Bill Murray Has Never Seen Anything On Netflix

Bill Murray Has Never Seen Anything On Netflix

Netflix is known for the huge shows and movies library it offers subscribers. The video streaming giant is known worldwide, but there is one actor who claims that he has never watched anything on Netflix.

What kept Murray away from Netflix?

Comedian and actor Bill Murray, who recently made a guest appearance on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live for the promotion of his upcoming movie Rock the Kasbah, told the audience and Jimmy Kimmel that he never took to Netflix to watch movies or TV shows, said a report from Entertainment Weekly.

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“I’ve never seen Netflix in my life,” Murray said. “I have no idea how to get it.”

It can be assumed that Murray’s age, busy schedule and lifestyle kept him away from watching anything on Netflix. Quentin Tarantino also admitted sometime back that he too didn’t watch anything on Netflix. Really, it is not surprising to know that some people do not watch Netflix ever.

But the fact that Murray never made use of Netflix for watching anything gets more interesting if we consider that A Very Murray Christmas, a variety special show, will be aired on the streaming service beginning December 6, 2015. The new program is a variety show, where Murray is the host. A giant snowstorm hits on the night of the show, leaving Murray worried if anyone will turn up.

Apart from this show, Murray also helped create a special for Netflix with Sofia Coppola and Mitch Glazer. Coppola will also direct a special that includes big names such as Murray, George Clooney, Chris Rock, Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman, Maya Rudolph and few more.

Netflix needs to regain investors trust

Netflix recently reported its third quarter financial results, and the number of subscribers it added in the quarter was well below expectations. This led to a sharp fall in the company’s shares, which led analysts to wonder if the stock is overvalued.

Such worries appear baseless considering Netflix’s brand’s strength, the popularity of its platform and the speed with which it is expanding its footprint globally. The company just needs to focus on maintaining its market power and reassure investors to lose trust in the stock and the firm.

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