DiPietro, Day Trading Stocks the Wall Street Way

DiPietro, Day Trading Stocks the Wall Street Way

Day Trading Stocks the Wall Street Way

When a book begins

Caution! Alone, this manual will not adequately teach you my intra-day trading and swing methodology. Your mastery of my system will only come about through formal hands-on training. … This book is your introduction. It’s meant to reveal why my training program lasts for one full year. … Do not attempt to trade with this system without formal training from me.

my first instinct is to cast it aside. I don’t use this site to promote training programs.

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But in this case my curiosity got the better of me. Was there anything in Josh DiPietro’s Day Trading Stocks the Wall Street Way: A Proprietary Method for Intra-Day and Swing Trading (Wiley, 2015) worth sharing? The author himself would say no, since he stresses that the book must be read sequentially, no skipping around allowed. So if I write about something from p. 100, I will have violated his reading rules. And he is a man of many rules—primarily trading rules, of course—that are not meant to be broken.

I therefore gave up. I’ll say only that he advocates a fusion of day and swing trading, a countertrend system that endorses averaging down based on “real price levels.” One of its basic tenets is that “You need to get comfortable with being in the red.” (p. 147)

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