iPhone 6S Price: Which Plans Are Cheapest?

iPhone 6S Price: Which Plans Are Cheapest?

The iPhone 6S officially becomes available for purchase on Friday, but if you haven’t already preordered it, then you might be fishing around trying to find where you can get the best deal on it. Trying to analyze each mobile carrier’s plan and the total cost of ownership for the iPhone 6S can be dizzying, and this year it’s even more complicated because Apple has added its own upgrade program.

We’ve combined all the data in one place for you, however, thanks to WalletHub’s Cell Phone Savings Calculator.

Sprint offers the best deal on the iPhone 6S

After plugging in the numbers, the firm reports that Sprint’s leasing plan is the cheapest option overall, for both individual mobile phone users and those with a family plan. In second place is T-Mobile’s leasing plan.

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At the other end of the spectrum, buying the iPhone 6S using Apple’s own installment plan and then bringing the phone to AT&T, is the most expensive option for those who need a family plan. As a reminder, Apple’s installment plan gets you an unlocked phone you can take to any mobile network.

This data is a bit old, however, as it was accurate as of Sept. 12 and may not include the $5 per month plan from T-Mobile. Also WalletHub makes certain assumptions in its calculations, which you should check out here if interested.

Saving money on your mobile plans

In general though, family plans offer excellent value no matter which mobile carrier you sign on with, especially if you need four lines. They also tend to provide four times as much data as plans for individuals, although the price is only double that of individual plan. Of course we would hope that if you have a plan with four lines, you would get at least four times as much data as an individual user.

While Apple’s new upgrade installment program may make it even more tempting to get a new iPhone every year, the folks at WalletHub say the best way to reduce your mobile phone bill is to keep your device for over two years.

Here’s a look at a summary of WalletHub’s findings on iPhone 6S pricing across the major U.S. carriers.:

The calculator also works on other phones if you’re not particularly interested in the iPhone 6S or just want to consider other options before you choose your next device. The calculator lets users enter their monthly and upfront costs to analyze the actual costs of installment plans, two-year contracts, and no-contract plans.

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