BlackBerry Ltd Partners With Interswitch

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BlackBerry BBM is now integrated with Quickteller services from African digital payments and e-commerce provider Interswitch. A new app called Quickteller has been launched for Android, BlackBerry and iOS to facilitate money transfers and airtime recharging on BBM.

BlackBerry turning BBM into social e-commerce platform

With this partnership, BBM users with an account with the Nigerian bank will be able to make a request for money, airtime and payment for services from their BBM contacts. Of late, BlackBerry has been working to push e-commerce in BBM. The Canadian firm recently integrated PayPal into its platform.

BBM is one of the most popular messaging applications in Nigeria, said Matthew Talbot, SVP Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry. Talbot added that the Canadian firm has evolved BBM from being just a chat platform to more of a social and e-commerce platform, and the new mobile payment service proves this.

A quick and easy way for users

Interswitch started operations in 2002 and is among the fastest growing tech firms in Africa. The firm has been working to enhance the customer experience and push e-commerce in Nigeria. The service has been developed by combining the strengths of BlackBerry and Interswitch, and it puts Nigeria at the forefront of mobile payments and commerce innovations.

“Person-to-Person transfers and electronic airtime recharge present a growing market opportunity in Nigeria. We are delighted to bring our secure payment services to BBM users in Nigeria,” Interswitch CEO Mitchell Elegbe said. Interswitch’s alliance with BlackBerry demonstrates the African firm’s ability to constantly innovate and push boundaries in the payments industry and enhance users experience, Elegbe said.

The Quickteller mini app supports all these capabilities in a user-friendly and easy way, and it works in a similar way as a user shares a photo or file while chatting with a contact on BBM. All a BBM user is required to do to receive money is choose the attachment option, select Quickteller, enter the amount, and make a request. The recipient of the message will then have to simply tap and enter their account details. This way the amount gets transferred instantly to the recipient’s bank account.

On Monday, BlackBerry shares closed up 0.98% at $7.18. Year to date, the stock is down by almost 35% while in the last year, shares are down by over 24%.

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21 Comments on "BlackBerry Ltd Partners With Interswitch"

  1. RIGHT…..

  2. I’ve been hearing that same old song and dance from you since BB10 launched… How many ideas of yours have you sold? Any answer that is not “ZERO” is a lie.

    I hope you can derive an answer from that as to where the problem lies…

  3. HBB I require no compensation in the event that I am wrong. I see you still don’t believe me that I am here for BlackBerry not against them. Chen is stopping BlackBerry from truly going forward as he is degrading BlackBerry’s worth as to allow FFH to take it for pennies on the dollar. Like I said before, I do not lie and unable to presenting hatred whatsoever. In the end unless I am able to stop it, you will see I am correct.

  4. I don’t think it’s a mistake, no. I think it has potential to be a mistake but it also has potential to be a good investment.

    What I know would be a mistake would be for the Company to invest any of its resources in someone who purposely lies and demeans that company out of a personal vendetta against said company.

  5. Too bad you dont understand that I am incapable of lying. As for harming the company Chen is doing a good enough job himself. Chen did not even have enough sense to have the so called Priv availability as a choice by its user to opt for BB10 or Android. Chen just betrayed all loyalists that would rather opt for BB10. Now be honest HBB and admit very big mistake on Chen’s part.

  6. I don’t care about doing surveys that have nothing to do with the direction of the company. All I care is that you stop lying to the public about fake surveys that you did, so that you can do harm to the company and it’s stock price.

  7. HBB do a survey and you will find I am 100% correct. In fact I have several nephews and nieces and in this case not one heard of BlackBerry, HBB you know very well that that is something I would not lie about.

  8. Nobody believes your lies about studies and surveys that you never actually did. Don’t you recall exposing yourself as a liar when you claimed that 99.6 percent of 100 people who answered your survey, selected a single answer? Stop lying on public forums, please. It’s clear that you are intentionally trying to do damage. Yes, we’ve all heard you lie and say you’re trying to help, but liars are liars and nobody believes them.

  9. Helena Handbasket | Oct 21, 2015, 3:40 pm at 3:40 pm |

    “Dear Sir,

    Having consulted with my colleagues and based on the information gathered from the Nigerian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry, I have the privilege to request your assistance to transfer the sum of $47,500,000.00 (forty seven million, five hundred thousand United States dollars) into your accounts…”

  10. Nobody thinks you have any clue what you’re talking about, hence why you continue to fail at selling your ideas.

  11. We all know your surveys in Chinese restaurants, Hospitals, an now in high schools…
    Can you give us a chart?!
    I don’t live in Canada, and every kid knows BlackBerry here…

  12. No! I am pro-BlackBerry, it is Chen and Watsa that is anti BlackBerry. Furthermore out of several high school pertaining to a survey I conducted 98% of students never heard of BlackBerry, ask around yourself if you don’t believe.

  13. And the back facing camera is 18MP when iPhone and Samsung are 15MP… what’s your point again?!
    2MP is perfect for video-chat and who makes selfies with the front facing 5MP camera when they can take 18MP photos just turning the phone??!

  14. Everyone knows BlackBerry, so it is one of the most popular!
    Like you in these posts… you are very popular, every one knows you are the troll more anti-BlackBerry in here…

  15. HBB BB10 wasn’t the problem its their device design that caused the fail. Please don’t say the PRIV is a nice design when it is not. you are not doing the company justice when you are not telling the truth about things as you know I would not do. Too bad HBB you dont believe I am truly on BlackBerry’s side, just not on the side of how Chen operates.

  16. I have never said either are junk, so I’m not sure where you got that from. Each has its own benefits.

    I was previously an iOS user for 3 years and did enjoy iOS. I don’t know what to think of the move to Android as I have not used their flavor of Android. For me, the main draw to BB10 is the Hub. That is 90 percent of what I use the phone for on a daily basis, so it’s critical to me. Currently, iOS and Android don’t offer a comparable solution.

    The PRIV looks like it’s a nice design, so I will definitely take a look at it, but it will be tough to get me off my Z30.

    Ultimately though, the consumer market was clear that it wasn’t going to adopt BB10 long term, so I think the move to Android is the only move that was left to make, if they wanted a last shot in the smartphone/consumer market.

  17. I do as you still don’t understand that hardware isn’t the focus here…

  18. Hey Humble I missed you. Where have you been? BBRY is trolling towards Android with their face saving Priv. What’s your opinion on that? Do you still think Android and Apple are junk?

  19. Chen is losing BlackBerry, he makes a 2mp front facing camera when Iphone and samsung is making 5mp front facing. Do you still think Chen is operating correctly HBB?

  20. Still trolling BBRY are ya, DEVVVV…

    Maybe one day you will finally accept that you truly failing to put value to your ideas, the way you pretend to do business.

    I think at this point, referencing the definition of insanity would be worthwhile pointing out to you… Kind of makes sense along with the fact that you hang out with those whack jobs over at WND…

  21. Re: “BlackBerry is one of the most popular…” so are they the most popular or the second, third, forth perhaps the twentieth?

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