Doomsday: Christian Group Predicts End Of The World On Oct. 7

Doomsday: Christian Group Predicts End Of The World On Oct. 7

The world has become too lazy to stick to the schedule. It was supposed to end in May 2011, but missed the deadline. If the doomsday prophecies of certain religious groups are to be believed, the world should have started seeing rains of frogs and fire after last month’s Supermoon eclipse. And now one Christian group claims that the world would end on Wednesday, October 07.

The world will be ‘obliterated’ by fire

According to the E-Bible Fellowship, there is a “strong likelihood” that Oct.07, 2015 will be the end of the world. Chris McCann of the Philadelphia-based online group told the Guardian that Oct.07 is the day that God has spoken of. The world will pass away on this day. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Oct.06, the world will get “obliterated” by fire.

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Doomsday Apocalypse

There is even a Facebook group to discuss the issue. However, such doomsday prophecies have a poor track record. The E-Bible Fellowship’s prediction is based on the revision of a much-publicized prophecy that the world would end on May 21, 2011. The Oakland, California preacher and radio host Harold Camping had made that pronouncement, and conducted several media events to spread the word.

All of the doomsday prophecies have been wrong so far

When Camping’s pronouncement failed to materialize, the date was revised by about five months. But the second prediction also failed to pan out. Then the E-Bible Fellowship said May 21, 2011 was only the beginning of a 1,600-day period, according to the Revelation verse. And the judgement day is Wednesday, Oct.07.

So far, all the doomsday prophecies have proved to be wrong. The 2012 Mayan apocalypse was a total failure. An asteroid that was supposed to destroy Peurto Rico and much of the rest of the world failed to materialize. But then, only one of the numerous prophecies has to be true to end the world. So, consider taking a day off to fulfill your last wish, just in case.


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