Apple Working On Support App To Save You Time [REPORT]

Apple Working On Support App To Save You Time [REPORT]
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Apple may be working on an app to help you with the same functionality as offered by the company’s support website, based on recently leaked photos at tech blog uSwitch. The app could potentially bring Apple Store’s Genius Bar to the user’s home.

Registered to your Apple ID

Based on the leaked images, it can be speculated the app will help users chat with support specialists, make arrangements to send their device, and even get instructions on how to use Apple gadgets. This new support app will also be able to track all the registered iOS devices under one Apple ID and also provide solutions.

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“At launch the app has all of the devices registered to your Apple ID,” a source told uSwitch. “From there you have a range of pre-defined problems, which are common.”

As of now, the app allows users to book appointments, but it does not help with tutorials or other support functions. The app could help shorten lines at the Apple Store as users will be able to solve many simple issues by themselves without scheduling an appointment at the Genius Bar.

How the app could make your life easier?

Though the app does not actually expand Apple’s support offerings, it could make it easier to access the current offerings. At times, a user may find Apple’s support website quite complex with a “mix of official support articles and community-generated discussions about certain issues that span years of iterative products,” says a report from the Verge.

Meanwhile, the app, which will rely more on the list of registered products, would ensure that the results are tailored to meet your needs. In addition, the app will be much more convenient as now more users are spending a greater amount of time on mobile devices.

As of now, there is no information on when the app be launched or if it is going to launch at all. Instead of rolling it out as a standalone app, there is a chance that the new support app might be merged with with the existing app. Though nothing is confirmed as yet, one thing is for sure, this app could save you time in waiting on others to walk you through basic problem-solving steps.

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