Microsoft Updates Skype Apps For Android And iOS

Microsoft recently released Skype 6.0 for mobile users on iOS and Android. The app update includes new designs for both platforms, but the changes were customized to suit each operating system. Android’s update includes an enhanced search feature, floating action button and messaging improvements. The update also aligns with Android’s “Material Design” approach, a style that focuses on physical design elements like grid-based layouts and depth effects like shadowing. The material design was inspired by the physical appearance of pen and paper.

Microsoft Updates Skype Apps For Android And iOS

Skype 6.0 includes more navigation controls for iOS users

The Skype 6.0 update for iOS users includes navigation controls and swipe gestures. The former feature helps users access their conversations faster, and the latter can be used for managing messages or making calls. The app can also be used for sharing photos, web links, emoticons, or searching for things online while using video or voice. Apple users should appreciate the update’s features because they already are used to making swipe gestures on many other iOS apps, including Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Facebook Messenger and Mailbox.

Microsoft updates Skype for iPad users

The iOS app for iPad comes with more features to make it like the iPhone version. The list of updates for this specific iOS update includes support for location sharing, large emoticon sharing, web link previews and easy photo sharing. The update also lets iPad users start group voice calls or chats. The iOS and Android apps are available on App Store and Google Play, respectively. Microsoft is currently working on a Skype app for Windows 10 mobile, however, there is no official release date for it yet.

Skype is one of Microsoft’s most important products, and the tech giant takes good care by updating it on a frequent basis. All Microsoft’s hard work appears to be paying off. According to analytics website App Annie, Skype ranks on the most-downloaded list at number five and top apps by revenue at number seven.