Netflix Shows Are Not As Good As Ours: FX CEO

Netflix Shows Are Not As Good As Ours: FX CEO
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Netflix has not made a single show to date that is better than any of the shows made by FX, claims FX CEO John Landgraf. The executive made these claims while speaking with KCRW’s The Business, says a report from the Hollywood Reporter.

Bold claims from America

“Netflix has made 14 shows,” Landgraf said. “Take any 14 shows we’ve made — they’re better. Any 14 shows — on average, our shows are better.”

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Taking some of his words back (sort of), Landgraf did say that some of the shows by Netflix are great, and he would be proud to have made Orange is The New Black, which is a highly successful original series from Netflix. Yet he emphasized that any of his 14 shows are better than those of Netflix. The average quality of the shows by Netflix is not as good as FX’s, and the reason for this is the lack of careful attention, Landgraf said.

By any standards, these are bold claims made by the TV network’s CEO. But one must not forget that he is one of the smartest minds in TV, at the studio level, Landgraf has been at the forefront of American TV for quite some time now and has been widely lauded for his very hands-on approach at FX. No doubt he is among the best in the business, but his stance here is not very clear.

Netflix and FX the same but different

Netflix adopts a laissez-faire approach to making TV shows, while FX uses more of a hands-on approach. Maybe Landgraf was referring to this only, says a report from Netflix Life. Basically the involvement of Landgraf and studio execs at FX is too much. On the other hand, Netflix is known for letting creators narrate the story in their style.

Netflix and FX are arch rivals. They compete for getting more viewers for their shows. The companies are very much alike, but neither of them is ready to accept this. Both of them try to make the best TV shows possible and give opportunities to people and shows other networks would not have allowed.

At around 10:40 a.m. Eastern today, Netflix shares were up 0.64% at $99. Year to date, the stock is up by almost 102%, while in the last year, shares are up 56%.

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