Tesla Model X Windshield To Double As Moonroof?

Tesla Model X Windshield To Double As Moonroof?
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Tesla’s much-awaited Model X has been spotted several times during test runs in California over the past few months. The electric SUV is set to be unveiled later this month. Model X will boast of falcon doors will grab space over the second-row seats where a moonroof normally slides, leaving little space for a traditional sliding moonroof. But the Palo Alto-based company seems to have found a solution to this issue.

Model X to have a giant windshield

Teslamondo reports that Model X will have a giant windshield that will extend up over the driver’s head. The EV maker had carefully masked this transition in test mules. It’s still unclear whether Tesla will incorporate a smart glass that would have a dimmer control via a touch screen. The company has said that Model X deliveries would begin on Sept. 30.

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Over the weekend, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk took to Instagram to share a photo of the company’s new production line for Model X. The production line includes 542 robots with 15 operating simultaneously at the central assembly point. It prompted Musk to reference his concerns over artificial intelligence (AI) that they may pose a serious threat to humanity.


Tesla preparing for Model X launch

Groundwork preparations for the Model X launch are in full swing. The company has revamped its exclusive stores to prepare for the new SUV crossover. For instance, a Tesla store in Santana Row shopping center in San Jose now features four interactive displays including autopilot features, safety, Supercharger network, and the dual motors that drive some Model S variants.

Model X reservations have surpassed 24,000 units, which indicates that repeated delays had little impact on consumer enthusiasm about Tesla’s vehicle. The EV maker is expected to hold a massive event for Model X launch as it aims to position itself as a luxury lifestyle brand. Analysts expect Tesla to sell up to 6,000 Model X units this year.

Tesla shares fell 3.12% to $241.30 in pre-market trading Tuesday.

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