Latest Rumors Regarding Apple TV 4 Specs

Latest Rumors Regarding Apple TV 4 Specs
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It looks like the new Apple TV 4 is going to be the star of Apple’s big upcoming media event on Wednesday September 9th. Rumors about what to expect at the big event have been circulating for months, and have covered topics including new iPhones to new iPads, but it’s the new Apple TV that has gained the most attention. Given it has been five long years since the last update of the system, Apple TV 4 has turned into a pretty big deal.

According to 9to5Mac, the new Apple TV set top device will have 8GB or 16GB of storage for apps and media caching. Keep in mind that the Apple TV will stream all of its content from the Internet, which means storage space is not nearly as big a deal as it is on an iPhone or an iPad (that said, the 16GB device will likely be noticeably faster than the 8GB device).

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Although unconfirmed, several sources have suggested that Apple TV 4 will ship in October.

Details on the Apple TV 4 specs

According to the 9to5Mac sources, the firm may decide to offer a $149 8GB model and a $199 16GB variant or may just go with the 16GB model.

Several sources have confirmed that Apple TV 4 will contain the A8 CPU, which is a major upgrade from the A5 chip found in Apple TVs today. Given that App Store apps and Siri are now part of the package, the new device will need a more powerful processor. The rumors claim it will come with the same ports on the rear as earlier devices and will not have 4K streaming capability. This would be a notable disappointment, especially if it turns out the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus do permit 4K video recording.

Rumors also suggest that Apple TV 4 will feature a new remote with a touchpad at the top, and a volume rocker at the bottom and buttons for Siri and Home. According to the sources, the new remote is black to match the device. It apparently will also feature Wii-style motion control for gaming. The system will also support third-party wireless Bluetooth controllers.

BuzzFeed also published a report on Wednesday claiming that Apple TV 4 will offer a completely new user interface run by a iOS 9 core, and will offer a universal search function.

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