Saudi Prince Arrested Over Alleged Attempt To Smuggle Drugs

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Authorities in Lebanon arrested Saudi Prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz and four other Saudi citizens in a drug bust operations at the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut.

According to media reports, the Saudi Prince allegedly attempted to smuggle two tons of amphetamines on his private jet, which was about to depart going Hael, a northern city of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Prince under interrogation

Lebanese investigators found 40 suitcases of Captagon pills and some cocaine aboard the private jet. Authorities are interrogating the Saudi Prince and the four other suspects.

A source told AFP,”The smuggling operation is the largest one that has been foiled through the Beirut International Airport.” In April, last year, security forces prevented an attempt to smuggle 15 million capsules of Captagon, which were hidden in shipping containers full of corn from the port of Beirut.

Captagon is a brand name for amphetamine phenethylamine, a synthetic psychostimulant, a prohibited drug primarily consumed in the Middle East, particularly in Syria. It has been reported that rebel groups in Syria are funding their insurgency trafficking captagon pills.

Saudi Royal family image

The image of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia was also tainted by another Saudi Prince and a Princess in the past. Last month, Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al was arrested in Los Angeles.

The Saudi Prince was accused of allegedly forcing himself on three female workers and threatened to kill them if they rejected his advances. Authorities did not pursue the charges againts him due to lack of evidence.

In 2013, a Saudi Princess was accused of enslaving a Kenyan woman as a housemaid in Los Angeles. The accusations against the Princess were also dropped.

The House of Saud ruled Saudi Arabia rule Saudi Arabia since 1916. The Royal family promoted Wahhabism, a strict version of Islam that was probibing drinking alcohol, homosexuality, and extra-marital sex.

Previous reports indicated that eight if the surviving sons of the founding monarch of Saudi Arabia were plotting to oust country’s ailing ruler, King Salman.

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  1. You can Google for his picture, but you can see a picture of the stash here:

  2. Can you read Arabic? Here is a picture of the drugs, see what it says on the boxes which also have the Saudi royal coat of arms.

    P.S. I don’t see a son of Abdulaziz named “Walid” in the list below as well, but the picture of the stash above is definitive proof. Maybe that’s the name he goes by but his real/original name is different?!

  3. Leo, if you are going to use the pronoun “we” ( implying you are from the States ) please use better English.

  4. it is obvious that you have never been to Saudi Arabia

  5. Well, we all know who’s going to be decapitated in Saudi. This is more material for the zealots in the middle east who hates the west.

  6. I want to see those guys loose their heads when they get home

  7. He will be released by one phone call to the Lebanese PM, why ?
    they are all muslim sunnies, bunch of criminals like their leader Muhammad.

  8. Will Saudi Arabian authorities behead these blue bloods and their cohorts. You bet they won’t but if they are ordinary people or Christians sure they will. These Saudi royals are worst than pigs.

  9. what a mess these so called Royalties are creating? Smuggling drugs as if they need still more money besides what they getting from the Royal Court. Subjugation of over 100 millions under a so called Kingdom of a strict Wahabi rulers and smuggling drugs? Not allowing freedom of consensual sexual relationship in their Country & asking maids at a Western civilized country to let them enjoy sex even if it is not consensual? What & how can we define hypocrisy if this all is not? Enslaving a female worker is so normal for these Royalties coz they have over 100 millions as slaves.


  11. What is your source for American soldiers in Iraq doing these drugs? I know a lot of vets from that war and they are definitely not druggies.

  12. So, that should be changed. They are not typical diplomats they are promoting hate through the Madrasas school system and all the Mosques they are building. They are offering to build 3000 mosques in Germany yet take no refugees.

  13. Yes indeed. ALong with the Koranic/Hadith brainwashing the speed takes them to the zombie level and they already think Jihad is righteous and wonderful.

  14. WIth an alternative renewable energy policy in the the west we can eliminate the power of these scumbags that had nothing a century ago.

  15. Why are there no gays in Saudi Arabia? Because if they said they were they would be killed. Why are there no drug addicts in Saudi Arabia? Because if they were ever caught they would be killed. Why are there no Christians in Saudis Arabia? Because THEY WOULD BE KILLED. Why are they building Madrasas? So they can teach hate to Muslim children to become their Jihadi warriors.

  16. You are a Wahhabi and we will destroy you.

  17. No dear, there is no saudi prince called “Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz”!!!
    So pick another real name and fabricate another story. Even better, write about the corruption and crimes in the Philippines.

  18. He’s not as far off the mark as you think. It the two faced policy that we have with them. That make them hate us so much. Matter what agreement we have with the Arabs. We all ways that the Jewish side, in the long run.

  19. who fed those Arab serpents in a scratch my back i scratch yours policy? the US. of course………They are the real serpents in the Arab and Islamic world………

  20. drug war is a losing cause.

  21. they should behead the prince and send his head back to saudia, as law cannot be different for wealthy.

  22. Off with the peadophile’s head.

  23. These Arabs royal are filthy rich just because of petroleum, without it they probably still tending sheep and takes shower under the camel

  24. I never trust and have respect for those Arabs raghead

  25. No, Alla can not see what goes on outside of the Kingdom.

  26. Register trademark of Chinese drug operation in Southern CA

  27. Are they going to behead him?

  28. so, wtf is that Lexus sign all about ???

  29. Really, how do you think all those Jihadis from ‘moderate’ rebel groups can fight the way they do? All of them have to be hyped to face the Hyped up opponents. Of course, drugs are considered part of Arming them. How much do you think US is involved? Saudi drugs their soldiers, Qatar drugs MB, al Qaeda and all the rest of theirs, Turkey is another Big supplier. Don’t tell me anyone is surprised. ? Even the young kids who go a-wall have told us how they are all given drugs to fight, kill, rape etc.

  30. It is well known in Saudi Arabia that members of the royal families are the biggest drug traffickers. All royal members carry special license plates on their cars which give them immunity to cross the border and being inspected by the police and the immigration officers, that allows them to load their cars with huge quantities of drugs.

  31. Good question, ….they wouldn’t dare do that. it would cost them. Even Goerge Bush protected Saudi Bin Ladden Family after 9/11 they were allowed to fly back home while all other flights were grounded. They own us.

  32. The speed is for Daesh/ISIL to be able to fight without fear of death……the Cocaine is for the prince. I wonder will he be Beheaded like all the other POOR People that are Killed for less??? Proof saudi Arabia and the saud Clan is f EVIL and Oppressive. They have Beheaded 70 people so far…… daesh/ISIL if not more….???

  33. Arthur Vandelay | Oct 26, 2015, 5:04 pm at 5:04 pm |

    where’s a picture of the prince??

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