Netflix Now Gets More Of Our Time Than Reading, Eating or Sex

Netflix Now Gets More Of Our Time Than Reading, Eating or Sex

Netflix offers a lot of incredible content for just $7.99 a month. Subscribers can select from a vast library of movies and TV shows, in addition to an ever increasing selection of highly addictive original programming. Because of this bewildering array of choices, the average time Americans spend watching Netflix continues to rise.

Viewers giving more time to Netflix

Many popular daily activities such as eating, reading, shopping, etc. have taken a backseat in terms of preference in favor of Netflix, says a report from Steady growth has been seen in the average number of hours spent in watching Netflix over the last four years, and this trend is expected to continue.

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A recent study by TDG Research found that an average Netflix viewer spends one and a half hour per day on Netflix. Comparatively, a person on average spends 49 minutes daily on reading, 70 minutes daily on eating and two paltry minutes per day on sex, says the study. According to, only sleep, work and a grouping of other leisure activities are ahead of Netflix in terms of time spent.

Streaming and Binge watching going viral

People are now no longer tied to show schedules as the options for viewing are increasing. People can now watch their preferred shows and movies according to their own schedules. Several reports about Netflix occupying a disproportionate amount of leisure time have surfaced before the TDG Research survey. For example, a survey was conducted in England this past summer, and it was found that the time spent by teens on watching Netflix programming exceeded the time spent with their families, hanging out with friends, gaming or playing sports.

A recent report from mobile device manufacturer Ericsson found that the time spent by people on watching on-demand content exceeds one-third of all TV and video viewing hours. As per the report, which was based on surveys of 22,500 people residing in 20 different countries aged from 16 to 69, people spend about six hours per week streaming videos on-demand. Another interesting finding was that now more number of people are watching videos on a smartphone, but the habit differs by age as younger viewers are more likely to watch a video on a small screen.

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