China Then And Now, In Pictures

China Then And Now, In Pictures

China Then And Now, In Pictures by Frank Holmes

It was in October 1993 when I first visited China to sniff out investment opportunities.

At the time, the Asian country was still going through an economic and existential transition that had been set off by the Tiananmen Square protests four years earlier. Along with the former Soviet Union, China had fallen out of the top 10 largest economies in the world.

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How things have changed. I’ve since returned to China many times, and I’ve watched its economy grow to become the second-largest in the world. Based on purchasing power parity (PPP), it’s the largest. And according to Credit Suisse, the size of China’s middle class has for the first time overtaken the U.S. to become the world’s most populous—109 million Chinese compared to 92 million Americans.

I invite you to explore our exciting new slideshow that tells the story of how the People’s Republic of China evolved, from a struggling, divided communist nation in 1949 to an economic powerhouse today.


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  1. I would not buy “made in china” junk. I would not invest in china or spend my money in china as a tourist because:
    china, xi jinping = pathological LIARs
    china = THIEF, stealing us blind
    china = economic SPY, stealing us blind
    china = THUG, stealing islands, seas from its smaller neighbors

  2. Another” accustomed to hearing nothing but glowing reviews and positive stories about China in your own country”
    Multiple choice for u:

    Google this :

    *700 nuclear engineers in China made good progress on detailed Molten salt nuclear reactor designs>..

    1. Happy.

    2. Bad news.

    2. Good news.

    4. Just China propaganda.
    or 2 & 4.

    I choose for u, # 4

  3. What is wrong about positive news?True is true !Twe heard a lot bad news from China. to u bad news from “China “is always id good news to u . Bias news make u fool. Just enjoy good food and good drink and forget about ” China” That make feel better … Oh I forgot please telll CPP pay me 50 cents.

  4. @wproudchinese
    I’m sure you’re accustomed to hearing nothing but glowing reviews and positive stories about China in your own country, but this contributor was only voicing his opinion on what he believes to be China’s many problems. No need to insult him personally. When wproudchinese grows up a little bit perhaps he/she will use better judgement.

  5. Well well well. we heard ” China is a disaster” all the time from only for the jelaous and frustrated person like you why God loves Chinese. Actually human are disasters, but before u go to heaven or where ever first then “China is disaster ” . just go to enjoy the good food and good drink. Life is short.

  6. i have been traveling and living (off and on) in Asian and China for 35 years. yes China has come along way in 25 years but you have some very very big problems coming in the future. the pollution is unbelievable and unimaginable. the corruption is everywhere, and while Xi is trying to wipe it out, he is really only consolidating power. the divide between the haves and the have nots in China is huge. If Mao was alive today, we would no doubt start another “peoples movement” to wipe out the elite just like he did with the nationalists. there are many written and unwritten rules and china ignores most of them. IMO China is a disaster just waiting to happen.

  7. Very proud indeed. Especially the Red Chinese leader have announced more aid to poor countries and also to current refugees fleeing every where that caused by others powers fighting for who is the boss . Amen…

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