The USS John Warner Is A Stealthy, Scary Submarine Like No Other

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The USS John Warner is 337 feet of advanced weaponry and stealth technology unseen anywhere else in the world.

This is one scary attack submarine

John Warner was commissioned on 1 August 2015 with Commander Dan Caldwell as the Commanding Officer, where it lies in the ocean today as it awaits its first mission is anyone’s guess. At 7,800 tons, this black steel shark is home to some of the most advanced weaponry ever seen, or more accurately unseen and unheard, beneath the ocean’s surface.

“The shiniest and coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my military career,” Cmdr. Daniel Caldwell, a 22-year Navy veteran and the first captain of the USS John Warner, told CNN during the commissioning ceremony.  “It’s going to make whatever I do next anti-climactic.”

“This ship embraces every single known bit of high-tech that is required to equip it and allow it to maintain the toughest missions,” said John Warner, former Secretary of the Navy, 20 year-senator and man for whom the sub was named “It will go to all corners of this globe, all seven seas, and quietly perform a mission and disappear into the darkness of night and nobody will ever know that it was there.”

The John Warner is the 12th Virginia-class submarine to have been built to the Navy’s specification and only the second Block III subs in the Navy’s arsenal. In addition to about 40 weapons systems that will be detailed later in this piece, its home to  special operations forces, unmanned undersea vehicles, and the Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS).

No shortage of offensive firepower on this submarine

This new attack submarine  “is the most high-tech, it is the most lethal warship pound for pound that we have in our inventory,” said Adm. Jonathan Greenert while he was the Chief of Naval Operations.

It’s equipped with 12 Tomahawk cruise missiles stored in vertical launch tubes at the front of the submarine. While the Tomahawk was first put into service in 1983, it has gone through near countless upgrades and revamps. They can be equipped with a number of different guidance systems and warheads including bunker busters or even nuclear weapons beyond standard conventional packages. Frankly, we will never truly know what the Tomahawk is capable of carrying or how far they can fly.

Additionally, the subs four torpedo tubes can be equipped with additional Tomahawks, Mk60 CAPTOR mines, Mk48 heavyweight torpedoes or Harpoon anti-ship missles among other deliverers of death. Essentially, the sub can be equipped to handle specific missions as needed and add to the submarines lethal nature. Very few targets are safe whether underwater, in the air or on land depending on their proximity to the sub.

Propulsion and the crew on the Virginia-Class submarine

Firstly, no crew members will be spending any time looking through a periscope. Those days are long gone. Instead the sub relies on  a photonic mast which includes high-definition and infrared video to allow the submarine and its crew to see. The information from the mast will then be fed to huge video screens for the captain and crew to get their bearings.

If the crew of 132 aboard the USS John Warner didn’t need to eat, the submarine could clip around underwater at about 25 knots for over thirty years owing to the presence of an S9G nuclear reactor that never needs to be refueled over its expected lifetime of 33 years minimum.

“The only reason we have to come back is because our freezer isn’t big enough,” Cmdr. Caldwell said lightheartedly when the submarine was commissioned.

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Brendan Byrne
While studying economics, Brendan found himself comfortably falling down the rabbit hole of restaurant work, ultimately opening a consulting business and working as a private wine buyer. On a whim, he moved to China, and in his first week following a triumphant pub quiz victory, he found himself bleeding on the floor based on his arrogance. The same man who put him there offered him a job lecturing for the University of Wales in various sister universities throughout the Middle Kingdom. While primarily lecturing in descriptive and comparative statistics, Brendan simultaneously earned an Msc in Banking and International Finance from the University of Wales-Bangor. He's presently doing something he hates, respecting French people. Well, two, his wife and her mother in the lovely town of Antigua, Guatemala. To contact Brendan or give him an exclusive, please contact him at

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  1. Grenade Catcher | Dec 15, 2015, 1:18 pm at 1:18 pm |

    ohh john you poor little guy, dont be mad because you’re wrong.

  2. And if you read YOUR history asshole, you’d know it was submarines that decimated Japan’s ability to obtain the resources to make war . . . . . . .

  3. Four combat tours? You are a tough bastard thats for sure, thank you for your service sir, but for your honors I will give you the high ground, but understand, I believe there is more to life than putting others in the ground. Especially for the Bush/Clinton/Obama Administration. There is a war to be taken care of here, at home, where the criminal mentality of our leaders has driven out the honest caring folks who could make a difference, and replaced them with-Well, do I need to say any more. You believe what you want, but make sure your head is on straight when the shit hits the fan.

  4. Your gettin islam shoved down your neck by this administration, not pushing you to think anything by the way, but you should worry when the potus is in league with our enemy.

  5. Sure thing, and I proved I can bait a stranger in to cursing at me to prove nothing. thats my point. not a religious one at all. Have a nice day.

  6. I was not trying to prove anything. I was trying to, and did, disprove your lame “there are no atheists in foxholes” mantra.

  7. Good for you. Now your not allowed to say God Damn it, or bless you here’s a tissue. Anything else you want to prove?

  8. I read a book once, called On a pale horse, in it the hero was death and had to collect the souls of the deceased, he came to a man who believes that there is no life after death and when reaching for his soul it only melted away, like back to whence it came or the cosmos…. whatever, I prefer to believe in something more, if not organized religion but a God that loves his children. I do hope you have a great life and thanks for your service.

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  10. lol Yeah. But your mom stepped in to fix me up. She said you wouldn’t mind since she has 2 of em and you’re used to having to share with the rest of the hood anyway.

  11. Grenade Catcher | Nov 7, 2015, 1:32 am at 1:32 am |

    lol so mad did mommy forget to breast feed you today?

  12. That sure was a classy reply. Typical of a filthy, welfare, food stamp, liberal.

  13. good for you. I prefer to think that there is something better than the world your living in, to look foreward to, I choose to look foreward. doesnt make me a bad person, like yourself, I am sure your a pretty cool guy.

  14. Terrible article by a guy with no apparent background in the military. This is another Virginia class submarine. There is nothing ground breaking about the John Warner. “Like No Other”: Bullshiit. There are eleven almost exactly like it. Go back to college and ask for your money back. And learn to freaking write.

  15. zzzZZZzzzz

  16. Weapon wise its the same as an 88. 12 tomahawk tubes and 4 tubes. The navy doesnt use harpoon missiles or mines anymore.

  17. OK. I was just wondering. Still, a sub that is 337 feet long is a good size sub. The John Warner packs plenty of lethal weapons.

  18. Well thank you for serving. We appreciate it.
    I do have a bit of experience with the USS New Hampshire,
    so I’m not completely ignorant of Virginia-class boats.
    Now… Back to my baking.

  19. Grenade Catcher | Oct 31, 2015, 9:05 am at 9:05 am |

    you should do a movie, well…porn i mean

  20. Grenade Catcher | Oct 31, 2015, 9:03 am at 9:03 am |

    Are you retarded? It wasnt submarines that ended the war shithead it was the fact we dropped 2 atomic bombs on japan. Not to mention russia put a beating on germany. Go read some history before you spout stupidity.

  21. Grenade Catcher | Oct 31, 2015, 9:02 am at 9:02 am |

    We arent going to attack the manufacturer of the majority of our products. Get real.

  22. Grenade Catcher | Oct 31, 2015, 9:01 am at 9:01 am |

    Get a grip retard the cold war is over. Nobody will ever be dumb enough to launch nukes.

  23. Grenade Catcher | Oct 31, 2015, 9:01 am at 9:01 am |

    lol go back to the basement tea party inbreeder

  24. U.S. politicians put me in mind of a baby bear playing with his dick. Nothing matters as long as it feels good !!!

  25. Most Americans are too brain dead to comprehend the Obama disaster. Nothing will alter our National malaise. Consequently, I must conclude that is already too late to save ourselves from the from the ravages of the NWO crowd !!! Remember to turn the lights out when you leave !!!

  26. Some things are best kept under wraps !!!

  27. Good thought !!!

  28. Then WHY did Hussein Obama run for President when he is allegedly not qualified (from what you say)?

    Why does Hussein Obama put the world in harms way when siding with Iran against Israel? The “agreement” says the US will defend Iran if attacked by Israel which must stop the insanity of letting a terrorist nation develop nuclear weapons. I’m sure you’ve seen information that would lead anyone with an IQ much above dirt to conclude Hussein Obama was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia.

    With that in mind, it should make sense WHY Hussein Obama gave aid and arms to the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt before they were tossed out by the Egyptians. It should make sense why Husein Obama and useful idiot Hillary Clinton gave aid and arms to the “rebels” in Libya. Who were the rebels? They were Al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists. Does it now make sense WHY Hussein Obama lied about a film leading to the attack in Benghazi when in fact Hussein was lying to hide the fact that he and useful idiot Hillary Clinton gave weapons to terrorists that then killed Americans in Benghazi.

    That’s what Muslims do, they lie and lie and lie. Hussein’s job is to hurt America in every way he can before he is found out and tried for treason. HUUUUUHHHH? Treason. I’m laughing at Americans. By the time they figure out Hussein is a Muslim loving terrorist who is playing President, Hussein will already have started WW III and millions of westerners will have died in the war Husssein is working hard to start.

    Hussein as you have seen is also working hard to start race riots in America. He’s working hard to keep the borders open so the welfare system can be overloaded with new illegals. And as a bonus, terrorists can also come in to America.

    The average American won’t begin to figure out Hussein was a con until the terrorists bombs start going off in schools, malls and workplaces where they live. And by then, it will be too late.

  29. I am a submariner. 688 class is 360 feet. Ohio is 520 feet. Seawolf is 353. Virginia class is the shortest at 337.

  30. No sub is impossible to find, a Virginia class sub doesn’t have ways to defend magnetic anomaly detector or wake mapping. Anti sub plane has magnetic anomaly detector boom on their tail and helicopters have sea dipping buoy that can detect Virginia class. In the future, Satellite pictures can be analyzed real time by computer clusters and generate relative locations that narrow down the area where Sub hunting plane can find the subs. Therefore, Sub will need protection from destroyers or Carrier groups to operate safely. They won’t be obsolete, but they will be vulnerable.

  31. Subs are far from helpless from helos and planes. US subs are all but impossible to find. Our ASW forces regularly fail to locate our own boats, while being highly proficient at detecting foreign subs. Subs are not and will not be irrelevant, as long as there are oceans on this planet, and no peace on earth.

  32. nba is the worst | Oct 30, 2015, 11:39 am at 11:39 am |

    fyi (since clearly the truth hurts):
    (From factcheck dot org):

    “Update, August 26 2010: We received responses to some of our questions from the Hawaii Department of Health. They couldn’t tell us anything about their security paper, but they did answer another frequently-raised question: why is Obama’s father’s race listed as “African”? Kurt Tsue at the Hawaii DOH told us that father’s race and mother’s race are supplied by the parents, and that “we accept what the parents self identify themselves to be.”

  33. I did server, so I know very well our capabilities. I was in the Marines for over 11 years. So thank you very much!!!

  34. If you’d served, darks, you’d know a little bit about
    military capabilities yourself.
    And, um… thanks for the baking advice.

    Mmmm… Cake…

  35. Liz was a nice piece in her day, but naming a sub after the guy is a little much. Now maybe name the Senate fitness room for him or some such?

  36. Where did you get your information?

  37. Does this mean you won’t vote for Ted Cruz if he’s nominated?

  38. That’s cool.  Ya gotta respect the Swedes.  And we go into some of these exercises knowing we’re gonna get our clocks cleaned, especially on missions to penetrate inside territorial waters, like harbors, fjords and such.  One thing about USN,they’re always up for a learning opportunity.  About a hundred years now of valuable experience both as hunters and prey.The Chinese would be in for a learning experience of their own if they take us on in blue water.  We don’t just have thetechnology edge; we know the environment and the tactics to exploit it.  We know what frequencies they generate noise on and how much, down to the decibel.  We accurately predict how far away they can be heard, by which sensors at which depth, and even what path(s) the noise will take through the water to get to that sensor.  The science is amazing; the folks at Naval Oceanography Command are the best and most professional anywhere, as of course are the crews of our boats

  39. I can assure you that no secrets were given away. All of this information is already in the public domain. I used to be a welder at Mare Island, where submarines were repaired and refueled. At times I was led like a horse with blinders to and from my work site so that I could not catch even a glimpse of the super-secret stuff that was going on. We cut the USS Parche in half and added a 100-foot long section to her hull. More than 25 years passed before I learned that we had been building the top-secret vessel that was going to be used to tap into buried undersea Soviet communication cables. It was all very hush-hush, and most of the workers on board had no idea what they were working on. Even after the book ‘Blind Man’s Bluff’ came out, I still don’t think all of the Parche’s secrets have been revealed. It was not uncommon for plywood boxes to be constructed so that we could only see the tiniest bit of the submarine while performing our work. Everything was on a need-to-know basis, and this is where I first heard the now-common catchphrase “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

  40. Ever since the advent to disco, the overall quality of the military force went downhill sharply…the Travolta/Jackson followers all suffer fm attention deficit and are unable to reason normally…most of then can barely read….or write…nor character….braggers….unless amerika goes back to basics and reroutes its priorities… we are doomed……LEARN CHINESE SHEEP!

  41. As bad as it may….subs are better than the plane carrier behemoths….

  42. Fly On The Wall | Oct 29, 2015, 5:36 pm at 5:36 pm |

    Should have called it the USS John Wayne.

  43. Fly On The Wall | Oct 29, 2015, 5:34 pm at 5:34 pm |

    He’ll be gone soon….and completely forgotten.

  44. Fly On The Wall | Oct 29, 2015, 5:34 pm at 5:34 pm |

    That’s what we get when we access fifth-rate sites like this. This may very well have been written by a unpaid 18-year-old intern. Once at this low level of the Net, virtually all articles are throwaways written by desperate copy writers willing to do anything to get a byline.

  45. Fly On The Wall | Oct 29, 2015, 5:31 pm at 5:31 pm |

    Because they don’t. That was a Chinese sub snarking around trying to get electronic data off our latest sub-hunting equipment. We knew it was there using conventional means. No harm done.
    Virtually NO Russians subs currently are capable of long-range open sea operations at the current time. With the exception of 3 SLBM subs, all existing Russian subs are confined to coastal operations close to Russia.

  46. Poor, insecure Britts…

  47. you dont have to….the bulk of their navy is ww2…..logic much?

  48. Brandon Simms, your comment is disgusting and vile. My son is on that Sub along with many others that serve and defend this country on a daily basis while you sit behind a computer screen spewing hateful remarks.I am sure you have done absolutely nothing with your life, yet have the nerve to say immature and hateful remarks, grow up. You are a coward and a joke, period.

  49. Brandon Simms I really do not like your comment . That’s my Sons sub also ,but I will Thank him for his service for you.

  50. Mine is too, and obviously this Brandon Simms person hasn’t defended anything in his life, besides sitting behind a computer screen spewing mean and hateful remarks. You and I both know of the sacrifices our sons makes on a daily basis so that the waters surrounding this Nation remain safe and guarded.

  51. Like I sunk into your mom’s rear?

  52. Your like 7 years late… who gives a fvck

  53. Those were fun times on “Big John”!

  54. Stupid? My one-line statement above makes me “stupid”? That’s being a little judgemental, don’t you think? You don’t know me. You don’t know my political leanings. I don’t think you’re in much of a position to be calling me stupid. I’ll take that as an indication of your level of intelligence.

  55. Jill Barclay Shultz | Oct 29, 2015, 1:39 pm at 1:39 pm |

    I sure hope not Brandon Simms, my son is on that sub!

  56. I hope there are Marines aboard…. to guard the Seals! Semper Fi!

  57. No mention of the Russian subs that regularly pop up in the middle of US fleets completely unexpectedly…

  58. William Wilberforce | Oct 29, 2015, 12:37 pm at 12:37 pm |

    Yep, we can see you floating away in the sunset. Have a good landing.

  59. High tech engineers finally realized that good old Bow Planes did a better job. Took them long enough. EN1(SS) Ret. LOL

  60. He could tell you but then have to kill you. But there is a .45 ACP in the TW locker. LOL

  61. I’m sure it will. Many, many times and always come back up just to tick you off NQP. That’s short for Non Qual Puke, in case you didn’t realize how disgusted we feel about you and your comment.

  62. LOL Don’t worry, we’ll still protect you while you’re hiding under your bed wetting your pants.

  63. This article feels like it’s written by little boy who just got a balloon. Heavy on hype, light on value.

  64. It doesn’t sound like you have actual experience with anything, just another internet troll.

  65. Stupid naval politics. Tell the world what we have… Old mouth and insert foot. Just shut the hell up. No one wants to give up a good poker hand.

  66. as being a member of the military, what you read in this article is old news. yes old news! our potential enemies learned of this submarine since it’s inception. the American public is the last to know about such military hardware. which is good due to the fact we have in our own country to many terrorists and worthless members of society.

  67. They should have named the new Submarine the USS Barack Hussein Obama – after the stealthiest president to ever sit in the White House. In all of the years of being president Barack Hussein Obama has released only one credential to prove he is eligible to be the president, and even that is a 100% forgery.

    One doesn’t have to dig too deeply into the Barack Hussein Obama Birth Certificate to find fraud, actually all that is needed to scan it and look at the “Race of Father” – “African” entry box, this one entry “Race of Father” – “African” shouts it loud and clear – FRAUD – FORGERY – DECEPTION !

    What’s wrong with “Race of Father” – “African”?

    Being African is not a race. Not only is “African” not a race, it has never been a racial designation.

    Prove it, Prove “African” is not a race?

    Africa has 47 (((FORTY SEVEN))) different and unique countries within its continental borders and everyone born in Africa, of all races, languages, nationalities, and religions, is African. Putting such a generic racial designation on a Birth Certificate would be the same as putting “Race of Father” – “American” on a Birth Certificate for a baby born in Mexico, it would never be allowed, it would never be recorded, because being “American” is not a race.

    Here is an excerpt from the official U.S. Government’s Vital Statistics for the year 1961, see if you can locate “African” anywhere in the paragraphs that describe in detail how the U.S. Government of 1961, the year of Barack Hussein Obama’s alleged birth in Hawaii, designated races of people in the USA?

    Vital Statistics of the United States in 1961


    FORREST E. LINDER, PH. D., Director
    THEODORE D. WOOLSEY, Assistant Director
    0. K. SAGEN, PH. D., Assistant Director

    “Page 231”

    “Race and Color”

    “Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro,
    American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian
    (combined), and “other nonwhite.”

    “The category “white” includes, in addition to persons reported as “white,” those
    reported as Mexican or Puerto Rican. With one exception, a reported mixture of
    Negro with any other race is included in the Negro group; other mixed parentage
    is classified according to the race of the nonwhite parent and mixtures of
    nonwhite races to the race of the father. The exception refers to a mixture of
    Hawaiian and any other race, which is classified as Part-Hawaiian. In most tables
    a less detailed classification of “white” and “nonwhite” is used.”

    “Completeness of birth registration in 1961 for “white” births is estimated to be
    99.3 percent and for “nonwhite” births, 96.6 percent. The most recent figures for
    other groups are from the 1950 test which indicated registration completeness at
    that time to be 85.1 percent for American Indians and 97.4 percent for ”other
    races,”chiefly Chinese and Japanese. Both figures are probably higher for 1961,
    but more precise estimates are not available.”

    “A comparison of the race designation in matched sets of birth certificates and
    census records from the 1950 registration completeness ‘test indicates very high
    agreement for white persons and Negroes. There were, however, sub-stantially
    fewer American Indians recorded on birth records than on census records.”

    *** Important Note:

    A complete search of this document revealed ZERO matches for “African” – “Negro” was found many times, but not “African”.


    1. The only person in America that has a Barack Hussein Obama Birth Certificate is Barack Hussein Obama at the White House in Washington D. C..

    2. There is no way the Department of Health in Hawaii created a brand new racial designation for one obscure baby born in Hawaii without “African” being approved in Washington D. C. at the National Department of Health.

    3. There is absolutely no reason why the Department of Health in Hawaii would block investigators from seeing the original Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama after a presidential release of an exact copy was made and sent to the White House in Washington D. C..

    4. The Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama is a 100% forgery and America has an illegal immigrant as president.

  68. I always enjoyed playing target for subs on board the John F. Kennedy CV-67. Torpedo evasion maneuvers were laughable, sort of like trying to steer a mountain out of the path of sunlight.

  69. ,….Not for long….

  70. yeah – the second verse is bad – only submariners would understand…

  71. Funny how the U.S. spends billions to defend the free world and then gives the enemy information about the weapons. The U.S. may have the best of intentions for defending the free world but it has the most stupid people in politics and management.

  72. no doubt … we are at or very near the end …

  73. I am talking about reports released from war games in the recent years. Sweden for one has the hardest to track. Their subs got within striking distance and sink our carriers every time and they are unstoppable by our current technology. I was not talking about the French, all of this is common knowledge. Sure the U.S.A has the best navy in the world yet their ships can be sunk repeatedly is all i was saying.

  74. I did not say using ww2 technology today against us.

  75. May you sink to the bottom of the sea…

  76. Your Mother has Se^ with pigs.

  77. Your mother has sex with pigs.

  78. May it sink to the bottom of the sea.

  79. Eels? (and other such slippery characters?)

  80. I wanted to keep it clean. Refraining from second verse…

  81. Something designed to come back up.

  82. Yeah – when I got off active in 93 – Desert Storm was heating up and I felt guilty getting out – so I went active reserves and assigned to a Frigate for three more years – ugh – what a miserable experience for a bubblehead – give me a sub any day of the week!

  83. Can you say deterrent diplomacy? Our SSNs and SSGNs lie in wait. The Chinese and Russians know they are out there. Who wants a shooting war when silence is more powerful?

  84. surviving divorce | Oct 29, 2015, 5:44 am at 5:44 am |

    a tub toy is better than an la class…ssn 688

  85. surviving divorce | Oct 29, 2015, 5:42 am at 5:42 am |

    they do fill goverment tho

  86. surviving divorce | Oct 29, 2015, 5:40 am at 5:40 am |

    e3 uss los angles,1977-1980 torpedo.more time at accidental test depth, god bless USN. what happened to fairwater planes?

  87. It is easier to sink something designed to float than than sink something deigned to sink.

  88. Wohoo!!!US will going to send that in South China Sea as well! LMAO!

  89. Sooo…where’s the other 38 weapon systems you said this thing had? You discussed two. You said there were 40…????

  90. That’s what Obama thought. And he was wrong too

  91. Are you saying there is no creator or no God? There is a difference.

  92. Anything told on here is already known anyway.

  93. Lay services are held every Sunday aboard every US submarine. Attendance is voluntary. Respect for the beliefs of others is something you were supposed to learn in boot camp. Catch up or stand at ease.

  94. The submarine force, particularly the older Ohio-class ballistic submarines, represents more bang for the buck than any other military program (explosive power-per-dollar), and the ONLY military program that can claim 100% mission success over decades since its inception. BTW, the fact that you are obviously completely unaware of the modern submarine mission is just another testament to their effectiveness.

  95. Anybody wanna get a list of rates and ranks and commands served at? Myself:
    CTT2 (SW) Paul F. Foster DD 964, Fired the first Tomahawk in Desert Storm.

  96. CTT2 (SW) Paul F Foster DD 964. Fired the first Tomahawk in Desert Storm. This is cool, all the rates and commands served at.

  97. That’s a fact. We could correct them, but then we’d have to kill them, LOL

  98. I hope you weren’t a pecker like our CO when I was aboard a Spruance class.
    CTT2 (SW) DD 964

  99. Just preparing for Angles and Dangles
    QM2 Piper409 and Lost and Confused 644G a very long time ago

  100. Wow! This one rocks! Make a movie with this soon please.

  101. Better to be a bubblehead than a skimmer. Two types of ships in the world. Submarines and targets.

  102. ooga ooga dive dive, CDR. USN. (RET). I laugh along with all my dolphin wearing brothers at the comments made by those who have zero minutes at test depth. Bunch of non-quals.

  103. And the “King” has no balls as well.

  104. Blue & gold crews.

  105. we could do with a few of them in aussieland our collins class were out dated before construction .
    there using the same ideas on there replacement now .
    looks like we are getting jap subs built in australia .
    we need nuke powered subs not more diesel electrics …

  106. What destroyer?

  107. Elkins might might have “well expressed” his post it contained some misinformation.

  108. Precisely! He married Liz, and THAT, Pilgrim, is why his name is on the sub, and not yours . . . or mine . . . or anyone else’s. Believe Liz ranked him around Nr. 48, maybe a bit higher.

  109. You are partially wrong and right as well. Clinton & FDR had no military experience.
    Truman was in the military off and on. 1905-1911 in the Missouri National Guard. 1917-1919 Active US Army in WWI as an Artillery Major and 1920-1953 in the Army Reserves as a Colonel.
    1st Lt G. W. Bush was in the Texas Air National Guard 1968-1974 w/336 flight hrs. in the F102.
    Ronald Reagan was a Captain in the Army Air Corp. 1937-1945.

  110. They did a real good job with the Virginia. Made it cheaper to make and just as deadly. It’s a excellent replacement for the Los Angeles class.

  111. HT2 USS Hunley AS 31.1976-1978.Polaris SSBN’S.Nuclear steam Generator school,Bremerton,WA..Goose Creek SC.USS Little Rock CLG 4 1974-1976 R1 div.

  112. Because it makes no sense at all.If you knew anything at all about the current geo-political state of the world you would not ask such questions.If we need to use such weapons it will win but that would spell trouble for every one.Just to name one problem for you, nuclear holocaust.Bad,all…..bad.

  113. stop crying like a 2 year old who just wet his pants

  114. a little? He clearly hasnt done his research on chinas aging fleet. yes they have a lot of subs. but I could find something that runs better in my town junkyard. they have a lot but cant keep them properly maintained or up to date on weapons, software or hardware.

  115. sure if you call loud, rusting and unkept diesel subs from ww2 double the strength.

  116. The hunt for Red October. Russians love this movie.

  117. ……good god you are a fricken moron.

  118. i was in the usn at sub base pearl harbor and if you really think the media knows what that sub can really do your even more gullible than they hope you are lmao !!!

  119. It should. With that black thingy cranked up inside your guts for more than two weeks worry about colon cancer pal. No be scared!

  120. I used to work in an ASWOC at an overseas NATO base and both briefed and debriefed flight crews observing contests between U.S. and allied subs. Although there were times that the U.S. lost, they held their own in all scenarios except trying to sneak into French ports defended by French boats that had shut down the reactor to lie silently in ambush. So, anybody can get killed out there; tactics, patience and a superior knowledge of the environmental conditions count for more than hardware. The best boat in the ocean is blind and deaf when going flank speed right at an enemy who’s cocked and locked.

  121. or the one about the gay whale that bit the tip off the submarine and sucked out all the seamen

  122. we don’t even f__k around….

  123. dummy that WAS bush that set the withdrawal date for Iraq Obama wanted to stay but couldn’t because of the agreement bush signed….quit being a fool

  124. Allan has no clue… none at all

  125. Agreed. I was made a believer when the Virginia sub I was on did wargames with an Ohio and a Seawolf. I really thought we had no stick in that fight, turns out I was very wrong.

  126. I honestly didn’t think much of the Virginia class until I served on one.

  127. some good points, but you’re a little off the mark.

  128. if you want to call them that……

  129. Yeah right.

  130. Just looks like something I left in the toilet after to much fiber! Doesn’t scare anyone.

  131. The USS John Warner Is A Stealthy, Scary Submarine Like No Other
    But it won’t be stealth or secret for long now that the
    media like everything else will give out almost every detail about the vessel
    except the plans to build another one.

  132. DBF

  133. This combined with our SSGN & BN’s should make the bad guys very afraid of what we can do to them if we are forced into going on the offense… STS1/SS (USN Ret).

  134. Michael Dean Miller | Oct 28, 2015, 9:39 pm at 9:39 pm |

    Actually George Bush was a jet pilot (no small achievement), and Truman was a Captain in World War One.(Artillery?)

  135. Actually most of their military tech was reverse engineered from Russian built military hardware that the Chinese bought 1 or 2 of so that they could operate one while they dismantled and reverse engineered the other one. That way they can build as many copies of it as they want to build.

  136. There are other NATO allies with subs that are quieter and harder to find. When war games are played with them and our navy our aircraft carriers and sub hunters lose every time. No problem since they are NATO they are on our side, but who is to say the enemy has not stole that technology and is using it right now? Plus we are falling behind ,China has double our sub strength currently and is producing them twice as fast as we are. So if we are just going to rely on technology to win we will lose that one by being overcome with pure numbers. Germany tried to win with better technology and weapons and they were out numbered and lost.

  137. Because our rivals have nuclear attack sub as well, type 093G and Severodvinsk SSN, and these sub fire supersonic cruise missile at Mach 3, our tomahawk flies at Mach .9. Submarines are helpless against anti-sub helicopter and planes. The Sub will be made irrelevant in the future, if and when rivals use satelite wake mapping on high power compute nodes to detect sub presence.

  138. LOL haven’t heard that expression in years! SF/ hull tech E5, USS Hunley AS31 1960s FBM sub tender. God I’m old!


  140. What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have
    ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you
    even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.
    Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award
    you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  141. Although he struggled to succeed on the farm and in business, Harry S. Truman found success in the military. Starting from the rank of Private in the National Guard of Missouri, Truman left military service 37 years later as a Colonel in the U.S. Army Officers’ Reserve Corps. On active duty during the First World War, Captain Truman excelled as the commanding officer of a field artillery battery. His intelligence, practical experience, and work ethic proved invaluable. “Captain Harry” was highly respected by the nearly two hundred men of Battery D, and that respect kindled lifelong friendships. Truman Library.

    Check out Ronald Reagan

  142. If this ship is so powerful. Then why don’t it take out the Russians and Chinese. Russia is destroying our allies in Syria the rebels, and the commie china is building islands left and right in south china sea. Why not take them out with this sub??

  143. Not related. Please don’t reproduce.

  144. Just one question: why in the heck did we name it after flippin’ john warner, whose main accomplishment was marrying elizabeth taylor?

  145. I think they plan on a mix of Tridents and the new multi tomahawk launchers that fit in Trident tubes. That will give them more flexibility and still keep the M.A.D. type capability.

  146. Yeah, but today’s mission (granted, I’ve been out since 1994, so who knows…the mission today might be delivering teddy bears to Santa for all I know) has got to be different from during the Cold War. I don’t see MIRV nukes ever being used, carried by SSBN’s in a box of water in the middle of the ocean…though we certainly need to maintain the nukes as a deterrent.

  147. I think they would have to. I guess it depends on how many they plan to build and when they plan to fully retire or convert the Ohio class. I know they have converted 4 for special op missions but even those ships still have most of their launch tubes. So who knows what they will do.

  148. Was never in the Navy. But this ship looks like it has everything needed to get the job done.

  149. You mean like “Operating depth greater than 100 feet and submerged speed in excess of 5 knots”? I assure you that my information is accurate :P

  150. I wonder if those smaller boats would still have 2 crews?

    (YN1/SS – GTFO)

  151. LOL – bubbleheads – have a good night EM1…

  152. We go up and we go down…
    EM1/SS (USN Ret.)

  153. Submarine once – submarines twice – holy jump’n jesus christ…

  154. Fish don’t vote. EM1/SS (USN Ret.)

  155. and WHY did we ever stop using the noble names with long traditions like those of the world II boats ??? i know – because fish don’t have money… naming the boats after people – blah… ET1/SS

  156. reminds me of Supermans wedding night—Lois Lane says,oh Supe, it is so hard!! Superman says,It ought to be baby,it is made out of steel!!!!!

  157. What I’ve heard is the new boomers will be attack subs with Trident launch tubes. I think they are planning on them each having 4 tubes. Also they have developed a multi launcher for tomahawks that goes in to Trident tubes. The new sub is supposed to be based on the Virginia/Sea Wolf design. I’ve also heard some talk of a pure boomer to. I think it’s the hybrid that’s getting the most support though. You know “Fewer eggs in more baskets.” Type thing.

  158. HistoryRepeating Itsself | Oct 28, 2015, 7:19 pm at 7:19 pm |

    not really because every bit of technology the ChiComs have was stolen from someone else, mainly the US.

  159. And, this has anything to do with the article. Like Obama, many U. S. Presidents including George Bush (Air Guard), Clinton, Reagan, Truman and FDR had no military experience. On the other hand Eisenhower, JFK, Carter and H. W. Bush did. But since you seem to think there is a thread about Obama or you are a complete asshole (more likely) then you should refrain from stupid comments.

  160. Your close, it’s one of only two block lll Virginia class subs.

  161. Virginia class is a more cost effective version of the Sea Wolf class. Sea Wolf was a pure sub killer. It can be used against surface ships as well but it was designed from the start to be a sub killer. Virginia is more of a multirole ship but it still has Sea Wolfs Capability’s. Very deadly ship and almost impossible to detect. Glad it’s ours.

  162. Actually will be the shortest submarine in the Navy

  163. That is one nasty piece of weaponry. And very, very few people know (or will ever know) where it is. I’m glad it’s ours.

  164. Thats because you’re blind idiot that doesn’t know shit about the military or its capabilities. Go bake a cake with your dumb-ass wife.

  165. I assure you this article gave away none of the subs actual capabilities

  166. The chinese copy but its never like the original.

  167. There is no new fast attack class coming out before 2021. There may be a new Ohio class, but that is not an attack sub and wouldn’t be built by 2021.

  168. No, park it off their coast.

  169. No comparison.

  170. “Submarine Like No Other”??
    I’ll be it’s a lot like the other
    dozen or so Virginia-Class attack subs.

  171. Allan, what are you talking about? Do you even know?

  172. the information in this article is not new and the chinese/russians most likely already knew this anyways. but knowing what a sub can do is way different than knowing how to do it.

  173. And Obama’s military experience consists of being captain of the bathtub navy.

  174. And the US is way of ahead of them! What’s your point!?

  175. none of China’s compare to this. and if china somehow acquired one, their personnel would not know how to operate it to it’s maximum.

  176. and dont you think that we are doing the same thing to them.

  177. how about putting at least a equal effort into peace as we do war.

  178. same here and also a scout

  179. and after the hundreds of millions dead and trillions spent who is still in charge and running europe

  180. Ok, so this thing is long, black and full of Seamen . . ..
    Sorry I just had to say it.

  181. Dr. Strangelove: Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost, if you *keep* it a *secret*! Why didn’t you tell the world, EH?

    Ambassador de Sadesky: It was to be announced at the Party Congress on Monday. As you know, the Premier loves surprises.

  182. Don’t forget China has submarines also.

  183. The United States has more that one class of submarine, Who knows what was following the destroyer.

  184. Wangchungallday Danodevito | Oct 28, 2015, 6:19 pm at 6:19 pm |

    Fuking chinks are drooling to hack the technology right now!

  185. Wangchungallday Danodevito | Oct 28, 2015, 6:18 pm at 6:18 pm |

    Yeah, Star Wars please.

  186. Yes it is a Virginia Class submarine. There is a newer class that will be coming out some where before 2021. The Russian and Chinese are also in the process of building new submarines. So all major world powers are building new submarine fleets.

  187. I never understand why articles like this get published.
    Why do we (and more importantly-our foes) need to know what are capabilities are down to the name of the CMDR. ?

  188. Please remind me who was it that put a time line on troop withdraw and who was it that disclose what our allies were doing to our enemies. Oh, wait it wasn’t Bush, it was Obola!

  189. Until ODumbo comes along and reduce that big stick to a tooth pick.

  190. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt once said the U.S. should speak softly and
    carry a big stick. American atomic submarines with plenty of firepower constitute a
    very powerful big stick. Two thumbs up for the U.S. Navy!

  191. YOUR CONFUSED it was bush that got caught paying reporters the tell lies about his plans ….quit being willfully ignorant

  192. I am my own reason for being, I don’t need your “god” to proved that.

  193. Total bull crap .. I went through four combat tours, not a god was needed.

    Scouts out.

  194. Your god was made up by men in charge or simpletons in order to keep the uneducated masses in line. Good job at perpetuating the simpleton line, bro.

  195. This kind of military build up has kept us out of major conflicts since WWII. So yeah, pretty proud to be an American even if I am only second generation here.

  196. This claim that there are no atheists in foxholes has been debunked as a lie over and over and over. Atheists are people just like you, buddy. We exist everywhere.

  197. Sometime’s letting our enemiess see our weapons is the best way to make sure we don’t have to use them.

  198. So tell all your fans out there how many shovel ready jobs Obama created with his nearly one trillion stimulus bill of February 2009?

    It has been over six years now, surely you must have reams of paperwork showing the GOOD PAYING jobs this bill created?

  199. George, all Obama has done is balloon the economy to burst in 2016/2017. You can only inflate a system for so long. But his “legacy will be there” right?

  200. You can bet that one or two of theses were trailing the Chinese junks that were trailing the US warship as it sailed pass those illegal Chinese “islands”.

  201. Why, Why, Why do we tell everything?? It’s like putting a sign on a concealed carry person saying, “look what I got” no one needs to know this info!!

  202. A good defense is the best offense!

  203. If Barry doesn’t mind his P’s & Q’s we may soon find out how good of an artificial coral reef it would make for all those undersea creatures in the Eastern Mediterranean!!
    Lots of articles written by lots of bought and paid for writers showing up in the news lately with the accent on blowing hard….REAL hard!!!!
    Wake up folks, that doesn’t cut it anymore…the world community now knows that the King has no clothes…..sorry and beware!!

  204. I pray to a Goddess and Higgs Boson!

  205. Wow! That is a very long submarine!

  206. So you want another Bush Recession via Uncle Ben or That Clown?

  207. The only shovel ready jobs Obama has given us are available now down at the livery stable. Oh, and bring your own shovel.

  208. God Bless America!

    USA #1 Always and Forever!


  209. Gary, The day that the military is “yours” is the day that you will actually fit in your daddy’s britches son. Your lack of understanding faith is just as jar headed as your statement. Grow up before it’s to late.

  210. I was raised by the military, navy, air force, and marines, and they all say, cocky guys go in as tough as can be, but when in a foxhole being rained down on by artillery, there are no athiests. Every one says it. So dis on god, his plan, and life in general, but when you need him he will be there.

  211. @Gary M so satan`s your daddy now?

  212. why China stole the plans from Hillary years ago and have these subs in the water now!!!

  213. Keep your “god” away from my military. We don’t need it, thanks.

  214. Let’s send this sub over to china right now.

  215. Bear Fugger Jones | Oct 28, 2015, 4:21 pm at 4:21 pm |

    …and I continue to tell the haters…we have THE BADDEST military the world has ever seen…do not misunderstand when the dog is being held back by its collar…!!!

  216. Its never been gone stupid. You must be living in the Demo world. If we dismantle and have no strength, no one will bother us. Maybe if we dissolve the border patrol, the thieving free loading drug smuggling non Americans will stop breaking our laws and stay home. he he Go USA build more and better. Go Navy, make us citizens proud.

  217. I’m not sure if you know this, but there’s plenty of people out there that are more than willing to start up a war with the USA. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be proactive than reactive. I’m sure you know nothing of being proactive though.

  218. Well that is one way to down on something long and black.

  219. Absolutely correct ! They wouldn’t give a liberal a security clearance to get within 1000 feet of this sub.

  220. Haha. What really matters: You think you are being funny or witty.

  221. Not sure why you would risk a weapon of this poser, size and cost to “insert Seals.” I would have to be one hell of an important mission to justify the risk. Are the Seals becoming the tail that wags the dog?

  222. And at least “it” feels funny, or witty. And that is what really matters, eh?

  223. Guess you haven’t heard of the Chinese or do you just discount them as a threat?

  224. At least somebody has a job.

  225. Exactly…a Star Trek …intergalactic submarine…

  226. WOW!!! Another way to kill and destroy. Aren’t we proud Muricans” USA! USA! USA! Look out you Comernists n’ Moooslims, we comin’ to git ya!

  227. Wasting your tax dollars . . . . how about $500 million to train half a dozen Syrian rebels. If it wasn’t for submarines you’d have your choice of speaking Japanese or German . . . . .

  228. Seems like everyone is doing what they can to bring it back again.

  229. Don’t worry about the stupid submarine and play cat and mouse with other countries!
    build something that can travel and entire universe, don’t fight over the Earth!

  230. The John Warner, a GOP jobs bill…

  231. Do a little research this is not a ballistic missile sub. It’s a anti-ship and subsurface to surface fast attack submarine.

  232. God bless America!!!!. Love it!!!!.

  233. They need to design a system that pulls food from the ocean if their freezer isn’t big enough.
    Fyi~ Albatross tastes like chicken.

  234. Grenade Catcher | Oct 28, 2015, 3:21 pm at 3:21 pm |

    Waste more of my tax money on outdated ideology of submarines sitting off the coast of russia waiting for the nuke sign to flash on their screens. Get a grip.

  235. Grenade Catcher | Oct 28, 2015, 3:20 pm at 3:20 pm |

    more like a waste of tax dollars. Fueled by paranoia. Could have swore the 80’s cold war is over

  236. Malik Dassam Obikwa | Oct 28, 2015, 3:20 pm at 3:20 pm |

    Follow the rule book.

  237. God speed U.S. Navy. Good hunting.

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