Russia Joins U.S. Against North Korea?

Russia Joins U.S. Against North Korea?
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It seems that North Korea and Russia are not pals after all. Not even close. Now that a Russian ambassador says Russia is not going to put up with North Korea’s nuclear status, which is basically a sacred thing for Pyongyang, the countries are not as close as the U.S. has feared them to be.

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“Russia’s principled position is that North Korea’s nuclear status is unacceptable for it,” Russian Ambassador to South Korea Alexander Timonin said on Tuesday at a forum of the Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative (NAPCI) in Seoul.

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Timonin added that the only way to solve the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula is to change the entire situation in the sphere of security. “Much has been done in the past ten years but still it was not enough, so no considerable progress can be seen now,” the Russian ambassador noted.

The Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative (NAPCI) is a dead end for the nuclear crisis unless North Korea joins it, Timonin said. “North Korea is a major part of Northeast Asia, so, it is vitally important to involve Pyongyang into this cooperation. Moscow is trying to do that and plans to continue its participation in the six-party talks,” he said.

The Russia diplomat also noted that there must be both “soft” and “tough” efforts to influence North Korea into settling major security problems in the nuclear crisis.

“Much is being said now about “soft” cooperation but we should bear in mind that further success will depend on settling serious security problems. We can reach no breakthrough in other sphere without them,” he said.

Russia calls the West for economic cooperation with North Korea

Timonin also urged all parties concerned to focus on bringing North Korea to the table of talks through expanded economic cooperation. He noted that Russia is doing quite good in that regard, referring to joint Russia-North Korea railway transport development.

“And we expect other parties to be more active too. This way, we will be able to make the NAPCI a serious movement covering the entire regional agenda,” he said.

At the end of September, Timonin said that Moscow would never justify North Korea’s nuclear missiles nor its nuclear program, as reported by ValueWalk.

Speaking at a forum marking the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Russia, he noted that if Pyongyang wants to claim the right as a sovereign state to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, then North Korean leader Kim Jong-un first needs to uphold his father’s promises made on September 19, 2005 under the Joint Statement to abandon the nuclear program as well as comply with UN resolutions banning North Korea from launching long-range missiles.

North Korea is preparing new nuclear tests

Over a week ago, it was reported by North Korean media that the country could be preparing to launch new nuclear tests.

The Yonhap news agency reported that a spokesman of North Korean intelligence announced new nuclear tests, speaking in front of the Pyongyang parliament. It was reported that the nuclear tests are expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

The news came after North Korean leadership announced it had declined the proposal to continue talks on the matter of putting an end to North Korea’s nuclear program.

The move came a day after U.S. President Barack Obama met with South Korean President Park Guen-hye and announced that Washington would never accept North Korea’s nuclear power status.

The U.S. will never let North Korea to possess nuclear weapons, Obama said speaking at the press conference in the White House after meeting the South Korean leader.

Obama reassured that Washington and Seoul will always make efforts to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula and urge Pyongyang to follow the UN Security Council’s resolution on nuclear and missile programs.

Then North Korea announced that it declines the possibility of continuing talks on de-nuclearizing the region. Pyongyang made the decision immediately after the meeting between Obama and Park Guen-hye.

Kim Yong Jae, North Korean ambassador to Russia, then said that Pyongyang is not going to give up its nuclear program unilaterally. The diplomat noted that North Korea is already a nuclear power and it has nuclear interests it has to stick to. He also added that there is a big difference between the Iranian nuclear program and the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons could reach U.S. soil

U.S. Navy earlier acknowledged the possibility of a nuclear attack from North Korean. United States Navy admiral William Bill Gortney said the North Korean military have nuclear weapons capable of reaching U.S. soil. But he added that such an attack would be countered by the U.S.

Hyon Hak-bong, North Korea’s ambassador to the U.K., recently said that North Korea will join the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) only when the U.S. abandons its “aggressive policy” and stops threatening North Korea.

North Korea self-recognized itself a nuclear power back in 2005. In 2006, 2009 and 2013 it conducted underground nuclear tests. In 2009, North Korea left the six party talks involving North Korea, Russia, the U.S., China, Japan and South Korea.

As a response to Pyongyang’s actions, UN Security Council adopted a number of resolutions demanding North Korea to stop its nuclear activity. In the resolutions 1718 and 1874, the UN lists demands for the North Korea to not carry out any nuclear tests and abstain from launching ballistic missiles, as well as to return to the talks to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula.

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  1. If you read the news, you would have seen that the deal was not released to the public but was rather released to the Congress in confidential viewing rooms and the Congressmen then described the contents of the deal. You are still a moron for going off half cocked without knowing what you are talking about.

  2. So idiot, then you got it somewhere – ? Right? WHERE!? “trick”? Is that YOUR word? Then how’re they doing that? “Just because”? Guess you should be president then?

  3. Here the big problem .North Korea would like to be part of the rest, of the world. Only problem is Noth Korea doesn’t know how . They are like all nation and people they are proud .Now it’s our job to find a way to get them in
    Most of this has been going on behind the scenes. Like trip to Japan and other 3rd party nation .
    We predict North Korea would be a good and useful addition to the world but it’s to be done correctly or they will run and hide again
    So to the pesos or persons that succeed , in this endeavor. It will be one of the monumental events
    FOR THE NEW Century

  4. Yeah right! Russia knows end up in a war with the US North Korea will be one of the first countries fighting with them at their side. Either there hoping we buy this BS to give N Korea a much needed element of surprise I case war did break out (though no one is buying it) or they are trying to make the US look weak by getting something done that we couldn’t. It wouldn’t surprise me if Russia gave them Nucleur weapons in exchange.

  5. Dumb Americans? really? Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, boing, All company’s Russians depend on. if you are so much smarter why isn’t US using Russian technology? I dare you to stop using anything from the USA and see how you would survive. Have you ever been to USA? you only listen to what your government want you to hear. Don’t get me wrong USA is the same. I challenge you to get to know people from USA and you will understand that people are the same and governments are the same. a few select people at the top of each country wants the citizens of their country’s to be divided. you and I are the same. we work, eat, sleep, love our family’s. We are no different our governments are what is different

  6. US is not attacking ISIS. Infact ISIS is using AmeriCON weapons.
    You’r nerd kid.
    Before you declare what Russians doing in Ukraine, do remember what Muricons tried to do in Cuba. And mind you Crimea was a Russian territory.

  7. Really steve? Been hanging out with BC a bit too much. Sources please since the policy on NK isn’t about to change anytime soon. Don’t forget to READ the Iran “deal” and tell us which part you’re referring to. Thanks.
    P.S.: Saying “All Of It” doesn’t feed the Bull Dog – rate the parts if need be.

  8. Well BC – seems you’ve been holding out on us. Apparently your selective memory occludes how very close N. Korea had been to the USSR. Until Putin, the Russian Federation, (aka: Little Soviet and Communist Moscow) couldn’t maintain relations of any sort with anyone that amounted to much. So, who informed you that relationship that had been between N. Korea and Russia was somehow altered in the intervening years? And if anyone is “using” any body,…gotta mirror? Please feel free to use sources and out comes since the GOP talk but they’ve forgotten how to walk.

  9. I don’t think most Americans really care what the relationship is between Russia and North Korea.
    North Korea is a joke and Russia is rapidly approaching that status.

  10. “the countries are not as close as the U.S. has feared them to be”

    The gullible americans misguided again by believing Russia and North Korea are pals.
    The US government lied once more (out of fear?). Not out fear, but out of YOUR fear, manipulated you in making you, idiot, believe that they are pals. Making you believe that were friends, it fits the need for the hatre you have against other countries that don’t follow US wishes.
    The constant need of hating somebody, is a tool the US government uses for you to hate, among other things.
    Over the years, we’ve have names like Castro, Mao, Saddam, the russians (except for Boris, the drunk), let’s throw in Hitler to have the list a little more credible, and others escape my memory. They have an incredible machine to make you believe things that they don’t really exist, and they have the money and more than sufficient resources to get the job done. And it’s worked so well over the years. Remember AMDs? That worked very well, too well. Billions spent, thousands dead for a lie. Remember you believed that? It was your fear in action, and Bush-Cheney were manipulating you, and worked very, very well. Congratulations! That day, you became an official idiot. But not to worry, there are more to validate your status. Until you wake up and use common sense, the US government is not done with you, yet. Your common sense will make the US great again. Right now is divided by both parties. Both are tearing the country apart and using you to do it.

  11. I’m glad you discussing this. The whole political decisions on the planet are about economical interests by business people who are looking to get cheap labour,cheap raw material and market expansion.These people are the ones funding governments programs for their own benefit.The US has the media to play the propaganda and controls many media outlets which are a tool to reach the people.Russia has the masses and weapons to fight but lack the propaganda aspect because you must make the world understand why you doing something. Both countries have their weaknesses and strength but the sad truth is a few benefit from the whole game. People in Africa,you name them are suffering because of selfish interests by individuals. We need capitalism to a certain point but now is way to good for the entire universe.

    Philosopher Black

  12. I question the credibility of this news story, Russia has spent the last three years working out coal and natural gas deals with North Korea . North Korea already has a working ICBM, and has also conducted successful under ground nuclear tests.

  13. Your logic is stupid beyond disgusting. You mean people whos ancestors live there before Ukraine even existed. They should invade your n@zi @sses from Krakov to Odessa, so you can see aggression first hand. Maybe the should help IS and other jihadists in Syria. Die in hate mongrel!

  14. Putin is the kind of man that would blow the brains out of a little girls parents & laugh while he was doing it. Barry on the other hand will ride a little girls bike & hang drapes.

  15. Perhaps its time we ended the sanctions against Russia and instead focused on the middle east. I don’t think honestly many Americans care what happens to Ukraine. Our time could be better spent fighting the same foe then fighting each other.

  16. Russia is a super power that is stronger then the usa. plus people listen to Putin. obama, not so much. Putin will do what he says he will. if he tells NK they better shut down their nuke program, NK better listen. because Putin will shut it down for them.

  17. face facts anyone with power uses Russian rockets, without Russia, bombs would be dropped not launched, remember Russia controls the space station only reachable with their rockets, remember space race 1957 they won yet USA claimed victory 12 years later in 1969, go figure

  18. “..the countries are not as close as the U.S. has feared them to be” It should say, “…as the US media makes it look.” They haven’t been since 1990.

  19. “Come into my Parlor said the spider to the fly” Putin and Kim, sitting in a tree, k I s s I n g. One says “jump”, the other says “Boo”….I say F U! Leave us be.

  20. Just because their are Russian thieves living in Ukraine, does not mean Their land belongs to Russia. US is attacking ISIS in Syria (oddly helping Assad), which stinking Russia is NOT doing, JERK!

  21. This is why we need Donald Trump. Now Russia wants our help? Why don’t we negotiate? U.S will be on your side exchange we want to buy oil from Russia at $40 A barrel

  22. In Ukraine live 8 000 000 Russian speaking population on Crimea 2 000 000.
    Syrian government invited Russia. Nobody invited US and CO and yet you are there. So do you need more irony to be explained?

  23. can someone explain the irony here because i know putin has some things hes gotta change about russia before he starts pointing his finger at north korea. this situation at best is a publicity stunt aimed at covering up russia’s on going war with the ukraine and syria.

  24. It really doesn’t take a genius to not trust the North Korean government. And Putin is only saying this NOW, not several years ago when this first began. So, I beg to differ with your “Mr. Putin is more smart”, unless you meant smarter than a toddler that is.

  25. Sheesh, This is a strategic statement. There only interest is to eliminate any possible future opposition, or sovereign state, communist or not. Wake up.

  26. No offense, but this article is non sense. So is this comment: if this is the case. Let Russia and US both flex their military muscle and test it on North Korea. After that Russia and US can duke it out.

  27. Mr Putin is more smart that many people realize. He understand that North Korean can’t be trust and can backfire at any given time. Besides North Korea is too close to Russia’s borders..

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