Netflix Working On Reviving ‘Gilmore Girls’

Netflix Working On Reviving ‘Gilmore Girls’

Netflix is said to be working on the revival of the beloved series Gilmore Girls. The streaming firm is in negotiations with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and original stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel.

Netflix to revive another popular series

Citing multiple sources, a report from the Hollywood Reporter informs readers that rather than approaching the revival as a 10-episode series, Netflix is planning four 90-minute movies. This drama-comedy series launched in 2000 and produced by Warner Brothers has performed exceptionally well for the streaming service.

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The CW cancelled Gilmore Girls in 2007. The video-streaming giant decided to stream all seven seasons of the show in the U.S. starting last year. This way it introduced the show to new fans and at the same time gave previous fans an opportunity to watch their favorite episodes all over again.

Netflix keeps track of and is very attentive to viewing data, and it is possible that it found many of its subscribers binge-watching the show. This could be the reason the company was convinced to invest in a revival. The show appealed to both men and women and to people of all age groups.

Return of original creators, actors

Gilmore was telecast on The WB/CW for seven seasons and 153 episodes. Sherman-Palladino was there for the first six seasons but exited after a dispute with the studio over her contract. Now with Netflix, Sherman-Palladino will get an opportunity to return to her own series and have a final word as well.

Earlier this year at the Austin TV Festival, Sherman-Palladino spoke candidly about the revival series. “It’s always a bummer when you don’t get to end it. I had hoped maybe that there would have been a call, ‘Hey, it’s the last episode, do you want to come back? And there wasn’t. But that’s OK, that’s not the way it works in Hollywood where there are rules.”

There are talks about the return of many of the original actors, but as per expectations, Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James) won’t be among them. McCarthy has had a great time since the wrapping up of Gilmore in 2007 with both TV (Mike & Molly) and film (The Heat, Ghostbusters).

Netflix is also preparing a revival series of Full House, which is yet another series that has performed well for the service. The video-streaming giant is also working on yet another season of Arrested Development, which was telecast on Fox initially.

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