New ‘Meter’ Live Wallpaper For Android Is Worth Trying

New ‘Meter’ Live Wallpaper For Android Is Worth Trying

When it comes to Android, we love it for many reasons, one major reason being the numerous customization options the workhorse OS offers. There are live wallpapers, widgets, launchers and more that help in customizing the Android device according to a wide range of user needs. There are just so many things that you can do with Android.

If you’re searching for a good live wallpaper for your Android, then Google Creative Lab has just launched a very simple, yet useful live wallpaper. It is named Meter, and can be downloaded and installed for free from theGoogle Play Store right now.

Meter; a live wallpaper showing battery, WiFi & notifications

Most Android users have at some point tried out live wallpaper. Meter, on the other hand is something totally different. Basically, the app’s main aim is to display the battery level, wireless signal and number of other notifications in a simple visualization. These visualizations are in the form on circle, triangle and other geometric shapes. But that’s not all; each wallpaper can be manipulated by tilting and moving the device. This effect can be visually stimulating and entertaining.

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With every unlock, the Meter live wallpaper will cycle through three visualizations. At first it might seem pretty simple, but on trying it out, it looks really amazing and highly functional. Live wallpapers are known to reduce the battery life of the device, but this wallpaper is worth an occasional extra recharge.

Since the new Meter app is a part of the Google Experiments project, it might or might not disappear from the Play Store. So if you are thinking about trying it out, then now is the perfect time as it might be gone in a few weeks. You can find the cool new app at the Play Store by searching for it by name.

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