Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro: The Battle between Microsoft And Apple

Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro: The Battle between Microsoft And Apple

Microsoft and Apple are always battling for user interest. For the last few years after Windows 8, it seemed like Apple was winning. Both sides of the battle have their hardcore fans, but many Windows users left after the Windows 8 Start Button fiasco. The MacBook has long been a favorite for laptop users, but the Surface Book is gaining traction as a new favorite among users.

Surface Book Speed Enhancements

Microsoft’s press promised a faster Surface Book that would out-perform Apple’s MacBook. Several tech outlets decided to benchmark Microsoft’s promises. Microsoft promised that it would be twice as fast, but the Surface Book is actually benchmarked at three times as fast as the MacBook. The improvement in speed is attributed to the added GPU in the Surface Books.

Touch Display

The Surface Book is technically a tablet, and that’s what makes it so cool. Surface Book users can enjoy touch display, but MacBook users have a retina display. The MacBook has a retina display that has brilliance in color and resolution. The MacBook has a 2304×1440 LED backlit IPS display, which provides it with one of the best graphics on the market.

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Size Difference

Both these options have similar dimensions and weight. Since most travelers want the smallest, lightest solution, both companies have made enhancements to the size of their laptops. The sizes are due to the Intel Core M processor that is compact enough for laptop users but still gives enough performance boosts for users that need speed. The MacBook weights .92kg, and the Surface Book is slightly lighter at .8kg.


Apple’s keyboard definitely wins the competition in this respect. An important part of a portable device is the keyboard. Microsoft pushes the Surface Pro as a tablet that can transform into a true laptop, but its small tablet size keeps the keys on the keyboard very compact. The mouse pad is also much smaller than the Apple MacBook.

Both options have backlit keys, but the MacBook has a better designed keyboard that works like a true laptop instead of tablet. The one main issue with the Microsoft keyboard is that it doesn’t actually come with the Surface. You must buy the keyboard as an added extra.

Overall, both laptops are worth the money if you travel. If you prefer a tablet-style device, the Surface is the best option. For people who love MacBook, this lightweight option gives you high-resolution graphics and output you’d expect from Apple.

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