Apple Fans Already Anticipating iPhone 7 Release

Apple Fans Already Anticipating iPhone 7 Release
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With Apple having finally unveiled the iPhone 6s, reactions from fans of the iPhone series have been mixed, and some are even looking forward to the iPhone 7 already. Although the iPhone 6s is unquestionably a significant improvement over the iPhone 6 in numerous departments, there is still a feeling that it doesn’t really represent a new smartphone concept. Undoubtedly, the inclusion of 3D Touch will make a massive difference to how the iPhone 6s operates, and this will be a much slicker and more powerful unit than last year’s iPhone 6.

But the decision by Apple to brand this as an upgrade to the iPhone 6, by utilising the S range moniker, certainly seems to be appropriate. Very few of the revolutionary features that were linked with a possible iPhone 7 have materialized in the iPhone 6s, and this has certainly intensified the desire for this next generation handset when it is released at some point during 2016.

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And the reaction of the city to the September 9 Apple event was not exactly positive, as Apple’s share price took something of a kicking over skepticism that the corporation could achieve its sales targets.


Meanwhile, both Apple fans and investors look forward to a future in which Apple delivers another hammer blow to the mobile marketplace. This could come with the iPhone 7 next year, so the Apple-following media and Apple fans alike are already wondering when this mobile device will drop, even though the iPhone 6s has not entered the public domain yet.

Apple seems to have settled into a regular release schedule for the iPhone series now, with September seemingly the month of choice for the flagship handset. The consumer electronics giant has now built up such a dominant place in the market, despite the recent travails that it has experienced with its stock, that there is very little need for the corporation to experiment significantly. So we should expect an iPhone 7 release in 2016, almost certainly in September.

But what can we expect from the iPhone 7 when it is released? All sorts of innovations have already been linked with this forthcoming smartphone, but here are seven possible suggestions of technology that could finally land when Apple releases the iPhone 7.

1. iPhone 7c comes to the party

The 4-inch variant of the iPhone series has been rumored for sometime, and it was widely anticipated at one time that Apple would release this diminutive smartphone alongside the iPhone 6s. This didn’t come to fruition, but this will not have affected the intention of Apple to release a device in the near future. With 12 months ahead of the release of the iPhone 7, and pressure on Apple to introduce new product lines, it seems quite probable that the iPhone 7c could finally emerge in September of next year.

2. Quad HD iPhone

This is one department where the iPhone 6s has, in all honesty, disappointed. Apple placed a huge emphasis on demonstrating the video games-related capabilities of the iPhone 6s during the San Francisco event, but many Apple followers couldn’t help noticing the elephant in the room. Apple still hasn’t delivered a full HD smartphone, and the iPhone 6s Plus did not get the quad HD screen that many were hoping for.

The next generation iPhone 7 should certainly deliver improved screen resolutions, as Apple looks to update the iPhone range to full HD and quad HD respectively.

3. Wireless charging

This is a feature already included in the Samsung Galaxy series, and it would be an excellent inclusion for the iPhone range as well. This was predicted to appear in the iPhone 6s by some analysts, but Apple should have got a handle on the technology by the time September 2016 rolls around.

4. Curved displays

Apple has chosen not to jump on the bandwagon of curved displays that have been popularized by Samsung. But 2016 could see this become a reality, particularly if the Korean manufacturer’s plans to produce more curved display units of its Galaxy ranges meet with a favorable public response.

5. Updated storage

In all honesty, a 16 GB iPhone is rather out-of-date and redundant in the contemporary technology marketplace. This seems especially so considering that Apple has invested so heavily in music; thus to release phone with such paltry storage seems to be rather contradictory.

So when the iPhone 7 is released, the smallest variant should be 32 GB, and Apple should also seriously consider releasing a 256 GB version of the smartphone, or at least enabling upgrading storage via micro SD.

6. Next generation camera

The camera included in the iPhone 6s is actually pretty impressive, and represents the first megapixel camera increase in the iPhone range since 2011. However, some of the innovations that were predicted for the iPhone 6s could finally see the light of day when the iPhone 7 is released.

This means that the professional standard DSLR snapper that Apple is working on behind the scenes could finally emerge as part of the iPhone 7. Another prominent suggestion is that the consumer electronics giant has been working on a unique periscope design.

Samsung will have released the Galaxy S7 by this time, so there could be even greater pressure on Apple to further upgrade the photograph taking capabilities of the iPhone range.

7. Touch ID update

Touch ID has been an acclaimed part of the iPhone range for several years, and it is even improved with the iPhone 6s. The second-generation scanner technology included in the smartphone ensures that this feature is more responsive than ever before.

But the iPhone 7 will provide Apple with an opportunity to improve this feature still further, and biometrics such as iris recognition could play a role in this process. It has been rumored for some time that Apple could look to embrace biometrics as part of Touch ID, and patents have suggested that work on this is already underway.

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