PlayStation 5: What To Expect From Sony?

PlayStation 5: What To Expect From Sony?
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Sony has enjoyed a particularly golden generation with the PlayStation 4, but what can we expect from the PlayStation 5?

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christianladewig0 / Pixabay

PlayStation 5 – 4K emphasis

One of the first elements of this next generation console that Sony is likely to address is 4K resolution compatibility. This is theoretically possible with the existing PlayStation 4, but limitations of the hardware effectively mean that the prospect of 4K gaming with the PS4 is unthinkable.

By the time that the PlayStation 5 is released, which is generally considered to be around 2020 according to analysts, 4K resolution technology should be a mainstream reality in people’s lives. There will certainly be an expectation for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two that these next generation systems will deliver true 4K gaming, and Sony will already be planning the internal specifications required in order to achieve this.

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Virtual reality

Another major aspect of the video games industry that will be prominent by the time that 2020 rolls round is virtual reality gaming. Numerous companies, including Sony itself, are currently working on virtual reality systems, and these are expected to become extremely popular in the next few years.

Thus, Sony will have to consider whether it builds in some sort of VR capabilities as standard, and to what extent it embraces virtual reality when the PlayStation 5 is released. Sony’s own Project Morpheus technology is due for release in 2016, at least according to optimistic estimates, and this will hopefully mean that by the time the PlayStation 5 is released that the virtual reality project is established as being successful.


Video game streaming has become massive in every sense of the word, with services such as Twitch attracting millions of viewers on a daily basis, not to mention the rampant success of YouTube video game channels. But another aspect of streaming that is important for the future direction of the industry is the ability to stream games live.

This is already being offered by the PlayStation Now service, but the capabilities of video game streaming should have improved significantly by the time that 2020 rolls round. There are always issues related to broadband speeds with such a project, particularly if  Sony is looking to seriously embrace 4k gaming, as indeed it should. But it could be possible for Sony to launch the PlayStation 5 with some sort of live streaming service in place, ensuring an entirely different video games model to the one that has operated for decades.

Disc-based gaming

Speaking of which, Sony also has to decide what the future of disc-based gaming is in its consoles. It seems certain that consumers would prefer for some form of physical media to remain part of the video gaming experience, and Sony will certainly take this into consideration. It will not have escaped the attention of the corporation that the main reason for the success of the PlayStation 4, certainly in the early days of the console, was the fact that the company listened closely to customers, something that Microsoft manifestly failed to do.

So the smart money would be on console games to remain on discs for the time being, but Sony may at least wish to offer gamers the opportunity to experience console gaming without ever needing to purchase a physical disc. This is already theoretically possible, but it must be said that Sony hasn’t really delivered downloadable games in a particularly flexible or affordable format. It is pretty scandalous that downloads still cost more than physical games, and Sony must surely address this if it is to encourage gamers to move away from the physical medium model.

Early release date?

One recent rumor related to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two is that one or both of the consoles could be released in the next couple of years. This would mean that one of the Sony or Microsoft consoles currently available would have had a pretty short shelf-life, but there are rational reasons to believe that this is possible.

With hardware evolving rapidly, and 4K resolution technology already available for television and movies, both of these consoles are becoming somewhat out of date. This could put pressure on Sony and Microsoft to advance the release of their next generation consoles. But there is certainly less pressure on Sony to do this considering that the PlayStation 4 is outselling the Xbox One comfortably.

Music streaming

In order for video games consoles to stay ahead of other possible gaming platforms, it is essential for both Sony and Microsoft to offer more than merely video games machines. Thus, one suggestion related to the PlayStation 5 is that it could focus on improved music streaming and playback. Spotfiy is already available on the PS4, but Sony has gone backwards with CD playability, at a time when Apple is investing strongly in music. The PlayStation 5 could thus be presented as a major music player and streamer from day one.

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  1. Yeah because Console performance is a joke compared to even a low range PC. If they wait until 2020 to update PC gamers will be playing at 5k 144 FPS with ease while most PS4 users aren’t even at1080p 60 fps. They need an upgrade now because more and more kids are choosing PC gaming over consoles, especially with things like Twitch getting big.

  2. I thought they were joking with 2020 release date but I guess not, LOL! You console noobs are funny. The PS4 and XBone are already pooped on by even a low class gaming PC and you won’t get an upgrade until 2020!!! By then us PC gamers will be playing 4k+ 144 FPS. Come to the bright side already. The only thing Console gaming is good for are sports games like Madden, NBA2k, and FIFA.

  3. I see a lot of stupid comments about how the standard has been 1080p and the consoles can’t keep up. News flash they never have. Consoles have always lagged behind TV resolutions going as far back as they have existed. Get over it already.

  4. From the beginning of this year, until now, Sony has, Until Dawn, HellDivers, Bloodborn, LBP, MLB The Show, Tearaway Unfolded, The Order, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.
    Please tell me, in that same time frame, How many games that are not remakes (which MS has the most of with the Rare Collection alone) has MS come out with???

  5. I have Batman…it’s capped at 30 FPS because of consoles. Hardly pushing any boundaries. Plus it’s a bad game, technical issues aside.

  6. I just love all the damage control you are trying to do by taking the focus off MS that they have 0 count them 0 exclusives in over 10 months after Sunset Overdrive came out……what kind of fn idiot company would do this?
    There, I fixed it for you.

  7. I know tons of gamers that play at 1080p, 60+ fps on PC’s built around 450 and less. Spending thousands isn’t necessary at all.

  8. It is only supreme if you pay a premium price, a larger percent of steam users cannot run 60 fps 1080p than those who can, you are embarrassing yourself.

  9. If there is ever consideration for physical media of gaming systems in the future, it’d probably be a new type of disc. One that stores more data. Othewise, developers will continue to push the one-size-fits-all mentality of digital downloads of game releases.

  10. I just love all the damage control Sony is trying to do by taking the focus off that they have 0 count them 0 exclusives this holiday……what kind of fn idiot company would do this?

  11. ps4 has been out 2 years, and they’re already talking next gen. this kinda feels like walking into the store in september and seeing christmas decorations up.

  12. I feel like this entire article is indeed click bait. All obvious. We don’t have to worry about these consoles for another 5 years but of course, someone needs to make a report on it. Of course there will be 4k and virtual reality. God I’m not even mad it’s like saying there’s going to be a new type of wifi within the next five years and that 8k TV’s will be coming out. It’s just obvious and I feel like this isn’t helping lol

  13. Technology advances exponentially. The days of “consoles” are coming to an end. 1080p and 60fps have long been the standard, these “next gen” consoles can barely reach either in most games. And even when they do hit 1080p/60fps, textures are tuned down, with no anti-aliasing and all effects off, or on low.

    PC gaming is supreme. No lowering graphical effects, AA, 60+ fps, 1080p minimum.

  14. Another stupid useless article no reason to worrying about playstation 5 and the next xbox clickbait article let the current systems run their current course before even worrying about the next console.

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