Google Photos Wins 100M Users In Just Five Months, But How?

Google's photo app

Google Photos is not yet six months old, but still it has been able to hit a major milestone. On Tuesday, the Internet firm revealed that Google Photos has clocked over 100 million monthly active users in just five months.

A “few factoids” from Google

In May, this unlimited photo service app was spun off from the Google+ social network and is now available on iOS, Android, and on the web. At the time of launch, the service was very appreciated for its simplicity and for integrating the disparate features of rivals such as Apple’s iCloud, Yahoo’s Flickr and Dropbox’s Carousel at one place.

“Five months later, we’ve crossed more than 100 million monthly active users—and to celebrate, we’ve collected a few factoids we’ve discovered about people and the things we photograph, along with a few tips,” Google said in a blog post.

Along with announcing the milestone, Google also revealed some exciting facts on the way users have used the tool so far. The Internet firm says it has freed up 3,720 terabytes of storage on users’ phones with the help of its auto-upload feature. The internet firm also found that mountains, beaches and skies were the most-photographed scenery (no surprise in this).

Apart from people, food was the most-snapped item, the company said. On events, Google found that weddings were the most-photographed moments, followed by concerts, Christmas, dancing, birthdays and clubs. The dog was the most-photographed animal, and Paris was the most-photographed place followed by New York and Barcelona.

How Google managed to hit the mark quick

It’s certainly a big achievement to hit 100 million users in such a small amount of time. Pinterest and Twitter took about five years to hit this number. Even Instagram, which witnessed explosive popularity in 2010, took almost two and a half years to reach the mark.

Many online photo storage platforms have come and gone in recent times. This makes the situation extremely difficult for users who want to switch platforms after being entrenched in one service. Whenever a new service comes along, it offers something unique to make users stick, and the same has been done by Google.

Google has made the service open to all and easier to sign up for as anyone with a Gmail account can use the tool. The Internet firm also enjoyed a head start by migrating its old Google+ photos service users to the new one.

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