Strong Indications Of World War 3 Between The U.S. And China

Strong Indications Of World War 3 Between The U.S. And China

As the U.S. gears up to send naval vessels within 12 miles of the ‘made by China’ artificial islands to exercise freedom of navigation, there are strong indications that World War 3 between China and the United States is inevitable. Washington’s massive military presence in Asia played a key role in the prosperity and stability in the region, and Beijing was one of the beneficiaries.


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China’s defense spending has tripled over the last decade

China has warned that it was ready to use military force if the U.S. violates its territorial waters. It would be the culmination of the Chinese and U.S. political, diplomatic, and military maneuvers over the last year. China has claimed full sovereignty over vast swathes of the South China Sea, built artificial islands, and established military facilities. It underscores how quickly and dramatically the military balance has shifted in Asia-Pacific.

So, why are experts worried about a potential World War 3? China’s defense budget has increased at an average of 11% since 1996, narrowing the military gap with the United States. Harvard scholar Graham Allison says that its China’s defense spending has tripled and its economy has grown 10 times (in dollar terms after taking into account the strengthening of yuan) in the last ten years.

World War 3 Between China and the US

Allison points out that never before in history has a country grown ” so far, so fast, and on so many dimensions of power.” And history is proof that such massive changes in the balance of power have resulted into war in 12 out of 16 cases in the past 500 years. In the decade leading up to First World War, Germany’s defense spending rose by 64% and its economy grew 13%.

What will U.S. choose: peaceful withdrawal or World War 3?

China may be decades behind the U.S. in terms of military technology, but it is no weaker than the U.S. in South China Sea. It has a distinct advantage of geography, so it wouldn’t have to match Washington weapon for weapon to turn the tables on the United States to dominate its own backyard. Neither is China diplomatically weak. It is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and its relations with Russia are at peak.

International security experts have every reason to believe that China will not back down in South China Sea. It is up to the U.S. to choose whether it accepts Beijing’s dominance in Asia-Pacific and terminate security agreements with its Asian allies or risk triggering a full-blown World War 3 with unimaginable consequences.

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  1. That was very interesting.
    My father was a quad 50cal AA gunner attached to 7th Army Infantry Division on East side of Chosin reservoir. He NEVER talks about it (he is dead now) but I heard it was terrible. Many Chinese did not have weapons, picked up what was on the ground. The Chinese charged at night and in the morning it was terrible scene of carnage for both sides. The 7th Army Infantry Division was eventually destroyed by the Chinese and the few survivors ran across the frozen water of the Chosin reservoir and were rescued by 1st Marines Division. American retreated to Hungnam harbor.

  2. I lived next to a guy who says he an one other guy were only two that survived out of company whatever after running machine gun all night mowing down Chinese teenagers most not armed running at them all night picking up guns from those first taken out by Marines near the Yalu where MacArthur wanted to proceed, but Truman decided to not pass the objectives of UN and ultimately Potsdam. He certainly was disturbed as he was dying of cancer. Good for you having 53 comments on 40 posts. I m tired of logging in to discuss this further. Later.

  3. yes I was the guy who told people to “go read a book.” wasn’t I? This was after I couldn’t handle someone pointing out I was incorrect about my facts regarding history and the Chinese related to the 38th parallel. You are right I should have called you a ‘circus worker,’ instead of a clown. Go get some research done buffoon.

  4. Seriously? The 38th parallel was a negotiated border due to Potsdam dingus not some place we were pushed back to by the “Chinese” as you allude to in your original post I let you know you were incorrect about, which you couldn’t handle. Glad you heard stories from grams. I’ve met many vets and heard stories too. The N.Koreans pushed UN forces back before a large US force was present. Past the 38th. After Inchon, the War was won and had we went further than the Yalu a new WW III may have happened, thus we stopped, eventually backed up to 38th as part of original Potsdam agreement with Russians stupid. You seriously, are the moron who should check your facts. F’ the Chinese, we kicked their butts and do everyday. The Yalu is at the border of china/n. korea dummy no where near 38th parallel. I doubt you even know the Aussies were their 1st. Shut up idiot please go follow your own advice. The Yalu is no where near 38th. The article was about Chinese powers whatever, not your granny and limited knowledge of history. I’m not scared of chines whatsoever, of course they push their influence these days, but seriously wars aren’t fought with troops much anymore, nor called wars and we always have a much higher kill ratio than any opponent. Not every battle. I’m going with my troops and military. The Chinese affect the economy with inflated numbers. Next you’ll claim Russia beat Nazi Germany on their own. You go read clown, I know more than you will ever attain in one hand in a century.

  5. You must be about 20 years old and have been thinking that the US has a monopoly on technology over the last 5 years.. All the reports of the Chinese stealing our technology means nothing to you. The Clinton’s Emails being lost and the Chinese hacking means nothing to you. well I’m here to tell you it means a lot more than you think, they have the same technology that we have and they did not have to pay for it, well maybe a little, but not what the US had to pay its called robbery but that’s another story. You are a fool if you think we are going to war with China on equal terms….They can make a atomic bomb but they can’t deliver it ….they can’t deliver it but they can’t make a atomic bomb …American people are fools if they think going to war with china is going to be the same as going to war with the middle east …Complete Fools…..Pray the Black Monkey Does not kill us all before he gets out of power….More power than any one man in the world.

  6. You mean like how Americans who don’t care to know world history think they can dictate foreign policy on everyone else? I already know China is not in the bible because you aren’t citing an example that anyone can check up. I know, the bible is filled with vague references that can be up for interpretation to which someone like you can claim that’s it. I’ve heard plenty of times how Christians claim some word in the bible refers to China without actually stating a term everyone can recognize as China. Why some vague reference when they can actually use a term known to be China? It’s because the mortals that wrote the bible, not God, didn’t even know China existed at the time. When Christians came across Chinese for the first time, they were thought not to be from the Earth because they were not mentioned in the bible hence why Chinese were given the derogatory racist term, “celestial,” because the only other place they could’ve came from was out space and not the Earth. That’s how I know China ain’t in the bible. That’s called spin. Wouldn’t God have known the existence of Chinese to put them in the bible? You find it more important to hide that mortal men wrote the bible because the alternative is there is no God because God would’ve known the existence of the Chinese. What would God think of people like you using his name in vain to make people follow your rules and not his? You’re going to burn in hell.

  7. Not likely, in fact it won’t likely look anything like wars or the past due to nuclear weapons. There will be very little, if any, ground wars because America will not try to invade China nor will China attempt to invade America. Both know that this is a real red line that even that (p)(u)(s)sy Obama would have to take action on. Most likely it would be naval and air to air combat.

  8. Come on people time to wake up this is all part of the new world order and the master plan for population control America is being destroyed from the elite billionaires who run the world and through the secret societies they use the world like a giant chess game with the media being there pawns spreading non stop propaganda and when they feel the time is right they release there rooks [CIA] and take out foreign leaders and replace them with someone more suitable to there needs or when they smell blood and know billions can be made they point there finger and charge in there knights [military] and own another oil rich country but when we the people stand up and want to know why, they introduce you to there bishops [politicians] who really put the spin on it and know how to use every angle and just so you think its all in the name of spreading freedom they show you there queen[statue of liberty]and say god bless America for we are the country that cares for all and finally they roll out the president[king] who really just hopes that we are so stupid that he can tell more lies and pray the masses remain dumb and never figure out that all the other presidents are related to him and the next president you think your voting for will be related to him so remember all the world is a stage and the best actors in the world are not in Hollywood but in Washington…

  9. Hopefully this time US will enter the war from the beginning and not wait till the end. This way it will be fair. We learned that US became cocky after “winning” ww1 and ww2 because they entered so late in the game. But this time they will have a chance to prove themselves.

  10. never back away from china, china will not give up without a fight. if war they want they will get one, the final battle will draw the line.

  11. Jesus, do you need a hug or something? After I agreed that there are multinational corporations from other countries, you continue to rant. That shows you have no desire to listen, There are truths to what I say, but you are scared that people will listen, so YOU COME HERE TO DISCREDIT ME. You just want to continue to bash China. My guess is that you are a racist. So stop replying to me.

  12. That’s a pretty obvious move to withdraw without rebutting anything nor having anything of substance to say other that “I don’t know what I’m talking about, so I’ll just toss out a missive, claim victory, and remove myself from the battle.” Did it ever occur to you just to keep your mouth shut on things you know nothing about? There must have been a moment in your brain where your conscience said, “yeah, this is the right move to make.” Stop listening to yourself. It’s getting you into trouble.

  13. Nahhh….the US never want to raise a war against China. The US uses China like a tool to play its game. Middle East and Russia are two important issues to the US. The US always sacrifice Asian countries for controlling Middle East and Russia. However, as China growing her power and showing off too early her muscle, the US notices of that. So, the US will find Japan, Vietnam and Philippines as her allies to control China. It’s just like an old history lesson.

  14. Bring all jobs back to the US. It was a mistake to entrust any of technological electronic capabilities to China.They have stolen nearly everything we have worked hard to create and emulated it both in their economy and Military.

    Now we face World War 3….

  15. uh nope, think you were the one who should be in fear of being an imbecile. off your meds? Maybe you should try counseling. Or take a class on multinationals. funny how this is all about your incorrect statement about US corporations and now you claim I’m insulting the very person who called me a child when he didn’t like his mistake or false statement being pointed out. Must be a chore to be around you. Go get a life dude.

  16. China will send two bombs to Philippines and multiple bombs around Philippines 20 nautical miles area cause huge tsunami then machine gun down these parasites in the water.
    Send submarines to north pole and missile off to Washington an other tactical areas deep into US soil.

    Yes US will retaliate and Chinese will die, but this is war.

  17. ya sure since I majored in history. Uh MacArthur landed in Inchon and stopped them from taking entire peninsula and then we pushed them back to 38th or past and woulda gone further but they stopped thus the stalemate and treaty whatever idiot. Go read what you wrote moron. get your facts straight simpleton.

  18. uh dumbo we were discussing your blanket false utterance, and you now are the insulter. I wonder where yr 12 yr old learned to be so dumb?

  19. Why don’t you just buy one that was built back in the scare of the early 1960s. There are some still around and just as useless. A nuclear war between the U.S., China, and/or the Russians will end life on this planet. That is a fact. One example: If a 20 megaton nuclear weapon were to be set off at 50K feet over central California, it would destroy the entire state and probably much of the adjoining states. This is from data compiled by the U.S. Air Force back in the 1960s. Ten more would destroy the rest of North America and bring on nuclear winter. Where do you plan to get your air, Bill?

  20. Sorry “Pete” but I won’t play along with PRC trolls. Have a nice day…….If your handler’s let you have a nice day that is.

  21. There were no such things as nuclear weapons back in Biblical days, so how could they have predicted it. I have been listening to false prophets of doom my entire life, most of which have been by people who think they know what was meant by the folks who wrote those myths. Get used to it. The Bible is crap created by religious wackos who were making things up as they went in order to affect the world after their own death. Somehow, people tend to believe dead people more often than they do the living. Grow up and start smelling the roses rather than the outhouses serving various religious fanatics.

  22. Iran, China, Russia,Syria other possible Chinese ally country in Africa!!!!—–Vs——– Europe,Japan, India,Australia,Philippine,Vietnam, other possible US ally LatinAmerica!!!………..China have a losing War

  23. Steve. i wish you well in your language studies. Please study hard, read up on facts, and educate yourself so you don’t sound so foolish in these posts.

  24. Define “pushing hard.” How so? Would they be “pushing harder” than say the US has been doing in the Philippines since the Spanish-American war in 1898? In that case, the only “trouble” which would start would be started by – as usual – the always meddling US.

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  26. If WW3 breaks out for sure the Philippines,Australia.Japan and Vietnam will be drag out and beats china making the fake islandthe battle ground in SCS .

  27. If there’s a war between US & China, US will be victorious–hand down.
    China must yield to the fact that it cannot just take over its neighbors’ islands, especially the ones that have defense treaty with US.
    I think China must play by the international rules of law & respect its neighbors in order to keep the international peace.

  28. So it’s God’s will and meant to be, just like the discovery of America, and the massacres of the native Indians. Then why so much BS against the Rise of China.

  29. Hey Scott. I looked above after your posting and saw the writer

    “Vikas Shukla Vikas is a reporter and value investor. He has
    an MBA in finance and a deep interest in tech, science and politics.”

    Obviously very qualified to discuss geopolitics and modern warfare. LOL Thanks for agreeing with me.

  30. I say bring it on, build a bigger navy. Bring it on as in bring on the arms race, it will never lead to war, but it will keep the region at peace. If we withdraw, it will be anything but peace. A withdraw of the US from its ally comittments would cause chaos.

  31. If America is 20 years ahead militarily, and China and the cool chinese copy everything we have…clothes , cars, music, movies, wanna-bees americans–WHY DO WE NEED TO HIDE? YOU ALL WANNABE THE USA AND AS COOL AS US! LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO WE DO NOT HIDE. We have big mouths, dress nice, are MUCH better looking sexually, and are just plain cool! WHY WE NEED TO HIDE? LMFAO

  32. I AM 100% WHITE England immigrant—- maggot. Just because I mentioned Vietnam “whooping up?” on China does not make me a slant eyed maggot. I am a Harvard educated MD Surgeon as my father. If I cannot write in English, then please send me a corrected copy of what I wrote since you, “cannot understand” what I wrote slant eyed monkey maggot. Vietnam is getting all the help it needs from the USA as we shift ALL manufacturing AWAY from China and move it to India and Vietnam. Any money and ALL money CHINA has came from the USA and its western partners. Where is did China’s wealth come from>? Russia? Africa? LMFAO LMFAO We gave it to you–NOW WE TAKE IT AWAY! PAID TROLLS MAKE NOTHING AND CONTRIBUTE NOTHING EXCEPT WRITING GARBAGE THEY KNOW IS NOT TRUE! BYE

  33. When will people get it through their thick heads..US and China will NEVER go to war.
    They hold a symbolic link and neither will jeopardize that.

  34. Your moniker – “Loose Cannon” – is apropos with a mindless, clueless statement like that. Yes, clueless, China has “fought it’s neighbors.” What is hasn’t done is export that fighting abroad, which is the point. In contrast, the US has been stomping all over the earth for over 60 years starting and fighting wars, incursions, “police actions,” “peace keeping,” and about a dozen other US-concocted euphemisms which actually mean “war” and “attacks.” And China is a very different China without Mao. Where he practiced hard ‘Communism,’ today’s China can – at best – be labeled ‘Soft’ Communism. Mao would never have allowed Hong Kong to remain ‘As Is’ after the lease ran out, and certainly would not be practicing ‘Capitalism’ the way China is currently engaged.
    They are building islands (A) for their security and (B) in areas they claim are rightfully theirs. Whether they are, or are not is not for the US to decide, or any part of the world other than the nations directly affected. Let China and its neighbors work it out. If they can, then all is well. If they can’t, then too bad. It’s not our fight. The only time China will be guilty of starting trouble is if it begins trespassing on and ill-effecting the international shipping lanes. THEN, and ONLY THEN will either the US or the rest of the world have a say. Until then, we need to simply BUTT-OUT.
    Even an 85 IQ troll like you should be able to see the wisdom in that.

  35. IF all your hope is on that guy, then you’re lost already. The only hope I see to fix your country policy-agenda is to get together and send those criminals to jail (Guantanamo). The US citizen should be making it clear to the next president – government, what they really want; NOT a warmonger but someone who care for the country making it stronger but NOT by intimidating other countries and killing innocent people. If this comes true, only then USA will be the best country of the world, and a real example of democracy and PEACE, where humans right are really respected. Right now is a mess and quite the opposite.

  36. dont buy any chinese products this is why their economy boom…if they have lot of resources they can make warcraft machines, ammos and artilleries..we must stop buying their products…let us join hand in hand for this matter to avoid ww3…

  37. Here we go again. Ooooh, Ooooh, oh no, big bad China is out to destroy the world….China has no intention of starting any WWIII.
    All this doomsday crap is for internal consumption for the idiots both in the US and in China that believe there’s monsters under their bed……..

  38. It sounds like propaganda. China has not the right to but a small portion of the South China Sea. If it can wield its club of power against the smaller nations without opposition, then it is simply a bully. The only way to stand against a bully is by standing righteously up to the bully. The United States should willingly stand up against China’s threat, and if it be so, enter World War III with righteousness on its side. WWIII would be better to face than to let a bully rule.

  39. China biggest trading partner was the US , and the US biggest trading partner was China with trillion of dollars worth of trade and investments annually.
    China also held about $1,6 trillion US Treasury Funds , why they want to buy US TF’s so much if many people says that they hate America , no they don’t , China held the upper hand if we talking about China – US trade relationship , while US lost hundreds of billions through trade deficit with China.

    If there is a war break up between China and the US the cause must be from war monger generals and politicians from both side who doesn’t know anything about how the world’s economy and trade works.
    If there is a war between two superpowers for US side Apple,General Motors,Boeing and Hollywood will take the biggest hit as these four brand are the best export commodity for the US in Chinese market,these 4 brand alone generated more than one hundred billion dollars in Chinese market annually,for China millions of jobs in the Mainland will be lost.

    If the US are nervous about the Chinese massive modernisation and military build up it is understandable as since 1991 the US is enjoying the title as the undisputed world superpower suddenly challenged by the new rising giant dragon from the East.

    For China the massive modernisation and military build up is a must as their global network of trade and thousands of their giant armada of trade ship like giant container ship and giant oil and gas tankers as their lifeblood criss cross the world ocean is need to be protected , without a powerful blue ocean navy and airforce the task to protect them is simply impossible.

    The Chinese will never forget about their history of hundreds of years of humiliation by foreigners from the Manchurian that occupied for over 268 years, the 8 Major Western colonials that carved out Eastern strategic coastal port and city for their own from Hongkong in the South to Qingdao in the north since late 19’th century until 1937,and a bloody Japanese occupation from 1932 in the north and 1937 to 1945 in 1/3 of China,especially in Eastern and Southern part of the country where about 15 million people killed by the Japanese.

    After these events the Chinese said : “when the country is weak it will be bullied” , and they sworn to themselves that this event will never happen again.

  40. Right on, “I love shopping at walmart”, buy smore chineese garbage,,sometimes i cant resist myself, and buy some more nukes for the chineese. Im glad all chineese food doesant come from China. Payge887.

  41. YUP….. just checked on all the wars that Uncle Sam had got himself DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY involved in Asia and Middle East in the past 70 years since WWII would tell you WHO is the ROGUE STATE !!! It was not funny that USA was involved in over 20 some wars in 60 years, i.e. averaging 1 wars in 3 years……And that did not count how many of the fire-stirring and trouble-making activities conducted by CIA all over the world (in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia).

  42. you only post about china, Russia,and U.S.A. are going to are a racist and a war monger. no profit for no one if these places go to war. the entire world would go into a depression. you must be a factory worker in CHINA.

  43. You mean all those products US corporations outsource to China? You do know the US only accounts for 20% of China’s exports and the majority of those are US corporations that outsourced to China. Meaning China makes little from the US. Meaning China isn’t dependent on the US. End of story.

  44. Some stupid idiot in congress should just make trading with China (walmart!) illegal! No more revenues for China, no more military! end of story!

  45. Armageddon . . .

    “Then the sixth angel sounded: And I heard a voice
    from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God,
    saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet,
    “Release the four angels who are bound
    at the great river Euphrates.” (see below)
    So the four angels, who had been prepared
    for the hour and day and month and year,
    were released to kill a third of mankind.”
    (Rev 9:13-15)

    “Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl
    on the great river Euphrates and its water was dried up,
    so that the way of the kings from the East
    might be prepared. (A Chinese-led invasion of the Middle East)
    (The vast armies of the antichrist will then move to either counter or assist this Chinese led invasion)
    And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs
    coming out of the mouth of the dragon (Satan),
    out of the mouth of the beast (the antichrist),
    and out of the mouth of the false prophet. (the second Beast – see ‘the coming Antichrist’)
    For they are spirits of demons, performing signs,
    which go out to the kings of the Earth and of the whole world,
    to gather them to the battle of that great Day of God Almighty …
    And they gathered them together
    to the place called in Hebrew, Armageddon.”
    (Rev 16:12-16)

    The weapons will be used. Much of the world will be destroyed. Cities will disappear. Armageddon means the “Hill of Megiddo.” Megiddo is part of the Plain of Esdraelon which is located in central Israel. Napoleon came through there and declared it to be the finest battlefield in the world. The whole world will be drawn into this war over Israel and Jerusalem. No nation will be spared. The Bible warns there will be several deadly waves associated with this conflict, including a massive Chinese led invasion of the Middle East from the “East” which will then be “joined” as the armies of the antichrist march out of Europe and around the world to the place called “Armageddon.” Jesus will return to engage this final battle Himself. He alone will destroy the enemies of Israel. We don’t know the time between these wars/battles/events. We do know that God has set aside a final seven years to complete His plan with Israel, and the nations of this Age . . .

    Have a hard time believing in God? Just watch the news.

    Please remember . . .

    The Kingdom of Heaven is available to every man, woman, boy, and girl in this world, no matter who they are, where they live, or what they have done. It is freely offered to any and all who will receive it. Simply learn of Jesus (Yeshua), the promised Messiah, invite Him into your life as Lord, believe He died on the Cross for all of your sins and rose from the grave (proving there is a Kingdom of Heaven … and a Hell). Learn of Him and believe in Him . . . for He was the only one who has ever loved you enough to substitute Himself for you on the Cross. He shed His blood, suffered, and died on the Cross to save you from your sins and from the utter darkness and torment of Hell, if you will accept it, believe it, and trust in it. That is why Jesus is called Savior. He now lovingly and graciously offers you life in Heaven (and we are warned it is a “take it or leave it” proposition.) We have to consciously receive it and accept it in faith. If you sincerely admit you have sinned (which means you will need a Savior to get into Heaven) and ask Jesus to come into your life and honestly try to stop doing (and saying) those things God says are wrong, you will go to Heaven … and with open arms and tears of joy He will receive all who will come to Him in faith and in love … It’s God’s Promise!!!

    The only unpardonable sin is to reject God’s love and His free offer of life in the Kingdom of Heaven by rejecting Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha’Mashiach in Hebrew) who stepped forth from Eternity (“from of old, from everlasting”… see Micah 5:2) … not to condemn the sinner, but to save the sinner (from the torment of Hell) and who willingly and lovingly shed His blood on the Cross so we can be washed clean of all our sins. The Bible warns there will be no peace in our lives until we make peace with God through His Son, Jesus (Yeshua), the promised Messiah. The Bible also says there will be no peace in Israel or on Earth until Jesus (Yeshua), the Messiah returns . . .

  46. And here is some more education, Mexicans are true Americans, Canadians are true Americans, because the continent is called north America, and guess what Mexico and cans are part of North America, the country is called the United states of America, so the correct term is U.S. Citizenz


    Why Is China The King Of The East In Bible Prophecy?

    China and Allies Will Destroy 1/3 of Mankind

    A “200,000,000 man army” will one day rise and unleash their deadly weapons of mass destruction killing one-third of the world’s population . . .

    It appears from Bible prophecy that China’s power and “sphere of influence” over surrounding nations and armies will continue to grow. “The kings from the East” … the Bible warns a massive “200,000,000 man army” will be formed and will rise. We are told China will unleash its deadly weapons of mass destruction.

    We are told China and its allies will quickly kill one-third of the world’s population.

    China along with its allies and their vast armies will one day cross the Euphrates as they march across the Middle-East towards Israel … and into the Battle of Armageddon.

    The following prophecy warns the “army OF the horsemen was two hundred million.” These “horsemen” may be a small division or group within that army, such as a strategic nuclear weapons division, or they may be brightly painted missiles sitting upon missile launchers. The “two hundred million” may be to help identify the nation or area they will rise out of. Also called “the kings of the East,” it appears the Chinese military is someday going to use the deadly missile and weapons technologies (which Clinton secretly and illegally gave and sold to them) – against us!!

    One-third of all mankind left on Earth will be killed . . .

    “Now the number of the army of the horsemen
    was two hundred million;
    (For the first time ever such an army could be raised in China … it may also include a ‘coalition’)
    I heard the number of them.
    And thus I saw the horses in the vision:
    those who sat on them had breastplates of fiery red,
    hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow; and the heads of the horses
    were like the heads of lions; and out of their mouths came fire,
    smoke, and brimstone (sulfur, or a kind of poisoned air).
    By these three plagues a third of mankind was killed
    by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone
    which came out of their mouths.
    For their power is in their mouth and in their tails;
    for their tails are like serpents, having heads;
    and with them they do harm.”
    (Rev 9:16-19)

    The Bible tells us only a small remnant of the population on Earth will survive the coming ‘Apocalypse.’ Although, here, we find angels being released, much of the global terror will come from mankind destroying mankind, nation destroying nation, deadly wave after deadly wave. The Holy Spirit goes out of his way to let us know that the day and the hour is real and has already been set. Remember, our future is already history . . .

  48. And let’s talk about your problem, I say I employ immigrants and you say I’m the problem, you call them illegal Immigrants, sorry but the word immigrant is not the same as illegal immigrant. But you would think so, you say true American by that you mean what white people? Let me explain something to you, this is a country of Immigrants, the original illegal aliens are European whites who came to this country across not a river but an ocean. So guess what your an illegal alien or a decedent of an illegal alien. I know for a fact that the native Americans who were here first did not have a border patrol or a fence to keep you out. You my dear are what’s wrong with this country, a scared minority on its way out, yes ms Ledbetter your the minority, because real Americans are honest hard working compassionate, help your neighbor type of folk. Not OLD, RACIST, BITTER, UGLY FOLK LIKE YOU.

  49. Seems like you’ve forgotten history… African soldiers kicked ass during the 1st and 2nd World Wars only that history will never acknowledge this little fact. The French actually massacred Senegalese soldiers as they couldn’t accept that a black people had contributed to liberating them from the tyranny of the one and only Fuerer. Similarly, the US is still coming to grips and giving belated post-humus medals to African-Americans soldiers for their contribution during the 2nd World War. Read some and acquaint yourself with history man.

  50. Taiwan and Singapore support China’s aggression? Since when? Wowza you’re about as misinformed as this dufus who wrote this lousy article.

  51. True Americans? define true Americans please, and my employees if you read correctly are not illegal immigrants, i said they are immigrants. And where do you get. 50 cents an hour from my Gardener gets 75.00 for about 1 to 2 hours of work. My nanny makes about 500 a week for 4 days of work. So respectfully YOUR THE PROBLEM YOU IGNORANT PIECE OF RACIST TRASH.

  52. Mankind doesn’t need the 3 rd World war !
    So, with all my respect and appreciation for the American nation, I have to say to americans: just stay home !
    It’s better for you and for the rest of the World.

  53. Also, the US is falling so deep into debt at an escalating rate that cannot last much longer. China and Russia a leading a charge as we speak to unseat the US dollar the worlds reserve currency. When that happens that will be a disaster that would make the ‘great depression’ feel like the age of prosperity. China has weight and power on their own, Russia doesn’t. If you beat China you get to reset the books on what your debt is and more importantly you maintain your status as worlds super power and currency reserve for the foreseeable future being as Russia and the other countries trying to unseat us have absolutely no economic power and little conventional military power without China.

    Just something to think about, America and China are not trying to leverage themselves against each other to prop each other up for a long term partnership. They are simply trying to prop themselves against each other in hopes that the other will balance too much weight against the other so they can simply step to the side and nudge the other and just watch them collapse.

  54. Not that I totally disagree with you I would say you should look at both sides of the coin. Why keep America around if you don’t have to? China would likely take to lead role in the world if the US were not in the way. Russia and a few other countries would get their smaller shares and would get total control of their respective areas but China would inherit most of the privilege that the U.S has enjoyed for the last 70 years.

    So to answer your question, why not assume the role of top dog? They gain more than they lose if they win.

  55. Oh no!!!! Not Africa!!!!! Anybody but Africa!!!! UUGGGHHHH,,,,, how could we possibly stand against the mighty Africa?!?!?!?!

  56. Giuseppe Armstrong … Will not happen … It would be declared an accident ( if anything at all ) … Relegated to collateral damage or treated with complete honesty and then who could do what about anything, anyway …? …

  57. Hey, I can call out the Republicans, and their stupid mistakes, Nixon — total duked by Zhou En-lai and signed the “1st Joint Communiqué” stating the One China Policy — totally a stupid move, Reagan’s first Secretary of State Alexander Haig’s engagement with China and the signing of the 3rd Joint Communique (he kept a lot of his dealings secret from Reagan), Bush 41 with the post-Tiananmen dialogues, Clinton’s economic blunders with China, Bush 43 (second term) advisors, the list goes on and on about how both parties have ruined America stance with China. However the three worst “criminals” are: Nixon, Carter and Obama. But first place goes to Henry Kissinger — he is the one who started the GREAT “sell out” to China. Kissinger should be thrown in JAIL.

    China has completely fooled America’s elected officials, administration’s advisors, and senior military leaders. 99.9% have fallen into the trap. NOW the US has lost all credibility and negotiating capabilities in Asia. Obama is just the last one to carry on the blunders. It is a shame. I just want a president who will do the right thing – either party.

  58. You have nothing to quote, print or submit dialogue with truth to support your meandering questions … The chart you display seems to indicate that the possibility of war is less with growing edification of powers inclined to attack and why is USA ignored in #12, Mid 20th century was as allied with Briton, France and Soviet Union? … You are miss-reporting conclusions and miss-representing your chart … You need to send this chart to our government as it shows The USA neither went to war or lost a war up to the present … Thank you for your ignorance …

  59. #9 is not correction. The Ching (Qing) Empire established by Manchurians existed from 1644 to 1911, comprised of (China, Mongolia, Tibet, North and South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Okinawa, and some other territories now seized by Russia). There was no China. Currently, China is ruled mainly by Chinese Han. Since author of this article mentions of the Ottoman Empire, it should learn the correct history of the Ching Empire, too. The Ching killed a lot of Chinese. Westerners do not know the real history, and just mistakes Ching for Chinese. It’s analogous to think of Americans and Europeans as Nazis.

  60. Currently, if we have a conflict with China/Russia…. I don’t know how it turns out. My guess from how I’ve seen things go with both of those countries is, they lose really really badly. Russia talks a good game but has zero electronics infrastructure and their stuff is really third class. They have a few nice specs but I aint buying it.

    China.. they have a lot of low margin, low tech stuff going on. All the good tech is from Taiwan. China will just get embarrassed again.

  61. I’m pretty sure the Chinese would back down from such a stupid marginal adventure that nets them nothing. China’s problem has always been China. You got that many people and stuff goes bad fast. Consequently they are vulnerable to smaller states as they are struggling to manage that damn thing.

    If it comes to shooting. Well. We are good at it. The Russians have prepped us well.

  62. You are nuts if you think Taiwan supports China. I mean that is just nuts.
    Between Taiwan, South Korea and Japan; you have nearly equal strength against China.
    Africa? Africa is a wasteland with zero productive capacity.


  64. China is not like old China before, now they have Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Africa, etc. support them. Japan did not have any ally at all when japan went into war against U.S.

  65. This is wishful thinking from an Asian writer. It would be an error to underestimate your enemy. China is a hazard because they are not politically mature. They need more time to learn the dynamics of international relations. A war would be a mistake however it is possible in the same way Japan went into war against US. Most Japanese didn’t know anything about americans. Admiral Yamamoto knew Japan made a mistake by entering a war against the US. Japanese had myopia. Same goes with China now.


  67. Idiot! Why would China go to war with the US when there are so much invested here and also why would US bite the hand that’s feeding US economy? What a moron!

  68. Yeah bro no worries. You’re liberal ideology will sort everything out.

    Russia and China are also totally reasonable and are totally liberal too.

  69. War can be followed by a depression. Current U.S. debt as of 2015 is
    US: $18,150,604,277,751. Now, what will kick start the economy is making sense but when?

  70. I totally agree with you Vincent! The U.S. Must stand firm with all nations that you listed, and our world allies against China aggression. The longer we ( U.S. & its Allies) wait, the far worst outcome we witness!
    Be assertive and clear…China must withdraw!

  71. Its good for us if U.S. starts war (1) we can put the debt away which I owe China, (2) It will make China economic/military down for a while. (3) China south sea is far from U.S. we got nothing to loss, we have Japan and Phillipine over there fighting for us.

  72. Of course they will. Why do you think they’re making such a fuss over this?

    Historical claims? They destroyed their history in the 70’s – they don’t care about crap.

  73. Awesome choice to make – WWIII or be usurped by the worst government pretty much ever.

    Special shout out to corporate America for the last 30 years of enriching China that’s led to this.

  74. I have observed that indeed china have the advantage in that part of the
    world.. most analysts and observers that china have the capability to
    send saturation missiles strikes on the US’s CSG groups , but i have
    seen the distinct technological superiority and experience of the US
    navy as an advantage.. the US right now have made quantum leaps on
    Electronic warfare, weaponizing Lasers, drones both aerial and naval and
    the developments of long range standoff mines, precision long range
    stand-off cruise missiles and EMP bombs. In addition thereto the US Marines can now
    carry (the much criticized) highly sophisticated and deadly F-35s and the US Navy’s Growlers. Yet
    one must also remember that the US navy have also the BMD capable ships
    that puts a strong CSG air defence…



  77. and perhaps China will impose toll fees for vessels navigating their newly claimed territorial water in the Spratleys…. China is profit oriented. It invests in reclamation, expecting hefty returns…. ROI is more than double, I supposed…..

  78. Yes, more “fuel” for a fire that could get out of control. Nationalism in China is like kindling just waiting to be ignited. It comes as a shock when you first hear ordinary mainland Chinese tell you without blinking that countries like Vietnam, South Korea and even Japan “belong to China.” But they are serious. How much of this mass delusion can be traced to brainwashing, to “100 years of humiliation,” and to “Middle Kingdom” hangover I will let the historians sort out. If a war starts, it really won’t matter.


  80. Every article I read by feeds the flames of war. It makes me wonder if they receive their funding mainly – if not completely – from defense contractors and weapons manufacturers. This article is no different. It seems to favor China, and taunts the United States to turn tail and run from its commitment to its allies, or endure itself to engaging in a full-fledged war in which many people will die from both countries – not to mention those whom will die from any other countries that side with the traditional Axis and Allied powers. The end result is that the poor – and what is left of the middle class – will go off to fight, die or return permanently physically and/or mentally crippled in a major war they started for profit. Meanwhile, the politicians, arms dealers, defense contractors, and weapons manufacturers continue to get even richer as they sit back in their comfy recliners, sip on single-malt scotch, smoke their Cuban cigars and basically live the good life on the sacrifices paid for with the blood of our youth… again.

  81. The Chinese people are in the same boat as the people of the United States . No one wants war , Why ? because its the children from the poor families who get drafted first . It is a known fact that if war breaks out , The US will bring back the draft and China will do the same on there side . And we all know China only built those islands for profit , With those military bases they can get rid of the free trade routes vessles uses and destablize the free trade econnomy .

  82. Hey Alex, It’s sounds like you are using this media as a soap box… “We are all VERY impressed that you have a MX cutting your lawn and South American lady cleaning up your bathrooms and watching your children”… Please do yourself a favor and join the Democrat’s, you sound like one already!

  83. If I were China, I would finalize my move to the SCS and claim whatever I could. Under the Obama administration, Obama and his advisors will do NOTHING to stop China. Obama will only make empty statements, which means absolutely nothing. The credibility of the United States is lost (no one trusts the USA to come to their aid); the strength of the United States has faded away in Asia; the former NSC East Asia Advisor, Evan Mederios while he was at the NSC, set the United States down the path of losing all negotiating strength vis-a-vis China; and China knows it. It makes me sad to see how the US has fallen apart, the stupid foreign policy decisions made in East Asia (specifically China), it is now time to figure out how to regain US credibility in Asia. However, I believe it is too late, and the US needs to prepare how to deal with being kicked out of Asia. Thank Obama administration and your stupid advisors… you have all destroyed American and its credibility.

  84. It is too late, after all the dust is settled, the badly traumatized US sailors, pilots, soldiers, cow boys and girls climb out from the comfort of their shelters to inherit the remains of their total destructed homeland. It becomes clear that Carter had successfully initiated WW III in South China Sea. The 70 million lives of US citizen he had to repay Russia and China had been fulfilled.

  85. Yes we can and yes we can. But your missing the point.The minute the first Chinese missile flies at a US carrier group China is done politically. Nukes aren’t needed to set China back 20 years. Lets see…how’s North Korea doing these days after fighting the US? You’ll be back to eating dogmeat and ricewater before you can say fumanchu. China has the largest source of cheap labor not the only one.

  86. Seriosuly? China? We’re basically in a second Cold War with Russia, and this idiot writes about China? One bad bombing mission in Syria at this point and the US and Russia will be at war.

  87. I am a fool??? Even if you have to watch a video made by some western historian talking about China’s map. China used to control Vietnam, Thailand, etc. If China did not control those Islands nearby Philippines. At least China for once controlled Spratly Islands.
    Losing control over Thailand and Vietnam and even Korea does not mean China loses its control over Spratly Islands.

    If you say yes, then how about British Virgin Island??? This island is way far away from UK, and UK once even controlled half of the world.

    By the same token, one of the China’s dynasties literally ruled Vietnam and Thailand, including those waters, and China will rule those waters, even with these two countries gaining independence.

    Of course, when I read the map each time regarding those island issues, I also wonder if history in my textbooks tell everything?

    Let’s just say I have every reason to doubt whatever textbooks my government provides. And let’s say the Whites are always right. Then what?

    I read Target China: How Washington and Wall Street cage the Asian dragon. This book is written by a white American explaining why America constantly pushes China around.

    You hate to admit that???? How about those prisoners in Guantanamo Bay????? According to Boston Legal (An American TV Show that somehow relates some of its episodes to the current political events in America), we are United States of America. We claim to respect human rights and freedom of speech. But in reality? No. We tortured prisoners, we arrested or spied on news reporters? What are we doing these days is everything that is against our forefathers’ original will.(not their exact words, but I try my best to summarize what they say on the Show).

    And if you constantly believe in everything you read from the Western media sources, instead of reading history books regarding the entire world, you are just as easy as me susceptible to censorship, lies, and brainwashing. You are no different from we Chinese from China. The censorship, lies, and brainwashing are just from different sources.

    Even my friends in America, particular the White, they say “well my government is smarter than your government in hiding facts, and covering their tracks.”

    And you? I talk to you in a candid way. What do I get? Instead of sharing your understanding of issues, and events, you immediately insult every Chinese. “oh, apparently, the brainwashing in China is still happening!!!! Only simply when I defend China and China happens to be the Communist! Well, do you know which China i refer to? I refer to the older China without communism. With all these pollutions and immoral issues happening in China, I will prefer the older China. Even the Chinese Emperors knew how to soothe their people. From Boston Legal, the jury even and most of the time side with the victims.

    But look at the current Communist China. It throws away everything, copies Communism from Soviet Union and the original authors, Carl Marks and Frederick Engels (one German, and the other German-born-British).

    When you talk about Communism, are you even aware of the origin of such ideology??? not from China!!!!!! Some evil folks stole the idea and tricked the innocent people!

  88. Im independent but i may vote Trump just to see what happens. Hit the reset button on geopolitical diplomacy with a hammer-like attitude. Whether we build a wall and ignore the world or put our foot in our mouth and offend everyone we do need a change from this political correctness passivity. Time to get old school again like make the pledge of allegiance mandatory in schools again. I fail to understand why we let US businesses do business with communist states. Great idea. Make them rich so they can take over their neighbors or, in this case, neutral territory. Mexico isnt as big a deal as we think. So we let China stay in the Spratly isles then precedence is set. Russia moves in the North then Arctic and China moves in the South then antarctic. Interesting how both are moving at the same time. Taking advantage of our lame duck presidency period. Sure. Lets build a wall and lets see what the world looks like in 5 years without US leadership and a united America. Sorry for rambling…

  89. you also said “No one said “let’s kick China’s butt.” To me, that means you represent everyone else who reads this article. Or “no one” clearly only represents you?

  90. Go read target :China. Then you know who is being brainwashed. That book is written by a white American. Why will an American defend China? I find some people are more open minded than others.

  91. What nonsense! Yes, China did increase its defense budget (probably because WE are so agressive), but why do you not publish the pitiful amount the Chinese are spending and the record breaking amounts WE are spending (we spend far more than China, Russia, India, Europe spend put TOGETHER…..) Besides, we could not start a war with China as they likely would not loan us the funds required.

  92. Uh Huh. Just another academic trying to justify his position. He is an “Expert”. Yes, he is. He is an expert at being an academic and little more than that. I know enough “Academics” to realize they may have great book knowledge but little else is present in between the ears. Most Academics can’t figure out how to get their sandwich out of the baggy their maid (or mother) put it in, let alone the paper bag it was in. They are great for standing around and feeling self important by having a list of letters following their names.
    Assuming this person is worth his salt, what was the last prediction he made about war or anything else that came true?

  93. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot, and should be beaten badly for trying to stir up trouble and write fear-causing garbage. Sure, there is tension, but both countries are not stupid enough to go to war at this point. I’m an American living and working in China, so I know. Only if we Americans are dumb enough to elect a Republican would this be possible. Shame on Yahoo, a pathetic excuse for a news site, for continuing to publish stupidity like this.

  94. The Chinese are like the Dutch – reclaiming and constructing new land masses to support whatever they want. They proved they are strategic thinkers unlike some other US Admin we all know and the fact is the US will Trade Taiwan for North Korea in order to arrive at International Monetary currency exchange levels that support US Dollar co-exisitng with either a Brics currency platform ( 4 to 1 ) or just a Yuan-Ruble Platform of roughly 7 to 1 exchange rates going forward in the next 180 days. As for History: the Incompetent Sec of State H. Clinton openly announced to China that they “could consider forming their own Sphere-of-influence in the South China Seas and parts of Asia.” So they took her at her word and at Obama’s female Cadre of Advisor’s in agreement and voila – here we are today.

  95. trump? TRUMP? are you stupid or something? i’m a republican, and i think trump is a joke… then again i think rubio, ryan, and romney are idiots… so yeah i’m ashamed of my party right now, even thinking about switching parties, i’m conservative but not stupid, the tea baggers have destroyed the republican party. the idiot trump is making a mockery of the election just for publicity, HE WILL NOT WIN AND HE KNOWS THIS but he is milking this for every bit of publicity he can get…. it’s a publicity stunt plain and simple…. our party has stooped to kindergarden tactics of lying and outright blatant personal attacks and by the way… it’s 2015 my stocks are high, my income is high, most of america is high so what’s the problem…. stop creating problems where there are none, my immigrant gardner cuts my yard for 75 bucks, guess what he’s happy with that. i’d pay him 100 if he asked. because he does a good job and is always on time. our cleaning lady and nanny is an immigrant from south america, she takes care of my kids and takes care of our household guess what i give her a bonus every year and she has never stolen a thing or asked for a raise… and she’s happy i’m happy…. do i want illegal immigrants here no, but are all immigrants bad NO… get a clue america

  96. Who writes these stupid articles? Yeah the Yanks and Chinks both want to commit mutual suicide. I won’t even read anything with such a stupid headline written by an idiot employed by a totally unknown company who just wants to shock me into getting their attention.

  97. Since the beginning, the South China Sea has been open to maritime navigation even before Chin became China. Now out of the deep blue sea, China has decided to militarize the South China Sea by developing artificial islands to place the 700 ICBMs it had pointed at Taiwan its own people when Taiwan had threatened to declare its independence from China. The U.S must stand firm with its partners Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Okinawa, Malaysia, and Brunei to stop China’s aggression in the South China Sea.

  98. I’m quite sure the south Americans will accept you with open arms because you are so great and I am so mere…
    Get a grip and choke yourself!

  99. Since its obvious that some scum like yourself can afford such luxury of packing up and moving to such a place how about you buying all us not so fortunates a ticket?

  100. If the Chinese nuke America they would be blowing up property that THEY OWN. Plus they’d be killing millions of Chinese Americans. That’s not going to happen. They don’t have the transport OR materials to sustain a ground war outside of their border for longer than a couple of days. I think America should start building their own Islands 12.1 miles away from the Chinese Islands to make a point.

  101. @ Rachel , you have every right to support anyone you want , Personally I enjoy the fact Trump doesn’t play the Game per se … but Trump isn’t a Conservative and he has less experience than Obama when he took Presidential office …… I thoroughly enjoy the show but I don’t personally think he’s the answer to Americas problems , Trump is a business man not politician nor does he have the tack or temperament ….. Personally I want a Christian Political Conservative who will fight for the constitution and his beliefs and has the spine not to back down ….. Trump is a slap to the face of the status quo but he has no real plan other than ” if you stick with me you’ll be a winner ” or ” you’ll win so much you’ll be sick of winning ” ? I’m sorry that isn’t a plan …… it’s B S ….. but I do enjoy the show .

  102. Since when has China ever produced a decent product to include its Soviet WW2 era supplied military?
    Even if they have decent technology I wouldn’t go down without a fight, unless of course they kill me first?
    I personally hate the Obama administration, the republican administration, and honey boo boo, but one thing for certain, I will die a free man!

  103. TO the american liberal goverment as it stands today do not let trump get assasinated you will be held responsible . WE THE PEOPLE


  105. and everything in China is much cheaper than in the USA, so they are able to purchase or produce more for the same price. They also receive modern military technologies from Russia. In my opinion something is wrong with that capitalism, we used to think, that “democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried”… The point is that democracy and capitalism have weaknesses. Most of the governments don’t plan for the long future, and the corporations are concerned about making profits, so they don’t usually care where they do business. Nowadays almost every company have a branch in China, which has technologies and the profits. Secondly, almost all countries have a huge public debt (promises cost and we don’t save for the future), while corporations have money and they go to China… Well, the world is changing. In the ancient times and middle ages the “centre of the world” were Rome and the Church, then the centre were european countries: England, France, Germany until the IIWW. In the mid of XX century the power was shared between the USA and Russia. I think, at the moment, there are a few world’s centres: USA (economic, political, military), UE (economicl), Russia ( military), China (economic). However, it’s predicted that the future will belong to China… and it will be our next “the centre of the world”.

  106. Take your history books and cover your head when the nukes start falling, and let me know if they saved you. As for me I prefer to bury a metal container underground with filtered air, 7 years of food and water, many batteries to operate the filtered air, filtered water and sewage pumps. and at least one Whore to keep my dick happy.  Actually easier just to move to S of the Equator. –Bill

  107. The US and the PRC have painted themselves into an uncompromising corner before domestic and global audiences over the artificial islands. Neither country can back away from the coming confrontation in the South China Sea without losing face. That’s what makes the situation dangerous, especially for the face-obsessed regime in Beijing which draws popular support from its self-styled role as “Protector of the People Against Foreign Aggression.”

    Never mind that China doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. Under International Maritime Law, artificial Islands do not generate territorial seas, continental shelves and EEZs. Any nation exercising the shared right to Freedom of Navigation–not just the US–is free to sail or fly within 12 nautical miles of China’s artificial islands. This is the important point US FON exercises will demonstrate. But to mainland masses who have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe the South China Sea is China’s “blue water soil,” legalities will little matter. And the Party can’t afford to disappoint the flag waiving masses it has intentionally misled. The regime is the victim of its own propaganda.

    Expect to see high drama on the high seas, and maybe even some fireworks as the two sides clash. But reason tells us hostilities will stop short of WWIII. Both sides have too much to lose.



  110. Vickas Shukla, What in the world have you been smoking? China is neither stupid or suicidal! China is extremely patient, and knows the future belongs to it- if it only plays cat and mouse with the world. It doesn’t even come close to America in military power, and it knows that. China’s best bet is to incrementally, (little by little), gain more power, wealth, technology, etc. and in time she may own large parts of Russian territory, ( Siberia), and control most, if not all of Asia. And that may take another twenty to thirty years. TURN THE PAGE PLEASE!…..BYE

  111. Science has shown that the Bible is nothing my myth and fabrication. Note that the Hebrews were said to have been fighting the Canaanites repeatedly. Now, archaeologists have shown the the Canaanites were Hebrew. Any fights among them were family spats. Further, there is no evidence that Hebrews were ever in Egypt nor slaves. The pyramids were built by professionals hired for the purpose. Their homes and cities have been found and identified.


  113. I have picked up my brain, that is why I will be living South of the Equator to avoid the fun and games, soon to take place in the N Hemisphere. Let me know the temperature, when the nukes start flying close to your neighborhood. Remember 1000 deg F is on the cool side. –No need to get upset or angry for Americans to argue with each other, all for naught, a waste of time and energy for something that is inevitable. –yours Bill

  114. in Mahabharata epic war story there is note about mlechas (rent soldier) from greek, Europe and China, about China soldiers story tell that they never counted because they have weak heart and moody.

  115. Cowboy mentality? they have saved this country countless times hell of a lot of americans are cowboy rednecks and Ill bet on them kicking ass and taking names every time they are needed so dont insult they dont miss there targets

    THE 1000 YEARS OF PEACE AS STATED IN THE BIBLE?? Besides the War will
    only last for 7 years until it is all spent out. Sure I know a blanket
    of radioactive dust cloud will cover the Northern Hemisphere and ruin
    water, plants, animals, humans, but hey you can still live south of the
    Equator, like the rich boys have done already. The dust will not travel
    to S America or Australia or New Zealand because of opposing wind
    patterns at the Equator.

  117. That’s true. China always has a big mouth and gutless. If there is a confrontation between US and China, they (Chinese soldiers) will back down or facing death because all the technologies they stole from US won’t work like US “toys”. Their fake weapons, fake jets, fake soldiers can not compete with US. US had 10 aircrafts carriers, China has only 1 (USED ONE). We will go ahead and bomb those faked islands and disable the airport which they built and relied on it. Even Russia tries to help. So what? Who’s the world power?

  118. LETS GET A NUKE WAR GOING TWEEN CHINA USA AND RUSSIA NOW. IT WILL COME ANYWAY AS THE BIBLE READS, SO WHY NOT GET IT OVER WITH SO WE CAN HAVE THE 1000 YEARS OF PEACE AS STATED IN THE BIBLE?? Besides the War will only last for 7 years until it is all spent out. Sure I know a blanket of radioactive dust cloud will cover the Northern Hemisphere and ruin water, plants, animals, humans, but hey you can still live south of the Equator, like the rich boys have done already. The dust will not travel to S America or Australia or New Zealand because of opposing wind patterns at the Equator.

  119. I still believe China 20 to 30 Year behind technologically to US.
    US has undisclosed secrete weapon which will wipe out China if they decided to fight

  120. As I’ve said many times in the past – History has shown in the past that in all wars (especially just before World War-I and World War-II that in the preceding 3 or 4 years prior to) there were many minor or medium incidents that were escalating on a daily or monthly basis which led up to and caused those wars. Once again History seems to be repeating itself. There are all sorts of indications around the world that are now (or have been for the last two or three years) possibly once again leading up into another World War or what might be labeled as World War-III. More than likely World War-III is just around the corner. For those that say or insist upon saying otherwise then they are the ones that are obviously hiding in a closet somewhere or their minds have shut down and have entered a denial process because their minds can’t comprehend what is happening around the world on a daily or monthly basis. Yes I will catch h. e. l. l. from those that I’m talking about and which will insist that I’m the one that is crazy or otherwise, but however if and when it does, I’m not even going to feel any sympathy for them. I’m just going to say “I Told You So”. I also don’t think it is any longer of “IF” but “When” and “How Soon”. There’s too many things going on around the world involving violent hostilities for it not to happen.

  121. Americans can’t and will not stop buying from China. Americans can afford to buy things in America because of their cheap labor and cost. Americans can’t afford anything made in the USA. They need each other.

  122. Problem being china continues to poke the USA with a stick in the form of cyber attacks, cyber espionage, recruiting spies through blackmail, stealing technology and cooperating with entities hostile towards the USA (remember they bought the crashed helicopter from the Bin Laden raid from pakistan). They will need to answer for their actions eventually, and having entire government institutes dedicated to hacking US companies and government institutions is not the way to do it.

  123. China is not a nation of conquest, at least historically, and there is no indication that they have become one that has any interest in conquering and occupying its neighbors. Disputes over islands is one thing, but to suggest they will invade their neighbors is another thing entirely. Their main aggression is cyber war and theft of patented technology and American classified Intel. Certainly a crime, but not an invasion.

  124. If China launches inter-continental ballistic missiles, can the US intercepts them? If China fires inter-range missiles, can US aircraft carriers destroy them. If the US defense system can’t do neither of the two, I would suggest don’t provoke China militarily and push her into a corner. Don’t duel with China with a cowboy mentality. Don’t get America wiped out, while you are wiping out China.

  125. At least their will be no millinery personal involved in the war , they can all head to the nearest bar and watch the nuke’s wipe us out from the comfort of our bar stools , better than been incinerated thousands of miles from home .

  126. China has already neutralized any advantage our navy had in a territorial standoff in the south china sea. The dong feng missile was crafted with the specific intent of sinking American aircraft carriers. With a range in excess of 1,000 nautical miles it effectively neutralizes our jets that have a flight range of roughly 600 nautical miles. Our jets cannot attack their soil because to do so would ensure our aircraft carriers are sunk. China will hop from island to island installing dong feng facilities to continue expanding its sphere of dominance and diminishing our capabilities.

  127. There needs to be a joint effort to go the east Vietnam sea and west Philippine sea. Every country in the region must send their navy ship with US to show protest to reclaimed islands.

  128. It is not out of the question. There are countries that are willing to fight WW3 and put the US out. Russia is one that is building and investing in a world war III. It will happen the question Is when. Russia and China are all in for a WW3.

  129. China is waisting money, men power, and time to build fake island in the east Vietnam sea. The world will not and shall not accept this violate action.

  130. Amazon will file bankruptcy, mailing market will collapse. Post office will be a history. The people who drive BMW or luxury cars , who try to save money in Costco will disappear.

  131. China is trying to play the long game. Unfortunately our Government is run by a bunch of bickering teenagers who can’t even elect a class speaker. We need someone with the intelligence who can see that and the strength to act in the face of uncertainty. In order to beat people who play like Russia or China that you have to force their hand. Don’t play their game play your own. If a country makes a land grab force them to act. Send your Jets in. Build some Islands of your own do something.

  132. Nope. Their countries are run by a bunch of bloody capitalists. Those suckers do not want to die themselves, neither their hosts.

  133. All major powers enjoy trash talks but don’t want to physically mess up with each other. We have tried to avoid direct conflict with the Russian in Georgia, Ukraine and now in Syria. If China or Russia wants to mess up with us, there are many ways for us to tear them up as well.

  134. rouge nation? 10 centuries of being a nation will have alot of history especially times when most civilized nations wernt so civilized twords China.

  135. It is time to show that the red Commies that they do not own the south China sea. The name does not mean that they are the owners of the sea. U.S. and her allies in the area will stand together to eliminate this rogue nation.

  136. I know what your saying about Russia joining China but something inside me feels Russia wont but will with the USA. Russia has China at its boarders. If they together beat the US now there China looking at Russia thinking how this going work between the two of us. There can be only one leader especially so close together. Trouble to close. No good.

  137. “China has warned that it was ready to use military force if the U.S. violates its territorial waters” Ok China, how are you going to pay for your military force when Americans stop buying anything made in China?

  138. not true….chenoble…didnt kill off mankind….fukishama didnt kill all of japan…..a nuk war would just reset the world…into a different way of thinking after the fallout settles….there would be servivers …..hopefully for the better…but not likely…man never changes for long…

  139. Our stupid “leaders” made this possible at our expense. That is why Trump will win and make equitable arrangements rather than going for the gun. On the other hand if he is blocked…just make sure you have those faraday bags ready.

  140. china and russia are sticking their middle fingers up at us…right now…between the syrian conflict…killing are rebel fighters…that we are arming….and in the china waterway ownership between china and the neighboring smaller countries…..china claiming them through force…even though they are clearly enchroching on territorial water boundries…of foriegn nations……And the USA being guttless to stand up for there policies they enacted…will back down…unless corporate military industrial complex…sees dollar signs….to have this war…….

  141. China was Made in the USA by American Business and their leverage over our government all for greater profit and cheap labor. China is putting it right up our butts all while stealing company secrets

  142. So… you think.. if we attack China, probably unprovoked… that we would come out of the East China Sea with more than 80% naval strength…? They’ve been watching us a long time…and know well they can’t take us Navy to Navy.. ship to ship… but they have some idea how to make us hurt, what to try to blind us.. and so forth… don’t kid yourself thinking we could attack and it’ll be one sided and over in a month because we’ll sink everything they have and everything they try to do the same will fail.

    The reason they’ve survived this long is because … well for one they knew when to quit trying to retake Taiwan… and contemporarily, they’re not dumb enough to make the first move knowing what it’ll cost them.. but if we make the first move and attack China, the cost goes from being an option to being required. They’ll make every effort to hit us with everything they have, accepting of the consequences. They know they’ll lose all their ships. We’d be devastated by the lost of any of our super ships… yet they have enough firepower and sophistication to guarantee at least one such loss.. so which of our 2000+ servicemen do you consider worth condemning to die?

    Even if we do win, and don’t suffer that much..Russia is just gonna sit there…while China is inundated at sea?.. With thumb in bum… and do nothing at all to prevent themselves from being next? Even if they don’t use nukes..which nobody should do if they don’t want everyone to start shooting uglies… we’d be facing naval melees and proxy conflicts in every direction.

    You gotta get real. Killing off another power would just make every other* power reactive, even the ones that are our allies now may or may not have our backs when we attempt to neutralize China.. who by the way trades with… EVERYRBODY.

    Yeah, warring with China is indirectly warring with the entire industrialized China’s the world’s assembly plant.

    In my completely humble assessment war with Russia is infinitely more sensible. They have tons of oil and gas, China has none, they don’t produce much, China produces pretty much everything. China trades with everyone. Russia trades with some, and fuel-bullies others. China… doesn’t currently actively aggress anyone. Russia’s woken up and started fighting outside of Russia.

    There’s no logical reason why China’d be worth any of the risks.

  143. Your stament don’t make since to the end of your prologue. First what freedom of the seas, the seas in question here is chinas back yard. How would like an armada from china sailing around California coast. 2. Freedom of the country s you spoke of japan we were at war with them in 45, Vietnam with them in 75. Who cares about this people I don’t my dad fought in Vietnam my grand father in world war 2. The only country that it will affect hard that I concur with you is the Philippines. Taiwan is Chinese anyway. See my point besides Obama has no balls he will not risk world war 3 on he’s watch he already is the worst president this country ever had.

  144. China will require more stealing of information from the US and 2 to 3 decades before they could match the technology of the US. China is just playing mind games (Psychological Warfare) because they want US to think that they are at par or more stronger than the US Arm Forces.

  145. no winners here all losers the biggest losers are the innocent ones who have no idea how devastating this nuclear exchange would be. Also I think Russia would join the exchange gift and lob some missiles into the U.S. then U.S. allies will be dragged into the beginning of the end.

  146. Yeah but not nearly as much of US spending is on actual competitive development which would result in us getting the best and most cost-effective military developments… as it is on price-gouging sub contractors and on no-bid development contracts of honestly sub-par stuff.

    If you’re outspending the next 20 countries but can’t do any better than them at a given task, in practice, it’s time to go over the books and see what’s going wrong. Yes we out-pace the Russians and the Chinese but they most certainly wouldn’t be walked on like the Iranians or Iraqis. We are generally superior on every front, but It shouldn’t cost 5 times their budget to do that.. and much of that budget isn’t* going to making sure all our troops are armed and equipped with the best* protections and equipment we can offer.

    As long as that’s true, waving our inflated defense budget around isn’t something I’d do.

  147. This article is as reckless as it is worthless, and is totally based on opinions derived from observation not totally grounded in fact. Facts are we have had a weak foreign policy, and world leadership during this present administration – but it is a a global economy that keeps things more in check than our present leaders. The realities are that our Allies in that region, and across the Globe are the main deterrents to any global war. They are not powerful deterrents – but effective none the less. China has a fait accompli attitude that they want to gradually change things over the long term – but they, like Russia, are a paper Tiger, more afraid of domestic rebellion than of any foreign country.

  148. The one thing that will stop China from nuking the USA is Walmart! Without them, billions of dollars worth of Chinese products could never be sold!!

  149. The U S should never back down as history has shown us . A drop of blood spilled now in standing up to the bully will save a pint of blood later in every case since ancient time . The freedom of the sea for future US generations , the freedom of millions of people in Japan , vietnam , philippines , taiwan … at stake here . It is definitely a cause to die for as uor forefathers has shown us in WW2 . Let not their deaths be in vain as we become cowards in the face of aggression .

  150. It must start with conventional weapons, however, the US needs to be ready to pull the trigger on the nukes in sweeping campaign should the Comes try to use them to win the war.

  151. While in the past 150 years since the industrial revolution, how many countries citizens were the ones to demand war with another nation versus the leadership of these nations?
    Remove the decision making for war from the leaders, and the citizens of the world will get along just fine!
    The real enemy of the people are not the people themselves, but rather the corporate sponsored, power and profit hungry leaders. We must stop directing so much attention to the effects of nefarious leadership and concentrate our efforts on eliminating the cause!

  152. Why the heck are we even there? Are we playing the world police once again? What’s even more disturbing is Chinas backing of Russia’s Syrian involvement!!

  153. Very true. They basically duplicated every smart invention made in this country. You even see them walking with cameras and taking photos of every thing they see around them. They go to public librairies and systematically make copies of every book they cannot find on the market.

  154. With their ever multiplying numbers they will have no room in their own backyard, so they have to build a floating island for them to live with matching airfield and military force.

  155. I don’t want a war with China but if we don’t protect the waters around the US then what is to stop them from coming here to fight on our soil and we don’t want that. Remember 911 !!!!!!!!! That is what the other countries do for us when we help them they just shit all over us so why do we bother?

  156. The United States spends almost as much on their defense as the next twenty countries combined and spends almost 5 times the amount China does…

  157. All this fear mongering, wow. You posted a chart showing which countries went to war with the rising power. but look at the recent history. No country has ever gone to war with another country if both countries have nuclear weapons.

  158. Usual crazy war monger with click bait article. If the US was going to go to war, don’t you think the lesser of two evils between Russia and China would be the lather? If war was going to happen, it will be against Russia and not China. Imagine, the Russians have the entire NATO group at a standstill with disagreement on what to do the moment Nuclear weapons was reserve as a option by the Russians if war broke out between Russia and NATO. You’ll have your usual exchange of heated words but war isn’t going to happen.

  159. Those islands and water space, China took from Viet Nam
    by force, south of China land was once belong to Viet people, they kept on
    taking by force, and finally US step in to stop them. Space is a new frontier, we should invest our
    effort to move and live on other planets, conquer universe … That what virus
    and bacteria do, first they infect the liver (Earth) then they move on to lung (Mars). That how we can avoid the war, or China have to back off.


  161. Poorly thought piece. Geography as a weapon?? What he fails to mention is how many enemies China is making out of its neighbors, does he think they would sit back and watch, especially since this concerns them as much as anyone else? What do you think we were doing when we gave the ok for Japan to rearm.

  162. I don’t know why we are even thinking about World War III I thought that meant suicide for everyone with all these nukes all the countries have today. I guess we blow each other up over what? This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever heard. The U S has been fighting over in the Middle East for years I cannot believe that we cannot stay out of these wars and let the Middle East fight there own battles then we would not be in the mess we are in now with Russia and Japan and don’t forget North Korea they are in the mix as well.

  163. If we don’t step up or be strong sea power, China well step on us. Some people don’t understand why we got this far as the # 1 nation….. Without strong sea power, you’re nobody and that what China trying to accomplish….China are totally ignorant dealing with the International laws. They don’t want to follow because is not on there advantage…. China is a treat to our nation. so stop feeding them with technology and ideas…..

  164. The US would be really the “promise Land” the best of the best, if they wouldn’t intervene in others countries business, if they wouldn’t have the warmonger mentality . Just imagine how insane is , the money the US spend for their military. So, instead of spending trillions of dollars on weapons and all kind of middles to kill somebody (war), and use this money in the country, like for example fee education, affordable medicine/treatments, etc. Then, the standard of living would be even greater or better. Now people are getting poorer and the few rich people richer. Soon will the middle class disappear.

  165. while i dont want war…..i believe….if we wipe out one super power bully……100%……the rest will then take America seriously . Its time to kick ass…then ask the world whos next??!! i HATE to say this…..Trump is a chump…..but at least he will do what Obama is afraid to do./ NO MORE CRINGING COWARDS IN OFFICE……our own weak scared pres has made all of this possible for China AND Russia.

  166. Just out of interest sake but you two do realize that China is a major nuclear power with strong military ties to Russia, which is another major nuclear power? Any halfway serious war between them would likely end up turning half the world into a radioactive slag heap.

  167. Really, which history book(s) you read? History is not a video game, you and this Gary Lee guy are both Idiots, let intellectuals deal with the real issues and you guys go back to play video games.

  168. US medias have been working hard to demonizing China, and use other Asian nations to against China. China does business as usual, no one wants to have war, but China is ready to defend.

  169. And Why would the US want to go to war with China? The US is also making a lot of money selling cheap electronic like iPhone and all the Apple products, just to mention something that is made in China and sold in the US 10 to 20 times more expensive than its real price. Believe it or not, the US depend a lot on China. Your politician don’t admit it, because they are too proud.So, the truth is not what you think.

  170. Sounds like religious fanatism, where one religion feels it is the only god choose. Leading the followers to cause havoc everywhere.

  171. You are a vietnamese. right? suggestions for you: 1. write English in a way others can understand. 2. Vietname is a piece of sheeeeeit and without China’s help, it can accomplish nothing.

  172. I’ve been watching china over the last 5 years. You are right the war has already started and like you said, its a economic war and we are losing. Key points, china is buying and holding massive amounts of gold. I believe of recently they have been selling tons of us debt And The BRIC I was always told that if the US economy collapsed it would take down the world economy. Maybe not?
    On the military part of it, China’s defense budget is much lessor then USA’S but they are slowly catching up. But to but that in perspective , they don’t support Germany,Japan , South Korea etc.. Point I’m trying to make is their money goes mainly to production of defensive and offensive weapons Ours goes to supporting the rest of the world.

  173. I can use you words to state the same thing about the US. Just remove
    the word China and add USA instead. Like always, USA has nothing to do
    in that part of the world. So, I suggest to stay at home, keep eating
    those nasty Burgers and keep getting fatter, and the world will be a
    peaceful place. Don’t you think so ? I do.

  174. That’s the problem with the US mentality. They think the world need them, when it is the other way around. Otherwise the US wouldn’t be so desperate creating war or making believe their own people about other countries been hostile towards the US, when the reality is, that the US-agenda is the big problem in the world. You must be blinder than a blind person to not see that.


  176. America is pushing against Russia and china but the result they keep trying for isn’t going to happen. Both of these countries know America is sinking fast so their going to watch you sink and no ropes will be thrown to save you lol.

  177. Absolute Bull Sheet. Our Navy right now is so far superior it is not even funny. I hope we do clash. This will be well worth it! This is no different then the “Cuban Missile Crisis” in 1962. BRUT DEVASTATING FORCE IS WHAT CHINA NEEDS TO SEE. HIT THEM SO HARD THEY WILL DO JUST WHAT THEY DID WHEN VIETNAM WHACKED THEM A FEW DECADES AGO.

  178. I agreed 100%. If you look back to the history (2000 years or so), you could understand that China has always been up to something bad with their greedy and bully mentalities once they feel that they are stronger than anyone near them. As soon as the world can’t keep China to be average and normal, world war with China can’t be avoided. So, their strength is growing fast but not the most dominant force yet and therefore get it on now is the best option to end it with minimum loss of life rather wait until they make their pre-emptive move and the loss will be catastrophic.

  179. If China
    and Japan were
    to combine together and form a more powerful China,
    then China
    would have a much easier time taking over any variety of smaller countries. Of
    course, this may certainly need at least 10 more years, especially to combine
    military at the same time as technology advancement. Eventually, this more
    powerful China
    will become an overwhelming threat to America.
    This is exactly what happens in my screenplay titled; “The Last President” by
    Douglas Paige at; driveme89123yahoocom and asking only $2.5 million.

  180. It’s absolutely amazing to read some of the comments and to see how many people haven’t got a clue about anything. No wonder Obama was elected twice. The democrats have cut our military in half while the other super powers have grown there military. Russia, China, both have produced long range weapons that are way more advanced than the U.S.A. They have the ability to completely shut down our Grid. A couple months ago an electrical cable was cut in Tn. This shut down cell service as well as cable/Satellite service for many people. This was a dry run test for our government to see what would happen. The war is coming and with China and Russia teaming up we have a major problem on our hands.

  181. Ohh yeah? well i’m no economist but if we goto war i’d say pretty much that our debt to POS China is null and void… ahahahahahahah

  182. Sorry to disappoint but there will be no actual war. We(USA) lost it already. It was the day Nixon stood on Chinese soil and surrendered to Mao Tse “Dung”. Everything you purchase is made in China or a component of it is. We give our hard earned money to the Chinese army masquerading as manufacturing facilities in China each and every time we walk in to a store and purchase their crap..The People’s Liberation Army of China is NOT controlled by the politicians. It is a separate entity and finances itself through operating manufacturing facilities! Every dime we spend buying their CRAP is profit to purchase and invest in the technology by hook or crook to make their military as good as ours. Russia is a 3rd rate military country now..Putin is fighting in to many regional wars to ever be a threat. Eygpt just bought the aircraft carriers from France Russia ordered. All those rich Chinese buying up our country are not only members of the Communist Party of China but also officers in the PLA! They are going to not invade our country but BUY our country out from under us..If there is an invasion it will be from their millions of citizens already living here. 60,000 are students studying here constantly. The Chinese are known to be patient and methodical. With in this generation of people born today, China will control the daily operation of their puppet states called the USA..We just won’t know it..

  183. baloney article by Vikas. why are you blaiming USA if they don’t back down. China started island and sea grabbing. It is up to china to decide if they don’t want WW3: war or follow international law. set your facts straight. wondering how you got your MBA.

  184. Are you sure that nobody talks about kicking China’s butt?

    Since the Chinese refuse to abide by any accords or international agreements, on anything (trade, the environment, human rights, currency manipulation, etc.), war is virtually inevitable. Eventually, China will do something to “force our hand” and leave us with nothing but a military option. They “poke and prod” and will continue to do so, each time a more serious offense, until someone (probably the US) says “enough is enough”. This is a truly scary thought, but unless there are major changes in the leadership of the Communist Party of China, in the very near future, I feel there will be a US / China military conflict within the next 20 years. It will be interesting to see where Russia lands in all of this, as well…
    That is Mr. Destroyer’s statement. You don smell his intention to wage a war against China?

  185. This thing is DONE before it even started. Notice all world power kissing A…! To all mighty China. Red carpet here and there in UK only thing that’s missing is Queen Elizabeth crowning Mr. Xi. Not even Obama or the Pope gets to ride the Cinderela royal horse cart. Lol!

  186. I want to see the US Navy sail 12 miles away from the Chinese made islands, which is international waters. If China even attempt to fire upon the US Navy it will be a bad day for China! Between the US and Japan China doesn’t stand a chance! I’m saying this going none nuclear. Yes China has stolen a lot of tech from us but we know what they has stolen and already have something to take it. Yes China will have some impact because of there numbers but at the end of the day China will be rebuilding its entire navy. For those who say the US has never really won a war thats not true and yes we have learned a lot. Let me remind you that we also never unleashed the full mighty power of the US navy. Japan and the US will destroy the Chinese navy!

  187. The Chinese aren’t stupid. They know that they are far from achieving world power equality with the US, especially in war weaponry. The US can beat China in a show-down quickly, and the Chinese people know it.

  188. I too, believe that economic sanctions are a GREAT place to start !! Very SAD when I go to my grocery store to buy fish that are caught right off my coast, and the packaging says “A PRODUCT OF CHINA”

  189. There will never be a WWIII with China. The worlds BALLS is in there hands worth $1.5 trillion dollars of Chinese assets. WHO KNOWS all of the worlds weekly pay check is being signed by Bejing. WELCOME TO THE WORLD ECONOMIC PLAN by CHINA!

  190. I want the US navy to Sail 12 miles away from the islands China is making. China won’t do nothing! If they even tried without going Nuclear Japan and the US Will will destroy the entire Chinese Navy! As Most of my family are in the Navy and yes China has stolen lots of tech from us but we know what they got and yes they will make a impact but at the end of the day China will have to start all over building there navy again. Not going Nuclear China and Japan will set them back 50 yrs. For those saying that America has never really won a war is wrong and yes we learned a hole lot which is a good thing. Also don’t forget we really never unleashed the full power of America’s mighty might. Love to see China take fire against the US Navy in international waters. It will be a bad day for them.

  191. Why China can get away with so many violations and abuses while world leaders from president’s of countries and organizations like the USELESS UN and ROYALs of kingdoms just looking the other way? ANSWER: A $1.5 Trillion dollar Chinese assets spread all over the world from US to UK. THE WORLD HAD BEEN DOUPT!

  192. China says “Thank you Americans for buying all our crap for the past 20 years! We used the profits to build up our military and we will now take what we want and if you try to stop us we will be FORCED to start a war with you!”

  193. So the US must let china take what ever it wants or WE will be responsible for starting WWIII?
    Seems to me CHINA would be responsible

  194. Why the WORLD should be alarmed? This building of illegal artificial island 12 miles next to the Philippine Island of Pagasaw, Palawan is just a test. If they can get away with it which it looks like the y did the Chinese will easily abused there power. Everybody knows it’s a typical playing dumb Chinese thing and the are good at it. You can see how everybody kiss as s from Presidents of countries to Royals of the world falling in line to kiss there A…!

  195. More than interesting. It’s true. Did you hear the USA general has been invited to visit China’s new aircraft carrier? Sound like enemies is to you? Either they are insane, or I’m revealing truth.

  196. Beware, the Chinese are building a Mega billion FLOATING CITY that can be towed anywhere. So I am not surprise if one day Hawaii will have a Chinese neighbor only 12 nautical mile from the Hawaiian coast. Lol!

  197. If the U.S. is so worried about China’s rise that it is willing to start world war 3, then it should first resort to economic warfare. That means cut off trade and place economic sanctions on China. Using military force as the first line of action is insane.

  198. I have said this before, the only war US has fought and won is WW II, with a lot of sanctifies from China and Russia. US can never be a credible international police.

  199. Hey “Pete” Since China has capitulated to the communists in 1947, China has fought every one of its neighbors. The Korean War, the ‘annexing’ of Tibet, the 2 wars with India, the fight with the Soviets, and got their az$ handed to them by Vietnam. Now It’s picking on it’s ‘neighbors’ along the South China Sea. “China doesn’t want a fight.” Yeah, right. That’s why they are building islands within the EEZ of other nations that are THOUSANDS of miles from their mainland for “national security”. Go collect your Yuan and go drink yourself into believing this drivel again for tomorrow.

  200. What a bunch of bs. China would never have a chance against the U.S. A war would destroy their country for centuries.
    Who the hell is ValueWalk? Sounds like a cheap shoe store.

  201. This article pushes fear and war, something a Wingnut President can bring. Think you can frighten China? No way! But Republicans will use fear to try to attain the White House. Besides, our Jewish friends were in line for us to invade Iran first. Sorry Russia, but you’ll have to deal with Syria on your own. We just don’t have enough money to we more than two quagmires at a time. And an aside to that little imp in North Korea. Hang in there and your time will come.

  202. Made no mistake about it, US is THE clear favorite to beat China and Russia combine in the coming WW. US will definitely remain the hegemony of the stone age after WW III, never mind the war mad US generals will have to fight with stones, war is fun for them.

  203. What’s next 12 nautical mile China’s ARTIFICIAL island next to Guam or Japan? It’s CLEAR VIOLATION of the UN law of the Sea 200 Nautical Mile EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone. Everybody is inside the West Philippine Sea. Thank God Philippines has a weak military. Imagine if they have a NUKE WWIII has started long time!

  204. LOL glad you can come to the usa, still doesn’t change the attitudes of your country, china has shown an innate greed rivaling Nazi Germany just because the name says south china sea doesn’t make it china’s so what all those countries around the sea are supposed to give up their sovereignty, that’s what china is saying, so go ahead and try to defend china, it makes a bigger fool of you, or just shows the brainwashing in china is still happening

  205. Chinese rise to Global economic dominance was of our own making. Corporate greed for profit moved a lot of US middle class jobs in there so reducing our economic power and collected Taxes. On the top of it our relations with Russia went bad because of our Leadership poor judgment and decisions. It looks like the EU (our allies) is going to sit on the fence waiting for the outcome of rising tensions while requiring military protection.

  206. First of all the Chinese are not supposed to build ARTIFICIAL land next to an independent country. They are 12 miles next to a natural island which is part of the Philippines. The Law of the Sea clearly states that a costal boundary of a country has a 200 mile EEZ territory. Chinese are a thousand miles away from there own 200 EEZ way inside the 200 EEZ of the Philippines.

  207. This is so True ! How so call Americans are sell Out to their Country!! May our Heavenly Father Forgive you, for Not supporting my Country who was founded in his Glory. So as a nation we will pay for our Disrespect to our Heavenly Father( JESUS ) Receive him as your personal Lord an Savior Repent of you Sin’s

  208. Does it matter if most, if not all of 300 million people in US who survive the nuclear blasts, will die a “very painful death, later” caused by radiation ?
    Even the winners lose in nuclear war. With radioactive air, water,soil,food, etc and devastated infrastructure, how long can you survive ?

  209. Will there be a chance for US and China to become allies because China is becoming more of a capitalistic society? Capitalism and communism don’t mix, or at least not for long before something catastrophic happens. China’s future may be run by businessmen, and they may see the problem of an all-too-powerful government that is pocketing too much money.

  210. This article like virtually all ignores the FACT that U.S. trade policies adopted by U.S. Congress has provided the economic power for China to modernize and enlarge her military capabilities. So, if this is a problem look no further than the U.S. Congress (and the electorate) for allowing this to occur. Our so called public airwaves with national TV networks provide news in a VACUUM.

  211. China is china.America is America fated to lead- God given opportunity.The thing is this.President Obama slow down on use of force compared to any republican president i history partly because he is the first Black president.Now,HRC is more fierce than PBO.

  212. LOL another troll, and don’t forget japan, as for Russia gimme a break they are an even bigger joke than china. war gets started no one will win but china will be destroyed, both economically and spiritually as bad as what japan did to them in the 30’s Russia doesn’t care what happens to china, they are too busy trying to take the ukraine

  213. Are you on drugs? No one said “let’s kick China’s butt. Teach the Chinese a lesson” You’re making things up that is not said anywhere in my post. Are you sick or on medication and are so confused you didn’t read the article? The article was about whether the Chinese had parity in the South China Sea with the US. THEY DON’T and WONT ANYTIME SOON was my point. We’ve saved China twice in the last 100 years, from the Japanese in WW2 and the Russian’s when they asked us if they could nuke you during the 1969 hostilities between your 2 countries and although we weren’t allies or friends we told them you fell under our nuclear umbrella. The Chinese to a person no matter how friendly are ungrateful for the sacrifices in blood and treasure our country has made to keep them safe. In the first Iraq war we lost 70 soldiers while Iraq lost 600,000 so in 2015 the US is unlike the military your talking of during the Korean war, it doesn’t matter if you have a 10 billion man army your losses will be thousands of times greater than ours because of our advanced technology. Until China ends it’s internal corruption and starts actually developing new technologies they will always be 20-40 years behind the US. The Chinese people I’ve met seem nice enough to me, I know they’re super eager to have babies in the US so their kids will have US citizenship which along with your annual visits to the US speaks volumes about which country even the Chinese prefer. The Chinese government will be doing it’s citizens a great disservice to challenge the US because they will lose.

  214. It was also our first jungle wars and we were not prepared for them. Japan foolishly went after the US when it would have been more beneficial to ally with the US and then take over mainland China with our help.

  215. LOL I see we have a Chinese troll, its not the USA that’s trying to take a whole ocean, and don’t even think if we go to war with china we will have japan next to us and we all know how bad china loses to japan. china is a paper tiger and its holes are getting bigger as they get greedier.

  216. And the US learned that you take out communications first and disable all anti-aircraft and SAM’s. Do you think they haven’t learned anything from basically fighting non-stop wars for the past 25 years? The only reason ISIS still exists at this time is because we will not drop 250k men on the ground and scoop them all up. We always fight a war with a hand behind our back because we are too afraid to kill civilians who are mixed in with the bad guys. If China attacked we would throw the civilian casualty worries out the door.

  217. Japanese leaders are some of the dumbest strategists I have read about. The British, Chinese, Russians, etc have the biggest land areas and the best strategists. What did Japanese leaders accomplished ? A small land area about 1/25th the size of China.

    Japan was talking about world conquest by European countries during World War 2. Now, by China. Looks to me, Japan is begging to be nuked at least 2 times, once by US, once by China or Russia or both.
    Banzai ! I hope you are not “afraid to die” like Tojo who failed to kill himself.

  218. Even nuclear war is almost obsolete for superpowers. The real war is about technology and hacking and it’s been going on for a while now…

  219. Both sides will be pulverized after WW III, US has a definite advantage in term of casualty, there will be JUST 250 million dead in US compare to a WHOPPING 1300 million dead in China. All the war mad US generals must be celebrating now. US WILL win in WW III.

  220. PLEASE go away. enough with these name callings, it’s too childish. Come back for mature discussions or rebuttals, otherwise, go home and do your homework.

  221. Gold is not king, economic output is king. The world is too large for a gold standard which is a commodity that goes up and down too much to keep it stable.

    The moment asteroids are harvested and someone finds a big azz nugget of gold to bring home the price of gold heads to zero quickly and you don’t want to be pegged to gold in this scenario.

  222. DoD,
    NATO, you need realize there are more than human differences at stake.
    We humans are buying into nationalism, when we actually should be
    putting more effort into growing consciously. It is very sad that we
    focus on our differences, increasing risk for ourselves and other
    humans, and it could effect others beyond what we know. One problem is
    we have our scientist saying there is a possibility of other dimensions.
    CERN is currently readying to have some major testing of particles, and
    it has been stated they will be looking for gravitational leaks.
    Leaking into where you might ask? Other dimensions is where they are
    speaking of. Currently many scientist like the String Theory, which has
    ten or eleven dimensions to describe physical reality. It is not fully
    accepted, there are some problems with the theory. However there is a
    good possibility it is correct. Ok, we humans would be very upset if we
    were to have some disaster happen to a large group of people, like the
    twin towers, and nothing was done about it, like what happened in
    Afghanistan. This is the game we are playing with nuclear weapons, and
    the possibility of other dimensions. A nuclear bomb could very well
    effect other dimensions. The question arises is there life in other
    dimensions? We simply at this point do not know. So should we be
    maintaining nuclear weapons, and posturing, like many leaders are doing
    across the world, along with their military? We should look at
    ourselves, our behaviours, and start a change, moving away from such
    choices that effect us all, as humans, and possibly others in a very
    negative way. Ok, repeated offences by humans, would be taken care of
    rapidly, no questions asked. What if another advanced civilization has
    had enough?

    If the below offends you, please contact the Federal
    Bureau of investigation, or the California Highway Patrol, the CIA may
    be a possibility? I really would like to see who has the guts to be
    honest here. The photo mentioned below is very real, I am willing to
    take a polygraph as to the authenticity. However, some high level
    officials in our government are not honest IMO. If nothing is done about
    this I will keep posting here!

    The following is very true, it is
    not made up. I would have already been taken away if it were not true.
    Initially, I was harassed for a lot less than this by the Department of
    Homeland Security, who together with law enforcement have ruined my
    life. Now they do not know what to do. Please read completely, and look
    at the final link at the end of the next paragraph, which is safe, and
    you can contact me if you have questions. The other links are for
    reference and additional information. By the way, I have sent a message
    to the Department of Homeland Security, and they have not even checked
    me out, the message stated what I am stating here, and to get it to the
    top DHS official, his title is of no consequence to me. I do not really
    buy into titles, so another big red flag right? This photo mentioned
    below, and my negative comment posted on the CHP website have been there
    a while, no one has checked me out! Pretty insane is it not? Apparently
    they should be checking out individuals making these types of
    statements but it is not happening. So, are there some truths in what I
    am saying? Or, is it because they simply are not doing a good job? The
    reader really needs to think about this.

    Actually all militarism,
    and their corporate contractors, need to stop. We need to move on to a
    more peaceful existence. The United States government is far from the
    most powerful on Earth, maybe you can say they are the most powerful
    group of humans on Earth if we consider nationalism, then nation. The US
    government is not informing the citizens of the existence of
    extraterrestrials, well no government is, although it is very true. The
    Pentagon made some agreements with a group of extraterrestrials, before
    we were consciously ready. Other ETs have intervened, both of these
    facts are what the United States government does not want you to know.
    Do not stop here, this is very real. Check out the ETs on the California
    Highway Patrol helicopter. It has been posted for a while and they have
    not done anything with it, despite my disparaging remarks. They should
    have me evaluated, they will not. Although I do wish they take me to
    court for the harassment I received related to cutting entitlements to
    California law enforcement, which are exorbitant. I am not worried, as I
    am being protected, and they know it. There are people making contact
    with benevolent ETs all across the world it is very organized. There are
    many military whistle blowers coming out about some of it. Also, they
    will make these ETs the enemy, be on the watch for that, simply they did
    not get their way! What kind of ETs would allow a group of humans to
    keep them secret? I mean something like that should never be kept from
    the people. Would humans keep such a secret? You bet they would, which
    just shows where many are at consciously. And many humans believe and
    accept the government should do that, when it is actually all about us
    growing consciously, and not needing this type of over protective
    government, almost authoritarian and totalitarian. Regards the
    following, do you actually think I would post this if I were not being
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    away via the NDAA ruling? It will not happen. And if it were to happen,
    it would have already been done. Here is the link to the California
    Highway Patrol Google+ site look at the comment by “Saturn’s Moon
    Andromedia” which is mine.. :-) Peace and Love is what it is all about,
    not war dear Friends… :-) On the link just below, be sure to click on
    the link in the comment, which will take you the the photograph of the
    CHP helicopter.

    Paul Hellyer, Defence Minister of Canada, retired speaking on the ET subject:

    Here is a link to the witness testimonies:

    Here is a link to David Adair who has actually been in contact with an ET craft and still works in the space industry:

    Here is a link to Charles Hall and his extraterrestrial experiences while in the military:

    Steven Basset of Paradigm Research Group speaking on Obama and ETs:

    Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth – petition

  223. They can only be Japan if we leave the South China sea and throw away our satellites. It is very unlikely China pushes the US out of the South China sea as the US is well beyond anything they could handle militarily. The US military is extremely hardened and this is why Russia and China have joined Syria so that they can harden themselves a bit.

  224. In 20 years, China will definitely dominate.

    “China will do something to “force our hand” and leave us with nothing but a military option”.

    The U.S. has already forced China’s hand and leave them with nothing but the military option. With Ashton Carter, Admiral Harris and Scott Swift constant message of “U.S. can sail, fly,… anywhere U.S. wants…” and China’s announcement of use of force to repel such action, the scene is already set for war.

    It is now up to the U.S. to start the war anytime the U.S. wants…
    I don’t think Obama would allow it. I don’t think Obama wants to leave office with a war legacy like George W. Bush did.

  225. But they are not allies…Read the above^^^ There is some kind of weird delusion that the US and China are allies now. They never were and are not now. It is like a gator and a chicken; they will never shake hands. They are business partners. The impractical suits and other American delusionalists looked at how many citizens are in China and thought “Hey wow, that is a big market to tap into. I’ll get rich!” There is just one problem – money! Besides the Beijing propaganda TV with all the plastic surgery actors and those hand picked from the entire country, all given newly printed fiat notes like the US Fed does, the rest of the country remains in abject poverty as the Communist kleptocracy continues to steal everything from the people “For The People” in “The Peoples’ Republic” of Communist thievery. How does the US imagine it will become wealthy of the back of a poor nation? Doesn’t make any sense, but manufacturing for cheap always makes sense. For now, Russia calls China an “ally” but you can always count on Russia to make an unstable, whimsical change of mind and betray China. You can nearly count on Russia to betray pretty much everyone including China.

  226. China has NEVER indicated it is going to restrict the lawful, international shipping lanes in its region. (A) That would be ILLEGAL, and (B) STUPID. China doesn’t want a fight. It has remained to itself for decades and has only expressed a desire for its national security. It is the US NEOCONS picking fights all over the earth.

  227. Don’t you mean Stupid Jack? Gold is not the answer and never will be again. BRICS are hurting big time because they inefficiently hoarded commodities that they were not using.

    The US dollar is the only stabilizing currency in the world.

  228. The US economy means nothing, it is not backed by gold, it’s all just paper.. The world does not need the dollar anymore. The Bric Nations are already starting to do away with it, soon many will follow.

  229. Political and economic upheaval almost always come before war. Obama has set a precedent of weakness and capitulating to dictators. He has abandoned our traditional allies and sent them into the arms of Russia in the middle east. His utter and complete failure as CIC has made WWIII certain.

  230. Oh yeah you can bet its coming .. The spirit of the Mongol’s have risen and inhabit the east- Russia and china For the FINAL world conquest, that will have Vlad at its helm. Its the final count down!. It was prophesied by Nostradamus and now is very visible for all to see.

  231. you sound like my 12 year old son. Yes, there are other multinational corporations from Japan and Europe – I have to include them too. But that is not the point, is it? And these Chinese controlled companies are factories and manufacturers who have every right to get their cut, but they don’t take all the profit, you dumbass. And why don’t you go away? Run back to Canada.

  232. Are you imagining this is still the 1940’s? Any WW3 will be fought with nuclear weapons, and will probably be the last war for humanity. Therefore the mushroom cloud image. All the Chinese mach whatever missiles will be utterly useless, especially if Russia changes color and decides to nuke China too in self-preservation. Look to WW2 to see what Russia does in the name of self-preservation. Did they actually support NATO? Not at all. Had Hitler not had ambitions to invade Russia, Russia would probably have sided with Hitler. China will be leveled should the US and Russia surprise the world in a military alliance. Russia has always always always regarded China as their lesser weaker neighbor and not an equal. Should that imbalance become balance, Russia will react ever so predictably and smash down China (again). Weirder things have happened, like space programs between the US and Russia. China cannot enter into a fray without its neighbor Russia doing something. Russia will not sit idly by, but don’t count on Putin (or any Russian) to join Xi on Xi’s hair brained, ill-advised, delusional neo-imperialist escapades. His rural country and ghost cities rot away while he bolsters his military?? He will be known as one of the most foolish leaders in Chinese history. Russia has always had its own agenda supercede that of China’s and they will be wary of any war instigated by belligerent Chinese naval fools. China has been very foolish in the recent years.

  233. well, China does not match the US in terms of military might. It is true. But here is the issue. Will America annihilate the entire Chinese race?? That is a different story. Don’t you ever forget that the military force in China can almost equal the entire American population. The PRC government can simply motivate, mobilize, and brainwash these military force to fight. For a conventional war, man to man, you will run out of ammo. Buddy. In North Korea War, am sure you know that.

    And I am a Chinese who will visit America every Xmas for family reunion. People from the town I visit are so friendly. Nobody talk like you sooo hostile against the Chinese.

    I just simply do not understand such statements as ” Lets kick the Chinese’s butt. Lets nuke them”.

    Where do these ideas come from???????? If I simply defend China, you will immediately call me a 50-cent troll. How about you commenting “lets kick China’s butt. Teach the Chinese a lesson”, should I simply label you as a CIA agent since most Americans I met are friendly and none of them are like you.

  234. Where is your brain ? You have Betz Cell anemia of Brain.

    CCP build Man-Made-Island in South China Sea so that they can control
    entire wealth of South China Sea.

  235. Since the Chinese refuse to abide by any accords or international agreements, on anything (trade, the environment, human rights, currency manipulation, etc.), war is virtually inevitable. Eventually, China will do something to “force our hand” and leave us with nothing but a military option. They “poke and prod” and will continue to do so, each time a more serious offense, until someone (probably the US) says “enough is enough”. This is a truly scary thought, but unless there are major changes in the leadership of the Communist Party of China, in the very near future, I feel there will be a US / China military conflict within the next 20 years. It will be interesting to see where Russia lands in all of this, as well…

  236. ^ This Exactly, stupid politicians are what defeated us, not our military. Had the military been allowed to fight the wart the way they wanted to. North Korea and Vietnam would not be in Communist control.

  237. Both economy will go down if war comes. Both president will be in big trouble. Both nation will suffer. If nuke start flying, kiss your behind goodbye. …. NO WAR.

  238. I don’t agree with this article, but you have got to be the biggest idiot on the planet if that’s what you think. Name one war where the U.S. was outmatched military and lost?

  239. Chinese are smart people, they’ll let you in. Then they’ll steal your technology. And upgrade them and then they are better than you. Smart huh? Don’t have to do RnD, just reverse engineering.

  240. The shrinking U.S. knows well enough the consequences of messing with the rising global power of CHINA. The U.S. shouldn’t forget the big bear of RUSSIA( the CHINA’s close ally ) too. While the U.S. barking, CHINA’s finishing.

  241. @ hihghlanderge, no its you that is the idiot. you know nothing about that war or how it was fought. Our idiot president at the time Truman was an lame idiot who did not listen to MacArthur who wanted to push the Chinese all the way back across the border. but no out idiot president at the time did not want to fight a war which has caused all of the issues we have today. Learn history you moron. And you apparently underestimate the might of our Navy.

  242. Well, I can assure you that the American elite have been waging the economic war against China since last century. Read Target China: how Washington and Wall Street cage the Asian dragon.

    In this book, it details every move the American elite have already rolled out for China long ago.

    The entire American cabal have fully implemented a shrew of policies and plans against China, covering food, pharmaceuticals, economy, currency, and culture. It is a full-scale war already.

    On the other hand, why will China try to conquer Japan??? From an ordinary Chinese citizen, I dont see such reason. The only reason is the humiliation the Japanese Imperialist Army did to the Chinese. That is a revenge.

    If one day China does wage a war against Japan, well just kindly let you know that I will not be part of it. I will fly to the West and hide. you guys can slaughter each other to the end.

    Just don’t you ever try to create another Nanking Massacre again. Chinese civilians will thank you if you again conquest China, and conolize the Chinese, and even make the Chinese speak Japanese. But history serves the best evidence. Most foreign cultures attempted to conquer China, but in the end their own culture somehow diminishes or weakens.

    If you look at the last three dynasties, you will know what I am talking about.

  243. US forces were not defeated by “N Vietnam’s”. US forces were forced to acquiesce and pull out by US politicians.

    America lost 58,000 soldiers to that conflict that for years, politicians refused to even acknowledge was a “war”. the N. Vietnamese lost at least ten times that many soldiers.

    You take some satisfaction in justifying your position by discrediting the fact the N Vietnamese losses were so much more substantial than that of the United States. The loss of life is always relevant regardless of who “wins”. Contrary to what Kennedy said with regard to paying any price or bearing any cost… he / we did not do that. Very young men were plucked up right out of High School and forced into that war and then were treated like garbage when they returned home from that experience. You should be ashamed of yourself for belittling the United States soldier with your slanted viewpoint on a subject you obviously did not endure first hand.

  244. It will be a stupid if both nation goes to war. With China allies with Russia and US allies with mostly member of UN, it will be a war of Nukes. But we don’t want that correct. We all be loser.

  245. Another absolutely fictional hypothetical. China doesn’t match the US in the South China sea in quality of armaments, while they may have the numbers, since Vietnam US made fighters are 48-0 in aerial battles when engaged with Russian or Chinese made planes. A recent article showed that in terms of quietness the Chinese technology is still 70’s era quality. China has 1 aircraft carrier, the US has 13. Oh yeah and the fact that we have patriot and THAAD anti-missile batteries in South Korea and Japan, a technology China hasn’t stolen from us yet that we know of. Oh yeah, and China doesn’t get along with it’s neighbors so it isn’t the US against China in military might, it would also be against a technologically superior Japan and South Korea with Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines sure to want to get in on good old fashioned beat down. China would never go nuclear since they’re completely overmatched there so and the US would never have any intention of invading their homeland so the Chinese would have to settle with having their entire 3rd rate Navy sunk, entire Air Force which didn’t run and hide somewhere on the mainland shot out of the sky and generally humiliated in every inch of the South China Sea.

  246. ha ha you know zip air power projected with carriers is why we are the only superpower at present their economy is in dumps and going down not growing and maybe you should do some research imbecile.

  247. If the USA economy falls, China will follow along with the rest of the world. Everyone is connected. So let’s stop talking nonsense here. There will be no world war 3 with China.

    This article was written to get more views for the website, it’s all b.s..

  248. CCP will surround USA Navy Ship with Chinese “fishing boats” and block passage. Obama is taking time to decide what to do.
    Obama will be the worst president if Man-Made-Island still exist after this year.

  249. Vikas, this is a very poorly written article. You hypothethis is interesting but throughout history there were plenty of military buildups that didn’t result in war that you didn’t account for. It would be like saying the Germans went to war because most of their soldiers were blond and had blue eyes. There have been plenty of military build ups in history that you failed to mention that didn’t cause a war. In America we have a military build up with every new president just to show how tough we are on defense. What about the years and years of the cold war build ups and we never went to war with Russia. You cherry picked your buildups to support your point. An MBA in finance doesn’t make you an expert in foreign affairs. I hope you don’t analyse investment opportunities this way.

  250. You’re lecturing others about being “a poor student of history”? Don’t act as though we lost in Vietnam for any other reason than the politicians. Like Iraq & Afghanistan, they made our military fight with one hand behind their backs. Ever wonder why ground forces weren’t ever allowed to invade the North?!?!? It was b/c our politicians weren’t in the fight to win it. You’re a moron. If the US lost to the Chinese in Korea, they would have pushed us off of the peninsula…there wouldn’t be a North Korea and a South Korea. Get a clue.

  251. China may be decades behind the U.S. in terms of military technology???,>>>Utter rubbish,the Chinese are decades ahead of the weakest military on the planet the US, as history has shown when it comes to war the US loses every time,a war with China will be the end of the farcical dominance by the US and about time,US born losers and the world will be free of the slaughtering of innocent people by drones and bombings that’s all the US can do,China Russia Iran,none are afraid of the dysfunctional US.Taking on Russia will show the world what moronic fools the US are.Enough said, if it happens it happens, but as usual I don’t think the US has the ball or money to start a war with China or anybody else but the day of reckoning will come.

  252. Did you not read? He said WITH NUKES. Germany and Japan did not have nukes at the end of World War II. Mexico? Seriously what does Mexico have to do with it haha. Iraq and Afghanistan fall under what Nikola Zekic said as nations with mineral wealth.

  253. LMMFAO Really not afraid of nuclear war? You better pull your flat face out your flat ass slant eye. Most of Chinas population is in major Cities on the Eatern seaboard. They are tactically f . But I guess no chinese would ever know that as they havnt seen REAL modern combat.

  254. It’s ARTIFICIAL, not enough proof to claim the area. Philippines has a NATURAL”GOD” made Island called Pagasa with 200 civilian Filipinos living on it for years and it’s only 12 nautical miles from one of the ILLEGAL Chinese Artificial Island. Long story short the Chinese are inside the Philippines 200 nautical mile EEZ (economic exclusive zone) UNCLOS Law of the Sea.

  255. what a bunch of delusional BS…whoever wrote did not even have a second-grade level understanding history…go back to your Bollywood movies or Kadarshian reality show

  256. this country has been destroyed from the inside out and it has been designed that way since the so called “discovery” and colonization of this stolen land.

  257. what a bunch delusional BS…whoever wrote did not have a second grade level of understanding history…go back to you Bollywood movies or Kadarshian reality show

  258. Yes, like Germany (at it’s peak), Japan (at it’s peak), Great Britain (at it’s peak), Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc… Guess what? You’re a moron!

  259. The Axis are all talking about destroying the US on almost daily basis since Obama became president because they know that he is not going to do anything to protect the US. Remember after drawing the line on Syria? That started it all.

  260. No ready aircraft carrier but 1.3 BILLION people just waiting for the command to build a human bridge to the USA if commanded to do so!

  261. The Chinese have invaded and occupied Tibet. Since the end of the second World War they have invaded Korea, Vietnam, and India. Because they were pushed back on all occasions (with the exception of Tibet of course) does not mean they don’t seek to conquer.

  262. If the US and China becomes allies, no would dare attack us. We would be a force to be reckon with. And we would give each other immeasurable wealth.

  263. Then again, with leftwingnuts becoming even more famous for ‘leading from behind’ than they are famous for being pathological and sociopathic liars; who’s to say how this might end. With a Secretary of State who has NO regard for national security or anything classified, and a president who is a bald faced liar; anything could happen.

    I’m sure a leftwingnut will chime in though and say something stupid, even quite likely, untrue.

  264. “Chincs will never amount to anything more than noodle swilling, tiger-penis snorting heathens.”

    And we are funding the strengthening of the noodle swilling’s military by shopping at Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, Macy’s, etc…..

    The U.S. Congress and White House are controlled by Corporate America, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Ivy League economists and that is why there is no comprehensive policy coming out of Washington, DC.

    The Pentagon is now worried about the latest Communist Chinese military bravado and the great leap in the sophistication of Chinese military armaments. And at the same time we have the White House Council of Economic Advisers, chaired by Jason Furman, who is for outsourcing of American jobs, technology and manufacturing know-how to Communist China with multiple applications; commercial, space and military.

  265. As everybody knows an artificial island has almost no claim to the are. Cos its ARTIFICIAL and one Chinese “artificial” Island is build 12 miles next to a “GOD”made natural Island of the Philippines called Pagasa, Palawan Philippines! So why is this hard to understand by the Chinese?

  266. Of course it is. Do you see any Chinese products at all? No, they are Made In China. That is a big difference. Sure, they make money from manufacturing and they are getting super rich, but guess what? They have 1.3 billion people, we only have 300 million and we are still wealthier than China. That speaks volumes. If we have the same amount of people as China, our wealth would be immense.

  267. They don’t really need an aircraft carrier because the conflict will be in their neighborhood. All they need are long-range missiles to counter U.S. aircraft carriers. And their economy is not tanking. The projected GDP growth has been downgraded but a lot better than our puny GDP growth.

    You need to look at the big picture for a change and don’t be hypocrite, we all have that idiot gene in our DNA.

    The U.S. Congress and White House are controlled by Corporate America, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Ivy League economists and that is why there is no comprehensive policy coming out of Washington, DC.

    The Pentagon is now worried about the latest Communist Chinese military bravado and the great leap in the sophistication of Chinese military armaments. And at the same time we have the White House Council of Economic Advisers, chaired by Jason Furman, who is for outsourcing of American jobs, technology and manufacturing know-how to Communist China with multiple applications; commercial, space and military.

  268. You are a very poor student of history.

    The Soviet Union sustained very heavy losses in manpower in defeating and occupying Germany. Fact is, it won, Germany lost.

    Fact is, US forces were defeated by China’s. China’s heavy losses is irrelevant.

    Fact is, US forces were defeated by N Vietnam’s, N Vietnam’s heavy losses in manpower and properties is irrelevant.

    The victory is what matters. The costs to achieve victory is irrelevant. Like US pres Kennedy said, the “US would pay any price, bear any costs” …..

  269. Saddam had a 4 million man army in 1991. The US transported a couple of hundred thousand soldiers and destroyed the Iraqi army in about a month. Numbers of soldiers are far less important than technology. China is 50 years behind us in military technology and they won’t be catching up in my lifetime or my children’s. Their biggest threat is their own population. And when push comes to shove, the Russians will prefer US dominance over Chinese dominance any day. It is not the US that sits on a 4000 kilometer boarder with Russia, its China.

  270. My grandpa told me stories about this. He said there were so many soldiers that the guns actually started to melt because they just kept coming and coming.

  271. One of the dumbest article I’ve read today …………..
    …………no… is the dumbest, but I’ll go check the Global Warming rants :-D

  272. can’t think of anything, but I’m sure there is a good one ready if they decide they “want” to attack. I just don’t know why they would.

  273. The U.S. Congress and White House are controlled by Corporate America, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Ivy League economists and that is why there is no comprehensive policy coming out of Washington, DC.

    The Pentagon is now worried about the latest Communist Chinese military bravado and the great leap in the sophistication of Chinese military armaments. And at the same time we have the White House Council of Economic Advisers, chaired by Jason Furman, who is for outsourcing of American jobs, technology and manufacturing know-how to Communist China with multiple
    applications; commercial, space and military.

    And now Furman is leading the push to get TPP ratified and if ratified will be the death knell for the U.S. economy and American workers/middle-class.

  274. seriously? many were lost on western front yet you comingle numbers. they are so good with math their markets are tanking based upon false made up numbers dufus.

  275. It’s not going to happen. Sorry, Armageddon lovers and Revelations ‘prophets’. End of the world isn’t coming. We’ll work it out together. Nobody needs WWIII, not even Republicans and defense contractors/arms merchants.

  276. What US President will tell the American people the reason(s) to “attack” China? Lyndon B. Johnson did it prior to the escalation of the Vietnam War; George W. Bush did it before giving the order to invade Iraq.

  277. China sustained heavy losses and failed to achieve it’s objective of annihilating the allied forces, even with 10-1 personnel advantage and playing on their home turf. China subsequently imploded with Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”, leading towards cannibalism and other horrors. Chincs will never amount to anything more than noodle swilling, tiger-penis snorting heathens.

  278. History repeating itself ?

    During the Korean War, China’s military defeated and pushed US troops south at least 200 miles back to the S Korean border when China had few warplanes, few warships, few or zero missiles with enough range, etc.

    US will have much more difficulty fighting with a China with thousands of missiles, warplanes and hundreds of warships and subs. Its aircraft carriers have to stay far away from China or get sunk by China’s DF-21, DF-26, etc, making the warplanes on aircraft carriers with “not enough range” to reach Chinese targets.

    US lost almost 10000 helicopters and warplanes in the Vietnam War, many to Chinese-manned anti-aircraft guns and Russian SAMs. It pulled out of Vietnam in disarray under the onslaught of N Vietnam’s military.

  279. I didn’t say that sir; I said writer. The last paragraph has no quotes so obviously its the writer opinion and can only be construed as capitulation to the Chinese mouth piece

  280. The bulling in the South China Sea is only a small milestone to the world conquest by China. China has begun already to insist on Okinawa dominium and will occupy Japan itself before long. China will insist on Hawaiian dominium next, and will be going to get an opportunity of the war with the US. It is expected that the US may be defeated because China is not afraid of a nuclear war.
    For preventing such a dark future, we should contain China now by an economic strategy. Financial policy to wreck the China’s economy must be carried out.

  281. If the Republicans get into the Whitehouse it will be war. They like war. But chances are the Democrats will blunder into war as well. The Fallout series is sure coming true. Stupid politicians.

  282. china was a legitimate government before the chinese civil war. it was recorded in history that the civil war killed more chinese than the japanese invasion. Do not forget that the communist china of today have INVADED by force the weary Kuomintang fighters. The communist collaborated (500K++) as recorded in history and help the japanese against chang kai shek in WWII. That is why the communist won. I am so surprise how the communist is trying to twist the history, It was chang kai shek, and not mao who was invited to witness the surrender of japan to the allied forces. check the history outside china.

  283. The U.S is not going to war with anybody— We are to WIMPY and thanks to fakabama we don’t have the gear (material or determination) to win.
    “It is fatal to enter in to a war in which one does not have the will to win” ——Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur

  284. China’s intension; They will control South China Sea with rich oil and gas supply as well as fish enough to supply Chinese years to come. They will control 50% world trade route. They are using European help esp England. AIIB are for that pour pose
    . If this happen,world balance of power will shift China’s favor.

    On the other hand, China will disappear in one week in case,,,,,,,,
    Unless CCP mistook USA’s Might,WW111 will not happen.

    I will check,I can buy real estate in Africa or moon. Earth will become inhabitable.

  285. What a funny analysis? The tabulated data is vague. It does not define the terminology/parameters given in
    the table. What does ruling power and rising power mean? Whether the war was global or local? Was the ruling power global or local? Was the rising power the only rising power at that time? Was the ruling power the only ruling power at that time? Who fought against whom?
    What was the key factor behind each of these wars? What was the balance of power between the rivals? What was the type of governance of rivals? What type of innovations in war machines played key role in these war?

    The author jumped to the conclusion of WW-III without considering the other influencing factors such as geographical separation, geographical distances, physical barriers, population, public awareness, genetics, cultural development, political maturity, type of governance, religion and environment etc.
    Also, the author need to consider other ground realities (some are listed below) before concluding such a horrific outcome from a vague table:
    i) Lesson learned by both rising and ruling powers of this age.
    ii) Weapon of mass and mutual destruction.
    iii) Information revolution.
    iv) Global village/dependence.
    v) Democratic governance

  286. There is nothing in the article to suggest that the US is ready to capitulate to the Chinese. You just have a bone to pick with Bernie.

  287. I truly fear for our Country because it seems inevitable that civil war will be a reality and it all just seems orchestrated to play out that way. =-/


  289. Thats what you an china would like the US walk away from our allies. It would leave your china to take whatever they want an do as they please. No the world wont be a more peaceful if we stayed home and eat our burgers. China like our burgers as their people do too. Guess they were tired of rice all those years. Thank for your suggestion for US to stay at home but no thanks.

  290. This is interesting in a pro Russian and allies page. The only ones so far talking about Nuclear war are indeed Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. You can not exclude the Axis as it has already formed. Who in the Axis that starts the war really won’t ,matter.
    The fact that the United State in the interest of saving lives my destroy the danger. The fact is that all the countries named in the axis about talk about destroying the United “States on almost daily basis. The United State has chosen to be moot in the threats being made. Those countries also have a problem with their own population in regard to liberty and freedom.

  291. And when I go shopping, all I see is Made In China so from what I can understand, the Federal Trade policies of the USA have led the American consumer to build up China’s economic might so it could build a military to confront the USA! Kind of like giving a bully your lunch money and getting beat up anyway! THANK YOU all you sell out politicians that have done this to our country!

  292. The Bible says: Seek and you will find, well, America is bent on destroying the world, one war at the time. Wars, many times, haven’t turned out the way the war seekers expected it.
    Napoleon thought he could rule the world and ended in Elba killed with arsenic by his jailers.
    The Nazis thought they could, again, conquer the world and yes they could have, if not because the Russians said: Nyet, nyet, nyet. Translation? Over our dead bodies, and the rest, as the adage says, is history.
    One thing is going to war on your own backyard, quite other going to war on other nation’s backyard.
    Japan came to Hawaii and look how it ended for them.
    We went to Viet Nam where 58K G.I.s died in vain for a mistake from a sac of shit lying government and had to retreat faster than fast, with billions in military hardware and with a sore ego that even today has become a corroboration that one think thinks the invader and another one the defenders.
    In Ukraine, America gambled in the overthrowing of Yanukovich and say good bye to Crimea.
    We sent the CIA, Criminals In Action, to Libya and now the place looks like another “democracy” a la Iraq. Instead of an oink here and oink there, you will find a bomb exploding here, there, everywhere. Iraqis dream of the good old days under Saddam. So much for “spreading democracy” by bombing the hell of those nations. Is anybody thinking, right about now, about the Keystone cops? I have. Call me silly, but isn’t this what Einstein defined as madness? Doing the same over and over and expecting things to come out better, isn’t this the corroboration of madness? You bet your sweet bippy.
    And if there has to be a WWIII, I can tell you, this isn’t the right time. Russia is buddy, buddy with China and guess whose side they will join. And remember, those “marvelous” weapons, military hardware that we have? The F-22 might be the most expensive bomber and “wonder” defense contractors can defraud America’s taxpayer, but relying on this “wonder” won’t do the job. And no, it’s not I saying that, it’s the military experts here in America saying it. Let’s thread lightly, because once the genie is out of the bottle, he surely is not going back in and then it’s going to be too late to do double takes. In Viet Nam we could retreat, but in a WW no such benefit. I hope and pray that calmer minds prevail. We pumped up China, actually we created this new “monster” like Frankenstein his, so now we have to live with him, like it America or not. Ditto for ISIS. You created it, now you have to live with it. Give peace a chance!

  293. China has the man power. It’s the largest military on the planet and plenty of reserves to fill casualties positions. China is upgrading its hardware and when they have that complete like a 1,000 ship navy, China will be off US coasts all the time. It will be a decade or more before China has that power, but after that watch out. There will be face offs, and at the least another Cold War, this time with China. Pray there is no hot war. It won’t be like the Korean War with the hordes of Chinese, but well equipped Chinese, row after row of them, thanks to the jobs the US sent over there.

  294. China is a major world economy with a modern infrastructure that it has never had. The U S has strong economic ties with China and we need to work out our differences as it is to each of our best interest.We need to get along with both Russia and China and l;et the rest of the world sort its own problems out.

  295. Yeah we always go around building islands in waters that belong to other countries……. Wait no that isn’t true at all ok never mind.

  296. The present geopolitical order including South China Sea an irrevocable possession of China was established after WW II at the cost of 70 million Chinese and Russian lives combine. If rogue states and
    people like US and Japan, Carter and Abe want to overturn history, they will have to pay a heavy price, which means repay with 35 million American and Japanese lives (50 % discount). They may not respect history, but they sure know economics and mathematics. After all, is it not justice and demoncracy these rogues are lying all the time?

  297. Freedom of the seas has to and will be enforced by The United States. I bet you money in the bank China will not challenge the U.S in this matter, they have to much to lose, more then us, the only thing they can do and probably will do is use their marine fishing boats to shadow.

  298. Not so fast…
    The last time we fought with China was during the Korean war and the Chinese overwhelmed our forces with sheer numbers and pushed the US Army & Marines back to the 38th parallel obliterating Army forces. My father was a quad 50 AA gunner at Chosin Reservoir and they used that gun on ground forces until they ran out of ammunition, were overrun, and were sent fleeing to the 1st Marine Division.
    Don’t underestimate the Chinese….

  299. China is on her own because China’s relationship with Russia is worthless because Russia’s leader Vladimir Puta used all their weapons bombing Syria’s civilians. The mighty US has her allies in Asia. Pretty much Lawless China against the world.

  300. I agree. The US should stay at home and let China be. While we are at it, we should make the stuff we need ourselves and keep our money at home. China can choke on the sand.

  301. Strong Indications Of Civil War 2 Between The U.S states!

    rise in gun volence means NRA gun nuts want to expand right to carry to all 50 states. as well as expanding right to own other leathal weapons.

    less then 1/8 american have saving for retirement! no jobs for the old and poor.

    corporation will not bend in washington’s bought politicians. frustrating will boil over.

    american’s war profiteers are increasing spending at the cost of no rise in average salary of the working class.

  302. China is a peaceful country? Then why do defensive missiles in South Korea freak them out. They shouldn’t have anything to be concerned about since they are non aggressive and peaceful.

  303. That comment started off so stupid I just refused to continue reading as this person is not smart thus why should I value anything they say?

  304. there is no such thing as peace loving international community, the same community open wars in different part of the world just to protect some countries interest

  305. America should focus on internal problems. Economy is sinking already because of different war america is fighting all across the world. America already own billions to china and 90% OF AMERICAN use made in china product because American products are very expensive for common american

  306. I can’t believe this is considered journalism. It’s just a blog from someone who probably lives in their parents basement

  307. Er, you really don’t know what you are talking about. China is loved by many developing nations who are greatful for its cheap products improving the quality of peoples lifes. Although I am guessing you probably have never been to a developing country. The US and its western partners sell mostly weapons, that doesn’t make us very popular. Secondly the Chinese government manages 1 in 6 people on this planet and is responsible for the greatest economic boom in history and you think they are not capable of leading the world twords a peaceful future based on what exactly? I really fear the comments on this article it show how powerful propaganda can be and how even in the west we are victim to it. Trying reading a book or even visit China, its an amazing place and then tell me you really believe what you have written. The problem is not China its our perception of it.

  308. Well your wrong china is used to the conditions. If our soldiers landed 90% of them would be sick within the first weak. Plus our economy would fall part. Everything In stores are made in china! Wallmart target and big name stores will go out of business. Good prices rise. No one would really have a job till products are resourced from other countrys. Would take years to recover…

  309. The reason China restricts it media is to prevent nonsense articles like this causing panic and bad feeling twords other countries, i am afraid you are a victim of western propaganda. Next you will be voting for Donald Trump and then where will the world be? Isn’t democracy great, hmmm. Bush, Bush Jr and now Jeb Bush sounds to me like a Chinese dynasty.

  310. You are an idiot. China has always been an invading force. Look at history, and not the “false” one that the Chinese government has been propagating to it’s citizens forever. You guys are as bad as that idiotic lunatic in North Korea. The only problem with the United States is that it is TOO generous to foreign nations who want it’s money then try to destroy it.

  311. Without trade with the western world, China would collapse financially. Do you think that violating the 12 mile rule on artificial islands would endanger that fact? Call their bluff or let them become the new Imperial Japan of the Far East that commandeered pacific islands and started WWII.

  312. I am British and have lived in China for 5 years. Just me is right and you should listen. China is a peaceful country. The Great Wall of China ring a bell? Conquering nations don’t build walls they build ships. Chinas defence spending is in relationship to its growth. It is taking over security in its region which its entitled to. We think the west has all the answers actually we can learn a lot from China.

  313. And we continue sending money to China buying everything from them. Chinese products are cheap and we love cheap stuff. Us people working hard to make China stronger than us. Hurray for the companies that export US work to China and hurray for us who buy those things. When China knock our doors do not complain. It will be completely our fault.

  314. There is a proverb in our community which states,”He who knows how to scrub his grandchild’s yaws should be allowed to do so”. USA has moved to many sovereign states to either initiate or cause conflicts and wars and for this let him try China. Another proverb is that “She will step on Obot’s penis”. Obot is a man who produced many children and in this case we hope China too has her allies to stand by her.

  315. why don’t you self deport yourself to china, and go to war against them with your own blood and money. it’s not about fear it’s about respect. since retardicans like you forgot about humanity (treating minority immigrant without respect) the world was awaken that this country should not be respected anymore no matter how powerful this country was. preserving human dignity that the world knows that this country was fighting for no matter where you came from is now a myth because of racist retardicans like you. so now people around the world doesn’t need to look up to this country no more and respect has declined.

  316. k, I will tell you morons again. WW III is not coming. WW III is HERE. You are IN WW III NOW. WW III doesn’t START when the marxist-jewish press says it does, IT IS HERE AND BEING FOUGHT NOW. WW III doesn’t START when they drop the bomb, it ENDS when they drop the bomb……and so do all of you morons and civilization. Get it? Thank you for change we can believe in and the nobel peace prize. *ROLLS EYES*

  317. this is not going to be a war between china and the united states of america. this is a war against china and the peace-loving international community that china wants to subjugate through unfounded claims in the west philippine/south china sea.

  318. Bob I bet you haven’t missed a single meal since Obama was first elected as President of the United States…….Did You miss one?

  319. Simple matter of the fact is that democracy should be the government of all nations. One person isn’t fit to run a country. The single mind is weak and feeble only together will peace come.

  320. This is USA war lord talking.
    Chinese, on the other hand is a peace loving country – never started invasion.
    Stop provoking the Chinese, they do have means of self defense. US should not repeat what Japan started in Pearl Harbor!

  321. You’re wrong- China will back down. They’re not ready to fight WW3, and they’re not going to start it now over a ship that passes ten miles from a man-made island.

  322. The South China Sea should be Asia’s concern, the US should not intervene. Either China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines or Vietnam want to claim it. Let them have a free for all. We sell weapons to Japan, Taiwan and some to the Philippines so that is plenty of US support there.

  323. If it has to be then it has to be. Call China’s bluff. They can not handle the rest of the world. They are already hated by most of the world. Combined they can not handle anything successfully. This thing with the south china sea should have stopped from the very beginning, but no we let it happen and now we have to deal with it.

  324. the figures show that since WWII the rise of a power didn`t result in war (because the world has changed)…………so to conclude there are indicators WWIII is coming because of the past is beyond stupid…..

  325. UK never treat UK chinese in better, those UK chinese who loyality to them, when they have money, they drops them. they bring non UK chinese agency chinese firm. when those UK chinese request them, they keeps constantly changes firm funding requirement.

  326. Let me tell you stupid arrogant self serving greedy liberals that can’t see past tomorrow what has happened. Not long ago we were the most feared country on the planet and also the most prosperous country on the planet and you all elected a socialist minded anti-American pro-Muslim loser, coward and a person jealous of our position–WE had the perfect winning combination and Obama thinks we should be sharing it rather than owning it…It is called strength through association–Being the most feared and the most prosperous nation was a 100% guarantee to obtain our freedom and our wealth with out ever firing a shot–no one, even the most evil that hates us would never even think of destroying us due to the guaranteed outcome…That is how freedom works–it is not cheap, it is not free and it can never be taken for granted like we have done since electing a weak hater of Ameri0can values, our society and way of life—There is no compromise for freedom, there is no warm and fuzzy plan that we can step it down a notch and change our priorities–do you want to be the best and the safest nation or earth or don’t you? Right now we are not feared–just look around outside of your flower gardens, your solar panels and your plan to be sensitive and compassionate to our enemies and win there approval that way–why do you think we were attacked on 9/11—why do you thin we have had all of these rouge attacks like we have never had before–why are our borders wide open? now we have some pencil pusher communist that has taken power from those stupid idiot Canucks north of us? Canada is now to be conserved a liability to us like Mexico is….Your idiot wanna be socialists that are clueless of what it really means need to pack your bags, move your entire family and all of your belongings to so 3rd. class Euro-trash country….you can have all of the debt, entitlements, government controlled way of life all you want–go to Denmark and other shithole countries and never come back…No more PC in this country for starters–you need to understand that liberals use words that are deceptive—Liberalism is a PC word for Socialist–Communist Saul Alinsky one size fits all society–doesn’t happen over night, but is does happen from one election cycle to another—-that is why Hilary Clinton, a self serving corrupt very greedy anti-American wants to finish the job—We are one election away from destruction folks, and on the bright side, with the right leadership we are one election away from being the best in the word, the most feared, the most prosperous and back on track-=—So you decide and stop believing the liberal press who has a very sick anti-American agenda–these news anchors make great money, they could care less about the fall out we take–and they do not think long range…The next election in 2016 will be either one of the best days in recent history for our country, as we will start to bring our country, its jobs, its manufacturing, its prosperity and way of life back, bringing back the strongest most feared and the best place on earth to live in—or we will continue to stay on the path of huge government, mass regulations, mass taxation, control of how we think and how we educate the next generations to come–re write history that fits a global warm and fuzzy agenda…..Stop trusting people w1ith the one thing that keeps this nation great, keeps us safe and keeps this as a co0untry where the elected officials work for the voters, not a place where we have to work, worship and trust them….look at Clinton–is that the direction we want????? Do want more Obama X’s 100 because that is the next leap—and trust me, Clinton wants full control of that…..

  327. China is not a global military power so what makes this a world war? China could not even win a regional war. Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and South Korea together are more than a match for them.

  328. you will burn your USA chinese business friend in fires. they should not responsible for your wise politician , money looking forwards. when they have business, it is none of income towards USA chinese, for example, current UK case, none of business , china firm local agency are UK chinese. all money are china president himselves.

  329. china does not last in an hour, US Navy will burn them down in no time just like We did it to Germany WWII.
    china is a paper tiger with an big mouth, a theft and a bully.

  330. China is creating Atolls 1 by 1 to avoid direct conflict with the US military. Their strategy is long term. By acclimation of territory even if it’s in dispute now, all they have to do is keep creating light houses, oil rigs, and fishing houses on these Atolls.

  331. America doesn’t lose wars…they lose @ nation building. China May initiate operations but after they lose airports and strategic targets mainland…they will quickly sue for peace.

  332. as I have said many times, china claiming the south china sea is a kin to Italy claiming England and most of Europe as the romans once conquered it. it is just nonsense. if the Chinese decide to take on the US and the world over what is international waters I don’t think it will bode well for china. I have lived and traveled in china for 35 years and while china has come along way in 25 years it has built it self some amazing problems as well. china doesn’t care much for rules whether they are written or unwritten rules. china breaks all kinds of rules for the sake of money and development. they are going to have to pay one day for these oversights, so to say. pollution in china is unimaginable, corruption is unbelievable, the gap between the haves and the have nots is huge and growing. if Mao was alive today he would start another revolution as he did against the elite nationalists. sure Beijing and Shanghai are fabulous but drive 200 miles any direction and you are back in the early 1900’s. starting a war with the world would mean a disaster for china and IMO another revolution within china.

  333. “Strong Indications Of World War 3 Between THE US AND CHINA”?

    When will you Americans finally realize that there’s world BEYOND America? Or you should at least try to prove your point by explaining that if Russia and/or the EU join (on whatever side), that MIGHT mean that something similar to a world war is probably likely to happen – disregarding, of course, the rest of the Asia, Africa, South America, Australia… Vietnam War was not, repeat, NOT, a “world war”, neither was Chinese-Vietnam conflict, nor Russian occupation of Afghanistan, nor Israeli-Arab war in 1967… WORLD WAR means much more than just two countries fighting each other on whatever scale and with however catastrophic consequences. No, Russia will definitely NOT join the war, for its own reasons – on whose side? And the EU is, firstly, preoccupied with its own problems, and secondly, grown very, very independent from the Big Brother over the other side of Atlantic. So, where do you see possibilities for a world war? Sorry, guys, if there’s gonna be any fighting, you’ll have to manage without our help this time. No matter how strong – or weak – the NATO alliances you might think there are.

    Fifty years ago the comedian Dick Gregory wrote about a statement Dick Nixon had made. Tricky Dick said: “We know that China has indeed developed nuclear weapons, but our agencies assure us that they don’t have the technology necessary to deliver them to our continent.” Gregory wrote: “Baby, with 600 million people they can HAND CARRY it over here.” In the meantime, they have grown to almost two billion. Are you kidding me? No, the imminent danger does exist right now, but, please, leave us out of YOUR wars.

  334. All fake… Fake posturing between two corrupt countries to manipulate currency devaluation of yen. The USA makes a lot of money on China and China likewise, by playing this make pretend game of impending war and doom. They along with other countries are using evil deceit to trick everyone. To understand you need the following facts. The USA needs to buy as much as China needs to sell. China has a huge debt to pay as well as the USA. China funds USA debt, but China needs the money to do it. So what these two evil led countries have done is for mute a agreement for decades that sustains that situation. The USA and China drive the currency value down of the yen soothe USA has more purchase power with China. China has a trade deficit because the plan requires yen value is kept so low they can’t buy from us, but they don’t want to anyway. That’s not the plan between USA and China. So now USA floods China with purchase orders, and the USA dollar has massive power against yen to buy. China remains cash heavy and uses that cash to help USA , in the form of loans, that are never paid. Or meant to be. At the same time, China has all the money it needs to support its failed local economy that is based upon whole cities without residents. To keep this evil system of deceitful trickery and money value manipulation going, the USA and China have to send it public messages once In A while that keep appearances as war like. This generates the false speculation needed in the money markets to keep the yen value to he dollar very low. Every once in a while they even have to have a skirmish or two to give some realistic look to things. China also, prints USA money as part of the deal. While everyone is told it is a criminal act by China the USA is trying to stop. It is not. China even purchases from the same paper vendor, the exact same paper the USA uses. This should be everyone’s smoking gun to the collaborated fraud. The USA says they don’t know how China was able to do that, and can’t stop them. More smoke from the gun.
    There are many con games of illusion between governments. You would be surprised to know people have even died in fake wars. Population is a issue , but it is not the reason they let thier citizens die in fake wars. The reason is they see citizens , lol of them , as sub human intellects. They consider themselves as masters of all things , including individual life. If they didn’t they would not be controlling the use of the womb in every country of the world. Yes, every country has some form of laws that invade private life down to even the use of the womb. Every country. Thei can and is only done by evil so great it considers itself masters of all things. Owners. The USA China situation , like many others, is nothing but one big fat liying con job , decades old.

  335. Agreed. This is fear mongering of the lowest magnitude. The US already spends 10 times what the next 10 countries spend combined and 9 of those are friendly. So what if China ups its defense budget.

  336. China loves us.We buy all their low class junk they manufacturer. We make them rich. Its better to keep us slaves of Walmart then to conquer us. Media pumps us everyday. If its not IS, Iran, NK, Russia. Next on the list will be Saudi. Then Ten buck Two. America just needs to get its own country back in working order. Why spend billions on Foreigners. We give Billions away each year to other countries. But we can’t even maintain our nations highways & schools. We need better individuals in office. The ones running now are just pond scum. Trump, Bush, Carson. You aren’t going to tell me they are the best we have. If they are hell just hand over the keys to gates to Putin or XI or Kim or Assad. It makes me very worried about the future when I think these candidates are going to be the savoir of the USA. A person might as well just put their hands up and surrender.

  337. The Chinese have nothing to gain by firing on the US.I don’t think the Chinese understand what they are about to do.I hope they understand firing on the US is the same as saying “sure we’ll take on the whole world”..Do they really think they can take on the US/UN.I hope for the sake of all the Chinese people their leaders are smarter than they appear to be.

  338. This is not a matter of strength but who is right if the wrong prevail all nation will do the same ,lesson from the years that pass should be remember ,of all the nations in the world china is one of the largest, why that country keep pushing all the smaller nation for a new rules around the world. USA should prove to the world that no one is above the international law.

  339. We would win because most of China population have breathing issues, most of their soldiers will die if they breath fresh air.

  340. The USA will not commit suicide.China is and will be the dominant power.It is a fact that can not be changed.What can be changed is the stupid american hubris and the denial of the fact that the uni polar world ended.

  341. sounds like the prelude that led to world war 2 when no one wanted to confront hitlers grab for land and power. if you let china get away with this it will get worse.

  342. I can use you words to state the same thing about the US. Just remove the word China and add USA instead. Like always, USA has nothing to do in that part of the world. So, I suggest to stay at home, keep eating those nasty Burgers and keep getting fat, and the world will be a peaceful place. Don’t you think so ? I do.

  343. Only in the United States we find these stupid warmongering articles. Per capita , the US outspends China about 16 times and interferes wherever it deems necessary. In stark contrast to China.

  344. First of all , China is not the only player in our economy , We were much better before Dumb Ass Nixon & Clinton Second .. You need to wake up out of that dream , Asia Ruling the world … hahahahahaha JUST THE DREAM OF A CHINAMAN ——————————————–

  345. China is all about $$$$ and the current trade imbalance leaves China with 400 BILLION dollers every year. They also don’t have enough food for all the people so they buy from American Farmers. Lastly there are tens of thousands Chinese living in America. Will China throw all of the above away just to protect the silly little islands they made from stolen sand below INTERNATIONAL waters; waters which by the way have been US protected to insure INTERNATIONAL transportation by ALL nations? Makes no sense to me.

  346. Our GREED is what gave China Billions of Dollars and went from a Cycling/Rice Society to owning cars and massive wealth…….an industry to support a War.

  347. Dear C. Woodcat,
    Time changes n its the history cycle.
    Cut all trade with China? How pool! If china’s investment to USA is being withdrawn, nothing left to support your miltary expenditure.
    Likewise same for China too.
    Accept the History cycle, now its time for Asia to control the world.

  348. It is what it is .. Time to step up . Move military hard ware into allied regions to support a naval battle . Cut off ALL TRADE WITH CHINA . Won’t happen to many 1%ers who like there profits more the U S security & interest . Obama Can not afford another U S back down .He has already damaged U S image to the point of only a limited (hopefully) war can restore ..

  349. Then it is time to remove all chinese people from America. Round them up and ship them back home along with stop all purchase of chinese made junk. it’s time to protect Americans.

  350. Quote: “China has warned that it was ready to use military force if the U.S. violates its territorial waters.”

    The word South China Sea doesn’t mean that’s China territory. IDIOT!
    All you can do is a trash talk! China doesn’t have ballz! The new USS Carrier is in that area now, what will you do now? Let your people call them to the radio of that USS carrier and ask them to leave like what you do before! LMAO!

  351. It is not “indications”, it is already happening, China has kicked the ball to their feet, the rest is up to them. However, China can not be the party at fault, that is guaranteed, because throughout history, China is always the side taken on by the marauding party.

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