World War 3 Could Be Just Seconds Away, Warn Experts

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Several military experts have warned in the last few weeks that Russia was hell-bent to trigger a major conflict in Syria that could escalate into World War 3. The airspace above Syria has become increasingly crowded as Russian and Western fighter jets are flying all over the country. According to the Mirror, Russia claims to have carried out 55 airstrikes against ISIS targets, which the U.S.-led coalition carried out 24 attacks on ISIS on Saturday.

Syrian airspace has become increasingly crowded

However, anti-Assad groups trained by CIA reported that Russian airstrikes have targeted rebels that are fighting to oust President Bashar Al-Assad from power. Citing an unnamed military expert, the Daily Record says we could be less than 30 seconds from World War 3. Fighter jets, drones, attack helicopters, missiles and artillery from different countries with a military presence in Syria are increasingly likely to crash in the congested Syrian airspace.

In one terrifying incident, a U.S. F-16 fighter came within 20 miles of the Russian Sukhoi-34 warplanes in Syria, says Lt Gen Charles Brown, commander of the U.S. air campaign in Syria. Given their speeds of travel, it would have taken the two warplanes less than 30 seconds to collide. One military expert compared the situation in Syria to getting your mind round a Rubik’s Cube moving at 1,500 kilometers per hour.

U.S. may lose if there is a World War 3

At any moment a military plane could be shot down in a “catastrophic misunderstanding of intent.” Many of the American fighter planes had to move away from their intended targets to avoid Russian jets. China has further complicated the situation by stationing its aircraft carrier Liaoning off the coast of Syria, from where it may carry out airstrikes. Military experts have warned on several occasions that Russia and China would easily crush the United States if there is a World War 3.

Russia’s objectives in Syria are very different from that of the U.S.-led coalition. Western countries are working to oust Bashar Al-Assad and establish a liberal democracy in Syria. But Russia is determined to maintain a pro-Russian regime in Syria. Meanwhile, experts fear that China could use airstrikes in ISIS as a cover to support Russia and target the U.S.-trained rebels.

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