Twitter Allows Advertisers To See How Their Ads Perform

Twitter Allows Advertisers To See How Their Ads Perform

Twitter is aiming to help advertisers maximize the efficiency of their ad campaigns on its platform, for which it has added a new reporting mechanism. Multiple Twitter Ads campaigns will be compared with each other with the help of conversion lift reports to find out the one driving the most value towards the marketer’s budget.

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Twitter confident on success

Twitter’s new feature will automatically and randomly segment advertisers “eligible” target audience into two groups. One group is comprised of people who see the ads put up by an advertiser, while the other is comprised of people who do not see the advertiser’s ads. The system calculates the incremental conversion lift over the course of the campaign and sees how it stacks up within the two groups.

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Twitter has made available conversion lift reports to all managed clients worldwide. It takes around two to three weeks for the report to reach advertisers after the data collection. “To help our advertisers consistently gauge the impact of ad exposure across devices, we’re introducing conversion lift reports — a custom data-driven report designed to help you better understand the impact your Twitter Ads campaigns are driving toward your bottom line,” Twitter said in a blog post.

Early tests have proven fruitful, claimed Twitter, which added, “People who are merely exposed to an advertiser’s Promoted Tweets are 1.4x as likely to convert on the advertiser’s website vs. the control group — demonstrating that simply seeing an ad on Twitter yields powerful results.” For people who engage with advertisers’ Promoted Tweets, the outcome proves to be even better as the chances of conversion on the advertiser’s website grow 3.2x compared with the control.

What is conversion lift?

So what exactly is meant by conversion lift? It is a measurement tool that helps advertisers understand the impact of their ads on theit target audience in a better manner. Conversion lift is all about getting sufficient data so that marketers are able to make informed decisions about where they should spend their money. This option has been available on Facebook for quite some time.

Twitter needs this option to grow its advertising business and generate more revenue. By using conversion lift reporting on Twitter, Marketers get more exposure across all areas. Campaigns are not site-specific and can cover Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and other platforms. So optimizing ad efforts could get better with the help of the analytic offering.

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