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Donald Trump Promises Good Relationship With Putin If President

Donald Trump is hardly one to speak of his failings or for that matter details; but despite all that the mad-haired billionaire believes he’s the one to get the most out of Putin.

Never a dull moment with Trump

While Donald Trump is presently trailing Dr. Ben Carson in GOP polling ahead of the party’s first primary set for 2016 in New Hampshire in February, this doesn’t bother Trump. (While the first primary is in New Hampshire, it will come a week after the Iowa caucus.) He’ll be the first to tell you that he doesn’t believe the polls. He’s not alone, I personally can’t believe that a field that includes a number of seasoned politicians is being led by two people that offer no political experience. Trump would certainly argue that as well as he will quickly point out that he’s been donating to the campaigns of politicians for years and that politicians have been attending his multiple weddings for decades as well. And they were, of course, HUGE.

In a speech on Tuesday from the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York while trumpeting his new book: “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again” Trump said, “I think our relationship with Russia will be very good. Vladimir Putin was on 60 Minutes [US television program broadcast on CBS] with me three weeks ago, right… I believe that I will have a very good relationship with Putin.”

Really Donald? With Putin?

While it’s true that the two appeared on the same show in two separate interviews, Trump, with his statement, seems to believe that a 60 minutes producer’s decision to feature both separately on the same show gives them common ground when it comes to the interests of Russia and the United States? Hell, if you reread that statement it almost sounds if Trump has convinced himself that he was interviewing Vladimir Putin rather than Charlie Rose. I doubt many Trump supporters watch 60 minutes so it might not be a bad bit of subterfuge it that’s the message he is trying to convey.

Perhaps this comaraderie he’s selling comes from the fact that Trump recently said that if Putin, “wants to go in and drop bombs on ISIL,” that he’s alright with that. Which I’m sure will come as a great relief to hear the acceptance of someone who is, in most experts opinion, by no means going to win the GOP nomination never mind the general election where he would likely face Hillary Clinton.

And that extends to experts in Russia as well.

“He doesn’t have a team, he is not connected with the establishment and he has already made many enemies,” said Yury Rogulyov, director of the Franklin Roosevelt U.S. Policy Studies Center at Moscow State University.

“He talks about finding common language, but this is not enough. Nobody will allow him to make a U-turn in U.S. foreign policy — President Barack Obama said many things too [during his election campaign], but the political elite did not allow him to do much,” he said in a phone interview with The Moscow Times. 

More from Trump on Russia, Putin and Snowden.

Donald Trump supplants partisan politics for all intents and purposes. You’re not going to get into a heated political debate with someone you care about over him. If you do, just say what you want and I have the apology to use if you would like good makeup sex. It’s simple and works for both genders. “My God baby, were we just fighting about Donald Trump?”

“I’m sorry” for many people, me included, is difficult to say. However, when it comes to Donald Trump just say, “I’m sorry,” wait for eye contact to be established, start laughing immediately and wait for your partner to join you.

Hold out your hand and head to the bedroom, all is forgiven. Job done.

It’s impossible to harbor ill will or hurt feelings for a man who said in a television interview, “Look, if I’m president, Putin says [to Snowden] ‘Hey, you’re gone.’ I guarantee you this.”

While I personally dislike a sycophant, Trump has no problem being one. He’s already paving the way for the Putin/U.S.A love fest that will never happen.

“Putin has no respect for our president. He’s got tremendous popularity in Russia, they love what he is doing, they love what he represents,” he told Fox News.

While Putin and Donald Trump share a belief that they are outsiders, only one will end up inside. He’s been there for some time and it’s difficult to see him going anywhere soon. That’s the HUGE difference between the two.