Facebook Concedes That Its iPhone App Uses More Battery

Facebook’s app for mobile users is very popular with almost every smartphone user having it on their phone, and many spend hours using the app on daily basis. For quite some time now, iPhone users have been facing the issue of the battery getting drained faster than normal, and it seems like Facebook is the culprit.

Facebook Concedes That Its iPhone App Uses More Battery

Facebook accepts its fault

Apple’s iOS 9 has a new battery menu that lists apps on the basis of battery usage. Several iPhone users have reported that Facebook uses a larger share of the battery than it should be doing ideally.

As was expected, Facebook has acknowledged this problem, saying, “We found a few key issues and have identified additional improvements, some of which are in the version of the app that was released today.” Some improvements are made into the version that the company released yesterday, and this would help in solving the issue to some extent, Facebook said in a blog post.

The social network said the presence of “CPU spin” was the first issue they noticed. Explaining the issue, the company said it behaves just like a child in the car who keeps asking repeatedly whether the destination has been reached or not. Just like the kid’s questions do not contribute anything to the journey, similarly, CPU spin does not make any contribution but rather causes the app to use more battery because of repeated processing.

Audio playback also draining battery

The way Facebook handles audio playback also plays a role in draining the battery faster. At times, it happens that the audio session remains open after a person has left the Facebook app after watching a video. This works like audio being played silently and is similar to the case when a user closes a music app but wants to keep listening to music while performing other tasks.

This case is different, as it is unintentional, and nothing is played in the background. In such a case, the Facebook app performs no function or activity but remains awake in the background, thus, sucking the battery.

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Facebook’s location-based features or location history have no role in draining the battery, the company said. Facebook said it is working to resolve more issues with a focus on improving the battery usage of the app, and the improvements can be seen in the latest released version.

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