Access Apple Pay Wallet Directly From Lockscreen On iOS 9

Access Apple Pay Wallet Directly From Lockscreen On iOS 9
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The support for Apple Pay is slowly rolling out to more and more locations, and now with iOS 9’s improved integration, things are just going to get easier. Using Apple’s mobile payment platform has just become more convenient and now you can even access Apple Pay Wallet directly from the lockscreen on iOS 9.

For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and the 6s Plus, when you bring the device within the range of a POS (point of sale) terminal, it automatically invokes Apple Pay. Once on that screen, users only need to authenticate using the Touch ID to complete the transaction. This means yaying using an iPhone has become even easier.

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Now, when it comes to Apple’s latest operating system, the iOS 9, the same payment function still works, but you can now also select any card from the list, also without unlocking and then launching the Wallet app.

How to enable lockscreen Wallet access on iOS 9

To enable lockscreen Wallet access on iOS9, launch the Settings app, navigate to Touch ID & Passcode and then enter your device passcode.

Scroll down to the section named “Allow Access When Locked” and from there, toggle the “Wallet” to ON position.

Once this setting is enabled in your device, Wallet can be directly accessed by double tapping the Home button and then selecting the appropriate card on the screen. Next, you will need to authenticate via Touch ID.

Note that this new feature will only work on the iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 6s. It will not work on the iPhone 5s or older iPhones due to hardware limitations with these devices.

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