Russia Secretly Building Underwater Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine

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As tensions continue to build between Russia and the United States, it has been reported that the former is building a drone submarine to deliver large-scale nuclear weapons. It is suggested by the Pentagon that this vessel will have the capability of striking U.S. harbors and coastal cities, complicating what is already a strained and historically tense relationship between the two superpowers.

Russian nuclear plans

According to reports on the subject, the so-called developmental unmanned underwater vehicle will be armed with megaton-class warheads capable of destroying ports on the US coastline. It is thought that Russia will look to particularly target ports utilized by United States nuclear missile submarines, among them Kings Bay, Georgia and Puget Sound in Washington state.

Details of the plans are rather hard to come by at present, as this is top secret information closely guarded by the United States government. But it is suggested by leaks from close to the United States military establishment that the Pentagon has already codenamed the nuclear drone “Kanyon”; giving indication that the weapon is part of an overarching and structured Russian arms program.

US-Russian relations critical

As the geopolitical situation of the 21st century develops, the relationship between Russia and the United States is clearly central to the zeitgeist. Although tensions between Russia and the United States were supposed to have ended when the Cold War reached its conclusion and the Soviet Union disbanded, recent years have seen the two nations resume their suspicions of one another. Russia has risen from the ashes of the Soviet collapse, and rebuilt itself into a major power, not least owing to the rich mineral resources it has at its disposal.

Although the collapse of oil prices has undoubtedly weakened Russian’s position – and some have suggested that oil was targeted quite deliberately by US investors with this aim in mind – in the longer-term there is no doubt that the vast nation will retain a position of prominence in the world. Russian oil and gas is simply too important to too many nations for the country to be in the doldrums for a significant period of time, with Russian exports particularly vital for the European continent.

So as Russia becomes more prominent in the world, so the United States military infrastructure retains an ever keener interest in monitoring its strategic manoeuvres. And US officials stated that the supposed production of this nuclear drone submarine is further evidence of the aggressive strategic nuclear forces modernization that is taking place under President Vladimir Putin.

Nuclear non-proliferation complicated

This also goes directly against US foreign policy on this matter, as the Obama administration has explicitly sought to reduce the role of nuclear arms in US defences, instead of relying on a smaller nuclear force for deterrents. This is part of an overall nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which has been a defining element of nuclear policy among the world’s great powers in the early years of the 21st century.

The picture with regard to American nuclear defences could also have been influenced this week by events in Britain. The UK is, of course, the United States’ greatest ally, and the political situation in the country has just complicated its relationship with the United States, at least potentially.

With the election to the position of the leader of the Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn, Britain’s major opposition party is now headed by someone who has explicitly derided the existence of the Trident nuclear program in the UK. The UK Trident programme encompasses the development, procurement and operation of the current generation of British nuclear weapons, and the means to deliver them, but Corbyn has stated that this program will be discontinued should he ever elevate to the position of Prime Minister.

Should this eventuality occurr, then the position of the United States with regard to strengthening its nuclear defences in line with Russian plans would be seriously weakened. This may be hypothetical at the moment, but the election of Corbyn in Britain could have a significant effect on US policy over a period of time.

Russian nuclear offensive

In the meantime, the opinion among the United States military establishment is that the Kanyon program should certainly be viewed as an offensive initiative. This is considered by the Pentagon to be an autonomous submarine strike vessel that will ultimately be armed with a nuclear warhead equal to approximately tens of megatons in yield. There is no doubt that such a vehicle would be capable of creating a nuclear weapon blast causing considerable damage over wide areas.

As the geopolitical picture continues to develop in the 21st century, this latest attempt by Russia is clearly intended to give the government a stronger hand in negotiation. It is now absolutely inevitable that Russia and the United States will be on opposite sides in geopolitical disputes for the foreseeable future, and it seems that this nuclear vessel is part of attempts to provide Moscow with the ability to counteract the US.

Obama will now come under increasing pressure to delay and possibly eliminate plans to seek further reductions in both US and Russian nuclear forces, following the signing of the recent New START arms treaty. Once again, the relationship between the United States and Russia has been complicated, and the tawdry and terrifying possibility of nuclear conflict must have increased slightly.

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39 Comments on "Russia Secretly Building Underwater Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine"

  1. More sanction against Russia till pottin gone and get rid of communist party

  2. No more trade with china. Their stuff not working

  3. No they didn’t. It was a memorandum, not a treaty, and it had several clauses, all of which Ukraine broke before Crimea seceded. Russia never guaranteed that the people of Ukraine would not rebel. No one could guarantee that, and no one could strip the people of Crimea of their right to self determination. Russia accepted a request for annexation, lawfully given, by a region that had exercised the same rights we gave Kosovo to secede by referendum without the permission of the country they seceded from.
    Of course, at the same time, we assured Russia that we would never expand NATO into the former Soviet Block countries – and immediately and repeatedly broke our word. Of course any treaty with the US has the same life span and strength as wet toilet paper. Never trust an American.

  4. hmm…then good luck with sanctions against China. I just can only hope that US politicians are not that insane.

    China already supports Russia.

  5. Gee, And here I thought Putin was invading other countries in defence of the Russian Speaking people that live in them. Guess what; there are many thousands of Russians that have migrated to America.

  6. There was a Star Trek show where an old mutated nuke space droan was heading back to destroy Earth. Appears we are getting closer and closer to that future.

  7. Russkies are in failing economic times that you Putin. Eventually the Russina people will get a clue
    and find a leader that is on the side of Russian People, not the only for himself current dictator.

  8. Sorry to inform you Pat. China debt even more then the US now, and their economy
    is no longer booming. Look at their stock market; proof of the failing of their corporate earnings, and then there is their housing bubble; thousands of newly built residences but no one can afford them.

  9. That will happen ONLY after Russia stops trying to re build the old Soviet Empire. Puting himself said the worst day in Russian History was the day USSR fell.

  10. That is not true. US has given up plenty of them and Russia has more. Hell Russia even signed a 3 way agreement with US and Ukraine to never invade Ukraine when Ukraine gave up all its Nukes to Russia. And then Putler invaded them. Never trust a communist; especially Ruskies.

  11. your solution suk !! Russia will annex more countries. More sanction against Russia and put china on it too if it support Russia

  12. Solution is to dissolve UN as it is completely failed/failing and form new body. Drop the sanctions on Russia as US has pushed Russia against wall. Stop acting like world policeman and forcing your hegemony to those who are not willing to bow down.

    Problem solved.

  13. don’t put word into his mouth……He was just saying that US should stop behaving like a policeman and should abandon its aggressive attitude towards Russia.

  14. The worst part is that all the civilized nations will get nuked. What does that leave us with? The African nations and other third world countries. We will go in to the dark ages for thousands of years.

  15. How is it a secret if you just told the world they are building it?

  16. Clive Michelsen | Sep 20, 2015, 3:39 am at 3:39 am |

    Sounds like Russian propoganda…

  17. If it’s a secret, how do we know it is happening? Russia, and before them, the Soviet Union, has always been an advocate of nuclear disarmament and the US has always refused to give up nukes. History repeats itself. We are not going to reduce our chances of turning the world into radioactive ashes.

  18. what is ur solution? Do u have one? or just whinning

  19. A drone can be bought for 20 dollars. A nuke carrier only about 1 million.
    It is not manned, it is not to return to service. It will he in effect a kamikazi nuke. And this drone will NOT show up on rader, as no drones do

  20. Cant wait till ww3 happens. Its sad that its going to take the united states getting smashed by nukes after nukes after nukes to give us total freedom again.

  21. They will not stop
    Better get ready to counter

  22. Are you advising to sit here and wait for them to make drone and kill all of us

  23. Stelios Touchtidis | Sep 19, 2015, 9:13 pm at 9:13 pm |

    You sound pretty much like the type of person you imagine Putin is.

  24. Stelios Touchtidis | Sep 19, 2015, 9:11 pm at 9:11 pm |

    So your ‘solution’ is to make sure that after we’re all dead, they’re all dead too. Brilliant, and I’m afraid that too many of our politicians think the same inane thoughts.

  25. Stelios Touchtidis | Sep 19, 2015, 9:10 pm at 9:10 pm |

    A nuclear-armed drone, if it ever comes into being, is indeed terrifying–because of the possibility of a malfunction that leads to a launch that nobody wants. We need to start pulling back from this insane confrontation that has resulted from our putting a fanatically anti-Russian Ukrainian government into power. Else we’ll end up with Terminator’s Skynet for sure–two or three of them.

  26. Where’s the news here? We’re all trying to develop better ways to kill each other. It doesn’t reflect on Russia, or China anymore than it reflects on the country that spends more than the two of them combined when it comes to investing in bigger and better ways to wipe out the human race.

  27. Russia now a days working with China and Pakistan to build weapons. They will share cost. So they will build this, we better start taking counter measure.

  28. Patrick Hagerty | Sep 19, 2015, 6:55 pm at 6:55 pm |

    Not a problem ,they have friends with money…. China ?

  29. Eric Joshua Oleju Benson | Sep 19, 2015, 5:58 pm at 5:58 pm |

    Whats your point?

  30. Hello Reaper,
    I guess you are right. Have you ever heard these words before, that says Illiteracy is sickness. i am not surprised, as an American that you are. I do not expert you to have a clue as to world affairs because you do not even know your own civics beside video games, movies, food and sex.

  31. They barely have drones in the sky, let alone UUV’s. They are like China, only showing CGI renderings,and never the real thing. They cant even afford to build their new tanks or fighter jets. The US attack on oil prices is killing them financially.

  32. I small something fishy here. Back then, didn’t the Russkies said they were building a super carrier? Then couple weeks ago, they said they’re building a super destroyer. Now, a sub nuclear-armed drone. What’s next? A Star Destroyer?

  33. Drones are a threat but like the old arms race, you build an offence, there will be a defense, you build a defense they will develop an offence. Nothing new here.

  34. Great idea. I’m sure the fact that drones are as easy to hack as any other computer system isn’t registering in their head as a bad thing.

  35. What are you high on deranged old man!!!You are crazy beyond words

  36. what are you fcing crazy?

  37. The very reason FIRST STRIKE PACKAGE is the best option for Putin, and unmanned drones fall useless after Kremlin is gone.

  38. Try this, if Moscow is gone then nobody will be in control… What happens now to this unmanned drone subs?

    Russia is lousily putting the world into greater danger from leaving out unused and rouge nuclear assets. But for a lunatic deranged leader like Putin it won’t matter if Kremlin gets blown away, might as well destroy everything and drag everyone with him.

  39. Nicholai Ivanitsky | Sep 19, 2015, 1:45 pm at 1:45 pm |

    There is actually nothing to comment here. This writing is aimed at U.S. domestic audience. When propaganda machines have been working at highest possible torque, the most people could believe in opinions which would be dismissed just two years ago.
    The idea itself that Russia can start WW3 by attacking the U.S. is beyond any viable reasons. No comment.

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