New iOS 9 Jailbreak Offers 3D Touch On iPhone 6

New iOS 9 Jailbreak Offers 3D Touch On iPhone 6
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While the debate rumbles on about whether or not it’s wise to jailbreak the iPhone, there are opportunities available to those willing to do so. Hacking the iOS 9 operating system in order to ensure that external software can be downloaded to the iPhone is an attractive proposition for lots of Apple fans. And the jailbreaking of iOS 9, and effectively numerous Apple devices in accordance, is about to get underway.

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Cydia App Store

Hackers have already opened up the next generation Apple operating system, and it now seems that iOS 9 is already jail broken. The Cydia jailbreak site is hosting the hack in question, named Forcy, and enthusiastic iPhone users will already be accessing this big alteration to the iOS 9 operating system.

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Perhaps the more uninitiated will be unfamiliar with Cydia. This is an alternative to Apple’s App Store for “jailbroken” devices, at this time including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. This app store of sorts is not accessed through traditional means, but instead via jailbreaking tools, such as Pangu or TaiG.

While iPhone 6s users may not wish to take the risk of jailbreaking their particular device, the prospect of doing so may be considerably more attractive to iPhone 6 users. This is due to the fact that jailbreaking iOS 9 effectively opens up the opportunity of gaining access to features for free that are not currently available to iPhone 6 consumers.

With this latest Cydia-based jailbreak, users can indeed clone iPhone 6s features such as 3D Touch and Live Photos, and it is also notable that a particularly nifty variant of the Hey Siri functionality can also be installed on an older device. Accessing all this feature set for free is naturally extremely attractive to many iPhone 6 users, particularly as the iPhone 6s is the first iDevice to be compatible with 3D Touch (not to be confused with Force Touch).

It is worth noting that the lack of the Taptic Engine will naturally have a significant impact over the 3D Touch functionality, but it is at least worth sampling the technology via the older iPhone units.

Forcy will add iPhone 6s 3D Touch Quick Actions to the app icons on the iPhone Home screen on any device, with the revealMenu then enabling users to rapidly select options from the Quick Actions menu without lifting one’s finger. Forcy offers an additional action to invoke this menu as well.

New iOS 9 Jailbreak Offers 3D Touch On iPhone 6

The iOS 9 jailbreak debate

Of course, jailbreaking the iPhone is not advizable according to official Apple policy, not least because it results in the voiding of one’s warranty. This would make it a risky prospect for iPhone 6s owners, but those Apple fans who merely own the older iPhone 6 smartphone and feel that they would like to try out the 3D Touch functionality may consider it worthwhile.

The source of the early hacking of the iOS 9 operating system is predictably Chinese. Hacking crews from China are becoming increasingly prominent, not least because of the stringent regulations related to the iPhone and iOS operating system in the world’s most populous station. The iPhone is seen in China as considerably more underground than the equivalent reputation in the Western world, and this has particularly encouraged Chinese hacking crews to mould the iOS operating system for their own particular means.

Although jailbreaking is popular in Western marketplaces, it is particularly useful in China, where vast numbers of consumers with relatively small disposable incomes compared to their Western equivalents want to get their hands on the latest technology. While Apple now sells more iPhone units in China that the United States, there will be an even greater reluctance to needlessly upgrade iPhone units in China that there is in the Western world. So such a hack that enables people to access 3D Touch without purchasing a new iPhone will naturally achieve popularity.

Going against Apple advice

Apple has always advised against jailbreaking, and the compatibility issues related to iOS 9 jailbreaking can be serious. Upgrading the operating system can cause problems in jailbroken devices, and this is certainly an argument against performing the operation required to jailbreak an iPhone. One would particularly expect problems considering that we are in the very early days of the iOS 9 operating system, and there were stability issues last time round with iOS 8.

But the Pangu team behind the latest iOS 9 jailbreak is certainly committed, and has already produced an update to the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone crack that it has now published online. This latest update features a variety of bug fixes, ensuring that the success rate of the iOS 9 jailbreak is significantly improved.

Undoubtedly many Apple fans will opt to jailbreak their iDevices doubt now that this crack is available, despite the fact that it is only possible via Windows-driven desktops.

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