BlackBerry Ltd Is Capable Of Making A Comeback: T-Mobile CEO

BlackBerry Ltd Is Capable Of Making A Comeback: T-Mobile CEO
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BlackBerry can still make a comeback, believes John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO. Legere’s comment came in response to a word association game that the CEO and T-Mobile’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Sievert, played with CNET last week.

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T-Mobile supports BlackBerry comeback

During the game, when asked to share his thoughts on BlackBerry, Legere said, “On a comeback.” Legere’s response about BlackBerry was the most insightful answer from the game. Legere, who is known for his sarcastic responses, refrained from doing so and let his lieutenant take on the role. Sievert called AT&T “greedy,” while he said Sprint is “in a tough spot.”

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Legere’s response to Verizon and Sprint was “red” and “school bus,” respectively. This is in sharp contrast to his last word association game with CNET in September 2014 when he called AT&T “sucks” and said Verizon was “worse.” When asked about net neutrality, which is the principle of equal treatment of Internet traffic, Legere responded “supportive.” Several critics accuse T-Mobile of hurting net neutrality with its unlimited streaming program “Binge On.”

Support comes at a crucial time

BlackBerry is making sincere efforts to get back in the race even though its new handsets are not very popular and its smartphone market share has reduced to an almost negligible level. As a result, many remain skeptical about the Canadian firm’s prospects, so hearing such optimistic words at such a time comes as a surprise as T-Mobile and BlackBerry had a spat in 2014. However, now all is well between them as represented by Legere’s statement on BlackBerry. T-Mobile offered its customers the opportunity to buy the BlackBerry Classic in May at the same time the duo started to mend their relationship.

BlackBerry released its first Android-based device called the Priv this month, and the first carrier to sell the device in the U.S. is AT&T. T-Mobile does not carry the device now, but it may offer the device going forward.

“While we don’t carry the Priv right now, we may have something to report soon. We are definitely talking with BlackBerry,” a T-Mobile spokeswoman said.

BlackBerry is happy with the support it is getting from T-Mobile. On Sunday in an email, CEO John Chen said, “I’m energized about our renewed relationship with T-Mobile and I’m excited about what 2016 will bring we continue to move forward together.”

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  1. The only thing I need to know is what will sell and what will not. laying off employees due to inability to innovate decreases revenue, like what Chen did.

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but you weren’t going to save their jobs. You clearly have no idea how a business runs, nor how brand image applies to sales. You gave that away when you acknowledged that you believed that laying employees off increased revenue.

  3. Its not the same as Chen is losing investors money as I am just remaining the same. It’s for BlackBerry and the employees that lost their jobs is my primary concern.

  4. BlackBerry is not willing to try anything to stop the bleeding. It is for that reason they are going to lose. Lets say you had a loved one that was dying, and you received a letter from a non certified doctor claiming he had a special potion that could save the loved one in question, would you just dismiss it, or at least investigate it?

  5. Which has nothing to do with the Company doing what they used to do. Your claim was baseless and your defense of it is irrelevant to the claim itself.

    DEVVV: That apple is pink
    HBB: That apple used to be pink but is now red
    DEVVV: I don’t like the color of red they chose so therefore its pink

  6. You still don’t get it. You’ve handed in a blank resume and told them they are fools for not hiring you. Not a single person on the planet would even offer the interview to a blank resume. Stop being a pretender, DEVVV and start being productive. You want the opportunity, you have to earn. Nobody is gonna give you anything if you don’t give them quantifiable reasons to do so.

  7. The only reason they are not depending on handset is because they do not know how to design a likeable one. It appears they are already in the works of launching another phone. I never said they should get out of hardware as its only failing because Chen does not possess innovation.

  8. How are they operating in the same fashion when the company’s main focus isn’t even smartphones anymore? They have very little dependency on smartphones now and all you want to do is put them back to being dependent on smartphones again. That’s pretty hypocritical of you, don’t you think?

  9. except the current leaders of BlackBerry are operating in the exact same fashion as the previous ones did. ” we are having trouble keeping up with supply and demand” watch and see that will be Chen’s next statement, oh yeah and plus “better than expected” that’s another one.

  10. You haven’t innovated anything yet… You have nothing to show for your claims. You simply cannot blame them for ignoring you when nobody else (except maybe Kelsey or Daniel or Victor) believes a word you say.

    The Executive Staff would all lose their jobs if they announced they were going to bring an un-proven high school student in to fix the company… Get off your high horse DEVVV and do what everyone else in this world has to do to make it somewhere: WORK HARD!

  11. How about the executive staff of BlackBerry take the claim of a fellow Canadian innovator seriously first? How about the executive staff leaving no rock unturned,in the hopes of reviving this company? How about the executive staff trust others as they expect consumers to trust them?

  12. Please tell me you know when that class action law suit was filed… There is nothing recent about the time-frame that case brings into question.

    You’re very good with your smear campaign but unfortunately for you, everyone already knows you’re a liar and will say whatever you can about BBRY in order to persuade investors to stop investing.

  13. HBB the only reason Chen is not focusing on hardware is because he does not know how to build a likeable phone, as it shows. Chen is just full of tricks to mislead you to invest HBB.,.,. Re:” Investors hoping to sue BlackBerry for allegedly misrepresenting the financial success of the BlackBerry 10 have been given a green light to ask that a court certify a proposed class action under the Ontario Securities Act.

    An Ontario judge has found that plaintiffs in the proposed action would be able to produce enough evidence at trial for the case to have a reasonable chance of success at trial.

    “I am satisfied on the evidence before me that both the alleged misrepresentation and the public correction have been sufficiently established and that there is a reasonable possibility that the action will be resolved in the plaintiff’s favour at trial,” wrote Justice Edward Belobaba of the Ontario Supreme Court in the decision issued Tuesday.” I hope you are now starting to believe me HBB, as my only intent is to give BlackBerry what is required to survive. Chen must be ousted as I know for a fact I would do a better job in that position. The only job of a CEO is to understand what will sell and what will not, its as simple as that.

  14. Yup, he certainly did change the focus. He effectively removed the Company’s dependency on hardware and transitioned the company into a successful software/service company.

    Just because they didn’t bother listening to some stalker on the Internet, doesn’t mean anything you said there is true. It’s just your opinion(s), nothing more and nothing less.

  15. Sorry to say but Blackberry has not changed their focus pertaining to device design. BlackBerry continues to do what caused their demise in the first place. The Passport was in the works prior to Chen’s appointment and he just went with it, so did he change BlackBerry’s focus?? No!

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