Will Apple iPad Pro Cost The Same As MacBook?

The world is eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s Apple event, which looks set to be the company’s biggest in years.

Speculation has been rife for months about quite what Apple has up its sleeve. Most analysts agree that the company will unveil a new Apple TV alongside the new iPhone 6s and a larger version of the iPad dubbed the iPad Pro.

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Apple iPad Pro to cost $1,299?

The iPad Pro has been subject to a constant flow of leaks and rumors, and now Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac has apparently revealed a number of details about the new super-sized tablet. Although the reports cannot be confirmed independenty, Gurman has a strong record of reporting Apple leaks

He says that the iPad Pro is set to be expensive, so expensive in fact that high end models will cost a similar amount to existing MacBooks. In the United States, that means tablet buyers could be looking at shelling out $1,299.

Existing models in Apple’s iPad range do not cost anywhere near as much. The iPad Air 2 starts at $499, while a top of the range model is yours for $699. Just what makes the rumored iPad Pro so much more expensive?

Rumors and speculation abound regarding technical specifications

According to reports the new model will boast a 12.9-inch screen, which is a whole lot bigger than the 9.7-inch screen of the standard iPad. Other rumors include stylus input support and a thinner form factor.

Despite the fact that the device will support the use of a stylus, it will not ship with one. Users will have to buy one separately. Although the iPhone 6s is widely expected to be available in a new rose gold colorway, analysts do not believe that option will be extended to the iPad Pro.

Given the huge screen size, it seems logical that split-screen mode will be introduced, allowing users to run two apps at the same time. This will be facilitated by a powerful A9X chip, and storage space on the basic model will be 64GB compared to 16GB on the existing basic iPad.

Other rumors include the proposed launch of a Bluetooth keyboard which will improve the functionality of the Apple iPad Pro to almost the same levels as a MacBook. At least it appears that buyers will get decent performance for their money.

Apple fans eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s event

According to rumors ore-orders for the iPad Pro will open in October, and the device is expected to ship in November.

The iPhone 6s launch has also led to a huge amount of rumors. Commentators believe that while the external appearance will not change very much, technical capabilities will be considerably improved. Among the rumored innovations are a pressure-sensitive “Force Touch” screen and an improved camera.

Analysts also believe that the new version of the Apple TV will be considerably more powerful than its predecessor. It is expected to act as a home multimedia center, with voice controls powered by Apple’s virtual personal assistant, Siri. It is also rumored that gaming capabilities will be vastly improved.

Apple often appears to sustain an entire industry devoted to rumors of its new products and their capabilities, and tomorrow the world will finally get to put an end to the speculation. Stay up to date with the latest developments at ValueWalk.