Weekend Reads: The Suburb That Tried To Kill The Car


Bacon, ham and sausages ‘as big a cancer threat as smoking’, WHO to warn — (Telegraph)

The Long Bull Run for U.S. Oil Refiners Shows Signs of Slowing – (Bloomberg)

High-Speed Trades Will Face CFTC Policies to Curb Disruption – (Bloomberg)

Consistency is what makes the top 50 best-performing hedge funds so strong

Every month and quarter, multiple reports on average hedge fund returns are released from several sources. However, it can be difficult to sift through the many returns to uncover the most consistent hedge funds. The good news is that Eric Uhlfelder recently released his "2022 Survey of the Top 50 Hedge Funds," which ranks the Read More

$50 TRILLION IN DEBT: This is what the ‘3rd wave’ of the 2008 financial crisis looks like – (Business Insider)

Wall Street’s brightest minds reveal the most important charts in the world – (Business Insider)

For Hedge Funds, a Can’t-Miss Trade Goes Bust – (Wall Street Journal)

Applying Value Investing Principles to Manager Selection – (Altair Advisors)

Just for Fun:

The Suburb That Tried To Kill the Car – (Politico)

This Logan Square Restaurant Just Got Rid Of Tipping – (Chicagoist)

The Problem With Tying Health Care To Trade – (FiveThirtyEight)

The Way We Use Social Security Numbers Is Absurd – (FiveThirtyEight)

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