What benefits do companies get from sponsoring Sporting Tournaments


The Rugby World Cup takes place every four years and the 2015 tournament is being held in England, with the next competition due to take place in Japan in 2019. Host nations usually perform well and they also benefit from the huge revenues that such high profile sporting events attract – with the 2015 tournament set to generate around £2.2 billion for the UK economy.

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Millions of rugby fans all over the world will tune in to watch the games, while thousands of spectators will attend the matches that are due to be held in venues such as Twickenham, Wembley and Manchester City Stadium. Countries including South Africa, Ireland, Samoa and New Zealand are all set to compete for the title of world champions.

Sponsors play a pivotal role in the Rugby World Cup, with brands like Coca Cola investing large amounts into the event. Companies like this help with the funding to ensure that the tournament can take place and also support grass roots promotions. There are many financial benefits to sponsoring a high profile sporting event such as the Rugby World Cup, with everything from drinks to equipment companies getting in on the action.

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Brand Recognition

Increasing brand awareness is one of the most important things for any company’s marketing strategy – and the huge audiences at large sporting events is the perfect way to achieve this. Customers’ brand loyalty increases when they feel a connection to a company, and sponsorship at their favourite sporting tournaments can help companies to build audience allegiance.

Heightened Sales

Improving revenue is another important factor for any company to focus on during a sporting event such as the Rugby World Cup. Food and drinks sold at games and in homes, official merchandise, clothing, accommodation, televisions and other high tech equipment along with sports equipment will all enjoy an increase in sales if they invest in a sponsorship deal of a popular tournament.

Good Return on Investment

Taking out a sponsorship package at live games is often a far cheaper option than paying for a television advert. It allows you to reach out to a wider audience, which increases your ROI, making sponsorship the intelligent choice for any company looking for a clever investment strategy.

The Coca Cola Company, Toshiba, Heineken, Master Card, Land Rover and Emirates are among the well known names sponsoring this year’s Rugby World Cup and represent countries from the US to Germany to Japan. These companies cover a wide variety of sectors and they have taken out sponsorship deals on everything from the players’ shirts and the ads on the side of the pitch, through to the billboards around the grounds.

Companies including Emirates and Heineken are hoping to perform well in Forex markets during and after the tournament, and enjoy high ROI for their sponsorship deals. This is largely due to the fact that both are commonly connected to big sporting events, which in turn helps them become more popular with the audience. Visitors travelling to the UK via air will be more inclined to use Emirates, as their adverts create a sense of brand loyalty within the tournament, and rugby fans are renowned for enjoying a beer while watching the match, making Heineken adverts hugely appealing to both live audiences and those watching at home.

There are many benefits to sponsoring a popular sporting tournament, from financial gain to boosting brand awareness, and this ensures that companies will always want to advertise at major events. With well known companies like Coca Cola competing for advertising space with Land Rover, who do you think will fair the best off the pitch at this year’s Rugby World Cup?

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