Russia Building Arctic Bases In Preparation For World War 3?

Russia Building Arctic Bases In Preparation For World War 3?

Fears have been raised about the beginning of World War 3 after Moscow announced plans for three new military bases within 300 miles of the U.S. mainland.

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Russia and the U.S. have been edging closer to conflict due to a number of geopolitical situations from Ukraine to Syria. Now Vladimir Putin has signaled his intention to move Russian forces to within a stone’s throw of the U.S.

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World War 3 – U.S. and Japan targeted by proposed military bases

Plans for the Arctic military bases were revealed alongside blueprints for another base on the disputed Kurile islands, some of which are just 20 miles from Japan. Putin and Russia have already got involved in the conflict in Syria, showing their military strength during a bombing campaign in support of embattled President Bashar al-Assad.

Now it appears that Moscow is not content to project its power in the Middle East, and has its eyes on the Arctic and the Far East. The new Russian expansionism has already seen the invasion and annexation of the Crimean peninsula, and the latest announcement will only serve to stoke the flames of international tension.

The new bases will pose a direct threat to U.S. and Japanese territory, and significantly increase Russia’s military reach in the East. Once the military outposts are constructed, Russia will boast a military presence in the four extremities of the Asian continent.

Militarization of Arctic next frontier for Putin

In addition to provoking potential reprisals from Washington, the move is sure to upset Beijing as a direct threat to military supremacy in East Asia. Relations with Tokyo are already strained, and the Pacific base will only make matters worse. Japan has a claim to the Southern Kurile islands, which it calls the Northern Territories.

The islands passed into Russian hands after World War 2, and their loss caused such outrage in Japan that the two nations are yet to sign a formal peace treaty. In the Arctic, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that work is underway, or will soon start, on a number of bases located on Wrangel Island, Kotelny Island and at Cape Schmidt.

He told the press that Russia aimed to “completely finish the creation and arming of the entire Arctic grouping” by 2018. “We’re not hiding this from anyone, we have practically finished creating the base in the Novosibirsk Archipelago, on the island of Kotelny,” he added.

Moscow exhibits increasingly belligerent foreign policy

Russia has grown increasingly aggressive in its dealings with foreign powers, and Shoigu did not attempt to hide the importance of the new bases. “This is a really large base that was never seen during the Soviet times, and it has modern equipment, all of the needed equipment for these boundaries,” he said.

Putin had previously agreed not to militarize the Arctic, which is subject to competing territorial claims from multiple countries. However Russian officials have underlined their commitment to making sure that Russian interests are well defended.

The residents of Cape Schmidt, or Mys Shmidta in Russian, number only a few hundred and lived an isolated existence until Putin chose their home as the site of a military base. Most importantly for Russia’s strategic ambitions, the cape is only 320 miles from Point Hope, Alaska.

Putin presumably thinks that by building a military base so close to American soil, he can give Russia the advantage in a potential World War 3. Another proposed site, Wrangel Island, is a Unesco World Heritage Site and home to a nature reserve which will likely be sacrificed at the altar of Putin’s imperialist ambitions.

Russia planning for military operations in the Arctic

The Russian armed forces have undertaken a number of military drills in the Arctic in 2015, and Moscow has revealed blueprints for a network of new naval facilities capable of handling submarines and warships. The Arctic is a particular focus of Russia’s military strategy through 2020.

Moscow already has military facilities in eastern Europe and Asia, in countries such as Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. The Kremlin also maintains the Tartus naval base and the Latakia air base in Syria, which have recently seen the arrival of hundreds of soldiers and pieces of military equipment.

As worrying as these developments are for the U.S. and its allies, the Russian public seems to approve. President Putin currently enjoys an approval rating of nearly 90% following the bombing campaign in Syria aimed at Islamic State fighters and anti-government rebels.

Thanks to increasingly virulent nationalist propaganda, Putin appears to have convinced the Russian public that aggressive foreign policy is the only way for Russia to regain its past glories. The danger is that by projecting its military power to new areas of the globe, Russia runs the risk of sparking World War 3.

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  1. Moscow exhibits increasingly belligerent foreign policy?? and you think American foreign policy is not belligerent? America claims the skies and seas as their own. America has bases all over the globe whether we like it or not. America plans to militarize space. once that happens they will have absolute control over the entire planet and beyond. who you calling belligerent?

  2. Dude, Jason the troll…please i don’t need a critic… especially a person such as your self that doesn’t have the brains to absorb the information presented or the capacity to understand….son your hopeless. Jason better off playing with your Barbies.


  4. It’s own territory? The arctic does not belong to Russia, and last I checked Russia is taking over land from other countries (aka Crimea). Yes the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, but we didn’t take over those countries permanently dude…

  5. Wow, you’re obviously a Russian troll. I know it is hard for you to deal with that the US military is 10 times greater than the Russian military, but please stop posting idiotic comments that make you look so damn retarded…

  6. Russia made the same promise and then invaded them. You do know Ukraine is not in NATO right? Which makes my point even more. Putin will never try anything against NATO.

  7. You’re still here. Great! Really American hi-tech the highest in the world. And English is the most widely spread language. Even baboons can learn how to type it.

  8. Noting will happen Russia is all talk like always. Russia clearly understands they are the ones who get turned into radioactive dust should they try anything hence they don’t and never will COMRADE!!!!

  9. what about the 5 Chinese ships including a destroyer coming into u.s. territorial waters? it seems that a lot of countries are trying to stir crap up, then set back and hope what they have done will instigate ww3.

  10. Bring ww3 lets clean this place up, usa woulda kicked russia ars 10 year ago, and still will today. Lucky we werent the soviets ten years ago all your wouldnt be here russia

  11. Russia helped in the fight with Rebels to take control of Crimea, and over 7,000 people lost their lives because of it, Russia has been showing aggression just like Hitler tried doing. We hope their is no WW3, showing off and flaunting Nukes to the world by have military parades, does not help ease tensions.

  12. You’re right – Russia doesn’t have the balls to come after NATO. It has only few very power toys to gently remind Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia etc what may may happened if the do not behave. Are you really sure you personally want to be turned into radioactive dust for few millennia to come in order to be true to article 5 of NATO Charter? I am 100% sure you’re not.
    Putin just had called 70 years old bluff and all American bullies from Pentagon immediately blinked.

  13. Worry not about Alaska my friend. If you put USA base in Estonia 80 miles from Leningrad little base within 300 miles from Alaska would be only nice counterbalance. With the coverage of 3000 miles of new missiles demonstrated few days ago in Syria this base will nicely cool down quite a few hot heads in Pentagon for the good of what ever left from our middle class and may be even facilitate its return back. Amen.

  14. Well Russia might but not if Sweden is in NATO then that Putin punk will do nothing but run the other way like Russia has always done. NATO countries are safe as always

  15. Newsflash: Russia is constructing military bases at its own territory and this is a threat to the world! It is also establishing military bases abroad and this is a dangerous move which may spark WW3. What the hell is wrong with you people? So now what do you have to say about all the foreign bases of the US military? If anyone, the US is more likely to spark WWIII than anybody else.

  16. What the hell is wrong with you people? Russia, like any other nation in the world, cares about its own national interests, and has the absolute sovereign right to establish military bases on its own territory whenever it deems it necessary. Every sovereign nation also enjoys the right of international cooperation, hence the bases abroad. How many bases does the US have away from its own territory. If anyone, it is the US which is more likely to spark WW3 than any other country in the world.

  17. I unlike you, I read in Russian.
    Russian submarine Losharik restored to service these thermonuclear seabed mines.
    In addition, in the Russian press there were articles that simple thermonuclear mines exploded in random locations not cause the devastating tsunami in the United States.
    In Soviet times, scientists conducted a research study in which locations need to lay mines, to the shock wave could create a tsunami.
    Nothing happened, but they were able to solve this problem the opposite way.
    Detected the time the shock waves from the earthquake in the United States.
    Thus, Soviet scientists have found – when and at what points it is necessary to lay thermonuclear mines .
    This idea was suggested to the developer of the Soviet H-bomb Sakharov.

  18. I unlike you, I read in Russian.
    Russian submarine “Losharik” restored to service these thermonuclear seabed mines.
    In addition, in the Russian press there were articles that simple thermonuclear mines exploded in random locations not cause the devastating tsunami in the United States.
    In Soviet times, scientists conducted a research study in which locations need to lay mines, to the shock wave could create a tsunami.
    Nothing happened, but they were able to solve this problem the opposite way.
    Detected the time the shock waves from the earthquake in the United States.
    Thus, Soviet scientists have found – when and at what points it is necessary to lay thermonuclear mines .
    This idea was suggested to the developer of the Soviet H-bomb Sakharov.

  19. just because you didn’t give your all for your country doesn’t mean that I didn’t either. believe it or not, not every person would make the same decisions that you would out of fear, or lack of integrity, or strength.

  20. have your hands or feet been categorized as lethal weapons, both feet and both of my hands have, by a joint venture between the army special forces and the marine special operations. they were trying to create a super soldier.

  21. have you carried 2 soldiers on your shoulders, running for 8 out of 10 miles every day for 6 weeks sometimes 2 times a day? I have.

  22. did you know that a 50 megaton nuke, is rated at 50 million tons of dynamite going off at the same time? or wind shears from the blast within a 10 mile radius would be between 3,500 mph to 5,000 miles per hour depending on weather and atmospheric conditions. and the wind shears would be approximately 3,500 degrees?

  23. have you been put through cia style interrogation? it is very unpleasant, they try to bring a person as close to death as possible, without the person dying.

  24. I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care. those who know me know know I don’t lie. those who do not believe me can kiss my a$$, hooah!

  25. I have never used any drug that was not prescribed to me at the time of use, everything is 100% true. when you assume something you make an/ ass/ of u/ and / me.

  26. I unlike you, I read in Russian.
    Russian submarine “Losharik” restored to service these thermonuclear seabed mines.
    In addition, the Russian press there were articles that simple fusion mines exploded in random locations not cause the devastating tsunami in the United States.
    In Soviet times, scientists conducted a research study in which locations need to lay mines, to the shock wave could create a tsunami.
    Nothing happened, but they were able to solve this problem the opposite way.
    Detected the time the shock waves from the earthquake in the United States.
    Thus, Soviet scientists have found – when and at what points it is necessary to lay thermonuclear mines .
    This idea was suggested to the developer of the Soviet H-bomb Sakharov.

  27. Consider all the government influence in the Russian media you say this… All the bad things that are said about Russia these days can be laid at Russia’s current government and people like you. You and them created the atmosphere for hatred now embrace your creation.

  28. So in your logic if someone else creates chaos and death it gives RUSSIA every right to do the same anytime anywhere and to whomever it chooses? Great justification. By the way that’s sarcasm.

  29. not to mention our president’s religion and name. the man takes the last name of the wife, and moves his original last name to the middle. so our president name before marriage was barrack Hussein, and he is not from Hawaii, he’s from the middle east. with all of the stealing he has done from this country, it should make a person at least wonder if he is the son of or closely related to saddam Hussein.

  30. All the new bases are in response to the new Russian threat. For every action there is a reaction. For every act of aggression by Russia the wall between the West and itself will only grow taller and more impenetrable.
    Where once Russia was accepted as possible partner in the future it is now seen only as a threat. Where out of the ashes of the the Soviet Union the Russian people became welcome in Europe now find themselves in a fire of hatred created by their leaders. The Russian people once more will find themselves in ashes of their own destruction but very few nations will be offering a helping hand out of those ashes as they did the last time.

  31. you know as well as I, that anytime a politician praises anything is because money is going in their pocket, or else they wouldn’t say a thing. and when they praise anything they are hiding something, they are doing to destroy America, mainly the poor. i served my country well during desert storm, but have become so disgusted by politicians, and presidents such as our current one. the popular vote had him beat 3- 1, in the primary elections. Hillary should rightfully have been the one to run, not Obama. there has been a sign in borden, Indiana since the primary that still is up today. it reads one
    this proves that the common vote means nothing, Hillary 3 to barack’s 1, but the electoral college voted who in? our country has become the most governmentally corrupted of any country on planet earth. but the politicians have stolen too much and now they have put their ill gotten gains in jeopardy. because there will very soon be a time that the money they have stolen will not be worth the price of the paper it’s printed on. and all the while starving the ill, and poor literally to death. and poisoning our food for gains in medical prescriptions. our original country was really good, a country of the people, for the people, and by the people. a government where no politician can make more than a common worker, like a grocery store employee for example. now look at a grocery workers wages, and compare that to what any politician makes. or the slave military, I worked 18 to 20 hours a day, of the most physically grueling training of any military in the world in 1991, during desert storm. my actual wages not including my sleeping time was 26 cents per hour, when minimum wage was $3.35 per hour. and I had to risk my life for 26 cents per hour, what a slap in the face. on top of that I destroyed the us army official weightlifter’s bench press record in front of his own face, his name is mark henry he claimed to be the world’s strongest man. he was kicked out of the army for refusing to drop his claim as the world’s strongest man. he still uses his claim with wwe wrestling. so for over 20 years now I’ve been called a liar by people who believe a lie, from the actual liar. for 26 cents per hour and risking my life as well. the army did me wrong throughout my short career with them. my job was 55-g (nuclear weapons specialist) until the army deleted my m.o.s., I saw many things the cia was doing, that no one would believe unless they saw it as well, gene splicing human with animal dna, remote control organisms they killed a man and quickly put electrodes on nerve endings to re animate the dead to use it as a killing machine with serin gas. was given anti- ebola, anti- aids, and anti- anthrax, as well as many other dangerous shots, all for 26 cents per hour wages. I was lied to in the m.e.p.s. station where I was sworn in and tested. I was told I would go from base to base tearing apart and reassembling nuclear weapons and fixing any problems I would find before reassembly. I was finally told the truth after my m.o.s. was deleted. general mccolaczek, told my actual job was to go behind enemy lines and take out the enemies nuclear weapons capabilities by myself, and if I was to be captured the government would deny my existence, and bring plutonium back for good old uncle sam. all for a whoppingly tiny, 26 cents per hour. while minimum wage was $3.35 per hour. I could tell of a lot more but I think I have told enough for the moment.

  32. No offense, but US defense spending is more than the rest of the world combined, how much more do you really need? Who is going to attack you? Paranoia much?

  33. Russia’s GDP is nothing to sneeze at, coming in at 5th in the world or so. Moreover, Russia lost 30 million people and half the country was destroyed as a result of WW2 (courtesy of our Western European friends, very civilized and democratic bunch). That kind of devastation never befell Texas or any other 50 states, always sitting comfortably behind the protection of the 2 oceans.

    Also, America can print as many dollars as she wants, and the rest of the world is eager to gobble it all up. It’s very hard to compete with that, wouldn’t you say? Moreover, Russia is completely self-sustained, whereas life in America would stop as we know it if shipments from China cease coming. I want you to think very hard about that. America makes very little, and a lot of it supposedly humongous GDP is paper wealth that can be wiped out with one whiff. (Remember the bail out? When the pillars of capitalism were dropping like flies. What’s with the government saving private companies, I thought we were staunch capitalists??)

  34. It’s amazing how much Russophobia (and Sinophobia) propaganda is being circulated by our US media. Does our so-called free press really report the actual facts or are they always publishing anti-Russia and anti-China opinions by unknown authors? I really wonder how much influence our government and intelligence agencies have over our media.

  35. Sending bad vibes toward you Reaper…NO ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!!! Too much blood has been spilled obtaining & maintaining U.S. freedom. I am a U.S. natural born citizen who lived in the United States and have lived overseas under a dictator with no free speech or gun rights…try it before you espouse it.

  36. Russia can blame no one but themselves. Funny how places like Sweden and Finland are now considering joining NATO so they can be safe from a place like Russia. You see Russia don’t have the balls to come after NATO.

  37. Another stupid and idiotic anti Russia propaganda article composed and written by a graduate of Joseph Goebbels University of Deception, Lies and Propaganda in Washington.

  38. You are bombing innocents for over a decade and creating chaos and death all over the world.You are into no position morally to talk bad about Russia.

  39. US and NATO countries provoked Russia by moving all kinds of war weapons closer and around Russia. Now Putin is responding in trying to defend himself and everybody is telling us he is preparing for ww3.

  40. Your theory doesn’t hold water. Oil will be worthless in 25 years and Russia (and 20 other countries) already have more oil reserves than they will ever be able to extract and sell.

  41. Yes Bruce, I know and I thank you for your comment. What the dumb ass Putin doesn’t know is what else we have in store for him. The problem is, how do we let the fool know without divulging all of our might. The outcome will be a disaster and the end of life on earth within a few months of the initial salvos. The first strikes will cremate over 300,000,000 people. The rest of the world will die of radiation sickness, starvation and lack of drinkable water.
    Perhaps the Russian leader want’s this to happen. Even in one of his most fortified bunkers, he’ll be one of the first to die, because we know where his bunkers are located.
    Thanks again Bruce

  42. I know what I’m talking about. I was once a field technician that worked on the electronic flight control systems
    of ground to ground nuclear missiles. You think our country is lax? Don’t believe it. These missiles were
    targeted over 50 years ago and our enemies didn’t even have a clue as to their locations.
    America isn’t stupid!

    PUTIN is the A/H!

  43. You are naïve, if you don’t take Putin’s actions seriously. He is a little man with a Napoleon complex, not to mention was in the former KGB. He wants Russia to be recognized on the world stage and is tired of playing second fiddle the United States. He sees Obama is the idiot he is and was likely involved with positioning him to run as President. O has the communist point of view and we as a great nation are just about done. Obama draws red lines then backs down. He takes the US out of Iraq COMPLETELY, after we secured that nation and allows Isis to move in and murder thousands! Had we remained in Iraq, Isis would have been kept in check and the huge arms depot we left the Iraqi’s would not have fallen into the hands of this evil band of terrorist and we could keep a closer eye on Iran, while protecting Isreal! O has caused the removal of a large number of our commanding officers, while he is reducing our military! He has done this country an enormous disservice by wanting the US to be weak! We are in more danger while weakened than when we are when strong. When we are strong we are able to stabilize the world’s madmen from a position of strength. With strength, we can avoid war!

  44. The fallout from a mutually started war will destroy life on earth forever. The initial salvo’s will cremate over
    300,000,000 people.

  45. Pretty much any nation worthy of note wants bases up there for WW3. Mainly for access to untapped resources. Resources will most likely be one of the biggest driving factors for WW3, so, you know, thinking ahead and such.

  46. All the while Obama is cutting defence spending, and sending more of our hard earned dollars to Muslim country’s that hate the USA.

  47. I am from sri lanka and there is a base operating few nautical miles away from my country in an island and it has B52s as well….I do not support war but I think there should be a balance of power in this world. US didn’t think twice when attacking countries like Afghanistan or Iraq and killing people. and in syria by arming and forming rebel groups and messing the lives of those people. list goes on but with Russian presence US will think twice before starting a bloodbath… and while most of you think US military is far superior than all other countries, Russia is definitely not a power to reckon with.

  48. Really Russia cross the border and Putin thinks that he and his Shita followers are powerful but their time is about to done and they are going to hell and they’re going to lose financially and politically after that there will be no war

  49. Perhaps if you want to be “taken seriously” on this site, you might like to try to address his ideas not his grammar. (Yours isn’t perfect either. ;-)

  50. So are you, Eric Joshua Oleju Benson, recommending that nobody should mind if Russia takes control of the oil in the Middle East, because the Middle East and its oil belong to Arabs and Persians? That would make sense if Russia were controlled by Arabs and Persians, but Russia seems to be controlled by V. Putin and cronies.

  51. Nope I don’t mean that at all! The Serbian military were murdering, raping monsters. Serbs were the terrorist and by the way your accusation of selling organs were long since disproved.

  52. The author must be a joke, or moron that can’t be taken seriously. If Russia’s expansion to these areas has the potential to start ww3, how many world wars has been fought over the 100 or so bases the US has been mentaining worldwide? What a moron.

  53. What is so troubling about Russian control of the oil in the middle east anyway? Has the American control prevented anybody from buy oil? Nope. The middle east belong to the Arabs not anybody else, but the Arabs and the persians. These are free countries able to decide for themselves.

  54. It was CONGRESS under Bush stopped any expansion of USCG/.USN icebreakers, ships, and Arctic bases and equipment.. Some or most with financial backers are still trying to deny any Climate Changes or that the climate is changing. Global warming aside it is obvious the climate change is happening.

    Under Obama the Republican Congress spent and backed funding to deny, defund and even spent money on studies to prove climate changes was a hoax.

    Meanwhile Russia has been continually building Nuclear Icebreakers and arctic naval fleets.

  55. There is no such thing as so-called ”east or west”. These are just silly political- ideological constructs that have no basis in reality. Humanity is one. And if humanity cannot break free of its monkey primate aggression tendencies and learn peace, then there will be no future for anyone, weak or strong.

  56. You mean Serbian military tried to stop KLA terrorist actions in Kosovo then NATO helped them (you know: kidnapping serbs from their homes and selling their organs, shooting on police etc) it is not first time that you are in bed with terrorists. NORTH AMERICA TERRORIST ORGANISATION is nickname well deserved. Why you do not stop carnage upon your beloved Islamic radicals in Syria? Russians destroying them right now.

  57. Here again, Hussein Obama is caught sleeping while Russia plans to install air bases in the arctic. again ,Putin makes Obama look like the J.V. president who specializes in leading from behind.IT’s really embarrassing when your president.can’t keep up with Putin’s strategy to make the USA and NATO look like a bunch of clowns that in two years couldn’t destroy Isis.Once,Putin destroys Isis he will probably take over the oil wells in the mid-east and will not sell oil to the USA because of Hussein Obama trying to out maneuver Putin.

  58. “In addition to provoking potential reprisals from Washington, the move is sure to upset Beijing as a direct threat to military supremacy in East Asia.” is this a joke??? Russia and China have recently signed history’s largest ever oil/other trade deals…. Tell the truth, Washington is the only one upset here. China will probably get half the base. #Americans are not sleeping

  59. I understood Russia was under too much financial stress to even built their ordered number of tanks. How can they afford to build 3 artic bases? I would suspect tactical nukes would easily render those bases inert if necessary. Russia plans to use nukes on any battlefield. Why shouldn’t we hedge our bets? The elites will pick up the pieces and enslave whomever survives.

  60. I really agree with you 100 %; Putin is just wasting time , energy, and financial resources in those adventures leading to nowhere. He (Puting) should instead focus on improving Russian economy; we all know that economic power can easily be converted into military power. It seems to me like Putin never learned the lesson from the collapse of Soviet Union. The biggest threat to Russia is not the US or the West, but it is its decline demography; Putin should try to solve that problem if he wants Russia to be there forever.

  61. Lets set up our missile sites within 300-500 miles of Russia. See how they cry about it. That F/N Putin should be assassinated!

  62. Are you crazy? Just tell your boss to stop threatening his neighbors. We know he doesn’t want war, so you can tell him to stop pretending he does……lol

  63. How silly can you be? NO ONE is going to war. Being prepared is NOT going to war. The world was prepared for 70 years and nothing happened. Nothing will happen now either. No war.

  64. Don’t you know history? These numbers are part of the US-USSR treaty LIMITING nuclear weapons. Each nation once had more than twice as many.

  65. Poking the bear didn’t created this mess but rather a blood thirsty bear going on a rampage. We are simply responding to its actions but the bear needs to be put down.

  66. Childish assumptions as usual.
    The Russian arctic bases are nothing more than propaganda for internal and some western consumption.
    Here’s the reality of having an Arctic Circle base:

    1. Tanks are no good, need to be specially modified, vulnerable to thin ice and most importantly – there’s nobody else’s tanks to fight out there.
    2. Any armored or other vehicle is going to be a sitting duck for infra-red seeking missiles. Even a shielded tanks heat is going to stand out like a red flag when on icy ground
    3. Any Aircraft based up there are going to be grounded 6+ months of the year because the weather reaches white-out conditions for most of the winter. The runways will have to be made of ice and will be covered by new snow in a matter of minutes
    4. Even Russian troops won’t want to be based up there in that extreme cold so many of the professionals will quit rather than go up there which means the Russian commands only other choice is conscripts which are almost useless
    5. Adding more bases are going to add huge costs to the Russian economy which is already struggling to meet the commitments Putin is putting on them from his other adventures. More stupid moves like this are just going to bankrupt the Russian economy just like the overreach of the Soviet Union bankrupted that regime too.
    6. If the intent is to protect oil and gas reserves – that is now a pointless exercise. The world is awash in oil and gas reserves in much easier areas to extract them. The world has enough oil and gas reserves to last 100 years conservatively without having to explore in the Arctic region.

  67. Putin feels that putting a base their will secure his claim to all of the oil underneath the ice. Russia is definitely entitled to some of it, as well as Canada, US, Greenland, and Norway. Putin is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he gets all of it. Does the US own the moon then? Of course not. We need to find a way to live together, or else were gonna kill each other. A one government world seems like the only way.

  68. There will be no WW3 because every one knows how catastrophic the consequences will be and there will be no winner n no loser but all will lose! And maybe that ,if really breaks out, would be the canal to go back
    to syone age! Lol.

  69. World war 3 is not like world war1 or world war 2.Who will iniate the world war 3?.Do you think just arctic bases are enough for russia to begin the world war 3.Its impossible.Who is capable of iniating the world war 3 US or Russia?.Its US.Who has potential advantage in any war ? its to US.Russia is increasing its influence,and playing a rule in international affairs why would engage in a horrible war.And US is the country who became superpower not just with emotions but by hard work and good planning.None of them is going for world war 3.

  70. Russian people are more happy with 200 per month than you’ll ever be.
    Thank GOD for Putin he is right were he needs to be between rotten west and us the free people.

  71. This article is another in the stupid category. Russia isn’t poking the Eagle of the US, it is merely asserting itself. The US has bases and troops in over 100 countries world wide. It has allies, troops, and military in a dozen countries surrounding Russia. The US has naval bases, ships and planes near every coast of Russia, and allies behind that willing to cooperate in ringing Russia. And this article says RUSSIA is the aggressor? Really? What idiocy. Russia is playing a very strategic card that will force the US to up its military spending and bankrupt itself just like Reagan did to Gorbachev.

  72. Let’s see it’s okay for the US to encircle Russia with NATO weapons, but when Russia responds they are preparing for a war? Such BullS*#^@! Get over this Russia Phobia and stop making the American leaders rich from their stock holding’s in munition companies!

  73. No, you don’t get the point. Im not ok with it, but we poked the bear, now we mad he is rummaging through our garbage cans?

  74. Why is it that the biggest land mass countries, (Russia and China) feel they must claim more and more. Sound as if gluttony has no end in sight.

  75. When your country is assailed from every possible corner, do you go to Russia or China for assistance? Most likely you’d appeal to NATO or Western nations for help.

  76. If you were on the West’s side and looked at history, you’d better get ready before the bear wakes up from hybernation.

  77. WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones, and no vehicles to carry the troops across the lands…

    Maybe if humanity survives long enough… WW V will be fought with bows and arrows, and horse back! Some time before than, we’ll probably be fighting a Zombie Outbreak on a global scale from the mutations of redioactive materials throughout the globe!

  78. Yea…. to bring those bases down, just cause the Ice Caps to melt!

    How many nukes would it take to melt all the Polar Ice Region?? Just carious!

  79. The American military also knows of a massive number of frightful advances. Sanctions are worse that bombs. Russia will never forget. Moreover, it is no longer a small “gas station”. America must go home : get out of Germany, Russsia (Ukraine), and Syria.

  80. you are so embroiled with the idea and so fixated on the belief that russia wants war, that you become blindsided on the fact that there are also faults on your side, as there is also in mine.

  81. With the weak bastard Obama running this country Putin doesn’t need more bases just a planned attack and obama will run into his bunker like the coward he is !!!

  82. Putin’s ambitions are aimed not at the 3 world war.
    Author raves.
    Putin thus reinforces its claim to Arctic oil
    and gas and other minerals.
    He puts troops on its territory.
    And he’s no one should ask permission.
    For the third world Putin restored thermonuclear mines laid in the ocean next to the United States.
    At the same time their explosion – will cause a tsunami that washed away much of the United States

    and cause an explosion Yellowstone volcano.
    And to prove that this is not a natural disaster would not be possible.

  83. tell this to russian people who live on 200$/months,Russia can be superpower when will developed like China without war, Russia want to be Super Power by the force ,Russia is not God, it wont happen.Russia can’t take care of own people not just the world. With all actions from Russia today you can see that West knew about ambitions of Putin and did try to prevent it,,,watch russian politics what are they saying about Ukraine—-if Ukraine would vote for Euro-Asian Union——nothing would be happend.and Donbass remove war from borders of Crimea—-this who is real Putin—he will burn in hell,it his time now but not for long……

  84. No, US is the one making wars all over the world killing millions of innocent people, do you know how many died in Iraq? 1.3 million, who is the aggressor here? Russia didn’t “invade” anyone, Crimeans had a free vote to join Russia and they did since Ukraine was bullying them.

  85. then it’s settled then russia doesn’t have enough money to play this ”little game”. and it’s all about putin’s desire for war,and nothing more. i think too that money is all what the world strive for, and it makes me more feel indifferent.

  86. US has military bases all over the world and is now building up new ones all over Europe surrounding Russia and Russia is “aggressive” for building a military base in the Arctic?

  87. US is waging wars for over a decade and their war mongering is the reason that world is in this much chaos.Everywhere they went, Only chaos ans death was left.

    While Russia is there to clean up the mess US created and everyone loses their minds.

    Hypocrisy much.

  88. ????? ?????? ????? ??????. ?????? ?????? ??????????????? ???? ??????????? ? ??? ??????, ??? ?? ?????? 90-? ????? ???????? ???? ???? ??????? ??????? ??? ?????? ??????? ???????????. ??????? ?????? ??? ?????? ?????????? ?????????????? ??????????? ??????? ?? ????????????. ?????? ? 1990-? ???? ??????? ?????????? ??????? ????????? ?????????????? ?? ???????? ??????????? ??????, ?????? ???? ??????????????. ? ??? ???????? ?????, ?? ?????? ????? ??????????? ?????? ????????? ?? ???????????? ??????, ? ??????, ? ??????? ??? ????????? ?? ??????? 1954 ????, ????? ?.?.?????? ????? ???????? ?????????????? ????? ??? ??????? ????? ?????? ??????? ?????. ???????? ???????? ???? ?? ???????????? ??????. ????? “????????” ?? ??????? ??? ??????? ? ????? ? ????? 2014 ????. ??? ??????????, ??? ?????? ????? 96% ??????? ??????????? ?? ??????????? ? ??????. ? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ???????????? ????? ? ????????? ?????? ??????????. ?????? ??????????? ??????. ??, ??? ?????? ????????? ???????: “??? ? ????? ? ??? ??????, ??? ?? ???? ? ????????”.

  89. I guess a paranoid like you would find a realist like me naive. The Cold Car has been over for a long time, except in the old Soviet mind of Mr. Putin. It’s over, we never went to war, and Russia doesn’t have enough money to play this little game forever. The world wants to make money, not go to war.

  90. well apparently, nuclear weapons are something to boast about. Man has become so self-destructive that it’s relishing at its own demise.

  91. really dude are you going with that argument? How naive can you be? we’re talking about NATO here not bhutan. I think i don’t have to say how powerful US and europe combined.

  92. In the movie “Patton” Patton suggested to himself that he and Rommel each get in their respective tanks, button up, and fight each other. Whoever won would decide the fate of the war with Germany. I can’t remember in my reading about Patton if he ever actually expressed that idea to anyone. Good thing it didn’t happen though because we had badly inferior tanks.

  93. really dude are you going with that argument? How naive can you be? we’re talking about NATO here not bhutan. I think i don’t have to say how powerful US and europe combined. I think you might jizz your pants

  94. Here we go again with this “encirclement” stuff. How can a huge nation like Russia, three times the area of Canada, be encircled? Do the EU-NATO nations have little legs that they can move around at night to the Pacific, and cozy up to India, and elbow out China? And Putin then wakes up one morning and yells: “We’re encircled!”.

    It makes no sense. It’s nonsense.

  95. Well, That’s the funniest and smartest thing that I think I’ve read in these online ‘comments’ (Ahem..), in a really long time! Every one of those events of misconduct mentioned did happen.. You don’t think so, or maybe don’t want to think so? Go look it up.. not only can I read and read between the lines, I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone that’s willing to be honest with themselves that Obama, Clinton and Holder are lairs and in some really bad ways.. none of them are being representative of the American people when they have shown that they didn’t care at all about being honest and also having shown that they all were just doing illicit things during being in office to only further their own agendas.That’s the reason I would bet that Clinton won’t be our next President. She is A lair and most Americans realize that.

  96. and much worst during the upheavals of the 90’s. with all those things that you just laid out, do you know realize why russia is stepping up it’s defense?

  97. All these arguments about who’s better. Ameica! Russia! Blegh!
    If you ask me, both countries need a good kick in the pants, and then some schooling from responsible nations who keep to themselves and favor peace, cooperation and civil rights above all else.
    Long live Canada, the true north strong and free!

  98. There is no reason to start a war except to satisfy the ambitions of politicians and generals. They people should force them to fight in an arena first. You would see wars between nations stop real fast if the people would enforce such a rule.

  99. the Jews media is now pushing for war with Russia. BECAUSE PUTIN KICKED OUT THE ROTHS’CHILD BANKS AND NATIONALIZED. the U.S. war of 1812 was in response to the U.S. kicking out the Roths’child banks. but sadly Woodrow Wilson let this DEN OF THIEVES back in the U.S. in 1913. today we are facing economic disaster and debt that can never be paid. I wish an American president could kick them out again. but sadly any president will be afraid since JFK was murdered by the Roths’childs. Lincoln was also another victim of the terrorists.

  100. Russia took Crimea from Ukraine by force, and Ukraine is silent. allmighty protectoor USA is silent too. Tell them to take Crimea back.

  101. Fear mongering as usual the closest place that is 300 miles from the arctic is Alaska whoop de do there is Canada as a buffer It would be easier to hit California all the way up to Washington state by water then it would be to push south through an entire country just to reach the top of usa. 300 Miles from Alaska means 7.2 hours push time just to reach Alaska and then a much further push time through the west of Canada. The easiest route is 3.5 hours sea time from Vladivostok to Washington state. If anything it is a defensive location not an offensive because it creates a rear defensive line. If usa attacks Russia through Vladivostok usa would have to worry about rear arctic forces as a counter attack. If any counter attack would be made Alaska would be hit and used as an air field to support mainland Russia. So once again war mongering through us media to make every move look offensive in nature.

  102. gloom and doom we the U.S. have military bases that close to Russia in Alaska , that doesnt mean ww3 is going to happen , id be more concerned with China right now , when people that have no business writing articles like this with no premise behind it you sound like a babbling idiot .

  103. russia doesn’t have the right to overreact if NATO has military bases around it’s borders but US has the right to berate russia of provoking war if it’s builds military bases in it’s own sovereign soil.

  104. Shame on all the people WHO show hatred towards russia and shame on all people WHO show hatred towards US.
    Both countries have a judeo/Christians background way back, we shall stand together and Work together for peace and harmony. Look at the beautiful ballet, classical music, sensitive excellent painter, fantastic operasingers, litterature, sportspeople and so on, which russia produce. When a people can produce so much high art they cannot be that wrong, and the matter of fact they are just like us. Watch the program on YOURTUBE about “Newborn russians” and you will see there are just like us
    The only thread is Islam – because muslims are not allow to, sing dance and be kind to other people, WHO believe different. There is a very wise saying:” By lack of inward joy – man turns evil”.
    Lets be friend with russians they can add so much to the christian values. Islam CANNOT ADD ANYTHING TO CHRISTIAN VALUES.

  105. Yeah that’s it…considering the US is not the one annexing land from other countries, or trying to prop up a ruthless dictator in Syria…And the US is more than powerful enough to have made Iraq our 51st state, but did that happen?? The US has the largest and best military in the world BECAUSE of countries like Russia, China, Syria, Iran, etc., who do not have any care in the world about our freedoms..

  106. well i guess Russia shouldn’t have any military defense and just let itself be encircled by NATO, an organization that bombs nation without the approval of UN security council, anyway what’s UN security council for if US can’t do what it wants. Yugoslavia certainly deserves it for not letting kosovo cede away, that showed them. Russia when it learned to be an adult nation and just let itself disintegrate would look back and laugh at its own “immaturity” being threatened and all by peaceful NATO. Russia, always on the wrong side of history, when will it learn to just let itself be dominated. It’s ridiculous and laughable, indeed..

  107. You can recomend your Ukraine. Everybody is escaping from there and there is a lot of free space there. Tony will live there under the best fascist regime on the earth.

  108. They are paranoid idiots…do you really think the West is going to attack Russia? That would make a ton of sense considering Russia’s vast nuclear arsenal…

  109. No, US is not the police of the world, we have 600 overseas bases so we can quickly and effectively strike enemies anywhere in the world….or would it be better to fight them on US soil?? Idiot..

  110. Russia will end it? Dude if there is a WW3, no one is going to be left to claim victory. Russia will be in ashes, just like the rest of the world….get a grip on reality…

  111. Do not forget the 50 years of American led sanctions. On that, who give the US the right to dictate what form of government Cuba or any government should have ?

  112. Cheap and worthless anti Russian propaganda article. All “actions” of Russia were provoked by USA march to the east, and agrressions against neighbouring countries. In Ukraine Russia reacted to USA regim change and bloody coup, when Russia friendly legal government voted by people was replaced by puppets following USA orders. and totaly protecting USA interests. Russia annexed Crimea to prevent USA military and navy bases there. In Gorgia USA puppet president, don t remember his name, attacked Russian peace keepers in South Ossetia, with intention to occupy this region under Russian protection, and to kill or expell local population, in breach of international agreement signed by Gorgia, not to use force against South Ossetia and Abhazia. Russia reacted and expelled all Georgian invaders from both protected region. Russia is building bases in Arctic, Far East, and other places as a reaction on USA aggressive behavior world wide, and closing to Russian borders, in publicaly stated goal to prevent Russia to become world power again. USA destroyed Russia friendly countries Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Serbia, and wanted to be world s only master, and supper power. Russia reacted to challenge aggressive targets, achieved by criminal acts of war, aggression, bombing, sanctions, embargos, invasions etc. Usa will not be one and only any more, Russia will not allow that to happen.

  113. US has bases all around the world not a single natural island left for China in asia and Russia has been surrounded by US from all sides. US forces are present in Baltic states, middle east, Alaska and Asia but will raise alarm bell if other countries take necessary step to defend them selves. Americans and Nato want every one to be defenseless so they may be able to invade any country at will for fun some time at the pretext of WMD other time for propagating democracy. Russia, China and US will never go to war because it will be suicidal. They will continue to built bases, bully and destroy weak nations like Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Georgia and so on and will continue to create demand for their latest weapons and products, the rest is bullshit

  114. China is not bullying Vietnam, Philippines or Malaysia/Brunei over the South China sea territories. She is just taking back what were stolen from her by their colonial masters when China was weak. These countries just inherited these stolen properties from their colonial masters. Has Thailand been colonised, she would probably be in the fray.

  115. RUSSIA IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE READY FOR WW3, 4, AND 5!!! However, they will not be ones to initiate the war..but they will be the ones to end it.

  116. Hey Lee Wing, Stop the hate. You dislike the guy only cause he’s Black, If he were pale like you, would you be singing the same tune? Nope! Ooooops! hahaha

  117. Well, she is leading and will become the Next US president, because, the things you wrote are just your imaginary filled of hate and racism stuff. So, if you don’t like to U.S, then move to Africa.

  118. I didn’t say “stupendously rich”, did I? I said they “could be rich”, if they did it right.
    Martinique, US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Guadalupe, Trinidad, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands are all doing well for their size of country. The others need more help and/or change, and so far have been unable to do so or are not quite there yet.

  119. WWIII started two years ago only if the small country of the Philppines is capable of War. When its territory was illegally invaded by her powerful bully neighbor China. China has powerful friends like Presidents, Billionaires and Royals who look the other way and choice to do BAD business. All in the name of MONEY!

  120. If it is done right they can be very successful. You have to have laws that protect workers rights like minimum wages, paid time off, medical, etc. Visitors don’t spent all their time and money in resorts. Therefore, stores, restaurants and other trade will appear, and those people make money and would benefit. The more that is made the better the standard of living becomes. But you can’t have a corrupt dictatorial government, one that lives in the past, or a people that are always trying to start a revolution because they are jealous of others who are more successful. Every government has rotten eggs in it, but you have to look at the overall system. Lots of things have to change, to include the people’ attitude and a little bit of the culture, and they have to have the desire as well.

    But how can a country the size of Russia, with all the natural resources it has, have a GDP that is less than half the state of Texas? One state out of 50, from a country that is only 1/3 the size. If Russia had a government, say like Germany or the UK, the average Russian wage could be more like $4,000 per month, instead of the paltry $500 they make now. Life would be easier, better, and more comfortable.

  121. Russia planing to build? CHINA had already COMPLETED THERE ILLEGAL ARTIFICIAL ISLAND ONLY 12 MILES FROM A GOD MADE NATURAL ISLAND OF PAGASA, PALAWAN PHILIPPINES. Inside the area of an UNCLOS law of the sea’s 200 nautical mile EEZ ( Economic Exclusive Zone) of the West Philippine Sea. Guess, everybody look the other way when the Chinese was rushing the construction of this illegal military base. Only the small weak country of the Philippines was desperately sounding the alarm to the USELESS UN and the world.

  122. lol, have you not learned anything from history? it didnt matter what size the whole population was, humans have been killing each other since forever…..

  123. Yeah…a little too simplistic. More likely another cold war will begin on two fronts as these two expand their influence and bring their militaries closer to the US. In war, logistics is everything. A Russian hard installation 300 miles from the US border? Cuban missile crisis was less than a hundred miles and that was just portable ballistics. Palin might enjoy seeing Russia from her doorstep but i do not.

  124. The U.S and allies made Arab Spring was the preparation of is Russia’s turn.We’ll see chinese turn in Pasific later.

  125. Organized Birth control is the answer for the World and the future, no more need to have wars in order to have a balance on Humans, lets all be very smart about this

  126. Hopefully this another stupid move by ruSSian fascist dictator putler will break ruSSian back economically.
    End of ruSSian fascist federation is near!

  127. The next “horror story” about Russian imaginary preparation to the WW3 has its aim to intimidate the audience and propagate the inactivity.It is evident that Russia has not means to win WW3 and thus have no intentions to begin it,just to intimidate the West.And the accomplices are the numerous ones.

  128. Have another swig of vodka comrade! Just keep watching that RT news source where you get all of your BS! Who gave you a computer to play with anyway!

  129. These comments brought to you by your local friendly Russian troll! Russia’s economy is about 1/10 of the US. The state of California has a larger economy than Russia. Russia’s economy is on the decline because all of the stupid stuff that Putin has done. A $2 trillion dollar economy in no way can withstand the economy of someone 10 times your size, who is more technologically advanced and has twice the population. You are a moron to think Vlady can win this! Now lets talk about adding in NATO. It makes you look more like an idiot than ever. You really need to stop watching state sponsored news like RT. Idiot!

  130. Question ? Do we not have bases in the islands off Alaska? As far as the arctic goes, in Russia a lot of their land lies above the arctic circle.

  131. This is silly. If the people that wrote the article believed it they would bash Obama
    for not doing anything but promoting homosexuality and illegal/ museum immigration.
    Obama has turned my city in to a Mexico city. All the Mexicans are on food stamps,
    do not want to speak English and ruin the schools. 10 people to a home is too much.
    Our jails are full of Mexicans. The USA is a toilet.

  132. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump walk into a bar and grab a booth. Donald leans over, and with a smile on his face, says:

    “The media is really tearing you apart for that scandal.”

    Hillary: “You mean the Mexican gun running?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean SEAL Team 6?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the State Dept. lying about Benghazi ?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean voter fraud?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean the drones in our own country spying on citizens without the benefit of the law?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million right before it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “You mean Obama arming the Muslim Brotherhood?”

    Trump: “No the other one:”

    Hillary: “The IRS targeting conservatives?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The DOJ spying on the press?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The NSA monitoring citizens’ phone calls, emails and everything else?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Obama’s ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Obama’s threat to impose gun control by Executive Order in order to bypass Congress?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Obama’s repeated violation of the law requiring me to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Obama’s unconstitutional recess appointments in an attempt to circumvent the Senate’s advise-and-consent role?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “Me, The IRS, Clapper, and Holder all lying to Congress?”

    Trump: “No, the other one.”

    Hillary: “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I got it! You mean that 65 million low-information voters who don’t pay taxes and get free stuff from taxpayers and stuck middle class tax-paying citizens again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?”

    Trump: “THAT’S THE ONE!”

    And she’s still leading in the polls, and will still have people voting for her after knowing all this!

  133. It is very sad that our first African American president will be judged in history as the most inept,corrupt,wastefull,serversive,destuctive,hopeless, useless, laughable,divisive President ever.

    A man twice elected because the color of his skin rather than the ability and content of his character…

  134. Russia and China are going to nuke us..russia has been flying its nuke bombers close to our borders they are setting us up for a EMP which will shut our missiles and defenses down..then we are open to be nuked without us being able to retaliate

  135. yes we can imagine, we have all other Caribbean islands as an example – people who work at the resorts are doing well, all others survive on what they can

  136. So why the Kuriles? Does Russia expect that Japan is going to try to forcefully take them back when Japan has been trying to peacefully resolve the issue for 50 years? What you are saying doesn’t hold water. This move has Japan flabbergasted as they have been working hard to have meaningful conversation on this subject and now feel like Russia is slapping them in the face. This is a provocation.

  137. Oh please. NATO has been expanded because Russia’s neighbors have a history of being threatened and overrun by larger powers….like Russia, who invaded, but then decided to stay. It’s a natural reaction of a small nation to powerful neighbors. It’s the same with the U.S. Large nations should not overreact whenever they feel they are being “encircled” by small nations. Russia is the largest nation by area in the world. Look at the map. How is it even possible for Putin to “feel encircled”. It’s ridiculous and laughable. Grow up Russia. Become an adult nation.

  138. The only one who is full of hot air (or burito byproducts) is you… Putin’s economy is about 5th or 6th in the world, and the country is completely self-sufficient unlike some of the “number ones” who wouldn’t last a day if shipments from China stop coming. Holland has less people than Moscow. Please get some education and stop watching CNN

  139. i dont think u know what your talking about dude. it wasNATO’s expansionism that has set in motion this whole quagmire to begin with. i dont think putin wants to expand, he just want to protect the russia’s sovereignty over the disputed Kuril Islands against japan.while in middle east, russia’s action is justified by the threat pose by ISIS, and its influence over chechen rebels and to secure it’s only naval base outside russia in tartus syria. the us military is deployed in over 150 countries worldwide with over 156,000 in active-duty. And russia seems certainly alienated only if you come from the west but here in the eastern part of the world, we understand and know where Putin’s actions are coming, and support him. But sadly, western media paints a different story.

  140. If you have a brain ? most here do not ! know Russia & China are preparing for WW3 . It is coming , the only one in the dark is OBAMA

  141. What a stupid propaganda. US as military bases surrounding Russia and it is not Aggression and Militarization. Just one or two military bases will bring WW3 unbelieveable. This type of propaganda is outdated

  142. Write-ups like this one will always attract patronage from “them”,which is actually what the writer needs. Expansionism, aggressiveness , etc are bad, but it goes both ways. Ukranian and Syrian sovereignty , why here but not there, for example. Good terrorists and bad terrorists! Democracy is not good for Saudi Arabia?

  143. If there is any truth to this then where is the money comming from, and since it has to be at the expense of the Russian people then how long are they going to put up with the war mongering Putler !!

  144. Attack from whom, and with what? The only attack against Russia coming across the arctic would be from missiles. Do they really need bases there to counter that? The only ones doing the land grabbing is Russia (Crimea, Ukraine, Ossetia next, etc.).

    This is the usual Russian paranoia because of countries joining Nato and US forces working with Ukraine and the Baltic States. Nobody wants to invade Russia. Who would want it? Nobody. If they got rid of the old, ex-Soviet era leaders and way of thinking, and worked together with the modern western countries, their country could become rather wealthy and their people would enjoy all the freedoms and opportunity that comes with it.

    Cuba is another one. Can you imagine how rich that country could be, and their people far better off, with a western style government and economy based upon tourism, sugar, cigars, etc.? Only the backwards socialist/communist dictatorial government holds them back.

  145. Putin’s economy is smaller than Holland’s. His military budget has tripled in the last few years. He’s alienated all his neighbors, who have decided to strengthen NATO. Now he wants to expand his already virtually empty country to the Arctic and Japan, and the Middle East? He’s full of hot air, like a balloon ready to burst. It would be comical if he hadn’t hurt so many people along the way.

  146. one (1) military base leading to world war III this guy is out of mind or he study geobels type of propaganda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. umm.. no. They are doing it to discourage the encroachment of the Arctic land grabbers and secure Russia from the attack carried out over the North Pole. I think it’s pretty obvious.

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