Apple Now Uses Stephen Curry, Jamie Foxx For New iPhone Ads


Apple is promoting its new iPhone 6S device rigorously and now is using the services of celebrities as well. Over the weekend, Apple released three commercials on its YouTube channel featuring movie actor Jamie Foxx, basketball star Steph Curry and a few more extras, who together make an effort to communicate to customers how powerful the new iPhones are.

Apple using celebrities to push iPhones

Actor Jamie Foxx can be seen in two of the commercials, each of a 15-second duration, demonstrating how Siri can be used hands-free. In one commercial, Siri says that he sounds attractive, to which Jamie teasingly says that Apple’s personal assistant has a crush on him, while in the other, he is seen confused on whether to take on “a sci-fi western” as his next movie project and asks Siri to flip a coin so that he can use its results to make a decision.

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Apple’s new commercials are short like the recent watch ads, but there is a significant difference in the focus points of the two commercials. In the watch ads, much emphasis is on the new things watch owners can do with the gadget, while the new ads are focusing on selling the minor features of Siri with the help of Foxx’s charisma.

Lake Bell, a fine actress and director, was seen in a recent Apple Watch commercial. An Apple Music ad also featured John Travolta.

Camera at the focus

The new additions that Apple made to the iPhone 6S and 6s Plus are at the focus of the third ad. The phrasing used is the same as that in earlier commercials of the new devices, which say, “not much has changed except everything,” and after that the changes are detailed. Three new features talked about in the ad are moving photos, the ability to share photos quickly and the new 4K video shooting options.

For demonstrating the new video upgrades, NBA MVP Steph Curry makes a short appearance where he is seen throwing up a three-pointer before turning to the camera, and looking away like a as the ball sails through the net.

On Friday, Apple shares closed up 3.1% at $119.08. Year to date, the stock is up almost 6% while in the last three months, it is down by over 4%.

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