Russia Using Syria As Testing Ground For Its Modern Weaponry

Russia Using Syria As Testing Ground For Its Modern Weaponry
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It has been two weeks since Russia launched airstrikes in Syria, and now it claims that ISIS has started retreating. Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was seen as a decaying, insignificant, and toothless tiger. Western countries believed its Soviet-era military hardware were now obsolete. Russia’s short war in Georgia in 2008 had exposed its military weaknesses, including poor communication and coordination.

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Russia gets a chance to test its weapons in real combat

But Moscow has come a long way since the Georgia war. It now spends $81 billion or 4.1% of its GDP on defense. Russia has been aggressively modernizing its military hardware under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. Though the U.S. has been involved in several wars away from its land since the end of the Cold War, Russia could never fight beyond the Soviet Union territory.

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Last year’s annexation of Crimea was a swift and stealth operation. In eastern Ukraine conflict, Russia has denied any direct involvement but it continued to back separatists. Now Moscow has officially jumped into Syria to protect its long-term ally Bashar Al-Assad. And the Syrian conflict gives Russia a chance to test its latest military technology.

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges impressed by Russia’s capabilities

The airstrikes in Syria have involved aircraft that have never been used under battle conditions such as the Sukhoi-34 and ship-based cruise missile 3M-14 Kalibr fired about 900 miles from the Caspian Sea. Russia has fired about 26 Kalibr missiles on Syrian targets, and it has sent at least six state-of-the-art Sukhoi-34 to Syria. It also gives President Vladimir Putin an opportunity to showcase the country’s ability to swiftly deploy troops and conduct large-scale operations beyond its borders.

Besides new weaponry, Russian forces were also showcasing their tactics and strategy. Russia set up its operations near Latakia within a matter of three weeks, deploying dozens of tanks and armored vehicles, combat planes, and attack helicopters. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, the commander of United States Army forces in Europe, recently said Russia’s ability to move a lot of stuff real far, real fast “continues to impress me.”

Putin is proving in Syria that Russia is no longer a weak force that could easily be bullied by the West. And Russia’s growing ties with China could further boost Putin’s confidence.

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  1. Russia is using Syria as a testing ground for ‘dumb’ bombs (the WWii type). They have some ‘smart’ bombs but Russia can neither manufacture many of these or employ them in combat because of the terrible cost. So they mostly use the old bombs to save money. Russia’s ‘modern’ weaponry is the equal of USA weaponry in 1985. The Americans are always about 5 steps ahead in military technology. The USA has quietly decided to deliver a covert humiliating blow to Putin’s superpower pretensions and will stand aside from direct involvement but support all rebel groups including ISIS. After the Russians and Assad have been given a black eye and sent packing, USA will decide it is now in the USA’s national security interest to destroy ISIS—but first things first! Thank God Putin took this step into Syria. His humiliation and his removal from the Presidency of Russia will become reality.

  2. I AGREE! My point though is to let him have Syria and ASSad. Let him do what he wants to do. If he’s doing it for oil prices…GOOD. Weapon sales…FINE.
    Why do we have to be in the middle of this? There is no reason why we should be fighting everybody elses war.

  3. All this time Russian force is busy bombing the Syrian rebels and claiming victory instead of real enemy of the society the ISIS. For Putin its all about show casing mother Russia’s might.

  4. North Korea dares to be free? Are you insane? God is the only one who can help the world if the USA didn’t exist. Would you rather have Germany, Japan or Russia as The world superpower. Americans saved you from their brutality and slavery. If the USA is an aggressive bully this nation is the most gentle bully you could ever want.

  5. When we defeat to Mexico in a war (Mexican War) many years ago we don’t stay dear for same reasons, is like stock in the mud, just win and left…

  6. “democracy” is the modern religion we tray to spread in the world and we expect hughe donations $$$ from our followers…

  7. A veteran tell many years ago “Russia is to Big to swallow” like China or even Mexico ! we can die for suffocation if we tray..

  8. They thinking that way for hundred years, they suck the power from others countries, but things change…for good reasons

  9. You seem to think those carrier groups don’t have defensive measures in place. There is a reason all of the US Navy ships are now fitted with lasers.

  10. The Pentagon knows Russia has enough nuclear firepower to take out the entire world 5 times over, along with the delivery systems! That’s why all you will ever hear from Obama or NATO is rhetoric and complaints.

  11. No one is going to take on Russia, including Obama or NATO! The Pentagon knows the firepower that Russia has, including it’s nuclear capabilities. Russian nuclear armed subs sit right off US coasts, and could hit major US coastal cities in under 30 seconds.

  12. Putin is all about crushing the opposition, and giving his fighters some real life combat experience! His main goal is to obliterate any group that opposes the Syrian government, including ISIS.

  13. Powerless to act and choosing not to act are two different things. NATO has Russia covered, and Russia understands this. The only problem is, a conflict means neither side wins without huge losses. Russia is playing a huge bluff, but has a solid hand, so no one is willing to call it.

  14. Where are those ‘satellite’ image grabs? You can tell one’s intelligence by their limited vocabulary. Nice try chump, but try harder.

  15. Sorry but you are incorrect and even if it were legal to export gas from the USA, it would not matter. What matters is how much we produce and how much we consume, not where. We are not dependent on Arab gas, none of the natural gas we use comes from the Middle East. Most of what the USA uses comes from domestic wells and from Canada. A little comes from Mexico and South America. It is a different story for Europe and China and Japan though, most of what they use comes from either the Middle East or from Russia.


  17. The U.S. military does the exact same thing, we use conflicts to test, and evaluate new weapons. For example the Patriot missile defense system, deployed, tested, and upgraded, during operation desert storm. That is just one of many examples, need another how about the crap M-16 rifle system during the Vietnam conflict. The list goes on and on, as there is no better way to live fire test weapons than in a battle environment. So the Russian’s using Syria to test it’s newest weaponry comes as no shock to me. I am actually happy to hear they are doing it, as it gives the rest of the world a chance to see what Russia is capable of wielding on a modern day battlefield. I just hope someone is smart enough, in our government to be taking notes.

  18. But the actual hit ratio was one missile hit its target, 4 fell in Iran and Iraq and only one hit its target. Thats really bad and that is Russia’s best missile.

  19. NATO does not fear Russia, Germany fears higher natural gas prices. As for military might the russians are a joke and they know it. They failed in Ukraine. They shot off their latest cruise missiles with a less than 10% accuracy rate. There planes are no match to the west and they were trying to buy western ships to replace their soviet era crap. The Russian soldier is well trained but poorly led and and equipped.

  20. The price of oil has recently been used to bring, or attempt to bring Putin to his knees but this these are special circumstances. America particularly benefits from higher oil prices and usually achieves this by destabilizing one country after another in the Middle east. It does this in part by encouraging terrorism and giving terrorists false aspirations. If the ‘moderate’ terrorist should win and look like forming a democratic government America would be the first country to destabilize it. How much blood does it take to earn a buck.

  21. hmm which one would you be referring to??/ do you even know where the CVN fleet is? a simple search of google helps. i assume you are talking about the TR, and if you read you will see that it left the persian gulf and is heading to the red sea. it will transit the suez canal and will be in the med. i guess that is what you refer to as “turned tail”.

  22. Oh please. The US is a slave to the Saudis. Even your pathetic dumb ass leader obama literally bows to the saudi king and he will continue to do so – he is a joke. Russia will finish what US and its allies failed to do and will wipe out ISIS.

  23. There is no “western propaganda”, and most of our “News Media” people are leftist/fascist sympathizers who dream of imposing a post-constitutional order on the United States.

  24. You burry AK-74 in the sand and it will shoot. You drown it in the water and it will shoot. Will your AR-15 or Sig556 do this? Never.

  25. western imperialism is dying a slow death which is becoming a fast death as the days go by.The value system of the west is what will bring western imperialism to its knees.American imperialism and its partners of britain, israel ,france, and saudia arabia will eventually lose because justice and truth always wins over injustice and lies.Domestic policy is a reflection of foreign policy and American and western europe’s domestic policy is racist and it manifest in how their polies are implemented.What kind of sense dows it make for the racist in israel to think that they can come from europe and occupy as well as settle the land of the native people and think that the native human beings should not resist. The same is true of America,the land was stolen through lies and force and of course it is racist,unjust and inhuman to treat other human beings in a manner i’m sure our heavenly creator doesnot agree with.American and western imperalism has a long track record as well as a bloody trail in history and by GOD almighty will pay one day for its world wide transgressions.At least russia was invited into syria by the sovereign government whether like the government or not is not the issue.Who invited America into Iraq? who invited America into afghnistan? who invited America into Vietnam and South korea ?Who invited these racist into palestine where the occupiers claim to be civilized but their behavior is questionable as probably beneath an animal in the wild.Who invited America into guamtonimo bay in Cuba?All over the world the masses are crying out “YANKEE GO HOME”.What has North Korea done to America besides dare to be free,What has Iran done to America besides dare to be free? What has Cuba &Venuzula done to America besides dare to be free and what has Syria done to America besides dare to be free and Palestine dares to be free.Racist imperialist and their anti-human philisophical outlook in the worlld will not allow them to see other human beings as equals and this is why GOD’S wrath will eventually destroy them.The Capitalist value system is anti-human and supports the lowest and fowl acts in nature.Apologist for imperialism cannot handle the truth about their racist and unjust behavior inthe world,as if GOD doesnot see your evil.

  26. Where was Russia 4 1/2 years ago? They waited until the allies wiped out most of ISIL first. They did the same thing during WW2 against the Japanese too. Russia is not a global power. They fell behind when they lost the cold war. Russia is nothing without its nukes.

  27. That’s all that it takes. They cant sustain losses as it will remind them of Afghanistan. If you take out enough Russian soldiers you may be able to destroy Putin’s inner circle.

  28. Obama is telling Putin go in that hell hole in Syria and go waste your money like we did in Iraq. Good luck and you will have nothing to show for it after you have taken over the country. Thanks for playing.. and prolonging the eventual.

    One thing nobody tells you is Syria is ruled by a minority off-shoot of Shiite. When you get the Shiites to fight for you do you not think they will want some of that power too. Howe is Russia going to manage that mess.
    That is the lesson learned in Iraq. You need to break up the country along ethnic lines, these people cannot live with each other. Later they may integrate naturally but initially they need to separate along agreed upon lines. Not like the mess the Brits made in India and Pakistan.

  29. You just described a scenario that will never happen. No way Russia and the US will directly get into a fight. At the end of the day we probably have enough war heads to destroy each other multiple times and you don’t have to be that accurate. You are right that the f35 suck. Soldiers that have to fly them should vote and cancel that waste of a program.

  30. Do not forget our newest fighter-the F35, which is way over priced, under powered, under performance and only 220 rounds of ammo for a gun that can shoot it up in 35 secs. Oh! I forgot, the missiles won’t be ready till 2017. talk about a lemon.

  31. Dick, Your nuts. How exactly is what Putin doing in Syria effect us. Do some math. DO you think 4 million people left Syria because they felt protected by Assad. They left because the regime was about to fall. For months people have been saying armed the Rebels. Guess what the US was doing that all along. If you look at the territory held by different groups the fear was that Assad was going to go down soon. Russia had to step in because it looked weak, not because the US looked weak.

  32. We do have oil and gas, but it is sold overseas, not to us. That is why we are dependent upon Arab oil and gas. greed will not let our oil companies sell us their oil and gas. GREED is what keeps the world spinning.

  33. No Putin is trying to be relevant. He is hiding the mess he created in Ukraine and Georgia. The idiot invades a country that owes him Money and wonders why they won’t pay them. Putin could ask the puppet he left in power where he hid the money.

  34. for the most part our troops are home. You know the only thing we bomb their is ammunition dumps and we offer support when ISIS is on the doorsteps of Baghdad. We have not lost a soldier in months. Putin is stupid, because those guys are going to fight no matter what. So he levels a city. There will be some distant relative living in Damascus who will blow up something for revenge. This is a dumb policy.

  35. Look comrade Jake. Russia is big and bad. Thanks you just created jobs in America to make better weapons. Putin salutes you, I’m sure he has Lockheed, Halliburton and Boeing stocks in in is 200 billion dollar portfolio with money he stole from Russian. Keeps him in his $2000 track suit.

  36. 14 years and we are still in afghan. Now we find out that we are not getting out for a couple of more years. Viet Nam only lasted from 1965 thru 1975.

  37. Yup in the middle east you have to pick a side Sunnis or Shiites, instead of trying to pick countries you can work with. Neither sides are angels. This the big shift in what Obama has done. At the end of the day the borders are going to fall along ethnic grounds not arbitrary lines created by Britts and French in the 18 hundreds. You can support Al Qaeda or you can support Hezbollah. Pick your evil.

  38. It is like the USA in Viet Nam or Russia in Afghan. Both the USA and Russia lost those wars, remember? Oh! How the mighty have fallen.

  39. not really, how long did it take the US to take Iraq and Kuwait. They did not have the help of the current incumbent state doing the work. I think it lasted a grand total of about 2 months Taking territory is easy, holding it is impossible. That is why the US is not putting troops there.

  40. and just wait till Rusia get’s in that phase of the war. You don’t think that Nato could have leveled Assad’s army. The key to winning this war is nothing to do with what weapons you have, it’s about how are you going to occupy the territory you conquered. Look at what happen in Iraq, Took two months to take over Iraq. We could never control it because the people did not bye in to the political system.

  41. Your on drugs. The only thing stopping the US from leveling ISIS or Assad is a PR war. You don’t use your best planes to take out a second rate government unless it’s creating jobs in congressman or senators home state. You honestly think the US cannot level Syria or ISIS In a weekend. Sure they can however they would have to deal with the Saudis and other Arab states. This is all about diplomacy and nothing about capability.

  42. they do what? which of them behaves like a world policeman who decides what country is “non-democratic” and must be destroyed killing millions? which of them has settled their miltary bases all around the world?

  43. Russia is a global power. Even Nato made up of 28 nation states with all their collective military might is powerless to stop Russia. Putin is just reminding that terd obama and the world of that fact.

  44. yep basic misunderstanding of arab culture, thinking they want demorcracy. notice how silent the liberal initiators of that policy. now that they have a foothold in libya isis disagrees with both of us.

  45. I have been saying for a long time that we picked the wrong side – we went with Sunni Islam (Saudi, Pakistan, gulf states – all of which sponsor and support ISIS and Al Quada, etc… who are much worse than Hezbollah and Hamas) when they are much worse than Shite Islam. And don’t give me the old “but they took American diplomats hostage” routine. Hell japan bombed Pearl harbor and many war crimes – so did Nazi Germany and guess what – they are both friends and allies of ours now, so get over the whole “they took our diplomats hostage” thing.
    Our politicians and policy makers are dumb-asses. Also bought and paid for so no better than a whore.

  46. If you believe the Russian TV and news propaganda it will help you stay out of prison and may save your life. There are many commentary and news sources in America. So far no American has gone to prison or been assassinated by the government for criticizing the US government. Plenty of people have been killed and imprisoned in Russia for loose talk critical of Putin’s regime. If you have an interest in another perspective I would recommend,, (about American culture), and A good book about Putin;s Russia is Peter Pomerantsev’s ‘Nothing is True; everything is Possible: The surreal heart of the new Russia’. The book is available at, The Kindle edition is available.

  47. Nice copy and paste there. I assume this is one of the many canned responses from the Kremlin Propaganda Office.

    Here’s a thought, why don’t you actually pay attention to the horrible abuses your own constitution is receiving while Putin is in power and be less concerned about how Ukrainians interpret their own constitution?

  48. Jake–display a little sophistication. the USA also gave material and monetary aid to Sadaam Hussein and we supported Pol Pot in Cambodia. The USA has supported dictators in Latin America and elsewhere because it was in the USA’s national security interests to do so at the time. Nations act in their own self-interest and the USA also believes it is acting in the world’s self-interest. I’m sorry for you that the world is not a perfect place. Sometimes we have to make a deal with the devil himself.

  49. testing the new war machines . ha ha ha against who ?? those people that ruskies are bombing from the air don’t have war plains to counter Putins planes it is like 30 year old fighting with a 10 year old , what is the big deal ? let putin send some boots on the ground in Syria and see what happens then most of them will go back home in body bags then Ptin have to claim again that they were volunteers

  50. somehow i suspected you won’t let truth to stand in a way of your twisted “reality”…
    here’re the fact summary from wiki page wiki/Impeachment_in_Ukraine (no full links allowed here, so concatenate) and full text of Ukraine Constitution

    Article 111[edit]

    The President of Ukraine may be removed from office by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by the procedure of impeachment, in the event that he or she commits state treason or other crime.

    The issue of the removal of the President of Ukraine from office by the procedure of impeachment is initiated by the majority of the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

    To conduct the investigation, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine establishes a special temporary investigatory commission whose composition includes a special Prosecutor and special investigators.

    The conclusions and proposals of the temporary investigatory commission are considered at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

    For cause, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, by no less than two-thirds of its constitutional composition, adopts a decision on the accusation of the President of Ukraine.

    The decision on the removal of the President of Ukraine from office by the procedure of impeachment is adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by no less than three-quarters of its constitutional composition, after the review of the case by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the receipt of its opinion on the observance of the constitutional procedure of investigation and consideration of the case of impeachment, and the receipt of the opinion of the Supreme Court of Ukraine to the effect that the acts, of which the President of Ukraine is accused, contain elements of state treason or other crime.

    Also, I’m sure in your parallel reality you do not get news from Kiev about investigation into that shooting (nobody get convicted yet, btw); it now suspects nationalist figures have something to do with that sniper shooting. At some point truth would come out about it as well, Yankovich had little to gain shooting protesters after Feb 21 agreement was signed, but radicals had everything to lose.

  51. Putin does not care about ISIS. He cares about the price of oil and natural gas and his competition is the Middle East. The more war there is in the ME, the less oil they produce. And the more Russian weapons they buy.

  52. They are no threat to us. There is an article speculating that Putin’s goal is to force Saudi Arabia to cut production and raise prices. Or else. But if he succeeds it would be good for the USA because we have our own oil and gas. Europe, on the other hand, would PAY!

  53. hmm, I have an access to Ukraine, American and British media sources. So I can tell you that Western propaganda doesn’t look any better than Russian one.

  54. You keep believing your Kremlin propaganda. I’ll stick with the reality, thanks.

    And, the Parliament was well within its rights to demand that the border guards detain him as he was wanted for the crimes he committed when he ordered his snipers to shoot and kill roughly 100 people on the streets of Kiev.

    But I’m sure you don’t believe that those highly trained snipers with incredibly precise Russian made rifles were government forces either.

  55. pfff you should update your manual or urge your bosses to do it. It doesn’t work anymore. People are fed up with your cheap lie and its clearly seen here. ))))

  56. people often flee (ran away, etc) when their lives are in danger.he went to Kharkov and when tried to cross into Russia, those who grabbed power in Kiev instructed border guards to stop him, so he flew to Crimea…and then to Russia.

    regardless whether you believe (or not) he crossed border at his free will, when a Ukraine President leaves country (and they do go on foreign trips and vacations), that does not give others right to name themselves acting president, which what happened. there is Ukraine Constitution article of impeachment #111 which was not fully executed (that suspisious Rada vote was short of qualifying votes anyway and just one step of many described in the said article).
    now we have President of Yemen fled the country for several months by now…Saudies, with US help and approval, bomb much of Yemen to try and get him back in power…I guess, by Western logic, it is Russia’s fault ’cause it did not bomb Kiev.

  57. You want truth ? ok, US murdered 1.5 million people in Iraq, Serbia, Libya on 3 illegal wars without UN approval. US is arming and training terrorists in Syria. US helped create ISIS.
    Like the truth?

  58. sure you need a batch of those cruise missiles, but not even close to 100…last I read about Basalts, one salvo (10-12 missiles) is enough…they hit multiple ships and can carry nuclear tip. usually, a carrier group alarmed to such sub presence in their area of operations, launches anti-sub search operation and keeps carrier well away from it till then.

  59. Most comments here are made by trolling Russians whose minds have been brainwashed by the Putin propaganda machine (Russia Today, Rocciya 24 and the rest of the paid propagandists of the media.) No, I’m wrong. Their alleged minds have been scrubbed and steam-cleaned and then filled with rubbish. There is no excuse for you. The internet allows access to the truth and Putin can’t stop it.

  60. That was a lie, no one confirmed it, it was just a statement made by US, no proof no other country to confirm it, Iran saying it’s a lie

  61. It’s getting pitiful all the hate-Russia articles. We got it you are butthurt that they kick ass in Syria , make it less obvious next time

  62. violence breeds violence…West made a deal with Yankovich and opposition about shared Governance and early elections, but when he was ousted 2 days later, we went back on our word and recognized those opposition figures as legitimate President, PM, etc while they grabbed power in Kiev anti-Constitutionally…Russia called bluff on such Western regime change games on its borders.

  63. blue-bluh…people like you predicted for 2 years Russia was going to cease to exist as going concern right then and there…yet, they’ve kept status-quo in Ukraine and went to Syria now…Dream on.

  64. there is no 100% intercept of cruise missile pack like this one (they are tactical nuke payload capable and some are indeed armed with such payload, so one hit is enough), even for US Navy…That is why USN carriers get and stay 1000 mile away from an area where Russian cruise missile attack sub is believed to patrol till reliable contact is established with said sub.

  65. do you realize that Russia has other ships/bases with easy access to High Seas, which are armed with the same missiles? No? i thought so.

  66. First I am not fan of communist USSR…I defected from communist Czechoslovakia..but I am also realist..
    Who does sponsor and finance Al Qaida, Taliban ISIS and other terrorist it by chance US dear friend Saudi??? Would it be better to work with any country who support secular governments ???

  67. Out of Russia’s 26 cruise missiles fired 4 went awry without any opposing jamming countermeasures or from ground fire. How much more with jamming and ground fire? Probably half won’t reach its targets.

  68. Sensus
    Keep biting your tongue sour loser Russian troll! Lol Too bad, Ukraine is now out of Moscow’s control. Your corrupt mafia style system is finally over and Ukraine is finally free from being Russia’s vassal state. And know this, I’m no Ukraine stupid idiot! Lol Poroshenko does not play Putin’s cyber squad trolling schemes! Lol! Why pay fake squat trolls like you anyway! Such a waste. Only fascist trolls like you need get paid to boost your god Putin’s insecure egot! Lol

  69. when was last time USAF flew in somewhat contested airspace and with what results? Vietnam, Korea?
    anyway, “testing” and showboating weapons in Syria definitely help Russia and its weapon companies.

  70. At least this site allows comments pro or con but earlier Yahoo put a site on where no one could reply to the effect that Assad’s war was not going so well since he invited the Russians.
    That was an example of the media pushing their agenda with no chance for feedback.

  71. brag? My country fortunatelly was not involved in that war.
    the fact that you lie distorting real numbers (17000 Georgain soldiers vs 10000 Russians + 3000 Osetians in South Osetia) characterizes you very well.
    So shut up Ukrotroll

  72. The Russians seem to have improved their military quite a bit. Putin has done well, as far as rebuilding his military. Good thing that Russia isn’t a threat to the US………ROFL

  73. Yes, the coups, plural, in Ukraine:

    Crimea when Russian forces dissolved the local parliament at gunpoint.

    Slavyansk, Luhansk and Donetsk when Russian special forces, again, overthrew the local government replacing the leaders with Russian nationals.

    If you’re talking about those coups…

  74. yes your Ukraine is a failed state, a loony bin ruled by a drunkard, a clown, and an imbecile
    should I tell names? unfortunately no, cause they are obvious

  75. The Ford Escort was the #1 car on the planet for many years. I would hardly saw it was the best car on the planet, though.

    The AK is #1 because it’s cheap and effective.

  76. Well, Rubles earned by toilet cleaning in Russia are the only source of income for vast majority of Ukrainians, Georgians and other CIS nationals nowadays.

  77. lol Maybe the isis will give up,if we bombard them with day time soap. Nothing is worse than that…Well maybe in-laws,but it is against the Geneva convention to expose isis to them.

  78. Sensus
    Really! Who told you that? lol

    We all know Georgia only have a few thousand forces against Russia’ 50,000 along the borders. And my goodness you really think you can brag on this tiny conflict? Not to mention Russia lost 8 planes in a 2 week short of battle! lol And also troops on the ground using cellfones to communicate to each other?

    Georgia bought US uniforms and Humvees yet its forces still used old Russian tools. lol

  79. StanS
    Failed states? Too bad they don’t belong to Putin’s Russia anymore! lol Try buy something with your Ruble comrade! lol

  80. I keep saying it…
    Let Russia fight Syria by themselves. Let Putin take on the war himself.
    Bring our troops home NOW!

    We’re wasting our time and tons of money in a failed attempt to rid the world of ISIS. Let Putin take a crack at it.

  81. ha ha,

    The same BS was said many times by internet “experts” right before the war in Georgia mentioned in the article.

    They told us that “NATO standard” Georgian Army equipped by the state-of-the-art military technologies would easily destroy drunk Russians and their rusty tanks.

    On the fifth day of that war Russians, who allegedly “exposed its military weaknesses” (my regards to the author) were packing those miracles of technologies and sending them to Moscow ))))

  82. Hitting a stationary target and hitting a moving one are two completely different things. To hit a moving target at 900 miles with a cruise missile requires a very advanced control feedback system.

  83. stephen
    To sink a US carrier you need at least a 100 cruise missiles of all sort to sink one. And you need to do that all at one time or carrier escorts will just waste them away. Yes, US aircraft carriers doesn’t have much self defense systems onboard to protect itself from missile attacks, except some CIWS Phalanx or SeaRAMs, and with some Evolved Sea Sparrows. Its defenses lie on escorts. Those Aegis Burke Class destroyer (carrying 90 missiles) and Ticonderoga Cruiser ship (carrying 124 missiles) will definitely ruin your day. They will eat up most of in-comings with SM-2 anti-air missiles (63 miles), SM-6 anti-supersonic cruise missiles (230 miles), SM-3 anti-ballistic missile (470miles), and offensive weapons like Tomahawk cruise missiles (1,500 miles), Harpoon missile (50-120miles).

    It’s simply this, you are not firing on a single ship alone but a carrier group of 8-12 vessels. Measure how much firepower you need to throw in in order to sink a carrier.

  84. if you think our cops are a problem in the same scope as problems arising among nations (especially superpowers) then I got nothing to say to you. Your response is a cliche, empty talk, a spin, a diversion, a deflection in the context of my post about foreign policy.
    if you really think that we need to solve our aggressive cops problem before we attempt to maintain our world dominance then you need to tune your media filter a bit.
    One more little detail – if you don’t take care of international business, no one will give you time to solve your internal problems…you have to do both as vigorously.
    I never claimed we do not have problems domestically – we all know we do. We need to look problems inside and out and understand some basic facts of life.

  85. Except for those times that Russia got their butts kicked and sued for peace. Such as the Russo Japanese war, and WWI. And how did Afghanistan go?

  86. ” to use GPS to track and attack carriers”

    – Oh… so you think the Russians use OUR gps satellites, eh? So what will be tracking those carriers and sending their gps coordinates?

    You’re sadly misinformed… and it seems too stupid to realize it.

  87. So far russkies are flying in uncontested airspace so it’s not diff to doing it in a bombing range. Same goes for their supposed cruise missile, many of which went berzerk and hit another country without any even being exposed to countermeasures. Their crap is just as crappy as it is the norm with them, just less rusty.

  88. your little speech about united and divided is irrelevant and factually unsupported – it’s un-measureable. I am only talking about looking at our foreign policy in clear eyes and seeing what it needs to achieve. We have picked a commander in chief that has no inclination of being such – a commander in chief who puts a spin on the definition of leadership, a commander in chief who will surrender american superiority for a semblance of peace, an apparent, transitory calm.
    Our mistake has been valuing peace over survival (a nation’s survival) – sounds far fetched right now – but so fundamental to a future of a nation like ours.
    Peace is a great cause but we forget that it is inferior to others. We must never forget that. The price of acting is painful – the price of not paying this price (may not be our generation’s to pay, but) will be horrific ( maybe only to our descendants).
    If you want peace – you gotta be committed to fighting for it – because you have what everybody else wants and they are not going to just live and let you live. They are going to try to yank it away from you, sooner or later.

  89. But that rudimentary cheapness is a part of it’s greatness. Cheap and easy to produce, and easy to use and maintain by poorly trained troops makes it very useful. It’s the Model T of weapons. Not perfect, not exactly what you would want, but everyone can have one.

  90. you do realize that US destroyers and cruisers have some of the best defensive weapons and countermeasures to defeat Russian cruise missiles, right? Every weapon that Russia builds, the US quickly develops several options to counter it. The US military was designed to combat the Russian military since WWII.

  91. ok, so according to you we should police everywhere in the world except in place you later call a “mistake” with 20/20 hindsight? try running for a POTUS, you have chances.

  92. The plan that the US had in place to oust Assad was working quite well. So well, in fact Putin had to come and rescue Assad. Putin is not attacking ISIS, but the soldiers we supported who attempt to oust Assad. Putin is a monster and has been supporting ruthless dictators for years. Putin was directly responsible for the Sukhumi Massacre with resulted in the genocide of tens of thousands of Georgians. Putin’s actions have only prolonged the death and suffering of the Syrian people.

  93. I’m not really impress, although Russia is certainly showing off its military skills and weapons, but the word “impress” is rather too useful, after all Western forces have always performed this type of strategies and technology from the Golf War to Yugoslavia in the 90’s. Calling Russia’s recent show of force in Syria impressive? Rather, should be “expected” to say the list, or else what is 20 years of NATO’s experience is for Russia’s not getting any lessons from?

  94. And the more oil they pump, the less money they get for it. Price is fast approaching cost to produce. And unlike Saudi Arabia, Russia does not have funds to operate their nation for 20 years without revenue.

  95. I don’t care what book you claim Obama to work off of. That does not matter to me – Obama is a liberal and a pacifist. If you are the only pacifist on the block, you will be decimated and that is what Obama misses. There are things you cannot talk your way out of, you have to act. Sanctions don’t do it – disengagement achieves the opposite (may not in the short term), and it sends an unmistakable message to whoever wants to step in and ENGAGE (see Putin).

  96. you keep missing my main point.
    Don’t give me this distinction between washington and the american people – that distinction maybe right for you. the american people put Obama in Washington and best that you can claim is not being in majority – but you cannot claim that you don’t agree to live in a place ruled by majority – so you and every other american are responsible for what Washington is doing – like it or not.
    Another point I am trying to make is that it is only natural for us to want to enforce our agenda – be it only for the purpose of not wanting other agenda to be enforced on us.
    If you are ok with the US giving up its quality of life and its way of life (in the future) i got nothing else to say to you. If you are interested in keeping those – there’s a price to pay. Painful, messy, ‘dishonorable’ but NECESSARY.

  97. “Putin is proving in Syria that Russia is no longer a weak force that could easily be bullied by the West.”
    Russia is doing the bullying now, just like in the old Soviet days. If you try to replace your corupt Kremlin backed puppet, Russia will send in little green men to take over half your country and annex it to expand Russian territory.

  98. It’s the most common gun, but that doesn’t make it the best. It is common for several reasons. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union gave it away to Communist revolutionaries. And today China makes cheap AKs and sells them for a low price. It Additionally, it was licensed to many countries that have little or no care as to who they sell the gun (such as China, Bulgaria, Eqypt, Venezuala, North Korea, etc…). Most people don’t buy an AK because it is the best, but because it is readily available and inexpensive. Whereas something like the Israeli Tavor, or American M4 cost quite a bit more and are more tightly controlled. .

    Here in the USA, I can buy an AK for 400- 500 USD or I can buy a Tavor for 1500 dollars. Basically, the Tavor is 3 times the price.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the AK. It is a good gun, and highly reliable, but it’s not the best in the world.

  99. Russia is such an economic basket case the Russian bombers drop ‘dumb’ bombs to save money. They have a few ‘smart’ bombs but use the old-type bombs, no matter what the Russian MOD says. No wonder the Russian air strikes haven’t made a dent in the Rebel’s fighting capability. Most of the ‘dumb’ bombs miss the target.

  100. You need some more information on geo-politics. Your comment sounds emotional. Is that the kind of strategy you have for the current battle field?
    One thing you should work on is your faulty assumption that Russia is not pumping more oil too or Russia really cares much about what Saudi Arabia does.

  101. ” You have been their for 4 years plus ”

    – We have?? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

    “ISIS is losing grounds”

    – Daesh (ISIS) is ADVANCING on Aleppo while you morons are attacking the FSA… NOT Daesh. Really… peddle your BS elsewhere, moron, I’m a bit more informed than the typical RT/Pravda loser. Next…?

  102. Where have IS lost ground? So far the Russians have made no difference in Assad’s armies ability to take and hold any territory.

  103. Tony’s brain has not been washed.
    But like the majority of low thinking, bitter tea drinkers, it is normally empty of any real thoughts.

  104. Non had problem don’t believe propaganda. All the 26 hit their targets. According to Russia army. The west that said 4 went to Iran did they show you the picture or the city it landed.

  105. With what you did in Iraq with your modern weapon where your ran away with your tale and lost 4400 cops and more 5000 wounded and you are still thinking of enforcing the law outside brainwash city.

  106. Just take care of yourself first. Your killing yourself everyday. Let your cops stop the killing of school children first before trying to police others.

  107. I complete think you are paranoid. You have been their for 4 years plus with the west and ISIS has gained more ground than when it started. But with what Russia has done it less than one month ISIS is losing grounds and you are still there babbling.

  108. believe SA and Qatar have already warned Russia. The rebels may not be able to stop cruise missiles but certainly they can be supplied with mobile sams. From what I’ve read some group has already used mortars against Moscow’s embassy in Syria. I hope the Russian people will be happy to see their sons and fathers coming home in body bags.

  109. wrong cruise missiles fired from those ships can be used to attack carriers. All they need is the ability to use GPS to track and attack carriers. info easily provided by satellites.

  110. There is no Liberal agenda when it comes to foreign policy. If Obama hasn’t opened your eyes to that then I doubt anything will. He is operating straight out of the Reagan playbook. All of this liberal against conservative crap is for domestic politics to pit Americans against each other. It is a tool of division much like religion, race, and sexual preference. United we stand, divided we fall. We have never been more divided as a nation and that has been by design.

  111. The semantics are important, and I was mistaken with mine. I should not have said “our” agenda. It is the agenda of Washington, not the American people. If that agenda was a moral one then I would be right with you. Unfortunately it is not and that agenda kills people and puts Americans at risk. You think this is a good thing? Going to war and killing people over lies? For regional, political, and economic gains? That is all this is. It makes the rich richer and the powerful more powerful. It has nothing to do with the Syrian people or democracy.

  112. you don’t know anything about guns if you think the Kalashnikov is the best assault rifle in the world. I have several Kalashnikovs, a Russian Molot and a Bulgarian milled AK in 7.62x39mm and two Romanian AK-74s. They are decent guns, but they are no better than the AR-15, or the Sig 556, or the Israeli Tavor, or Steyr Aug, or many other guns. In fact, the AK is inferior to most of those due to it’s poor accuracy and lack of modularity.

  113. “now how many missiles from 900 miles away by those 4 small corvettes would be needed to sink any ”

    – Lots. Lots and Lots, if it can be done at all!! Seriously, Jane’s has a good write up on the SSN-30, and FoxtrotAlpha has some great footage of Mi-24s flying around dropping sub-munitions all over a civilian town.

  114. just wait until the media sells the public on us sending troops and equipment in to defend against Assad… then it’ll just be us vs russia at the expense of the syrians

  115. The US & Russia have done that for decades* Along with many other countries throughout the history of the world. They are called proxy wars.. Korean War would be a great example of this.

  116. CNN? What are you babbling about? Try FAS, Jane’s, FoxtrotAlpha, or any other non-political Security community site.

    If you seriously believe that CNN is the only source for current Russian ops data then you really shouldn’t post about things you’re ignorant of.

  117. ummm, duh?? is there anyone that really thought he was there just out of the goodness of his heart to protect the syrian people?

  118. you have no choice but to drive the ship. i am assuming you don’t want to be driven by russia or china. if you rather have them dictate your reality, i have nothing to say to you.

  119. “all designed in the 1960s ”
    Mi-24 (1971) vs AH-64 (1982)
    Su-24 (1983) vs Panavia Tornado (1980)
    Su-25 (1981) vs A-10 (1975)

  120. Libya is a classic example of a failed liberal agenda – you first try to push democracy and when you fail you disengage, leaving burnt land behind, and people wishing old order to come back and enforce some order where normal people can live and do normal day stuff.

  121. i really don’t care about semantics as i am not speaking for justice. i am in fact in favor of ‘pushing our agenda’ – what i am saying – if we don’t some else’s agenda will be pushed upon us.
    my opinion about justice is that it is inferior to survival. you first have to survive and win to be able to fight for (your kind of) justice.
    justice is not universal and is not axiomatic – it is definitely a form of pushing some agenda – one that you might agree with or one that you don’t.

  122. Russia is going to find out real fast that the Sunni population of Saudi Arabia and other gulf states in the Middle East aren’t going to allow them to continue to kill Sunnis and support Shia Iran without consequences. Saudi Arabia will continue to over produce oil which is killing the Russian economy. And just like in Afghanistan, these Sunni states will unleash hundreds of thousands of Sunni fighters and cause Russia to back out…..just like they did years ago in Afghanistan.

  123. Only people who suffer delusions believe he’s a Muslim. I don’t like him either but I still don’t allow myself to be brainwashed by certain media outlets

  124. If we had a President that “had balls” we would not worry about this. But seeing as though Obama let Russia
    annexation of Crimea go unchallenged, they are trying to show the world that they are strong. Once we get a new President Putin might not think he’s so strong. The same goes for China.

  125. You do realize that those ships can’t get out of the Caspian Sea right…well now you do,.they are stuck there so they are useless against any aircraft carrier.

  126. now how many missiles from 900 miles away by those 4 small corvettes would be needed to sink any Ford class aircraft carrier, with the loss of so many seamen and their wonder f35 planes?

  127. Kalashnikov was created in 1947, but till present times it is the best machine gun in the world. You won`t have anything like that for years

  128. i was not talking about what law should the US enforce – i was talking about the job of a cop. nice spin.
    as for what the US should enforce, acting as a world policeman – it should enforce its INTER national regulations that promote free trade.
    Leave INTRA-national issues to local people (do not enforce democracy…).
    Above all, never back down from a skirmish and never lose one.
    You ability to dominate depends on that – and the reason why you prefer to dominate is because if you don’t some one else will, by then it will be too difficult to resist – then you have to live by policy set by others, in support of others. the concept is very simple – implementation is messy, imperfect and hurtful at times – the alternative is horrific.

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  130. What is being displayed in Syria now is just a small sample. Putin is telling Obama, you ain’t seen nothing yet! “I’ll bring Heaven down on your head!”

  131. forgot the guided missiles fired from more than 1500km away?
    yes, 4 have had problems but if they did not fire, they would not be able to know there’s a problem – now they know and they will fix.

  132. “Russia Using Syria As Testing Ground For Its Modern Weaponry”

    The US has done that for decades in other places and it should continue to do so to maintain dominance.
    Avoiding conflict has negative impact and the US will pay for it in the future.
    We have to be the cops of the world because if we don’t some else will be.
    And you don’t train cops to negotiate with law breakers. You train cops to ENFORCE the law.
    We could disengage – but then in the future, we should not be surprised at the outcome, where countries like russia and china police our economy – don’t say you never been told.

  133. “Russia was seen as a decaying, insignificant, and toothless tiger.”

    That explains why the West, specially the neocons in the US thought that the coup in Ukraine and their invasion and destruction of Syria would go unopposed. Now the pirates are all alarmed, confused, flabbergasted by Russia’s reaction. The a$$holes thought it would be another Yugoslavia, or another Libya or another Afghanistan.

  134. “modern” weaponry? Russia? AHAHAHAHA… they are using Su-24, Su-25, and Mi-24 aircraft, all designed in the 1960s and built in the 1970s… “modern” 50 year old weaponry, LOL…

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