the US, the Leader who was supposed to FIX it all, lost the magic wan,, somewhere ninth streets of Chicago,,,,

  232. Good, then maybe for once countries can solve their own problems rather then rely on American tax payers to solve their problems for them then blame us for the problems themselves.

  233. Terry
    Defense partner… After Georgia and Ukraine? You sound like a brainless lunatic to me.

    Keep licking Putin’s nuts like a dog would. Come on, get down on your knees lick this thugs filthy nuts.

  234. And Russia doesn’t have money troubles? and on top of that he is getting involved in 2 wars while sanctions are on him.

  235. It was not Russia that started the massive refugee crisis out of the Middle East, it was another attempt at regime change initiated by the US. At least the older generation understood the need to maintain distasteful regimes where the countries were not ready for democracy; hence the toleration of Tito.

  236. The author didn’t “crap on the USA”, Russia, Germany and the rest of Europe did, she just reported what they are all saying.

  237. US can never be wrong — apparently that’s the view and the argument the author of this article is defending.
    I would beg to differ.

  238. We have been spending our fortune away for the past 40 years. No president or congress is going to restore faith in anyone until they learn to control their spending and get out of debt while Americans learn to work a tad harder and cut down the whining.

  239. Ever notice that pretty much everything this woman ever writes about craps on the USA and talks up Russia? Hmmm….If Europe truly does have a problem with us, let them fight their own battles. I’m tired of seeing our country spend the lives of our service men and women and billions of dollars for the benefit of others.

  240. It is not hard to understand why foreign nations would seek to turn away from the US and toward any other power that can serve as a good trade and possible defense partner.

    Successful foreign policy utilizes diplomacy to achieve national and international goals. Military action (War) is required when diplomacy fails and a nation resorts to violence and the large scale killing of people to achieve foreign policy goals that diplomacy failed to accomplish.

    The US since the fall of the Soviet Union has been unfathomably BAD at foreign policy. The US tends to achieve none of its goals through diplomacy and resorts to war in all most all cases where our goals are contrary to another nations goals. We are horrible at using diplomacy to peacefully interact with other nations resulting in a state of almost perpetual war.

    It is time for the US to recognize this and pull back. Let the Russians take the lead in the quagmire that is the middle east. Let the Russians court the Europeans and if they find Russia a more trustworthy partner than the US, so what. The simple fact is that the US is so crippled by poor strategy, personnel and capability relative to successful diplomatic efforts that we do far more harm than good. Until this is corrected, the entire planet is better off without the US engaged internationally.

  241. Huaimek
    Then go for it. Make friends with Russia and let go of US alliance… Lol Let’s see where you’ll end up later, with no major defense against invading Putin annexing Europe’s land one by one! And you think we care about you arrogant Brits? Just give it a try just once, so you know what you’re really asking for.

  242. Once again, our usual paid Russian troll on her Putin ego-boosting propaganda articles, needless to say she is a waste of talent and beauty.

  243. He is A BLACK MAN!
    Obama is not an American
    Democrats the party of the KKK in the Race War/Communist Class War Party

  244. It’s all SO FUNNY. The US has saved Europe in WW1, and WW2. They cannot even save their own countries ( as we have seen it in history.) Next time we let them SINK to the bottom!

  245. This is the Obama disaster!
    A clueless,amoral, third world Socialist savage stole the White House based on Race and Class War
    backed by screwballs imbued with pathological hatred of Americans
    Homosexuals, The Black Racist, Mexican Nationalists seeking to overturn their 1848 defeat,
    Communists, Islamics and every freak they can find to carry some dying Democrat states and cobble together enough electoral votes to steal an election through the actions of Trotskyites like Lois Lerner!
    Europe of course, especially Germany with its racial imagination, mobbed the black guy at Berlin,remember?
    Now that the USA is gone from the scene Europe is going to be on its own
    We have no longer a pernicious control over Sunni Arabs or Israel and great events are coming for them
    that will be very positive as they unite
    One thing Obama did that was good!
    Annihilation of the Democrat/Communist Party, total wipeout

  246. I am happy if somebody is waking up to the fact that Russia is a better friend to Europe than the US .
    I say , as a British conservative , that the US is geopolitical World Enemy No 1 . They stir up trouble all over the world . The US set up Ukraine in a way that created confrontation with Russia , a disaster for Russia and Europe and destruction of Ukraine . Europe does not need to be closest ally with the US , taking all foreign policy decision from Washington , that get it wrong every time .

  247. Europe and the rest of the World can see that the USA is right on the verge of Insolvency, bankruptcy. When this happens in about 6 years at the current rate of National Debt increases, America is finished, think Greece here. Some will shout that very old and untrue phrased, “Too Big to Fail!” But the World knows better.

  248. This is not about America, it’s about the piece of sh.t in the White House. We have no allies left d it will take decades to reestablihish trust.

  249. Yeah Sure blame the black man in Washington. When is Europe going to step up and police their own back yard. It was the UK, France and Germany that have emboldened Putin to take the risks that he has in both Crimea and Eastern Ukraine as well as Georgia, etc. It has been Europe that has not been spending the 2% of GDP to support a strong military within their countries and now when they have been challenged they want to blame Obama and the Americans for not stepping up. Yes, I say the Americans because it is our blood that has been shed in the middle east with over 150000 men and women to help defend in the middle east with Europe’s next big support of only 5000 personal and dwindling from their. No this author will try to blame the US President for what ever reason political or otherwise but in the end of the day it is the EU that must step up and stop the aggressive behavior of their neighbor Putin. Not the US!!!!!!

  250. OMG !!! Russia is a great choice .. Yea Right .. To bad the rest of the article was not quoted , just one phrase .. Article went on to say … U S could DESTORY RUSSIA as well and CHANGED the earth as we now know it .. GET a GRIP ..

  251. It’s simple, Europe does not have a neocon cabal that dictates it’s foreign and military policies. America is run by the neocon cabal.

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