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Broadly speaking, Trend Following with Managed Futures shows that strategy and market diversification, the ability to go short, and the freedom to engage in active management all make a difference in generating return.

Book Review: Trend Following with Managed Futures – (CFA Institute)

The pension fund has 9 percent of its assets allocated to hedge funds and managed futures, a statement by Man said, which would mean assets of around 126 million pounds.

Man Group unit wins mandate from Clwyd Pension Fund – (Reuters)

Institutional investors have invested at least $2.6 billion in 2015 in the two approaches, with global macro bringing in $1.5 billion and managed futures, $1.1 billion, according to Pensions & Investments’ reporting.

Investors flock to specialty investments – (Pensions & Investments)

Coming off a string of predicting the risk parity and volatility targeting would lead to further selling in August, JPMorgan notes October’s rapid rise price was due in part to managed futures CTA capitulation

With Market Approaching All-Time Highs, JPMorgan Says CTAs / Short Squeeze Can Push Stocks Higher – (ValueWalk)

At this point, managed futures needs to show that it can not only diversify but also achieve positive returns.

Two asset diversification beats managed futures – (Lakewood Views)

Indonesia’s rubber association told Antara state-news agency on Sunday that the haze would cut output by up to 300,000 metric tons from September through February, a decline of more than 20%.

Businesses Take Heat From Haze in Indonesia – (Wall Street Journal)

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