Pentair, Cardica, Casella Waste Systems: This Week In Activism

Pentair, Cardica,  Casella Waste Systems: This Week In Activism by Stock Pucker

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This Week In Activism – Sept. 15


Themes for the next decade: Cannabis, 5G, and EVs

CannabisA lot changes in 10 years, and many changes are expected by the time 2030 rolls around. Some key themes have already emerged, and we expect them to continue to impact investing decisions. At the recent Morningstar conference, several panelists joined a discussion about several major themes for the next decade, including cannabis, 5G and Read More

  • Broadfin Capital takes Cardica to task over the poor work of the board in a letter.
  • JCP Investment is still at it with Casella Waste Systems, pushing the company to put two nominees on the board.
  • Mill Road is looking to buy Learning Tree International for $1.80 a share.
  • Trian Partners and Nelson Peltz got a board member on the Pentair air board.

New campaigns

  • EJF Capital has a 5.4% stake in Alexander & Baldwin. The fund is looking to discuss spinning off the real estate leasing business.
  • Praesidium Investment is active on Flotek Industries with a 5.2% stake. It’s looking to break the company up
  • Burlingame Asset is active on Sycamore Networks looking to change the corporate governance.

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