China’s Missile-Equipped Jets Respond To U.S. Provocations

China’s Missile-Equipped Jets Respond To U.S. Provocations
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With reports that Beijing is ready to respond to U.S. provocations in South China Sea, China’s jets equipped with missiles have been flying over the disputed islands near Vietnam.

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The move appears to be a response to U.S. sending its warships close to one of China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea, which was interpreted as a potential challenge to Beijing’s territorial claims in the disputed waters.

China’s military has recently released photos of its navy aircraft flying from the airstrip in the disputed South China Sea in what appears to be a direct response to the U.S. guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen sailing to the disputed area, which Beijing claims to have sovereignty over.

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The photos released on Saturday also feature Chinese navy planes, which belong to the South Sea Fleet, training with missiles around the artificial islands, which is interpreted by many experts as a protest to the last week’s patrol of the U.S. warship.

The exact airstrip in the South China Sea was not named by Chinese navy, but military experts believe it was on Woody Island in the Paracels. The military experts also confirmed that the move was aimed to show the U.S. that China is prepared to respond to U.S. warships sailing within 12 nautical miles of Subi Reef, which is located about 370 miles from Woody Island and is one of seven reefs and rocks in the Spratlys chain, in which China has been building artificial islands.

“Both the defense ministry and foreign ministry have said China would have answers when its sea rights were breached. Such statements need to be followed by real actions,” retired Chinese general Xu Guangyu said, as cited by the South China Morning Post.

U.S. Defense Secretary: China’s neighbors want U.S. military presence

“It’s a signal China sent to the US that it is serious about its claims. This is the minimum level of response China should have, or it will fail the expectation of its people,” Xu added.

Xu confirmed that the training was carried out on Woody Islands, since it’s the only operational airstrip in the South China Sea. “China will spare no effort to make assertive gestures, as long as they don’t touch the bottom line of military conflicts,” military expert Ni Lexiong said, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

Ni also believes that it’s a clear warning for U.S. allies in the region, including Japan and Australia. “They might follow the example set by the U.S.”

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has recently said that the volatile situation around the territory in the South China Sea has prompted countries in the region to demand U.S. security presence.

“The attention to disputed claims in the South China Sea, the prominence of those disputes, is having the effect of causing many countries in the region to want to intensify their security cooperation with the United States,” Carter told reporters while travelling to South Korea.

Even a minor incident could unleash a war – China’s naval commander

Chinese naval commander warned the U.S. that even a minor incident in the South China Sea could unleash a war between Washington and Beijing in case the U.S. does not stop its “provocative acts” in the disputed waters near China, according to the Chinese navy.

Wu Shengli, China’s naval admiral, made the comments to U.S. chief of naval operations Admiral John Richardson in a video teleconference last week.

Wu warned that if the U.S. continues its “dangerous, provocative acts, there could well be a seriously pressing situation between frontline forces from both sides on the sea and in the air, or even a minor incident that sparks war.”

Wu also expressed his hope that the U.S. leadership will keep itself restrained to avoid these kinds of dangerous incidents from happening again.

Shortly after the incident, the U.S. Navy stated that additional patrols could take place in the coming weeks, which raises concerns whether China will be as restrained as it was a week ago or whether it will be prepared to respond militarily.

These 3 China’s weapons can counter the U.S. threat

In case there is a war between Beijing and Washington, there are three types of China’s weaponry the U.S. is most afraid of: sea mines, diesel-electric submarines and surface warships.

There have also been reports that China may station some of its mines around the artificial islands in the South China Sea. Since the end of the World War II, it was sea mines that have inflicted more destruction to U.S. ships than any other type of weapons. One of the most notable incidents is the multi-billion worth military cruiser USS Princeton, which was seriously damaged during the war in the Persian Gulf.

Diesel-electric submarines could do just as much damage to U.S. warships in the South China Sea. The main advantage of such submarines is the fact that they are difficult to spot.

China has a formidable fleet of such submarines, among which there are Soviet ships of the Kilo class, as well as U.S. submarines of the 039 class.

It must also be noted that when the U.S. warship sailed within 12 nautical miles of Subi Reef, it was immediately followed by two Chinese warships.

After the collapse of the USSR, the U.S. took it upon itself to have influence over international waters, but it has not paid much attention to fighting against submarines and other warships of a potential enemy. This mistake would cost the U.S. a lot, if the Chinese warships, which followed guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen, made a decision to sink the U.S. warship.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. Generally that is a good thought. I have little faith in the UN’s ability to act on almost anything. However, I agree that it would be the ideal course globally.

  2. rey, the words sick man of asia was name for the philippines, not china, but when philippines was given the chance to do better it was no less than three month they rise above india and some other islands surrounding them, they surpass thailand and some other country around them, as of now philippines is the new call center agents of the world, it was taken away from india,now philippines is not the sick man of asia…who know it might be call the rich man of asia in coming future, ..

  3. i am a full blooded american whitieboi, no chinese blood in me that boi is a chinese word so your a freaking fake, dang chinese sympathiser.

  4. rey, i know because we are near to the philippines and it happens here also in our land, we are just next to you rey, when i said invaded by the chinese i meant they came by ship and by the thousands, it is not by war that they invaded us, by way of merchandising and establishing themselves, we to encounter this… we as melanesians just like you are our ancestors cross the seas, ocean and founded our island, till the spaniard came and took them without justification and claiming it for another nations country, suffered under them, the american during the spanish american war took control of our land, world war two the japanese then back again to the americans, rey don’t you know the true name of the philippines before it was change to the name of the philippines??? don’t you know that after the world war ll philippines was nominated to be one of the 50th state of the union to become one of the state of the united state before hawaii and alaska??? well the true name of the philippines before it’s call the philippines is ” Formosa” and according to confidential document by president harry truman philippines was to become one of the state within the united states, but the filipinos refuse and wanted independance… we here have no choice but to go with the flow, and yet we are better off now than before…

  5. loving china, question please o.k. why is it that only on the last minute when the u.s. battle ship was leaving the spartley isle that the chinese navy came out and saying to the u.s. ship, good by u.s. come again, why are they hiding till the last minute, why not during the time the battle ship lennen was there patrolling that the come out??? are they scared that they might be attack by the battleship lennen, it show how weak the chinese navy ship to challenge the u.s.

  6. o man thats not good, we know for a fact that filipinos can easily be persuaded, i hope that aquino will not say yes to what xi offered, if xi offered 250 billion plus half the oil and half the fishing grounds most likely is a good deal, not that china takes all..

  7. Frank, look at the history first, Chinese never invaded the Philippines. The were a lot of Chinese merchants came to Philippines by boat. Let me give you some history of our land, The Spanish came then americans then Japs,,

  8. LOL agreed with you frank, another name is sick man of asia, f clone maker. Its like a fake iphone that sells online a DH Gate company, similar to ebay hehehe. anyhow, filipinos provided the search and technology ( brain) including the other asian nation but China financedl it and provided equipments to the project in searching for oil. Recently, President Aquino made a statement in 24 oras about the spratley that China wants to make a deal. China said what is yours, we share but What is for China belongs to China alone.

  9. yes rey, it was another country that discovered that there was oil beneath the spartley island, the chinese knowing this claim that they are the one who discovered the oil, aside from that there were filipinos family that are staying on that island where no other nation country wants to, they been there for quite a while rey, there the chinese again found out that the island is a natural resource of fishing ground, your info of the F-22 raptor are very accurate, don’t know why the feds hired those gooks and taking chances that our tech will be stolen, another example our nukes who stole the blue print and gave to china also?? another gook right, i call them gooks from the movie i remember watching, they hate that name… or slant eye gook.. modernizing the F-22 raptor to there own version??? thats a laugh it makes no difference that toy of theirs won’t last long, same as the material they sell buy one come three month buy some more… don’t know why we admit them into the trade agreement, those are two tongue devils…

  10. Frank, Agreed the US did not know the sea bed is full of natural gas and oil, its a ASEAN group including China who found it, however the technology that I am discussing was hacking the F-22 aircraft have you seen the china’s clone? cyberattack of OPM and stealing sensitive USA civilian technology, Airline info, I can go on and on..hope you get the message

  11. You preach about others talking about war, yet you have wasted your day away trolling and leaving comments that aid China. It’s clear that you’re a small sissy Chinese man. Don’t worry, your superior counterpart, Japanese laid waste throughout China until the glorious Hawk, United States stepped in. Do you remember the invasion of China? The Japanese raped, humiliated, and destroyed your people. You even claimed at one point USA stole. No. We took technology from Japan/Germany at one point, because they were defeated. Britain gave us what they knew so we could help them defeat Germany. You (Chinese) on the other hand, steal without permission. Your military is new, weak. You will be destroyed. Only thing you have is more people you can use for your army meaning a greater death rate.

    All we have to do is let the Japanese loose on you. They hate you, Vietnam hates you, Korea hates you, Philippines hate you. It seems all Asian countries hate China? USA is ranked number one in terms of military power. You don’t want to wake up a sleeping giant like Japan did. Don’t forget about NATO, and even the EU.

    Don’t even get me started on your Russian pals, they won’t be able to save you. They barely managed to defeat Germany during WWII when Russia was being supplied nonstop, and Germany at the time was overextended, under supplied, weak from fighting on several fronts and they couldn’t beat a 5% Germany. Germany at full power would have annihilated and made Russia cease to exist. Your Russian friends talk big, roar, but once they are about to lose, they quickly jump sides and try becoming good. You remember when pit stains Stalin went into deep depression after he was betrayed? He begged for the Allies to allow him on the team, and begged for supplies like a smelly low class savage. Russians are weak. Chinese are a joke, made in China haha. You don’t want war, so stop trying to preach about it.

    You will get your wish sooner or later. Everyone is acting up because we have a President that is spineless. They are going to take land, and do whatever as long as he is in the White House. Once elections come through, everyone is going to start playing nice. You really don’t want a true warmonger in the White House.

  12. I agree with most of what you said, except dismissing the possibility of a war breaking out over it. Our foreign policy has been hijacked by the unhinged, Fascistic Neocons whose notorious ‘Wolfowitz Doctrine’ of perpetual war, empire, and Imperialism they are following to the letter. They WANT war with both Russia and China, and they are doing just about anything they can to start it. These provocations regarding China, the South China Sea, NATO expansion gobbling up almost every former Warsaw Pact and Baltic nation, the Ukraine, et al, is proof enough of that.

  13. Ha! ME “harassing” YOU!? You’re the one who responded to my post, and YOU are the one who claims I’m wrong, so it is YOU who must do the leg-work to show me how I’m wrong. That’s the way it works, clueless. If you’re not prepared to back up your contentions you are stupid to open your mouth up about them.

  14. Whatever stop harassing me I already told you look it up yourself I am not you teacher and never claimed to be you know about google USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. American army fought with the 3rd world country and demoralized army who hated their leader, a country the size of Texas. You can’t be serious.
    We can use an example how quickly in matter of days Russia defeated American trained and equipt Georgian army in 2008, blazing fast nothing but kick ass. Russia also confiscated 3 American command hummers H1.
    Russia is not Iraq.

  16. Right. China barks and barks, and nothing comes out. It’s funny, USA was one of the leaders that stopped Japan from raping, and pillaging the Chinese and this is how they repay us. China regardless of where it stands is weak. All they have is numbers. Just let the Japanese loose on them. I’d rather see Japan take over all of China, rather China take over all of Asia. Same goes for the Russians, they are weak. They barely pushed out Germany when Germany was facing the whole world, and when Germany was under supplied, overextended, and on major fronts. Yet the Russians had supplies pouring in, and still lost TONS of soldiers. How bad can you be? Yet you hear people saying “Russia could have defeated USA and everyone during WW2 after Germany.”

    1(Germany) vs 5 (Allied) and these Russian trolls think Russian had a chance at USA? Russia couldn’t defeat Germany at their weakest. Think about if Germany was at 100% during WW2. Just Germany vs Russia. Germany would have steamrolled over Russia twice over.

    If this plays it. The world goes to war. Russia is about to lose. Russia will cry and go into deep depression like pit stains Stalin did, and beg to join the good side. Once he joins the good side, they will again scream “MOOOOOTHEERRRR RUSSIA, WOLF MILK, VODKA.” They are weak barbaric scum that need to be eradicated from this Earth.

    Let Germany conquer Russia, and let Japan conquer China. Those two are more fit compared to weak China and weak Russia.

  17. I agree, Jordan. These fools really really want a warmonger as our next President. Fools like these Chinese and Russian trolls calling us weak, when we out do everything they do military wise 6 to 1.

  18. sf, your funny man, your freaking funny, it makes no dame difference how many missiles china has, right now even russia are still scared of the u.s. let alone china, you obviously don’t know the u.s. hahahahaha.. good luck to you in china on your most favorite land, hahahaha..

  19. who is bulling who gook, look who is talking, all you slant eye gooks are dame good in scamming, and stealing other countries property, your nation is nothing without the modern tech from other nation, man tuck your balls in don’t lose it..

  20. loving china, where did the chinese get their day technology, how did they get them please answer, did they have that technology way back long time ago?? from what i heard that those technology was stolen from different countries and that’s how china became to develop into a modern stage. now my next question do you know your front end to your back end???

  21. seaforte, since when did philippines drop an oil rig at spratly island ??? and since when did philippine ever invade the chinese country, it was the chinese that has invaded the philippine since the earl 1700s, like mexico, yes the latinos has been entering the sovereign state of the united states, but remember the spanish american war, we won the war from mexico, the problem is there is to much latinos entering the united states for reason of poverty among their country due to dictatorship among them… the more they enter the more our country will be in a turmoil because of what they do taking over the jobs, financial funds we lost, just like us here and this is a u.s. outlying islands, we are being invade by other islanders and destroying our resources, yes i am o blame the president for allowing such, but this is to much, for one thing, they come into our country make babies and that automatically gives that child born in the united states a full rights of american citizenship, there goes the neighborhood… am talking about the island of chuk, this chukees have since been here, you should see the welfare line, avast majority of this people lines up to receive benefits from the government and yet they drive around in a mercedes benz.. now sir, tell me whats your story..

  22. Does Polina Tikhonova ever write anything positive about the U.S., or is she just another paid Russian troll that loves to beat the war drums and claim that the U.S. is the most ill-equipped, least trained military in the world. OMG! OMG! Not… missiles! When did they stop using rocks? (Yes. Sarcasm). So the Chinese have missiles on their fighter aircraft. So what? Does she believe that the U.S.N. and the U.S.A.F. are armed only with spitballs and slingshots? Is there any modern military that does not arm their fighter jets with missiles – among other armament? As for her thoughts on China’s diesel subs, mines and surface ships… never mind. She obviously just likes to spout off about subjects she knows very little about. I suppose that it makes her feel important -even though she often sounds clueless and misinformed. //End rant//

  23. Well the facts!
    China is desperate. The Chinese people are blind. The Chinese leadership view this as a win-win.
    If they happen to win this conflict they will be the greatest since Mao.
    When they lose they will make a deal and all of them will go to America, Canada, France and leave the Chinese people to suffer again!

  24. All so naive folks here are thinking about Old China decades ago when it was humiliated by invading nations coming from as far as the USA, USSR, France, Germany, Spain, neighboring JAPAN, etc… … ! Want a real war in this region, then all ASEAN, JAPAN, KOREA(S) and the USA will be gone for good while EU states, Russia, India, Pakistan, Australia, NZ and Arab / Islamic states might have a slight chance to survive at 20%, if NOT involved; that goes with China itself.

    Sorry fellows for those who wish to see a massive war in this region after the Mid_East.

  25. SO naive and silly to think so! That was what the American politicians wish to express and say to themselves but could NOT be sold to ASEAN members ; hence NO final statement by ASEAN. US forces are acting relentlessly and stupidly by trying so hard to divert world of people attentions and opinions about its disaster prone crisis in the mid-east (Arab) region.

    Causing troubles out of nothingness is really fool hardy, just as wicked as obama_military pivot of encirclement intents in this ASEAN and Chinese region, mainly against China’s rise.

  26. Oh…and in case you forgot, which I’m sure you have – China kicked our ass big time in Vietnam. We had the same attitude back then – China was toothless. That cost us over 60,000 body bags. In the early days of the war, 1 in 4 of those bodies was a black American (another issue). Don’t be so quick to send our military into harm’s way.

  27. Yep – China still sucks at building aircraft – BUT they can build bullet trains – we don’t seem able to do that for some reason.

  28. Yeah – that torques me too. My comment wasn’t meant as a republican/democrat rant – just a general lack of contentment with how our government mismanages our tax dollars and lies to us – actually – I don’t mind that our government lies to us – what really gets me bent is we accept the lying and don’t do anything about it!

  29. They kicked our ass out of Vietnam…so if they’re really still in diapers – we should be VERY afraid of them as they grow up.

  30. China has 5,000 years of civil and political warfare. If you think they haven’t thought this scenario through carefully – think again. They NEVER do anything without multiple exit strategies and they’ll ALWAYS win regardless of the outcome.

    Personally – I REALLy doubt China is actually focused on the South China sea – that’s just a distraction, a smokescreen to their true intentions.

  31. Actually – if you look at the root cause of most global flash points – we’ve stirred that pot. Have you EVER wondered why we haven’t gone after the terrorists in Africa that have been kidnapping and training child soldiers for decades? That’s a global shame – but the USA has been mute on that issue for decades – but we’re making a big stink about some rocks and water in China’s backyard – where NOBODY was shot or killed (aside from fire hosing some Philippine fishermen).

  32. What will probably happen – assuming things escalate to a shooting war – China will maintain status quo – until the protracted event costs too many US lives a la Vietnam/middle east. We’ll retreat as we have since Vietnam – and then China will buy our treasury bonds to help us recover economically, so we can start buying their stuff again..

  33. That’s THEIR dream, but it’ll NEVER happen. China ferociously protects its perceived borders, after being globally shamed by foreign powers in the 1800-1900’s – a period when even the USA was trying to import opium into China to create a nation of drug abusers (yep – that was us, too). Don’t forget – in a non-nuclear shooting war of attrition – they kicked our ass big time in Vietnam.

  34. actually, it was the other way around – it was Japan that hated all Asia – as demonstrated by their reprehensible behavior during WW2. It was the USA that prevented MOST of Japan’s war criminals from being prosecuted for war crimes, for political reasons, which violated the moral and ethical codes for decades to come, leading us to todays’ flashpoint in Asia.

  35. F22 – too expensive to risk in a dogfight – it’s a standoff “beyond visual range aka BVR” fighter. The F-35 hasn’t completed flight testing and weapons systems aren’t ready for deployment. Bear in mind – despite the nationalist, patriotic, media, blog, and political rhetoric – China kicked our ass in Vietnam in a pure shooting war (no nukes).

  36. It’s a great theory – but the USA unilaterally decided to cede Chinese possessions that the Japanese took during WW2 – wait for it …. to Japan following WW2. However I agree – China’s not stupid – they will try to avoid an armed conflict with their number one consumer. On the other hand – they have zero tolerance for border disputes and WILL engage in shooting wars with the USA. Despite the nationalistic and patriotic fervor online – China kicked our asses in Vietnam and brought us to a stalemate in Korea – they don’t have to win anything – they just need to maintain a military stalemate, which they can maintain indefinitely.

    The China of today is NOT the corrupt imperial rule that we bullied centuries ago. This big doggie will bite back and it will be painful…and they have russia on the other side – to split our attention once again in eastern Europe and the contended islands with Japan.

  37. The USA should have used the UN. By directly interfering in a regional dispute – we just politicized the dispute – and now there’s NO right and NO wrong – it’ll just be politics – US vs China in their backyard.

  38. The Chinese, like the Philippines, dropped an oil rig to do exploratory drilling. The huge outcry was amplified by US and western media rhetoric – NOBODY said a word when the PI dropped their oil rig in the area…so this is NOT an issue of who’s right and who’s wrong – the USA is playing this as a political issue in an attempt to “contain” China’s expanding sphere of influence. Good luck with that…it’s an idiotic and contentious way to live in the world – but we’re also the country that built a coast-to-coast chain link fence against our neighbor Mexico as opposed to working with Mexico to help their economy grow and reduce poverty – but we’ve become a selfish, greedy, possessive nation.

  39. Reynaldo – that’s true – but the USA is definitely not clean handed in this dispute either. After WW2, the USA unilaterally ceded lands Japan had acquired from China through military campaigns – to Japan as opposed to returning the sovereign territories to China. This was partially because mainland China was now under communist rule – so the decision was political as opposed to based on what may have been right.

    This was also an emerging era when the USA, Japan, and other western colonialists (and I mean colonialists in the most negative sense of the word) had just finished attempted to turn China into a nation of drug abusers (opium), because we’d been buying all their goods (arts and crafts) which had drained our national treasuries.

    Our history in the area is absolutely less than stellar – with a few bright points – such as the volunteer Flying Tigers who independently supported China until the USA finally entered the war (after Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor).

    Nothing’s EVER what we see and the media is severely biased, so beware what you read online – it’s really just meant for entertainment and to generate “clicks” and blog responses…

  40. Mark – apologies for the misunderstanding – China appears to feel it has the right…I did not mean it actually has the right. Despite the US and media rhetoric – most of the contenders will not or cannot police the area of piracy – with the Philippines and Indonesia being the major offenders. The area is an archipelago – dotted with hundreds, if not thousands of remote islands, providing safe hidden harbors for pirate vessels.

    The USA recently attempted to gather all of China’s anti-claimants to make and issue a unified statement – but failed – so there’s apparently a severe lack of unity in the area – and the USA is pretending to speak for all – when none can even issue a unified statement (probably a condemnation – but since none agreed to any statement – we’ll never really know).

    As for freedom of navigation – the area is disputed – so if NOBODY claims sovereignty – the area will continue to be poorly policed…

  41. Ah HA! Yeah, that’s what I thought. You talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. You make these arrogant pronouncements as though they are hard facts, then when someone calls you out, you run for the bomb shelter. “Google it” ? “Google” WHAT, exactly? I’m sure I’d see all kinds of US regime propaganda concerning this, which means absolutely NADA, by the way. What would we have found if we had “Googled” ‘Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction’ back in 2002? We’d probably see all of the now-debunked garbage that the recently deceased Ahmed Chalabi fed to the Bush/Cheney regime who fed it to its stenographer “press,” who uncritically fed it to the American people, Congress, the UN, and anyone else who would listen, and which was uncritically believed by compliant serfs like you.

    What rubbish. As I said, you need to head on over to the Gossip columns and Comics, and stay away from things going on in the world you know nothing about.

  42. My dear seaport – you were paying for the un-insured through your tax dollars all your life – because they got their health care in emergency rooms – for free! Your Republican friends ignore that when they pan the Affordable Care Act. At least now those patients have to pay for much of that themselves. The economy: Clinton left office with a surplus. Bush left office with trillions of deficit. Don’t tell me about the economy. The Middle East – Bush claimed “Mission Accomplished” – remember that fancy banner? It was Bush who started that mess, not Obama. So when you blame the present administration, look at the causes. A month ago House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy boasted that the Benghazi panel had been intended to and succeeded in hurting Clinton’s poll numbers in the presidential race. Republican can’t fight themselves out of a paper bag without lying.

  43. It seems all the posters in this blog are gungho for war. They are sick and sick of living. If WW3 begins, there will be no victors. The one still standing will be the sorriest of all because, he/she will be riddled with so many sores and pain caused by nuclear, biological and chemical fallout, they will beg to be killed.

    Should war break out, it will be the end of Planet Earth. Good-bye you stupid bunch of war mongers.

    You all deserve to die.

    Americans who are voracious majority consumers of the world’s goodies and resources will be the greatest losers of all.

    Good-be you bunch of war-hungry bunch of idiotic assholes.

  44. Smart talking when you’re on the other side. Look at the facts. Which country is continuously involved in all the wars, mayhem, invasions and research in more and more effective ways to eliminate humankind?

  45. So you have to be in a fight to be effective? Smart and brave talk indeed. No wonder the US is involved in every war and mayhem in the world since WW2. No wonder its treasury is running near on empty. Smart move indeed.

  46. You are so smart with no backing other than a big bad mouth. If you are so brave and clever, you should be in charge of the US Invasion force in the South China Sea.
    Copy? As if the US and the West don’t. You lot not only copy but steal from the world.

  47. ha,ha,ha. This makes me laugh. Good joke! Bro., Good joke. Mach…you mean mach speed. Talking about mach 3 to mach 10. Where did you get that illusions. Your government and military were just stealing US technology and employing cyberspying on US companies, now you are talking mach speed. Wow! in your dreams perhaps. You see, the US has been exploiting space for more than 2 decades now, while you are just starting your space programs and satellite installations and you keep harping that you have missiles with mach speed! In your dreams, but hey wait, its a joke right? Now, to test your “mach speed missiles”, why don’t you talk to your defense minister or to the generals of your country to start attacking the US ships the moment its enters the SCS when it patrols again and see your “mach speed missiles efficacy” right? And see how the US real mach speed missiles respond.

  48. I don’t agree with you that China has the right to police the area under the guise of sovereignty. First of all the disputed area does not belong to China. The case is still pending unresolved. The UN has yet to resolve this issue based on laws. Correct me if I’m wrong, China is not there to protect the freedom of navigation, she is obviously there to tell the ASEAN and the whole world that china owns the entire sea.

  49. Wow! I am a threat to world peace. I am very honored although the
    accolade was too much for me to fathom…I am a threat to world peace. I
    have no guns, no tanks, no heavy artilleries, and no billions of
    dollars. Just my brain and a laptop (instead of a pen). Just tell your
    chinese military to start attacking and keep pressing the US ships when
    it patrols again in the SCS, and let’s see. Otherwise just keep blah,
    blah and try to hide your bruised ego because the US sails, flies and
    operates whenever, wherever international laws allows in the high sea.
    How many times, your chinese admiral, even your Xi try to persuade,
    imagine persuade the US telling it,”East of Hawaii, yours…west ours”,
    US told them, no way! can they stop US from operating in the SCS…NO!
    So just shut up and mend your bruised ego, and be a good neighbor to us,
    maybe, I can tell, hey wait! COMMAND with threat of force by (mental
    telepathy), the US to stop patrolling the SCS. That case, I am more
    capable than your million army, planes, ships and other war materiel in
    preventing the US going in and out of the SCS. Because I am a threat to
    world peace, remember. Get it!

  50. Then, if you want to know the truth, better tell your defense minister to order the immediate attack and firing of your “missiles” on the oncoming US ship/s that will patrol the SCS soon in its repeat performance. OK! so we will know if your “missiles” is better and “more advanced” than the US. Till then, soothe your chinese bruised ego. It is tantamount to all barks and no bite of a Shih Tzu against a Police Dog.

  51. China technology is way behind the US. The copy versions from US hardware all are obsolete. Just touch the US ship, you china will be underwater…… !!!

  52. No one will know until the shooting starts. But base on specs, Chines missiles are far more advanced than the current US ones, which are old and outdated.

  53. What the US would not accept right now is at China’s door step, short of all out war which US committing all resources, up to a nuke exchange, China will win.
    A few things to point out that US propaganda would not tell you:
    1. Chinese missiles involved are far more advanced than US counter parts. We are talking about Mach 3 to Mach 10, while all US anti-ship ones are all subsonic. Huge difference.
    2. US subs are quieter. But Chinese subs have advance anti ship missiles while US is stuck with torpedo.
    3. China can bring all its ships to battle. US has only limited bases from a far.
    4. China’s fleet win land base support can over power a much bigger US fleet. Chinese air defense missiles are more advanced than US.

  54. They have to be, given the level of support he appears to have. On the other hand, what has this to do with the topic under discussion?

  55. China made a militarized artificial island to seize an ocean area to which it has no legitimate claim. If refusing to recognize that illegal act is provocation, then yes, the US is the aggressor here. Otherwise, you’re just spewing empty words and BS.

  56. You know, I don’t like the Chinese government or its trolls, either, but how about we take the high road and refrain from racial insults? Part of the reason the Chinese are so sensitive is that they have been treated with contempt for most of their history. War with them will – at the very best – cost us FAR more than we can afford, even if we do beat them as badly as many seem to think. Why not stand strong and silent, at least in the area of racism and disrespect? If they must, our service men and women and their weapons will speak for us without such “help.”

  57. The Chinese DF-41 ICBM is expected to have the longest range of any ICBM in existence and could hold up to 10 warheads. It is also has mobile launch capabilities like the Russians, making tracking of the weapon difficult. MIRVed weapons are difficult to completely destroy. Unknown if the missile has counter measures, as the newest Russian missiles have, to prevent the missile from being shot down.

    Russia’s projection of power is with their nuclear subs and long range bombers. Being that their strength is in their nuclear weapons, the need to project conventional power is not needed. Russia attacks countries more subversively, look at Ukraine. They attack from within, whereas the US likes to show its force and use its covert forces. Russia’s newest ICBM threat is the TOPOL-M that reported has evasive maneuvering capabilities, as well as decoys and radiation absorption coatings to prevent destruction by lasers. It is designed to penetrate current and future US anti-ballistic technology. They are also mobile.

    In either case, the US military is more geared to fight terrorists and not these more traditional military units. The US military is beginning to switch its focus and philosophies back towards these traditional threats. They have been learning a lot about the Russians since they are more out front with their military now. The world is not safer and thanks to budget cutting and no new taxes, our military will not have the capacity it used to have in projecting power anywhere. We are allowing these other countries to catch up with us.

  58. On the contrary. And you want China to dictate and set the rules, and be the tyrant in the region. (We Filipinos maybe poor, but we will never be your vassal no matter what happen.) You wish! See how you twist the truth and fake an imaginary one as truth. The reason why no communique issued from the ASEAN Defense Ministers conference in Kuala Lumpur is because the US, ( look how influential the US is than China), told the delegates its either mention the SCS problems or no communique at all. Since China was there, and Malaysia as host do not like to appear inhospitable, no communique was given and issued. However, a Chairman’s report will be issued in lieu of the communique. Your assessment is farther from the truth as your country, subscribed to 9 dash line, which is also an imaginary line away from the truth and reality. You, Chinese, i give credit are master of false propaganda. You have really mastered Goebbel’s dictum…a lie told more than once will be truth later. But we, your asian neighbors, know about this. So Thanks, and No dice! Another point you raised that the US instigated the quagmire in the middle east. That is really full of hyped and far from truth and reality. Take the US out of the equation in the middle east and there will be tribal war, clan cleansing and one whole region on fire because of the sectarian fights between the sunni and the shiite. The region became awake because of the so called arab spring and not of the US instigation. Study more.

  59. Oohh. Missile-equipped jets. How fearsome! Now, when was the last time China got into a fight with anyone that required the use of fearsome missile-equipped jets? And how many times have we actually used our own in real combat? So just based on experience alone…who’s more experienced? The other question is….will the equipment you use in combat actually be effective in combat as it is in testing if you’ve never actually used it in combat? China makes Nike shoes, but I can almost say with 99.99% surety they have no Chinese versions of Michael Jordan’s. They make iPhones too, but it don’t mean they can invent anything that would rival it. So, which one would you bet on: Chinese-engineered and Chinese-made “missile-equipped” jets that “look” like American jets piloted by un-experienced Chinese-trained pilots or American-engineered and American-made jets with American veteran pilots? Just sayin’. We all like a good boogy-man story to rile us up to some self-defense frenzy, but c’mon.

  60. Wow! I am a threat to world peace. I am very honored although the
    accolade was too much for me to fathom…I am a threat to world peace. I
    have no guns, no tanks, no heavy artilleries, and no billions of
    dollars. Just my brain and a laptop (instead of a pen). Just tell your
    chinese military to start attacking and keep pressing the US ships when
    it patrols again in the SCS, and let’s see. Otherwise just keep blah,
    blah and try to hide your bruised ego because the US sails, flies and
    operates whenever, wherever international laws allows in the high sea.
    How many times, your chinese admiral, even your Xi try to persuade,
    imagine persuade the US telling it,”East of Hawaii, yours…west ours”,
    US told them, no way! can they stop US from operating in the SCS…NO!
    So just shut up and mend your bruised ego, and be a good neighbor to us,
    maybe, I can tell, hey wait! COMMAND with threat of force by (mental
    telepathy), the US to stop patrolling the SCS. That case, I am more
    capable than your million army, planes, ships and other war materiel in
    preventing the US going in and out of the SCS. Because I am a threat to
    world peace, remember. Get it!

  61. True! That’s why China is just barking like a shih tzu to the US, a big Police Dog, the policeman of the world. Trying to scare the police dog and see whether a bark can scare the hell of the latter. Lol! All bark and no bite, ha,ha,ha.

  62. The recent round up of ASEAN nations again to condemn China had failed, indicating the ASEAN nations rejected again the vicious USA to instigate destructive confrontation in the region similar to that in the Middle East. They don’t want USA to be setting rules and be a tyrant in the region.

  63. Yes, I agree you should do other things than try to work your way through foreign affairs and what is generally going on in the world around you, since what is actually going on in the world around you sails right over your head.

    I suggest something you can intellectually handle, like the Gossip columns or Comics.

  64. So, you LIKE looking stupid? OK, I’ll run with that. You want an example of “too easy?” Sure…,here’s one. Show me the “INTERNATIONAL LAW” China is violating. I want you to produce the ‘LAW’ as written, then produce documentation that China actually is violating the law AND provide me with documentation which clearly refutes the ancient, legal claims China makes. If you actually do this, you’ll be the first person to do so in the veritable SEA of baseless claims I’ve read.

    OK, you’re up, sparky.

  65. Speak the truth. We are number one military in the world. We have more allies, more tanks, more planes, more weaponry. China only gets us in numbers, that won’t do good when planes, helicopters, tanks, ships, you name it are rolling through. The Chinese and Russians want war really badly. If it wasn’t for the Americans taking down Imperial Japan, China wouldn’t be here to talk bad. Same thing goes for the Russians.

  66. Number one military in the world. Keep wishing what you want. America will have no trouble defeating a new Chinese military that got slaughtered by the glorious Imperial Japan Army.

    pls sir pls sir bail me out, the Japs are attacking. pls sir.

    Are you going to beg your coward Russians for help? Just look at their track record. They barely took on Germany at a time when they were tired, overextended, under supplied and on several fronts. Bare in mind, Russia had supplies flowing in by seconds, and they still couldn’t do much.

    Germany, Japan, France, Britain, Canada, South Korea, Turkey, and even NATO. You stand no chance. Keep wishing for war, sooner or later you will get it. Instead of 10% going through like it did in Vietnam, and other wars. We will use 100%. It’s sad idiots like Joey can’t wish for peace, so let’s just install some freedom down their throats.

  67. Hey, Bro. I already replied here.But lo and behold, it disappeared. This is my 2nd reply. why? afraid of me because i am threat to world peace. Lol!! No need to remind you. But on second thought, oh well, I am a threat to world peace. Ha,ha,ha. Just tell your minister of defense or your military to just attack the US ship the next time it enters your fake coastline in the SCS. Reefs, and rocks submerged owned by different countries but you, chinese, stole under the pretext of the 9 dash line which is also for all intents and purposes “a fake” why? then the Permanent Court of Arbitration gave due course to the jurisdictional questions raised by the Philippines if your 9 dash lines has basis in law. So, just a reminder, next time a US ship entered your fake 12 nm coastline in the spratlys, attack, ok. So we can see whether you have the stomach to counter US firepower. Otherwise just confine your thought to yourself and sooth your bruised ego because your country China cannot fight the almighty US.

  68. seafotre, stop doing drugs idiot. turning an ARTIFICIAL REEF into an island is against rules. PERIOD. You get that through your thick ugly neanderthal resembling skull? if not, someone will help you along the way. Nobody is scared of toothless china. You want war with the USA, bring it Chinaman, Your country will be set back 100 years if not more. Then the world will make you a 3rd world country for eternity

  69. Ohh poor didrty chinaman. Nobody likes you and any war with china will collapse filthy dirty china! You cant produce anything is nonone pays you. You are a copycat nation that cant produce anything of your own. China, a country of 1.5 billion people, soon to be 300 million people. We want north korea to invade China. 2 worthless countries killing each other. Comparable to 2 wild animals with a sense of entitlement. You are not entitled to a sea and you are NOT entitled to violate international rules. if you still want to, your country will be destroyed dirty own.

  70. No matter how well you feel about yourself. The history showed that the “powerful” American army failed first to win in Korea war and then lost in Vietnam war, at least politically. So everybody plays nicely…

  71. Actually, international law DOES kind of recognize manmade structures as sovereign to their displayed flag – but they don’t recognize the 12 mile economic and sovereign exclusion zones around vessels.

    Just because they don’t recognize it – doesn’t make it right or wrong – it’s just never been done before…on this scale, so it’s actually entering into potentially new maritime law. And…just because the USA says this or that doesn’t necessarily make it right or wrong.

    After WW2, the USA unilaterally ceded traditional lands and territories of China to Japan – which Japan had seized from China (such as Taiwan). This was political, as China was now communist and the faux democratic government of China was now sequestered on Taiwan, so the USA with it’s ludicrous anti-communist bent acted unilaterally, without respect to either country’s protests – doesn’t make it right or wrong – but now we’re dealing with that foreign policy faux pas…decades later.

  72. That would kill us – 1.4 billion Chinese on welfare…Chinese aren’t stupid – they can see free money and play the system incredibly well…we should be VERY VERY afraid that the communist government does NOT open the flood gates on all those potential immigrants. They really will take our jobs (as though our government doesn’t give them away already – can you say “H-1B Visa”…

  73. This “avoiding made in china” crap is the same kind of racist nationalist rhetoric we used when cheap crap japanese goods invaded the USA decades ago – and the same rhetoric we used when we incarcerated ALL of the Japanese Americans in mainland USA (but we did NOT incarcerate ALL the Japanese Americans in hawaii – our frontline port which the Japanese bombed) – that’s utterly white racism…and shows we have NOT advanced as a nation of color or tolerance at home since WW2.

    So I’m REALLY suspicious when our white racist government elects to “contain China” with media propaganda and white house rhetoric.

    Most of our former allies INCLUDING staunch US ally UK defected to China’s AIIB (investment bank). When France rightly declined to join our invasion of Iraq – we got all bent out of shape and accused them of being “traitors” – France who bankrolled our war of independence and gifted the Statue of Liberty. We’re a nation of bullying, coercive ingrates.

    China is NOT our enemy – they’re our government mandated number one trading partner. China’s military confrontation with the USA is NOT in their economic self-interest – that’s like chucking away over a third to half of your salary and China’s in NO economic shape to do that – it would severely affect their economic growth and create severe economic hardship and unrest within its borders.

    WE however are the world’s enemy – we defecate all over the world and leave others to clean up our mess – we’re the definition of the seagulls in the room. WE encouraged the arab spring which lead to the massive civil war in Syria – but take note – we’re NOT taking any Syrian refugees – the EU is trying to absorb them all. When they have time to fully analyze the situation – they’re gonna be REALLY PISSED at the USA.

    Don’t buy cheap crappy Chinese stuff because it’s cheap crappy stuff – not because it’s made in China. And if you’re using a computer – chances are REALLY good a lot of those components were “made in China” because most of our US companies moved their manufacturing and US jobs to China.

    China didn’t STEAL our jobs – our own companies, whom we made successful – they SENT those jobs to China – yet our astonishing political and media rhetoric continues to claim China “stole” our jobs.

    Be careful where that finger points – there’s ALWAYS THREE FINGERS POINTING BACK!

  74. Lies eh? How about “Affordable Health Care” aka Obamacare. We bit into that one hook line and sinker. We’re paying for soon-to-be not-so “affordable healthcare” while our tax dollars are GIVEN away for countries like Afghanistan, Samoa, Saipan – building USD 40 million dollar natural gas stations that nobody will use, while a similar natural gas station only cost USD 500k in neighboring Pakistan.

    Our tax dollars at work.

    The global financial crisis – that’s the SECOND time our banks and politicians allowed this debacle of paramount greed to occur and we almost wrecked the economies of the entire developed world. All those Syrian refugees that the EU is trying to absorb – that’s directly attributed to our mucking about in the middle east and utterly destabilizing that fragile balance of tyrannical dictators. We stoked up those glowing embers into a raging inferno – and notice – we’re NOT taking any Syrian refugees…although we were directly complicit in the advocation of their “arab spring”. We incite nations to riot in the name of democracy and then are strangely quiet and passive after it actually happens. We’ve actually committed to NOT provide significant military support – after we burned our fingers in Afghanistan and Iraq – to whom we’re still pouring BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars in “financial support” aka fraud waste abuse and corruption.

    We’re losing allies fast and spawning enemies at an alarming rate because we’re a global FCUK UP.

    But that’s not my point – we’ve got serious problems at home – and all this foreign policy saber rattling is white house political rhetoric so we can’t see that our own government is eroding our liberties (TSA, homeland security) and eating up our tax dollars for personal self-serving benefit. TSA couldn’t detect a camel in a camel market and couldn’t detect a used car on a used car lot – yet we pay billions for that organization…your tax dollars at work.

    LIES says the blind man…

  75. The Nazi’s didn’t have 1.4 billion people as reserves. In addition to running out of materials, they were also running out of people…

  76. Pride and arrogance come before the fall. China is NOT some banana republic dictatorship, like Iraq. They kicked our ass in Vietnam. They withstood the full force of the US military in the Korean War – which stalemated. It’s well known we will lose a land war with China – that from our own military leaders. And we cannot sustain a protracted sea or air war with China in their own backyard.

    At best – we can only stalemate the region – ostensibly to contain China’s growing global political and economic influence. As the world’s second largest economy – if we screw with China – we may also destabilize all of Europe – which will lay the land bare for Putin.

    Having an arrogant cavalier attitude to this massive country is foolhardy and will have severely detrimental long-term repercussions to our home economy and to our global but fading prestige.

    We had the opportunity to truly lead the world after we won the standoff with the former USSR – but we squandered the opportunity by seeking self enrichment at the expense of all our allies (selling them junk debt packaged to look pretty). We lost our sovereign AAA+ credit rating based on that debacle – and then tried to politically bully Moody’s and Standard & Poor into fraudulently re-instating our credit rating (Moody’s and S&P were thoroughly complicit in the 2008 financial crisis).

    China has been embroiled in over 5000 years of civil war – those “diaper” laden kids you mock are no fools and they’re getting smarter with global politics. We cannot depend on the EU as allies – China has successfully rendered our former EU allies inert. They don’t have to win them over, they just have to render them inert – which they’ve done spectacularly.

    The USA is trying to contain China and China is isolating the USA. Our South American neighbors – not particularly happy with us. Mexico – we built a giant coast to coast chain link fence to keep them out – they’re DEFINITELY not our friends (although we DO import over USD 40 billion a year in illegal drugs from Mexico – but our impotent and blatantly fraudulent “War on Drugs” rhetoric is another story).

    If anyone’s wearing diapers – it’s the USA and we’d better man up and fix our domestic problems before we go hauling off trying to muck around in China’s back yard. China has a bite – Japan learned that when they tried to colonize the country and NOTHING will unite the Chinese people stronger and faster than an external enemy.

    We’d better be careful we’re NOT falling into China’s strategic traps…those guys have over 5000 years of military history and strategies to play out. Our strategy – rush in gungho – Custer style…

  77. In the space of roughly 70 years, China displaced Japan as the world’s second largest economy and is fast approaching the size, scale, and reach of the US economy – and by some accounts, is equal or has exceeded the US economy in pure size. And China is ONLY operating from it’s eastern seaboard. The South, West, and Central regions of that country have NOT geared or tooled up yet…

    THAT’S why the USA is saber rattling in the region – we’re trying to contain China’s growth – as though putting a lid on boiling water can contain it – the result will be explosive – but that’s our style of management and politics and sports – direct head-on confrontation as opposed to managing the energy for mutual (or selfish) benefit.

    China has a long history of smaller, weaker forces obliterating stronger, better equipped, superior forces. It’s part of their culture, part of their martial arts, and intrinsic to their politics. Relying on brute force will only snap back and hit us in the face with severe long-term consequences.

  78. Not as simple as you think – India also has significant financial and economic investments in China, in addition to the USA, Europe, etc – this saber rattling isn’t just about the US helping it’s alleged regional allies – which is horse manure. We’ve NEVER done an altruistic act in our modern history. Think about the flows of money and who stands to benefit from our saber rattling and a potential shooting war. We’re all about the money – so follow the money trails and you’ll see OUR motivations. China is obviously motivated to claim the resources as are its neighbors.

    And then – China is a really sneaky country with over 5000 years of internal civil wars and political strife – versus the USA’s 300 years of playing soldiers and wars of attrition. If China’s making a big international stink about the South China Sea – you can bet your life that’s NOT their focus.

  79. China MAY have the ICBM ability in the form of subs – conventional and nuclear. And don’t forget our weakest link – international airlines…the poor man’s nuclear bomber…

  80. India has NOT swung back to the USA – she recently purchased a HUGE chunk of military land vehicles from Russia. India was screwed by the UK centuries ago – so they’re savvy to the colonialists self-serving behaviors of western countries. India will play the superpowers against each other to maintain their sovereignty and independence.

  81. China did NOT take away freedom of navigation – it took away freedom of piracy – China claims the right to police the area under the guise of sovereignty, as NONE of the other claimants has demonstrated desire or intent to police the pirate rampant areas…for decades, to include the USA – which considers piracy a domestic issue.

    The USA and the media all acknowledge the massive trade through the area – but they neglect to mention that the lion’s share of trade is from China’s outbound vessels – which China wants to ensure have unfettered access to blue (international) waters.

    The USA is fully aware of this – but they are using sensationalist rhetoric and media propaganda to bias the news, bias the media, and bias US citizens. It worked in the middle east and we were fooled once. It seems the formula is also working successfully a second time – don’t be fooled – look carefully at why the USA is pivoting to Asia – it’s politics – and politics has absolutely nothing to do with international law – we are a prime example of this – with our rendition (global kidnapping), aggressive interrogation (torture) and assassination (drone strike) campaigns.

    Our foreign policy record over the last century is so atrocious it’s criminal. We invade foreign nations or support tyrannical dictatorships, generate decades of vitreous hatred from the victims until they fell their US supported government, then we pretend as though we’re the victim of illogical and irrational hatred and attribute it to their hatred of Americans and the American way – enemies of democracy, religious wars, and the like – when in fact our foreign policies in those lands have arrogantly and abusively oppressed, tortured, and murdered their families and loved ones.

    Our politicians are lying, vindictive, manipulative political, economic, social, and environmental criminals as we try to keep America strong through the oppression of other nations and peoples. That is NOT the way to be a global leader OR a good neighbor.

    For the record – China’s claims in the area are contentious, not illegal. Each of the claimants has exhibited the same identical behavior prior to China – from establishing military outposts, to fishing, dropping in oil rigs – but our media neglects to mention these facts – behaving as though China were the ONLY offender – biased media.

    If you look, you will see – if you choose to NOT look – then the USA is doomed because you won’t see what our elected officials are doing at home.

  82. Asia is a complicated and delicate balance of powers, with China rapidly rising as the dominant. The USA’s reprehensible, but understandable antics in the middle east will NOT be tolerated in Asia, as China and Russia are nobody’s victims of bullying. They both withstood decades of economic sanctions from a united UN, but that era is also slipping away, as evidenced by China’s success in wooing most of the EU into the AIIB – the wallet speaks.

    In the midst of all this saber rattling is North Korea – a true wildcard in this dangerous game of saber rattling – as NK is unpredictable – it could decide to do a sweep south across South Korea, a push north into China, or go east and invade Japan – which would absolutely screw up the global economy for decades to come.

    Worst case scenario – it will launch dirty nukes everywhere and opt for mass suicide. The USA’s saber rattling and rhetoric is political rhetoric to distract us from domestic issues at home – a rising and radicalized islamic population at home, violently erupting race wars that have been smoldering (NOT simmering – SMOULDERING) for decades, and ludicrous social programs that it’s citizens must PAY for, such as the alleged “Affordable Health Care” aka Obamacare – while the US government gives away literally BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to corrupt, fraudulent, wasteful, and abusive puppet governments, such as Afghanistan, Samoa, etc.

    When Americans finally realize their own government is defrauding them of their tax dollars, to give them away to foreign countries and potentially future enemies – will they rise up and kick out their elected officials or will they continue to behave like sheep to the slaughter – will they behave like self-serving selfish morons to maintain their entitlement programs – also known as FREE GOVERNMENT MONEY or will they take responsibility. Based on the last century of American behavior – it doesn’t bode well for this formerly great country of great people, as its candle fades and flickers.

    How will the world’s bully with the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear, chemical, and bio-weapons behave as its rhetoric becomes increasingly ignored and disrespected…

  83. Isn’t that the same airstrip that was built on the man-made island that was marketed to the world as a weather station and aid station for lost travelers? Now a Chinese military base?
    Will wonders never cease!

  84. Polina, your article is sooo pro-Chinese with an Anti-American tone. I think as Americans, all we can say is, “China – Go for it a??holes and see how you like what you get in return.I got your “provocative act” hangin’.

  85. This won’t start WWIII, too much money involved. Politician is playing the game, so the defence industry can make more money. Most of the world don’t care about this and nothing has changed. Trade still flow with no issue. Philippine has most to loss due to their claim of the SCS. China has said one to one talk and Philippine has dragged US into this. This bargaining will continue and longer it drags, the least Philippine can extract value out of it. US like always, like to stick its nose in everything. Recent history in conflict showed how bad US has performed. Trillions $, thousands dead in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, with nothing to show it. The financial crisis almost brought US to its knee until massive fiscal stimulus. What has changed in US? Productivity is flatting, innovation is stagnating. People live day to day with no saving and assets.

    With regard to Naval power, it is about money, money, money. The British navy is strongest when it owned the east India company and world wide empire. US has the strongest navy now because its economic size. China is catching up with its massive ship building industry.

    Freedom of navigation is a bullshit topic. The SCS is so large, ships can sail any where outside the 12-24 miles of the islands. Can these man made islands be used for territory claim? I don’t think so, but China claimed all the SCS and the other islands are part of china also. This is their claim and it won’t be resolved any time soon.

    US is playing a stupid card to show the world it is still the super power. If it really want to show a power card, I would love US to send the whole carrier group next to one of the man made island and sit there for 1 month. Sending one destroyer is fucking weak. Now, China can match up with military equipments in those islands as an excuse to defend itself against US aggression. This just plays into China hand.

  86. It is peaceful as long as you follows China’s rule. This is super power game. US has played the same game over and over again. All cards have shown already. I don’t see anyone is faking anything and its intention is clear.
    Who else cared about this? US acted like a big brother and put its nose in everything, a few south east Asia countries and Japan. And US recently history in conflicts has not been pretty. I just hope we don’t waste money and life for nothing. There is better thing to do at home.
    China is just playing the same US game in the 1800s. The Monroe Doctrine was a U.S. foreign policy regarding domination of the American continent in 1823. It stated that
    further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention.
    As I said, China view SCS as its back yard and it will defend it with all meanings.

  87. yes, o.k. s that means from your stand point that china has no claim, viet nam has none, philippines and surroundings those island all have no claims, WHY THEN IS CHINA SPARKING OUT THAT THOSE ISLANDS BELONGS TO THEM PETER BOY??? before the discovery of oil and the fishing grounds, they were not interested, my question is why now, they don’t care for that piece of sand, the filipinos were the ones living there as you have seen proof of them, it shows on msn, cbs, aside from other news from around the world… american has no business around that area??? who the hell supported the vietnamese during the vietnam war, we were to get the french out and just let go of that country, but after the insult of the vietnamese government back by the chinese, because the viet con were in need of materials and man power that they stand up and fought.. now the chinese is demanding a pay back from the vietnam government from that war… now the vietnamese government are looking into the u.s. to help them out… so who is the dictator peter boy???

  88. In my understanding, it is China who provoked this conflict and not America. China took away everyone’s freedom to navigate in this part of the world. If China can simply follow the law, there’ll be no conflict here.

  89. Keep in mind how STELLAR we performed in Iraq. I’m talking about the actual FIGHTING part where we shredded the 4th largest army in the world in 100 hours. That scared the shit out of china and russia. They wouldn’t put up much more fight unless they wanted to go nuclear. And even that they would lose.

  90. Oh, Jordan, feel free to make yourself look more stupid than you do now by going heels with me on this subject. I’m correct on ALL points, clueless.

    “The US is (ONLY) exercising its world-recognized freedom of navigation,” except that’s not what the US is doing AT ALL, clueless. By the US’s OWN ADMISSION, it is CHALLENGING the Chinese island building by sailing FULLY ARMED warships directly through the Chinese-cited Defense Zones. What the US is doing – in fact – would be akin to the Chinese sailing fully-armed warships through the US-claimed (and un-recognized) 24 MILE exclusion ZONE and daring the US to do something about it.

    “And China is the only one provoking tensions” (I just debunked that assertion), “and is hated in all of Asia.” Yeah, and Cambodians hate the Vietnamese, and the Filipinos hate the Japanese, and the N Koreans hate the S Koreans, and the Japanese hate the Koreans, and the Koreans hate the Japanese…,et al, ad infinitum. Tell us something we don’t know about the mutual hatred Asians have for one another. Regardless, what has hatred of the Chinese have to do with any of this?

    “Additionally, building an island out of submerged rocks doesn’t legally constitute an internationally recognized territory.”

    Says who? What if that new island is in China’s territory? Maybe it is. Maybe those ancient Chinese documents stating China’s legal claim to that area are legit? Maybe they’re not. The Vietnamese, Filipinos, Taiwanese, S Koreans, Bruneians, and Malaysians ALL claim a great deal of the same territory. Maybe their ancient documents are legit? Who knows. I certainly don’t, and I doubt you do, either.

    However, that’s not the point. The POINT is do you want to start a war (possibly WWIII) over a spit of land-fill shorter in length than the main runway at DFW Airport which is floating in a sea of over a million square miles which hasn’t been a problem for ANYONE!? The Chinese and other Asian nations have been claiming these areas for CENTURIES, but none of them have ever restricted the free navigation of shipping through the South China Sea, and I can ASSURE you China won’t be the one to do it if it ever happens. WHY? Because of the 15 MILLION dollars worth of shipping which passes through the China Sea every day, China has a 1.5 MILLION dollar investment JUST with the US. I doubt very seriously China is going to cut their own throats by EVER impeding the shipping lanes for ANY reason.

    Anything else, Jordan?

  91. You fool, open your eyes and look around the world. Which country is the cause of all the turmoil and chaos in the Middle East, in Ukraine, in South China Sea, in Africa,…?

  92. Oversimplify much? It’s hardly a case of “you join us or them”. Look at South Korea as the first example that comes to mind? They are t part of either and don’t need to be. Notice how their economy has been flourishing?
    In case you didn’t realize, India has gone to war against China in the past, and will again if a unique opportunity arises. They still have unsettled business regarding territorial disputes (like almost everyone in Asia does with China)

  93. All ears and no brains. Violating the Freedom of Navigation INTERNATIONAL LAW brainiac! This is too easy and too funny!!!

  94. I wish I could play with you boys, but I’ve got better things to do. I can’t wait to see your replies in my email and immediately delete them without bothering to read the nonsense. But I will tell you Chinese government trolls this: you will see a lot of me, or rather read lots from me defending the truth and not being paid by my pathetic, desperate government to do so.
    Until next time fellas (probably in a month).

  95. Except not correct at all. Considering the us is only exercising its world-recognized freedom of navigation. And that China is the only one provoking tensions and is hated in all of Asia (excluding North Korea). Additionally, building an island out of submerged rocks doesn’t legally constitute an internationally recognized territory. Aside from that you are dead on. Great job!

  96. Jordan; The reason Brazil and India joined BRICS is because they don’t want to be next on the list along with Khadafi and Saddam Husain. It’s either you join BRICS or be under US/Britain control for another 50 years. No other way around, without Russia and China, India is doomed to fix American Computers and take those Customer Service calls.

  97. Hello! Chinese vessel just sailed within 12 nautical miles of Alaska the prior month. Did we get our panties in a bunch like China is right now? Hell no! Please read a newspaper or something? Must be living under a rock or a submerged reef or something Lol!

  98. First the world will dive up China and give back Tibet, parts of China to India and independence for the Muslim areas and others. Can’t wait!

  99. What up man! He is in China! He’s a Chinese government troll paid by the communist Chinese government to spew this nonsense on the forums and blogs. Even he probably doesn’t believe the bullshi$ he is typing here LOL!

  100. Dogsi: i like the layout you put on the table but it’s not realistic. Russia will never wait for US to use it’s advanced weapons in the dragon land. Russia will advice Chinese how handle the war with America. Keep in mind how badly American’s performed in Vietnam and China is not Vietnam, they will bite and they will bite hard.
    When it comes to Russia hitting America, not pulling out of my own ass but US general who stated that Russia is the only nation that is capable to destroy US, of course he keeps in mind what US holds against Russia and even that in mind the statement was clear.
    I personally vote for no war with Russia.

  101. Hardly the case. The US hasn’t built itself up on spying and stealing, not has it done so by currency manipulation and practically enslaving its own people. Don’t hold your breathe for China to overtake the US anytime soon. But please keep dreaming at night. Dream for basic rights for those poor Chinese people. They are innocent. Their horrendously corrupt, criminal government is at fault.

  102. BRICS has developed a few cracks. Most are on the verge of bankruptcy. India has swung back fro the dark side. She fears China’s aggressive moves in SE Asian waters. Her own off shore island may be in jeopardy.

  103. Yootuck is probably cuddling with his shemale boyfriend sing sing right now. No other choice since his parents, like many others chose to abort their first pregnancy cuz it was going to be a girl.

  104. And China is poking all of Asia. What else is new? they like making enemies out of their neighbor’s save for N Korea

  105. I think you scared us all with that horrible English HAHAHA!!!
    I feel bad for you. You don’t even know what freedom of speech is.
    I can sit back and say Mao Zedong sucks my yellow dong ?

  106. International law does not recognize manmade structures in international waters as being sovereign property. This was done to avoid having states do exactly what China is doing: building islands in international waters as a means to expand and lay claim to bodies of water well beyond their borders. Otherwise, every state would be doing what China does as a means to secure shipping lanes, fishing rights, etc.

  107. Quite a few things aren’t made in China. Not including food and EOM car parts. Aside from that, each time you fly, you fly on an aircraft that has virtually ,Zero parts made in China. Would you trust your life or loved ones 35,000 ft in the air at 550 mph in a Chinese made piece of junk? I think not, unless you are Chinese and have no choice.
    But yes, of course it’s extremely difficult to avoid buying Chinese, unless you live in Germany lol!

  108. Note remotely true. S. Africa and Brazil will not go to war to defend China and Russia. Further, they lack any ability to project force abroad. India would be their normal opportunistic selves and use the weakened state of China to reclaim their border territories that China militarily seized from them.

    There will not be a war between America/NATO, Russia and China. China does not yet have the ICBM technology to hit the East coast of America. Unlike China, America also has rather advanced anti-ICBM technology in place and China lacks the sheer numbers to overwhelm our ICBM defenses at this time. China could bleed America but could not cripple America. They could not remove America’s ability to wage war. Meanwhile, America could cripple China. America could not occupy China but they could destroy their infrastructure and ability to wage war while removing their current government, destabilizing the entire region and throwing them back 40 years. China would cease to exist and as much smaller, and more manageable, states would form.

    Russia has more threat but lacks ability to project force in any meaningful way. An invasion of Russia is pretty much off the table; it would be difficult and Russia does have enough of an arsenal to overwhelm US defenses. However, America’s ability to project force is vastly superior to Russia. Any war waged outside of Russia greatly favors America. A short conventional war would end with a relatively easy American victory and no likely follow up. Russia does not have the ICBM defenses that America has and would suffer the full force of the American nuclear arsenal.

    In the end, no one will benefit from waging war with America.

  109. @ yootuck
    YOU DELUSIONAL SON..whole world knows that china only copy everything including military..AND ON THE CHEAP
    Little commies are Parasites only

  110. @ yootuck
    YOU DELUSIONAL SON..whole world knows that china only copy everything including military..AND ON THE CHEAP
    Little commies are Parasites only

  111. BRICS? What makes you think India would EVER come to China’s aid? They are mortal enemies of China, like most of Asia lol! Let alone South Aftica or Brazil? Especially against the entire North Atlantic. Come on man. Make some sense.

  112. Actually my Chinese communist troll comrade, your beloved China is the cause of all the unrest and future war with most of Asia as well as America and its European allies. Have you been living under a rock, perhaps under one of the previously submerged reefs China has been dredging up LOL?!?!?

  113. China can not unilaterally decide how nations recognize borders. If building islands allows you legitimate claim to the area around the island, countries will start laying claim to oceans by ringing them with small artificial islands every 24 miles.

    As for this article, pure bluster. America would roll over China’s airforce and naval forces in about as much time as it would take to get there. China and America both know this. While America would take losses, China has no hope of winning such a conflict.

    If China were to mine the ocean, they would be in direct violation of international law. Further, such an act would be seen, rightfully so, as an act of war against America, as would any other attack on the US military operating in international waters. The US would get exactly what it would need to ensure that it continues to dominate and retake its place as the world’s sole super power.

    The Chinese government is not stupid. They know what the outcome of such acts would be. They will not actually instigate a war with America.

  114. Avoid Made in China? Everything you own has parts made in China so please tell me how are you avoiding not purchasing Made in China!!!!!

  115. After the war, the pentagon and warhawks will brag about we killed 800 millions Chinese, and Chinese only killed 250 millions Americans.

  116. It’s Americans attitudes toward the Muslims and other nations that are the cause of word problems. The only way this world becomes peaceful is the end of the U.S.

  117. yootuck u are suck, do u see that the Russian shoot Chinese fisherman without mercy why u donot want to claim the sea up to north is your, I though soviet union taught u lesson before

  118. Charade. If USA sends a dozen warships/carriers in the SCS, china shall only be watching but after they left then articles buzzing with china blah blah blah abound

  119. yootuck u are so stupid, usa just seat there n see the gozilla japan wake up, in the south VN, n the asean country tear up the paper tiger china in to pieces

  120. Well, thank you, Branon, for thinking I “know everything.” But, to be honest, I have to disappoint you and tell you I don’t “know everything,” and never even hinted I did. What I verifiably and demonstrably AM – however – is INFORMED. That means I do more about researching a subject I’m interested in rather than just taking the word of the media pundit or agenda-bound politician I hear. You should try it.

    And if you really did “live in China for 20 years,” then you’d know my comments about China are DEAD ON ACCURATE, because my comments mirror KNOWN FACTS. Like the FACT that China does – and has – claim the area it refers to in the South China Sea through its ancient documents. You would also know that Viet Nam, Brunei, the Philippines, S Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia claim many similar areas, and that none of these claims have resulted in the disruption of normal sea traffic.

    Now, if you have some information contrary to what I just said, not only would I be interested in seeing it, but the world needs to know about it because – so far – YOU are the only one claiming such information.

    OK, you’re up, hot-shot!

  121. Pete – your one of those guys who knows everything right? I lived in China for 20 years. I will tell you that you have absolutely no idea what the F$%#& you are talking about.

  122. It’s not the mere act of traveling those waterways but the intention as to why is what counts. How about if Chinese naval vessels cruised near the Florida Keys. Don’t you think Washington will have a fit if this happened?

  123. Actually, Hansolo, your comment shows you wouldn’t know a ‘Fact’ if it walked up and slapped you. Don’t go heels with me on this subject, clueless. I’ll bury you.

  124. Oh, Joe, I’ve forgotten more about this subject than you will ever know in that miserable life of yours.

    Why don’t you advise me of the “maritime law” China is supposedly violating, hot-shot.

    I’m all ears.

  125. Well, Frank, if you ask China it will produce ancient documents which claim China owns around 80% of the South China Sea. In fact, a 1947 Rand-McNally map gives China ownership of a great deal of what it claims today, including the Paracel islands. Of course, Viet Nam, Taiwan, Brunei, the Philippines, S Korea, and Malaysia ALL claim similar areas in the South China sea. China and these other nations have staked these claims for CENTURIES. However, NONE of them have impeded, restricted, altered, or threatened international shipping through the South China Sea. Is that “Direct” enough for you, Franky?

    And, Franky, as long as none of them impede, restrict, alter, or threaten that shipping, then they can “claim” all they want. The point is, the US has NO BUSINESS sticking its nose in this area – an area which is clearly NOT a US interest, is NOT in the US sphere of influence, and is NOT in the US’s back yard. If the US continues to harass the Chinese over this, there is going to be ‘blow-back’ from China, which is NOT a good thing.

    Anything else, Franky?

  126. Yes IF that is NOT China, but IF China, then better luck next time or they need to improve their product 1st before telling us that China is already have ballz!
    Also I don’t think that the cheaper clone can defeat the original & expensive one.

  127. Andrew…. I can’t tell if you are NOT funny… or you are trying to communicate something to the rest of us…

  128. lol yootuck..
    Which is, coincidentally, the mandarin term for “he who polishes helmets”..

    Keep telling the world that you are building islands for peaceful purposes…
    Just understand that the rest of the world is not as ignorant as your countrymen….

    LOL Yootuck you don’t even have any women left in your country… I guess polishing helmets is your way of contradicting that problem…

  129. The author is a girl , but look like an idiot for title “China’s Missile-Equipped Jets Respond To U.S. Provocations” its international water you dummy.

  130. So the US is poking China and Russia at the same time? Over confidence destroyed many grate superpowers inculcating Nazi Germany.
    If NATO nations join the fight it will be not NATO vs China and Russia, it will be all out war NATO vs BRICS.
    At least we all get the chance to take our last selfie with the nuclear mushroom in the background.

  131. It’s all a distraction by the Chinese. Inferior RD programs for everything scientific and a inferior military. The Chinese economy is a failing, huge pyramid scheme based on fantasy numbers and statistics. Billions spent on empty urban cities, polluted air and water and skyrocketing cancer rates are all signs of a nation on the brink of collapse. Failed one child policy that will still devastate the Chinese social structure. To top all that, China is a bully and most of her neighbors including Taiwan, Japan, The Phillipines, South Korea, Vietnam and India would participate in putting China in it’s place if hostilities broke out. China is a paper tiger with a limited ballistic nuclear capability that the US would easily defeat. China is only playing to Chinese nationalism to distract the population from their real problems. No wonder the Chinese are emigrating to the US in record numbers, why settle for a loser.

  132. Exactly correct. Only children would believe that their lies are not transparent. Grow up, China!
    BTW – I still avoid “Made in China.”

  133. You have to laugh, really laugh, at the utter incompetence of utterly dysfunctional “Spin Masters” as they try and fail to use English. For example, in this post, ” U.S. does not stop its “provocative acts” the spin masters refuse to admit China started the provocative acts.

    First by telling lies how they think they own the entire South Chinese Sea. Second by making fake islands which do not comply with international law for “Legal Land.”

    While China may be older than other countries, clearly they did ot learn anything during all that time. Just little boys playing with toys. Time to change your diapers.

  134. Go to hell bastard ricardo & all Yankee are dead in Chinese territory in South China Sea, which is 15,000 kilometer away from the bloody Yankee stolen continent. International terrorist yankee get lost from South China Sea or you will be dead meat.

  135. You mis-read the situation. Just after the WWII, the US was on China’s side. That why you have the big 4 at the UN. For the US, it seemed reasonable for an US ally China to take back what Japan took from them.
    I personally do not like to get into territorial argument. You can claim, if you can keep. I have not seen one in history that some one else can help to defend another country by shedding its blood.

  136. rey, how did the chinese know that there are oil beneath that particular area of spartley island, they do not have the tech to find out, so how did they know?? the fishing ground on that area also people surrounding those island have been fishing there and now china wants to control it and starve the others, rey, thats bull shit and you know it…

  137. Pete, Question o.k. please give a direct answer o.k. don’t know if you have read the history of the south china sea o.k. (?) WHO OWNS THE SOUTH CHINA SEAS??? is it china itself?? the united states, korea, russia, france, spain, germany or south america, WHO OWN IT PETE??? can you give me a direct answer please.. is it china, japan, korea, philippines, WHO??? can’t answer it SO SHUT THE MOTHER F, GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN SOME MORE ASS HOLE…

  138. tony, grey tiger is RIGHT, those loot are stolen technology’s, they don’t have the brains to keep up with the tech, money wish yes, they are professional swindlers, in other words scammers, what oil that the u.s. stool from the iraqis NOTHING TONY, those oil are paid back by the hundreds of millions dollars, rebuilding their country, so who stole who tony, are you a sympathizer of the chinese people who has wanted to be a communistic country in a different way, maybe you should pack up your things and move over there, watch the news tony of what they do with outsiders, as they say in their language your nothing but a kao jing..

  139. tony, thats bull shit and you know it, no one owns those partials of land o.k. each and everyone of those countries surrounding those particular islets are own but those others, NOT FOR ONE NATION ONLY TONY, freaking chinese demands those, where the hell or when are they appointed emperor or king of the sea surrounding those islands.. they want war, they don’t know that the countries surrounding them are ready and willing, they’ll die first before giving up…

  140. the problem is that it isnt their stuff. those islands are not sovereign territory. china wants to annex the south sea, so that they can invade taiwan one day.

  141. yes, but who gave them the authority to do so, the united nation has no recommendation in black and white, the united states did not, taiwan has none, philippines, viet nam all the surrounding nation around that area has not given china the authority to hold that passage way, china has plan this for a long time because they saw the potential value of the sea as a passage way into the orients.. they want to hold those partials of island using it as a landing strip for custom then proceed to what destination they so declared. this was their intention, holding the neck of the other countries and they must abide of their wishes… freaking dirty trick that they skeem.. now they are the top country in the world, lesson learn, lesson lost, one way only to stop their growth, stop all trade from them, starve them out… this is the only way we can get back our dignity or else we will be rule under one flag and abide by under one flag.. up to you people do or die…

  142. you obviously do not live in reality. no country owns any ocean. china has a war ship docked in FL as we speak, yet we dont whine. its china who is insecure, all we do is sail and fly where international law allows. chinas economy is weakly being propped up and in decline. the US is slow and steady rising, just how we like it. it would be a huge mistake for china to attack the US. they would face a corce they have never seen before both militarily and economically. the US controls chinas economy, we made china what it is and can take it away.

  143. juanito, wag na ka nian please pari. you know for a fact that the three missiles from china is only one of the u.s. to wipe them out, it’s three to one juanito, that’s why their population is three to one also,, basta nanay at anak mag papatong or kaya tatay at anak, yan na dami na sya… parang aso na kahit sino or yon manok…katulad sa indian galing india, nako, bakit ito yon item at enchek ang dami, yan na, buti nga alisin mo yon dalawa naciones para hindi masiado problema jan sa pinas…

  144. Next year before Pres. Obamas term ended he will pool all Military hardwares, resources and arm forces and station them to every allied countries around China all at the sametime and will demand that China surrender or else……..

  145. I have one answer to you ….By saying on the main stream media China’s Artificial Island confirms they are Chinese property and belong to China so getting closer then 12 miles radius is a breach of law.

  146. the Philippines will supply the bullets for USA. I heard in the news that they are giving away bullets to people leaving the country.

  147. Wow! I am a threat to world peace. I am very honored although the accolade was too much for me to fathom…I am a threat to world peace. I have no guns, no tanks, no heavy artilleries, and no billions of dollars. Just my brain and a laptop (instead of a pen). Just tell your chinese military to start attacking and keep pressing the US ships when it patrols again in the SCS, and let’s see. Otherwise just keep blah, blah and try to hide your bruised ego because the US sails, flies and operates whenever, wherever international laws allows in the high sea. How many times, your chinese admiral, even your Xi try to persuade, imagine persuade the US telling it,”East of Hawaii, yours…west ours”, US told them, no way! can they stop US from operating in the SCS…NO! So just shut up and mend your bruised ego, and be a good neighbor to us, maybe, I can tell, hey wait! COMMAND with threat of force by (mental telepathy), the US to stop patrolling the SCS. That case, I am more capable than your million army, planes, ships and other war materiel in preventing the US going in and out of the SCS. Because I am a threat to world peace, remember. Get it!

  148. US will not want to confront either Russia or China, even N Korea or Iran. It wants Japan or ISIS, S Korea to do the bidding.

  149. Did you just eat some ice cream and had a brain freeze!! I think you do not know how international and maritime laws work!! My advice to you is to do some reading before you post on this comment bc you do not know what you are talking about!!

  150. I think it is China that is being the aggressor in this matter, International and maritime laws followed by over 190 countries around the world (the UN) ALL follow 12 nautical miles from shore and beyond that is international !Why does China think they are different and DO NOT follow the rules of the WORLD!! China signed UNICLOS and should abide by these rules !!,And building islands from reefs is not counted as the same as natural island territory!! I do not understand why China is not accepting this fate and move on and flying jets with weapons aboard does not change anything the US WILL continue to move ships in international waters and is hoping that the Chinese try to attack one of these ships so that the US can open a can of whip a-(s)-S and will not have to pay back China the loans it has on them ,So I say to China what Japan said when they attacked Pearl Harbor ,We have to awaken the sleeping giant and will have to the price for what we have done !! And I hope China will come to their senses but I do not think so !!And China will also be cut off from the world bc EVERYONE follows the rules of the UN and it will be easy to get resolutions that mandate that China be cut off from voting in the UN and their security counsel votes will NOT count ,And not to mention that everyone around them will join the US and help beat down Vietnam ,Phillippines ,Japan ,S.Korea and others in that part of the world ,So if I were China I would tread VERY CAREFULLY bc the world is against you on this matter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Oh come on black panther, if we go by that way of thinking then we need to return all the oil we stole from Iraq. So- SHUT D-F_U

  152. Your suggestion is ONLY what is best for China. Your suggestion would be catastrophic for the rest of the world. China is becoming worth more decimated than left alone to continue to further destabilize the world and manipulate it.
    -Terrible suggestion!
    My suggestion is for Obama to grow some real balls. Then the rest of the Asian allies will have confidence in working as one force to counter this Chinese threat. Right now, the rest of the Asian nations are afraid to confront China because they don’t believe Obama will back them up or protect them.

  153. lmao another stupid arrogant yank. you are a threat to world peace. USA will get owned in China’s turf.

    USA is just insecure as you know you are near bankruptcy and it wont be long China overtakes US in all areas. Just a matter of time. I kdnow it is hard to swallow.. so being a sore loser, u want to stir up trouble as much as possible.

  154. lmao another stupid arrogant yank. you are a threat to world peace. USA will get owned in China’s turf.
    USA is just insecure as you know you are near bankruptcy and it wont be long China overtakes US in all areas. Just a matter of time. I know it is hard to swallow.. so being a sore loser, u want to stir up trouble as much as possible.



  157. Our war ships went there because the Chinese have not fully militarized those artificial islands. Wait till there are bombs, missiles and armed forces stationed on the islands, then we will see. On the other hands, it seen to me the Chinese are not afraid of those Japs.

  158. it will be interesting creating a new japan out of china, and I feel so sorry for walmart once the war begins, well, at least they wont have to worry about raising the minimum wage….

  159. It’s clear you don’t know the power of the American military power. A quick search will show you, even in non-biased ones that place America as number one. Double the tanks, planes, ships etc you name it. Only thing China has going for it is number of soldiers it can throw. That reminds me, back in history, Russia had the same thing, and they barely managed to beat Nazi Germany, even after Germany was tired, weak, and extended on several fronts. Bare in mind, Russia was receiving in tons and tons of supplies.

    You think a newly China that has little to no war experience can take the might of the Americans? HA! All of you talk smack, just wait till a true warmonger enters the White House as President. It’s easy to mock until the shit hits the fans. Your Chinese would blow nothing out of the water. Your Chinese follow the Russians, and they are known to be easily defeated or switch sides during war. Both are weak. Russia and China pose little to no threat. Germany placed a smackdown on Russia, as did Japan with China.

  160. The wording of the title makes it look like the US is causing this problem here. He/She must be a member of the Hate America Crowd. America is the root of All The Problems In The World.according totthem.

  161. Get your facts straight dude, we are just going down the street to get a drink. China is the guy all of the sudden jumps out and claims the street is his private property. He is lucky, Clint Eastwood is not around to say “make my day punk” and send him on his way to see his mama.

  162. How many shipping lanes are butting against the 8 islands 12 miles extensions as US destroyers did in a sea as large as 1/2 of US.

  163. Who is this guy Polina Tikhonova, He is calling the US traveling in the area “provocation”.
    LOL, we have been traveling International Water since time.

  164. You are an idiot, never read a history book, in your life. In 1938, 1939, this is what Hitler did, the West at that time, did not want to fight. He totally misread the people, he had no way of controlling. With out the UK and their great people, we may all be speaking German, today. Just one real OLD B-52, with 51 hard points, can not only totally destroy the island, in question, but crater, all the main runways, China has close to these islands. With out runways, you can’t have aircraft operations. Or, they will be F-18s, coming off American carriers, a thousand miles, from the war area. If you want to really know, if America is serious, find out where the Tinkers are, if they are anywhere close, China will be totally disarmed in a few days, if not one. We have only practiced this, maybe three/four times in the last 20 years. We have 20,000 experienced pilots. When did the last China pilot, fly a real combat sortie. Equipment is very important, when you go into combat, but experience trumps ALL.

  165. The sad part about all this is that it will take more than logic to stop US hegemony. Has a bully ever be stopped by words? Absolutely not! It always takes someone to dope slap the hell out of them. Therefore, I am afraid a tragedy like the sinking of a US warship will be necessary to open the eyes of the US. The ball will then be firmly in the USA’s court and it can either start WW3 or back down. I expect a back down and a reluctant acceptance of the reality of today’s world.

  166. China’s “missile equipped jets?” As opposed to what? Non-missile equipped jets!? How else would China respond to US military prodding? Write a nasty letter? I’m glad to see ValueWalk call this US action a “provocation,” which is exactly what it is. China has not impeded, threatened, or interrupted the free flow of sea-borne trade in any respect, which makes the US’s actions nothing but clear harassment. And, if the always-arrogant US doesn’t back off, these actions could lead to China and the US firing on each other which – inevitably – would drag Russia into this and light off WWIII (which – of course – is what the hated US Neocons want). The US needs to BUTT- OUT of the South China Sea and stop creating a dangerous situation where there previously was none.

  167. Shipping lanes are INTERNATIONAL and until any and all “claims” to a particular region/area are recognized and sanctioned by world bodies they are INVALID. In other words China’s varied assertions in the So China Sea are not valid at this point and are not to be construed as such. It’s fairly typical of various nations that will remain unnamed to WHINE when threatened or perceiving threat by CHINA to the US for SECURITY. They all need to learn to NEGOTIATE and COOPERATE with one another if they feel threatened. I frankly don’t want my tax $$$ going to defend someone else’s turf. It’s time we stop policing the world and make some of these whiners, moaners, groaners GROW UP and worry about themselves. PEACE!

  168. Good. I know nobody likes this news but at last we can test our F-22 and F-35 versus that Chinese highly publicized J-11 and J-20.Bring it on Chinks. South China Sea is so near to Japan and Guam based F-22’s.

  169. Here is a Clue Backster, China’s military is separated from the government. It isn’t like our system. If those generals want to fight they will and the hell with trade!

  170. Well by golly, gee whiz, listening to all the Chinese trolls and Polina’s astute commentary, there is just one conclusion: Let’s just fart backwads and remove all the US military assets from the region because gosh durn they might get hurt by those bad Chinese people with shiny new stuff. I mean we are just technologically inferior without doubt to match a navy that has not had any operational experience beyond coastal defense. I am positive that just one of those mean DF21 missiles equates the whole of US offensive firepower. And certainly having several of the NROL’s geo synched with direct linkage to the P-8A for ASW, that just happens to be stationed in the region, could never be specifically designated to detect and follow our Chinese friend’s submarines using deep sea cavitiation detection algorithms in real time. Just no way, because that would be a real disadvantage to the US. Just saying that those algorithmns were initially developed by commercial interests to detect large off shore oil deposits. Because we all know the US is just a thrd rate military has been that is not able to field anything to counter the Chinese on their own turf.

  171. china is so heavily invested in US, and their money is not on par with American dollar or free market, all transactions worldwide are carried out in US dollars. busting down China with embargoes and trade. US doesnt need China as much as China needs the US.

  172. Yupee! bring it on and show your stolen US technology copycat war materiels. No originality even in its designs. All is fake China made military toys! No match to US. Next time US patrols the south china sea, tell your military to attack immediately the US ship/s so that you can see the US awesome military power, just to shame you. You, chinese, keep telling that the US will never do and never patrol the south china sea, since you will sink or harm the US ship. Now, the US ship (Lassen) patrolled and entered your 12 nm alleged “sovereign” fake coast lines in Subi and Mischief reefs, what did you, chinese do, other than the perfunctory verbal warnings and angry retorts, NOTHING. Without US permissions, you cannot do anything in the SCS. So just shut up!

  173. You don’t know the capability of the ship that they sent there, huh? Do you think there’s no back up for that ship. You are an idiot.

  174. China has been stealing America’s search and technology, hacking sensitive information and OPM, Spartley islands and south China Sea. China’s provocation flying their jets from the island.

  175. So the US sends a lousy destroyer within 12 n miles of their coral island and China quickly ups the stakes by bringing in jets. Does this sound even remotely overly aggressive to anyone else? Are China’s leaders gathering together to discuss just how rapidly can we escalate things to nuclear war?

  176. Now who is the idiot here? China said time and again it will be used for peaceful purposes and you’re telling us China will throw heavy military equipment there in response to US supposed provocation. Then it’ll show how Communist China really works and it will show their cards. Would you think the whole world won’t respond to it and just take it as it is? All I can think of is China fakes everything, among all their intentions.

  177. Back during WW II, we did not have such a thing as political correctness or collateral
    damage. I’d bet you if an Islamic terrorist group exploded a weapon of mass destruction in this country killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. We found out who it was and planned to
    attack them. There’d be groups of people here protesting against that.









  179. Bro.,my advise to you, tell your defense minister to start attacking US Ships or US planes. That way, US can have reasons to sink your “ultra modern” former soviet aircraft carrier and test your ultra modern airplanes whose model and specifications were copied from stolen US technology, and we will see whether China can withstand US pressures. So we your asian neighbors can live our lives peacefully and go back to our daily business of earning our keeps. You know what, since China try to bully its neighbors from the south china sea, this thing happens. So to your satisfactions, let’s get the ball rolling and see if your “China” can really measure up to the US, otherwise, just shut up and plant yams and stay inside China and be a good neighbor.

  180. Don’t worry Tom. We are not going to let any Kleptomaniac ChinkCom get away with robberies.
    ChinkCom toys are no match.

  181. With their missiles, they are more than likely to come back and strike the Chinese. Don’t believe me, go buy something from Walmart.

  182. “The military experts also confirmed that the move was aimed to show the
    U.S. that China is prepared to respond to U.S. warships sailing within
    12 nautical miles of Subi Reef”

    Yeah, right – the Chinese fighter jets responded right after the US navy ships have long been gone.

  183. “The military experts also confirmed that the move was aimed to show the
    U.S. that China is prepared to respond to U.S. warships sailing within
    12 nautical miles of Subi Reef”

    Yeah, right. The Chinese fighter plane responded right after the US navy ships have long been gone.

  184. Every move US makes will be matched by China. The fast pace of China island building has already put US in the disadvantage. And you can see the calculation by US also, only sending one ship vs sending the whole carrier group. Sending a carrier group is making a statement, sending a destroyer is testing the water. US wants to build an alliance in SCS, however, right now, no one has joined. And no one has the capability except Japan. However, SCS is not Japan’s interest area, ECS is.
    By next year, China will have 3-4 airstrips in the SCS that = 3-4 aircraft carriers and they are much harder to sink. In 12-24 months, China could build another 3-4 airstrips in SCS and ECS, and China has plenty naval aircrafts they can station there. Japan better make their move carefully, China could build islands in ECS if Japan attempt to intervene.
    I can see China play 2 hands, the more US sends military ships, the more military hardware china can put on those islands calling its necessary defence against US aggression. This actually allow China to move even faster. The 12 miles will be challenged, but how many ships will US send and China will match it one by one with air coverage.
    If US back down, China will move slowly but will eventually take over SCS.
    China is building a navy much faster than any other nation. It’s future capability can only be matched by US. However, unlike US, China does not care to be the world police. Its military is only to help protect China interest.
    China has made sure US won’t have any play in the SCS. The denial of access attack is working beautifully.
    In the long run, it is better to work together with each other. My suggestion is let China own the SCS and with its sphere of influence in Asia US will have its North America sphere of influence. Help each other in the world stage, make its people more prosperous.

  185. I hope that China’s pilots understand they have ship based missiles when they come into the security zone. Any aggression at all would be meet with deadly force.

  186. Really, that is going to be interesting to see. China’s planes are charted as soon as the take off, and tracked. It would be the other way around.

  187. Well let’s see in Korea we saved the South, just look at the differences in both countries today. In Vietnam we bombed them to oblivion and left with a peace treaty, had Nixon not left, South Vietnam would still stand today. In Afghanistan we kicked the Taliban out of power in two weeks, then we decided to nation built and we didn’t realize just how barbaric this Muslims extremist are and how much they love killing other Muslims, same thing in Iraq we kicked Hussein’s behind in a couple of weeks but again underestimated the divided between all the Muslim sects and their desire to slaughter each other. Syria is going through a civil war nothing to do with the US…But stay ignorant buddy. Plus a war between China and the US will be about destruction, no nation building no caring about civilians, it will be all out war to see who can blow the most s**t up, and China doesn’t come close to us.

  188. That would be such a big mistake on China’s part. They don’t strike me as being stupid. You on the other hand, making me wonder with that comment.

  189. Just remember that 5 carrier are now in South China Sea carrying F-35 while China have only 1 garbage carrier carrying garbage. HaHaHaHa!

  190. hmmmm bring it on, China never been in a combat war so bring it on well blow those chicom plane that doesnt work its just a cosmetic plane show off and unbalance make up!!! LMAO!!!

  191. LMAO! In your dream! China’s military equipment are all cheap & made in China, if not, then it’s still cheap just to get the same look but reliability is suck.

  192. America is no longer seen as a super power. China would blow those ships out of the water if they go too far.

  193. I think it was about time the Obama administration put on the big boy pants when it comes to dealing with the other two major world powers, Russia and China. We can not be so averse to war that we let those two act with impunity. If they want a conventional war, so be it, let’s see who comes out on top. If it turns nuclear, the US has a small chance to survive. The other two have no chance. As bleak as this may seem, we must not and will not turn away from conflict.

  194. Fighters with missiles is not an issue…if they were to lock onto one of our assets then it becomes an issue…every intercept we perform is done with armed aircraft…this is a non-story!!!

  195. China is not wise at all. US is smart enough to provoke China such that US can now re-enter and control the entire South China Sea. I is a planned move from US to provoke China for justifying control.

  196. These politicians are careerist who never care so much about what is the best for the country. They will think what is best for their career or personal interest first above national interest.

  197. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter is putting the U.S. at a disadvantage with all his sabre rattling, basically asking/daring China to take the first shot. If and when China sinks the first ship that passes into what China considers its territory, the U.S. has no choice but to declare war on China.

    Considering our spotty record on wars since the end of WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, Syrian War,…

    What makes Ashton Carter to believe we can do better against China??? China has the capability to produce its own weapons while the others can not. We are putting ourselves into a terrible position by Ashton Carter sabre rattling.

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