iPhone 6S – What Color Options Will Apple Offer?

iPhone 6S – What Color Options Will Apple Offer?
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As Apple prepares the iPhone 6s for release, many potential consumers of the smartphone are wondering what colors the corporation will offer them. Design has always been a major aspect of the iPhone series, with the brand arguably one of the most iconic in any industry in the world. Thus, Apple will undoubtedly have put a lot of thought into colour options that it offers customers this time round, particular considering the strategy that Apple put into place with the Apple Watch.

Apple to expand iPhone choice

Consumer choice was a central pillar of the ethos of the Apple Watch, with both a huge amount of strap and face options available for Apple Watch customers. And fundamental to this consumer choice was a large amount of different colors, and the significant number of options that Apple provided with its embryonic smartwatch are now expected to migrate to the iPhone to a certain extent.

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Of course, it would be impossible for Apple to offer as many iPhone 6s variants as the corporation delivered with the Apple Watch release. The iPhone is a considerably more expensive and complicated device to manufacture, and this necessitates a much smaller number of base units in comparison to Apple Watch. But Apple is expected to ramp up the number of color options available to consumers when the iPhone 6s is released, ensuring that the smartphone attracts a more diverse range of consumers as it attempts to continue the process of penetrating new marketplaces.

Rose gold

The biggest and most prominent rumour about the iPhone 6s is that Apple will include a so-called “Rose Gold” color option for the first time. This was a color option that was introduced with the Apple Watch, and recent images of the iPhone 6s have suggested that this will be an option when the smartphone is released.

This color option for the iPhone 6s provides rather a tinted effect, as opposed to the bright colors that were associated with the iPhone 5c when it was released two years ago. It is expected that the color will literally match the rose gold Apple Watch, providing almost a companion to be existing smartwatch. Apple has obviously intended for the Apple Watch to be used in conjunction with the iPhone series, and it should be expected for the corporation to combine both design and feature elements of the two devices in the coming years.

However, the construction of the rose gold iPhone 6s is likely to differ significantly from its Apple Watch cousin. Rose gold Apple Watches can cost in the region of $16,000, and naturally Apple will not be intending to produce many iPhones at this price range! This means that the manufacturing of the rose gold iPhone 6s will not feature the 18-karat gold that was part of the make-up of the Apple Watch devices of this color.

It is instead suggested that the rose gold Apple Watch will be based on colored aluminum. Apple has been linked with a revolutionary new form of aluminum for the next generation of the iPhone, in an attempt to avoid the debilitating headlines that it received from Bendgate last time out. It is also predicted that this new Apple iPhone variant will feature a white glass frontage, similar to the existing gold and silver iPhones, and in opposition to the black that is featured on the space grey model of the smartphone.

Pink iPhone 6s

Some images have also suggested that Apple could introduce a striking pink variant of the iPhone 6s when it is released. However, analysts have generally begun to dismiss this eventuality, with the majority suggesting that the rose gold variant will instead be a replacement for this idea. It is considered possibly too logistically complex for Apple to produce two brand new variants of the iPhone 6s this time round, but Apple could possibly keep the notion of a pink iPhone in the bank for future releases.

Thus, aside from the rose gold version of the iPhone 6s, Apple is expected to retain the color schemes that were utilized for the iPhone 6.

With just days to go until Apple finally unveils the iPhone 6s, there is a huge amount of anticipation regarding what the consumer electronics giant will include in this iconic handset. Increased screen resolution to quad HD in the phablet variant of the iPhone 6s is widely anticipated, and Apple is also likely to migrate the Force Touch technology that was one of the most popular aspects of the Apple Watch earlier this year.

Apple has reportedly signalled its intention to produce 90 million units of the iPhone 6s before the end of the year, as Apple anticipates the most successful iPhone launch in its history. It seems increasingly certain that there will be a new color variant of the iPhone available when the iPhone 6s hits the shops in late September.

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