Sophisticated Electronic Warfare Gives Russia The Edge

Sophisticated Electronic Warfare Gives Russia The Edge
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Russia’s adventures in Ukraine and then in Syria have largely been made possible by Moscow’s unwavering commitment to using electronic warfare (EW) to its advantage.

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It is becoming quite a common theme for the drones flown by the international conflict-monitoring group Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to experience problems. Every time they enter the southeastern parts of Ukraine, the drones bump into the same problem: on-the-ground Russian troops jam them into virtual blindness.

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However, all this should not come as a huge surprise considering that for years, the Russian army has been performing extensive research on making full use of EW when it comes to having the edge over the enemy. Equipment such as the Krasukha04, which jams radar and aircraft, has been used perfectly during operations in Ukraine and Syria, leading American military officials to admit that they’re scrambling to catch up with the Russians.

According to the commander of U.S. Army units in Europe, Lt. General Ben Hodges, Russia’s EW capabilities in Ukraine are “eye-watering,” while Ronald Pontius, deputy to Army Cyber Command Chief Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon, once said, “You can’t but come to the conclusion that we’re not making progress at the pace the threat demands.”

Supreme electronic warfare capabilities

Russia has shown off its electronic warfare capabilities since the onset of its incursion into Crimea in the spring of 2014. Just hours after Russian EW equipment crossed the Ukrainian border, Ukrainian troops began to find that they could not use their radios and phones for hours at a time. Moreover, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has kept reporting that every single drone that has been observing the conflict in eastern Ukraine, has been “subjected to military grade GPS jamming.”

The U.S., for its part, is trying to bring its electronic warfare capabilities to the forefront under the leadership of Col. Jeffrey Church, who is the Army’s chief of electronic warfare. However, it is not going to be a very easy task considering the fact that falling budgets and a clear lack of EW equipment is a serious challenge. Moreover, Church has revealed that he has only been able to train a few hundred soldiers, which is a very small amount compared to the EW forces boasted by both Russia and China.

“They have companies, they have battalions, they have brigades that are dedicated to the electronic warfare mission,” Church said in an interview with Foreign Policy. Those units are deploying “with specific electronic warfare equipment, with specific electronic warfare chains of command,” he said.

U.S. coming up short on the EW front

As things stand, the U.S. Army’s EW mission has only 813 soldiers, which isn’t a great number, considering the fact that both Russia and China boast a much bigger force than this. Moreover, other army units are resolute against Church’s attempts to peel away soldiers from their ranks to join his.

This is coupled with the fact that the staffing squeeze is likely to get worse. During the peak years of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. Army had around 570,000 soldiers, but that number is going to come down to 450,000 by the end of 2017, and for the next several years, it could go below 420,000 if Washington chooses to slash the long-term budget deal in the coming months.

For now, U.S. Army battalions usually assign two soldiers for an EW mission and have to work for 24 hours in battle against sophisticated enemies. It is a tedious task, one that involves planning and coordinating with other units while also ensuring that their own jammers and advanced communication gadgets are working.

“There’s too much to do for those guys in a battalion,” Church said. “So how do you maintain in a high-intensity environment against a peer enemy?”

Over the past decade, a major chunk of the EW equipment was paid for with supplemental wartime funding accounts. Now the equipment is lying on shelves, awaiting repair and reconditioning without any budget funding to keep it up to date.

Russia and its professionalism towards electronic warfare

The case is completely opposite with Moscow where the Kremlin realizes the importance of such warfare. According to the U.S. Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office, Russia boasts a growing EW capability that’s motivated by political and military support, which is why it is able to blind or disrupt digital communications in a bid to level the playing field when it is fighting a conventional foe that is superior to its military.

Ukraine’s electronic systems have been easily jammed by Moscow’s EW prowess, and according to a senior research scientist at CAN, Dmitry Gorenburg, these attempts were never aimed at Ukraine but were aimed at a more serious adversary in the shape of NATO.

In March, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work created an EW executive committee led by Frank Kendall, who is the undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics. According to the committee, the Defense Department has “lost focus on electronic warfare at the programmatic and strategic level.”

For now, the Army is playing a catch-up game in order to integrate EW capability to its offensive apparatus. Church has emphasized the importance of soldiers training for new kinds of wars in light of recent events that have shown Russia’s EW capabilities to be miles ahead of Washington’s. Indeed, it is high time for the United States military to start thinking out of the box if it really wants to make any sort of headway in improving its EW capabilities because as things stand, the EW arsenal it has is not enough to counter the capabilities of the likes of Russia and China have at their disposal.

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  3. No, the schools and hospital you hit in Syria remain hit. And you did it in a lot less bombing sorties than the yanks.
    It is the same reason that you had to stop the fight in Ukraine – military incompetence. Yes, you did alright with your EW, because the west has foolishly neglected that, but you still took heavy casualties. Over 2000 Russian boys KIA and over 3,000 on compensation in Ukraine.

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    In other words, I repeat in the right order: you are basically liar, but then you are not lying you are biased or selective :)

  9. Yet you still manage to hit schools and hospitals in Syria, with only a fraction of the bombs dropped. Your air force is incompetent.
    The truth is exactly as I wrote: You invaded Ukraine and took heavy losses. With over 2,000 killed and over 3,000 on compensation, you had no choice but to stop.
    And your conscript soldiers and air defence equipment were so inadequate that they shot down a civilian airliner with 300 deaths. You are just hopeless.

  10. You have very biased, selective and sometimes wrong information. One don’t need to dig a lot to realize this.
    That is the reason of relative success of our “propaganda”: we are trying to tell the truth, while the western propaganda is trying get to rid of evidences ;)

    PS We are not able to target hospitals and wedding parties with so much precision as US military does

  11. Fear, your own leaders have admitted Russian troops were in the Ukraine. Over 2000 of them died there, and more than 3000 are on compensation after being wounded.

  12. What a strange argument – there are millions of Ukrainians living in Russia, so that entitles Ukraine to annex parts of Russia, according to you.

  13. The Russians can’t even hit ISIS so how are they going to trash anyone else? Lots of Russian bombs dropped, nothing to show for it.

  14. Russians are even better at killing civilians, so hypocrite yourself. Why don’t you stop living like a parasite on the taxes of the starving Russian people, and get a real job?

  15. It would be nice if Russia had shown some of this alleged capability. So far all it has done in Syria is throw some bombs around the desert blowing up goats and bedouin, and then claiming it has destroyed ISIS installations. Yeah, right.
    Russia only looks good right now because US and other nations have foolishly neglected EW and ECM for years.
    “and this needs direct clashes man2man with russian soldiers”
    Didn’t do you much good in Ukraine, did it? You were cut up by the rag-tag Ukrainian army, lost 2000 KIA and 3200 seriously wounded, and you had to give up the fight.

  16. Yes and then people like you can live in Russia or china. It’s clear you don’t have the brain cells in your possession to understand it let alone see it. You all can complain about things while people like me have the solution, but we know how to articulate ourselves on a public forum as to NOT give away our advantage!! But dumb asses like you would while complaining?! Get a life Jon Stewart!! BTW a rock protects against electronic warfare or can make it more comlex. So its a good location!! So yes I will stay under my rock…

  17. Nope. The source of the original story was and they seem
    to have got the story from Russian Gazette, so I would classify under propaganda and wishful thinking.

    Then RT – the “truthful news” channel spread it and then the dumb media spread it just to increase their readership.

    Extra proof that it is rubbish would be the first paragraph of the Voltaire story “The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a Russian Sukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device.” Do you seriously think the State Department would ever put out a daft statement like that?

    It is like those UFO stories…dream on.

    Critical thinker…you need to do more thinking, or rent a brain.. Don’t be intellectually lazy.

  18. It happened! The Pentagon even admitted in a not so direct fashion during a press conference that an “incident” occurred in the Black Sea between a US Navy guided missile cruiser and a Russian SU-24 fighter bomber. The entire crew of the USS Donald Cook was witness , and there is only so much the Navy can hide from the public.

  19. Have you ever heard of a frequency hopper? This is done by on board computers, the opposing enemy has no chance on locking on a frequency.

  20. There’s a misunderstanding: USA military can advance its warfare equipment to match russian capabilities. But that won’t eliminate the root of your problem: our EW tools make all that fancy military high tech stuff USA have en edge over Russia in useless. To say, stealth becomes useless because radars are no longer realiable and air engadgments becomes dogfights again where russian planes with 3D thrusting and higher angle of attack engines are likely to win (russian military also has highly effective IR range jammers, so WVR controlled stuff is useless as well).
    USA military cannot rely on high range weapons too and this needs direct clashes man2man with russian soldiers.
    In Syria we are actively using this stuff and that can only mean we have something even more efficient.

  21. Wow, talk about a strawman…your Kremlin-fed bullshit isn’t fooling anyone. Russia is actually helping ISIS in Syria by bombing all their adversaries while leaving them untouched. And Putin’s best pal Assad has been secretly propping up ISIS and buying their oil for years. Assad and Putin have a stake in ISIS’ survival, the US doesn’t.
    And Kiev’s bombing their own people because Russian special forces and ‘volunteers’ have taken over entire cities in Ukraine and are firing heavy artillery at the Ukrainian army from residential areas.

  22. Maybe because it’s loud mouths like you that tip off the media which tells other countries how to beat us. Or are you the kind that wants classified information out out to satisfy your own curiosity? Maybe there was clues in my post for those who have a brain. Now please nominate yourself for a Darwin award and do the USA a favor.

  23. Unjam a jammed signal. Wow your smart. Maybe you should be getting a Darwin award too.. Maybe things are not so simple.. Wow what a concept when your dealing with an agile frequency broad band jammer.

  24. “they have battalions, they have brigades with specific electronic warfare equipment, with specific electronic warfare chains of command,” huh???
    How many chains of command does it take to unjam a jammed signal? These guys are incompetent frauds attempting to scam American tax payers.

  25. ask this why are the Kiev-ians bombing their own people in the East? and why are the Americans bombing hospitals in Afghanistan and why are you tagging ISIS as innocent people? are you an ISIS or an ISIS sympathizer or worst a no money idjit from Kiev lol

  26. Because you are IMPERIALISTS. And that distinction comes because of criminal actions that you should not be proud to call yourself an American.

  27. Tell us about Vietnam if you are old enough to know what happen and then you will see who was running. Forget about the Soviet Union, we are talking about Russia here, that won world wars because they have the balls, to fight. Unless of course in your version of history you were told that the US won the second world war. I know otherwise and I am not a Russian.

  28. It’s even bigger than in the US. Russia still has no visas with almost all ex-USSR republics, bar Baltic states. Millions upon millions of immigrants work in Russia.

  29. Just checked, 79 Ka-52’s have been built so far. I do believe there is still an active contract to build more. If I remember correctly, something like 100+ will be built eventually.

  30. In east Ukraine live 8 million ethnic Russians on Crimea almost 2 million.
    Now tell me how many ethnic Americans (if such thing even exists) live on Hawaii before US annex them?

  31. What civilians? US airstrikes killing innocent civilians for decades. They even drop a-bomb on them. Hey but is OK as long you lick their @ss. HYPOCRITE

  32. Yeah, their EW is superior to impoverished Ukraine. Good for them.
    So why they are they indiscriminately bombing innocent people in Syria? Because they can’t do any different? Or because they just don’t care?

  33. The news was reported on other international media, not just RT. The ship sailed to Romania, not Turkey for repairs to the damaged AEGIS system.

  34. I wouldn’t believe the story about Russian equipment breaking down in Syria. It is the usual round of propagandist rhetoric. Russia has tested these in every conceivable environmental conditions before it is cleared for service with the armed forces.

  35. These articles started a few weeks ago saying the Russian bombs aren’t accurate, then it was, the Russians are not making any progress. Slowly but surely the US propaganda machine succumbs to the facts.

  36. its a fact do some research. rebels do not own Russian tanks and all the equipment that was found in Ukraine. not to mention the prisoners that were proved to be Russian low life Russian troll

  37. Not surprising since the Russian military showcased its electronic warfare capabilities when an SU-24 equipped with a “Khibiny” jamming unit, disabled the USS Donald Cook guided missile cruiser in July of last year in the Black Sea.

  38. Or Russia. Unless they actually were joined in war with rebels in east Ukraine. UA is out gunned & has less sophisticated weapons. Yet they are holding rebels to a stand still. Russia does have Sa-300 defensive missile batteries in case rebels or ISIS rebuild those 3 damaged Migs they captured.

  39. Looks like we have a contrasting report.First Russian planes have serious breakdowns since the engines were not designed for DUSTY/SANDY environment.Now we have this report above that the Russian planes have edge in electronic warfare. Probably the author did not know about the U.S. F-18 Growler which is also good for the U.S. military since Russians never know the capabilities of the F-18 Growler Plane.It remains a secret.

  40. Your still spreading your lies Jake? The Ku-52 is a 2 seat version of the Ku-50. It’s inferior to the AH-64 because it isn’t in production yet. Armata is a POS & only 14 have been built, junk design compared to the Abrams A1B.

  41. Not surprising we have not paid much attention to EW. You don’t need F35’s if you have good EW and Lochheed for one are not going to change that. In fact EW is an area that has been DELIBERATELY ignored. Let the lobbies rule Washington and they will lead us to ruin.

  42. Russia is so desperate to fool their brainwashed people. They have to invent superiority to pretend the are more advanced. They invented a incident with USS Cook that didn’t happen. 2 US drones had mechanical problems & were guided to safe zone to be recovered. Russia claimed it accidentally jammed them. So far they are struggling to keep AC flying because of lack of spare parts, heat, & sand. Things that US & Arab partners know how to work around. US & Allies are better equipped & it shows. Google B-1 takes out ammo, EID, weapons warehouses. A 2 hour flight round trip from Qatar.

  43. Only Russians are experts & far advanced in running, like Afghanistan. Soon to be repeated in Syria. US & coalition are killing a thousand ISIS a week. Russia is just a fraction of that.

  44. Dumb bombs & nukes from 50k feet only have to hit in the same area. I doubt if a jammer can out run a nuke. This is all hypothetical of course.

  45. there are A-10’s in Europe, Afghanistan, & Iraq. What are they ghosts? Their is no plane in Russian & Chinese inventory that match them for firepower, pilot protection & armor, & ordnance loads. They will be passed onto Army or Marines, because AF wanted to save money to buy F-35’s.

  46. US Navy has been flying EA-6 & 18’s for years. It is not a new technology discovered by Russia. There are anti-Jammer weapons in our inventory. They can Jam constantly & require lots of power, & when they shut off they are vulnerable. You clowns haven’t perfected stealth yet. The newest jet the T-50 is 4 times less stealthy than the F-35 & 22. You don’t have a equivalent to the B-2 bomber. It can carry 16 nukes & fly almost undetectable to all Russian radars at 50K feet.

  47. US Navy has been flying EA-6 & 18’s for years. It is not a new technology discovered by Russia. There are anti-Jammer weapons in our inventory. They can Jam constantly & require lots of power, & when they shut off they are vulnerable. You clowns haven’t perfected stealth yet. The newest jet the T-50 is 4 times less stealthy than the F-35 & 22. You don’t have a equivalent to the B-2 bomber. It can carry 16 nukes & fly almost undetectable to all Russian radars at 50K feet.

  48. US Navy has been flying EA-6 & 18’s for years. It is not a new technology discovered by Russia. There are anti-Jammer weapons in our inventory. They can Jam constantly & require lots of power, & when they shut off they are vulnerable. You clowns haven’t perfected stealth yet. The newest jet the T-50 is 4 times less stealthy than the F-35 & 22. You don’t have a equivalent to the B-2 bomber. It can carry 16 nukes & fly almost undetectable to all Russian radars at 50K feet.

  49. BS the Russia tank is a Ronson lighter. There are Reuters video’s of UA blowing up rebel tanks. Rebels are blowing up T-90’s in Syria with TOWs. The new Armada is a POS to, as observed by experts. Inferior to newest Abrams.

  50. You trolls are delusional & brainwashed. Sailors took pictures as the Suoz flew by. You don’t shut down a American guided missile frigate with a fighter. It was spotted as soon as it took off from crimea. Your idiots to believe that RT BS. Google it it’s on the internet.

  51. US lacks nothing that Russia has. It isn’t needed in ME. US has been training with UA troops almost of the aggression by Russia. There are no surprises. Russian equipment is breaking down from the heat & sand in Syria. Something US has worked around for years & years in this environment.

  52. When you are using that much power to jam any electronic device you will have a massive radiation footprint. There are specially designed missles that destroy those targets.

  53. Yeah, if the US can kidnap a scientist from another country, give him home, job and a citizenship to do the job done, then they say Americans did it as always.

  54. I repeat Russia has never attacked the Ukraine !! Ukraine and Russia – this is one nation !! The problem of Ukraine in those who have seized power! Unfortunately, with the support of the United States!

  55. Many nations focus their energy to develop practical weapons in the battlefield while US focus on the most expensive weapon system… regardless to its functionality and practicality.

  56. obama is lawless and lies but putin lies too,however Russian troops are few and behing combat line doing EW or in modern tanks with armor that Ukraine cannons cannot penetrate

  57. This system can be cloned to 100 objects !! On the radar of the enemy will be seen a certain amount of technique and time of impact would that there is an empty place !!

  58. Propaganda you say? Then try to find American marines from Donald Cook warship that entered Black Sea. They will tell you much interesting about radio-eletronic system HIBIN

  59. Do you still believe that Russia is fighting in the Ukraine? I’m from Russia! In Ukraine I have lived two sisters! Do you believe that Putin sent troops to kill my sisters? 80% of Russians have relatives in Ukraine!)) Believe on your TV and Obama

  60. Um it’s very simple: the type of low threat enemies the U.S. exclusively fights do not necessitate using EW warfare. Russia faces enemies that are far more sophisticated than the cavemen that cowardly U.S. battles, so when Russia faces someone like Ukraine, Georgia etc they necessitate using EW

  61. In the case of war, the US and Russia! I say with full confidence Russia will win this war !! For Russia, the United States is not a rival! For Russia can not be a rival country has not won in more than one war !!

  62. No one ever said Russians were decades behind in everything.. at least no one credible. If you actually read a lot of military technology articles you would know that the Russians are very good at shooting down aircraft, especially the civilian type like MH 117, which has been proven to have been shot down by Russian equipment. They are also far advanced beyond us in cyber warfare.. just wait til you see the many trolls that respond to this page as party of Putin’s paid trolling army. Russia and China both have military divisions that execute cyber warfare, hacking and stealing data or finding potential weak spots in American infrastructure. But that being said, America vastly outnumbers Russia and china aircraft, ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers.. we are far ahead in many of the most important categories. #1 being military spending, which gives us the ability to quickly and easily fix any major lack in our ability to make war.

  63. Obama said in 2014 “Russia is gas station, it doesn t make anything” Now USA generals are admitting that Russia is producing the most advanced EW systems, more sofisticating from anything in USA arsenals. It is astonishing that USA president is not informed about capabilities of USA enemy No 1.

  64. Putin has done a better job updating his forces than we have. It’s unfortunate but true. However, I have no doubt that the US can catch up with their EW warfare program

  65. go back and listen the advices of Gorbachof of Russia or Musharraf from Pakistan, NATO should not have wasted 14 years in Afghanistan. Russia used that time to develop

  66. Nothing we and the opposition haven’t been doing since at least WWII in one form or another. Equipment and techniques change but the purpose is the same. Anyone reading this article who believes the military is going to tell these writers even the true time of day may want to buy some ocean front property in Arizona.

  67. Have you ever heard of a broad spectrum jammer??? Yes it can jam a spectrum so maybe they have learned how to emit MULTIPLE signals over a wide range of frequencies?? So in that case you get out your SIGINT guys to find where they are currently operating, but mind you THEY can also change freqs as well and do it on the move… Think about it. Lessons learned evolve into the next generation of military equipment..

  68. F-35 is a great replacement for a famous Harrier. The price? Man, lawyers -the core of liberals – charged $50/hour in year 2000. Today, it’s $500/hour! And it are liberals, who are spinning of inflation – and are screaming about “expensive” F-35 at same time. Keep in mind: high-tech equipment contains precious materials, which are priced firmly by inflation. Unlike worthless liberal’s “service”. Do not be fooled, “comrade”.

  69. EW is going to assist in winning wars when it jams your communications and radars. If your jets fly in blind all of a sudden and there are a few SAM pads behind it, then our jets are DOA!! If our troops land with Sat phones or GPS, that can be jammed by this thing as well, so how will they destroy it? Yes, old fashioned explosives and your on your own, but something like this will be WELL guarded. But there is the age old tactic of let it Jam and then send out an ARM missile, but thats WAR! We dont want that, do we… In this day and age we try to play nice, just on the brink of it, whats WHY EW is the next face of things around the world. Its too easy to understand…

  70. Since I KNOW EW, it might be time for me to write my paper on this. There have been papers written on this matter, but not with what I am going to write about the subject and how it will play out on a global scale. We DO have a current piece of equipment that can perform a similar role, but it needs to be refocused! Being a systems engineer its simple for me. Mainly because I can look at the picture, read what it has been doing and decode what each piece of that thing is doing and HOW!! Which that we can then come up with the solution on the counter.. Tooo easy people… Really, you want to complain about the administration and all kinds of things while people like me have the answers. The answers to deal with the threats so they dont make an impact. That way the rest of America can rest easy. Yes, I have the answers to MANY of Americas problems that ANY President or Commander in Chief would want me.. But alass I am happy under a rock…

  71. Beat what? The damn US still has not entered the Syrian airspace to test out their so called superior weapons. Come on get real or get lost!

  72. Hey comrade Ivan – it ain’t the liberals. it is the neocons politicians who vote to fund billions of $$ for their home states, building useless 1980’s mentality warfare hardware or the wasteful F-35. It is called pork.

    if you remember the crook warmonger Rumsfeld during the Iraq invasion, when US servicemen were getting shredded by IED’s because of lack of armor in their Humvees. Instead of pushing for funding and supply of adequate armor he said “You fight with what you have” when answering a soldier in a Q&A.

    A-holes like him and Cheney (Halliburton shill) damaged the strength of the US military by decades. It will take years to catch up with the Russians and Chinese in EW…if ever.

  73. this is a staple of the current administration: watch, react, harm this country’s intl. position and military might any way you want under some stupid liberal reasoning. give enemies every advantage, initiative and first step. this is not gonna change until they go.

  74. yeah, getting taxpayer yet for another shakedown for Military Industrial Complex
    that is the strategy and it’s been working so far – fear mongering people into submission

  75. EW is a force multiplier.

    It negates somewhat the advantage the west has in technology.

    That being said, it’s not going to win wars, but it is a powerful asset to have.

    There’s a reason why Russia is top notch when it comes to missiles and EW. They don’t have the money to invest in a large, conventional army- which NATO very well have the capability of doing. Missiles are also a force multiplier.

  76. “radio signals would make them a huge target for our bombers.”
    ever thought those “”signals” are not exactly “home beacon” signals but quite the opposite?
    meaning bombers and bombs and missiles will be confused and re-directed or fooled?

  77. The problem of the West: liberals are “eating up” their military equipment, literally. It is a worthless liberal’s “service” of the “redistributing middlemen”, which costs astronomical amounts – and is growing as snowball. Germany cut amount of their tanks from 2500 to just 200; UK has their carriers with no Harriers; US is about to scrap their A-10s – just a short list of the catastrophic sabotage.

  78. Why yahoo is publishing Russian articles in Politics. What they say and what they do are two different things.
    If some ignorant army burocrat made mistakes, underestimating the adversary, this isn’t the place for them, publicly to try to save their FACE.

  79. No you find them once they send out the sig, easy pickens for our E6 Prowlers………..send a hellfire missile down and it’s destroyed end of story. Russia tried to jam our GPS guided bombs 10 years ago and we just mixed to a different signal. Who invented and made the GPS in the first place US Military.

  80. Okay guys, let’s begin the fight and see who could win. Do you agree? I bet the US will be stupid enough to tempt the Russians and then it is all over.

  81. What Ukrainian and anti- Assad rebels Electronic Welfare capabilities are you talking about? Did you read the article at all?

  82. Russia has the most powerful non-nuclear bomb made in 2004 which is 6 times mor powerful than US most powerful non-nuclear bomb, Russia’s Armata tank is faster, has more weapons, it’s more advanced than US best tank Abrams, Russia’s KA 52 helicopter has more sophisticated weapons than Apache, bigger climb rate, bigger rate, it’s 20 years more modern.

  83. unless of course you can’t find them as they are moved every day and they have other systems protecting them… don’t worry, there are people smarter who are worrying about that part.

  84. @Reaper if the planes Radar are jammed in real war in the first place how could they possibly bomb a target that cannot be seen? That is if the bomber can get past the missiles air defense.

  85. Now look. we have to understand that sometimes it’s best that somebody else is most powerful than us… just to keep is in check.

  86. In real war times you should also anticipate for a place to hide. But if you go unprepared thinking that you are superior, running will not do a damn thing for you. And that is why the US always run with their tail between their legs.

  87. Actually your words best describe the status of enemies the US have been fighting against. No modern air defense missile systems, no hand missiles, no modern anti tank missiles and such. At best the enemies have AK-47, old 1960 era rpg-7 and that’s all. That makes US air forces not really battle tested, right? XD

  88. Lol if you believe that then I have news for you Media is garbage. They are behind us . Just because we do not show case everything we have like they do does not mean we are behind. Think of the weapons that are secret and do not come into play until major conflict

  89. In a real war, these systems along with radars would be among the first ground targets to be destroyed. Their radio signals would make them a huge target for our bombers.

  90. What did you expect? Look at the US… Finance and bank dominated by jews. Science and technology dominated by chinese, indians and russians. Entertainment and showbiz dominated by latinos and hispanics. Sport dominated by blacks. What do white americans aka the major ethnicity own? Nothing but LGBT.

    On the other hand, Russia has always been strong in science. Russia is not Soviet Union, it is a capitalist country with open market. Its electronics and chip industry backed by traditionally strong mathematical and physical science education will do great steps forward if the management is good.

  91. Really kind looks like post Soviet to me. Radar its self can pick up drones of any size to speak of. Are drones really the answer? I don’t think so.

  92. When we take into account the Electronic Warfare capabilities of the Ukrainian army and the anti-Assad rebels in Syria then the capabilities that Russia has shown are pretty pathetic!

  93. I guess yahoo news, don’t have anything else to talk about but Yahoo don’t know anything about the US Arm Forces capability what a shame we dont parade what we have not like Russia anbd china paraded everything they have

  94. Russia have five electronic warfare (EW) Systems: Khibiny, Moskva-1, Krasukha-2, Rtut’-BM, and President-S. and they are all being used in full force in Syria.

  95. Very interesting. For years we have been told how technological behind Russia was and now we are told they are way ahead and the West is playing catch up oops. Then NATO is doomed and this is more worrying to the Baltic States who thought joining NATO was an insurance against Russia’s Red Army. I cannot imagine the gloomy faces in Poland.

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